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Sneaky Village Walkthrough

Sneaky Village

Sneaky Village is a new point and click adventure game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com with photos taken by a loyal player, Sabine! Sneaky has been given a map and was sent to a small village in Germany to recover a golden statue that is said to be very valuable. Explore the village, find items and solve puzzles and you might just find the statue. Good luck and have fun!

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Yea new Sneaky!!!

Friday morning and a new SSSG!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Big J it should load when you click the link above...

Big one you see the map??

blue key in third room up on left - need a shovel to get it

I'm stuck in the last game... can't miss an SD game!

only have 10 minutes - will keep this one for later. Have fun everyone!

wow, really huge amount of places...

ty leroy for the tipp

yay this is more like it :)

wow BIG map, this could take a while lol

Finally a gold key LOL

Gold key - this a big place!

Black key in one of the top left rooms, next to the watering can on the well.

no numbers on the map locations????

um, I was in front of the black key door and suddenly i'm back at the bottom by the fishing pier. Bug?

Wow another Sneaky! Thank you!:))))

No letters in map :(

Beautie got into a wine cellar Hic!!

Great that you found the Gold key guys, but it wouldn't it be nice to post where as well.

when your on the bridge facing the house, if you click left or right you go back to the beginning scene

How many coins?? got 43 already and a spanner. But no black balls...

And sneaky coin and now a tap!!

i'll be forever walking round in this one....wish i'd brought a packed lunch..sigh!

so far I found gold key (from fountain, used), wrench (used), tap (used), fishing pole, red gem & the sneaky coin...

Huh? Bug??? My tap lists as a remote without batteries???

lol BIG J

got SD from box with buttons

Yay a Sneaky game!

Sorry s-t. It's in the fountain.

knife in black key house - bedroom

blue gem in lake (bottom left), use fishing pole

Found fishing rod in the shed in a room in the middle of the top right rooms.
Gonna fish now somewhere bottom left.

gem in pot of water in black key house. need to make a fire

@zoz, it was, I fixed it. Sorry about not labeling the map. :(

Go fishing for the blue gem

Yay blue gem...

got blue gem from fish

and popped back to start scene again!

@Selfdefiant, do I have to start over???

lol knife next to the babies bed

lol - took the tap of the barrel and it said
the remote is missing a battery - wonderful :)

SD - when you go up the left side and press the left side bar, it takes you back to the fish scene. The map shows no left room, but the bar is there.

how many gold coins in this one then?..ive got 60 already...im rich

starting over...

Can't find the black-key door?

hab blau gelb und orange gem und ein hahn ohne batterie,finde keine möglichleit für farbcode

I have to take a break - will be back

white key from flower bed

Should just have to refresh, not start over. The bars are see through, I din't see them and they should have been removed.
@ Big J- 100 coins.

found place for gems in fishing pole shed

white key in top "room" of 4th column (from left to right)

that happened to me aswel zoz, kept going back to the beginning scene. Shouldnt have to restart though should we?

Tricky Just realised the split direction bar at top of screen in one scene LOL!!

sneaky coin in view with fountain

green gem in inkwell in Blue door

I cannot pick up tap - still wants a batterie

refreshed - its now fixed - thanks SD

@swissmiss, you will have to refresh, I didn't place it in inventory so didn't realize it needed a battery. It is fixed though.

yellow gem from box

@SwissMiss: use the wrench (one or two rooms ahead)

started over and I still get popped back to fishing pier from the bridge!

@Jo.C: where did you get the code from? from the mailbox?

Does anybody remember where the black key door is?

It's amazing the things I don't notice because of the way I play the game vs the way others play. I feel bad that you guys run into these problems that I just simply don't notice. Thanks everyone!!!!

nevermind, I just saw the numbers on the drawers.

I saw the clue to how to click the crosses above the fountain but it is not working

Ooops, I hit the pause button for a phone call and my map notes were gone when I came back :-(

@small-tool: row on the very left

@zoz, they aren't there in the newest version. It must not have refreshed correctly. I always have to clear the cache, not just F5 in Chrome

that's ok @SD, you give us so many hours of entertainment. I'll volunteer as a beta tester!

i just got the tap off the barrel and when i click on it it say's...remote needs a battery...i thought it was a tap...what's all that about then?

@ Tribble, yes, they don't save, so sorry!

I have red, green, & blue gems

Thanks Miller.

sorry i was a bit slow miller! but you found the numbers anyway :D

I have Yellow Red and Blue gem Graham, where did you get the Green one?

Yellow is doing the number code in one of the top right rooms.

anyone found the blue door? i only found silver, white, black and gold door...

Oh no I refreshed because of my battery needing tap and I have lost all my notes! (and I have a terrible memory :}

And my tap still needs a battery :(

nevermind, I just forgot to mark it on my map.

Oh and Orange Gem from making fire in the very top room on the left.

got lighter in white room

Same as you, Graham. The hint doesn't seem to work on the crosses of the fountain.

blue door one up one right

There is a problem inside a room when you open it with GOLD KEY. Where the barrels are, you can remove the TAP with a WRENCH but then the tap says "remote does not have a battery" and you cant put the tap into the next barrel(which is what you are supposed to do)

What happens after turn all crosses blue in fountain? Got nothing!

need 4-digit code

POP - nevermind - yellow gem from code box

@selfdefiant, no problem, I am enjoying walking around the village!

so have i missed some where to use the shovel?

orange gem from making fire - missing 2 gems

@Roberto gives you blue gem elsewhere!!

I need to burn something with my lighter, but what? where?

I got bluegem already by using fishing rod.

Has anyone solved the box with the circles in the shed? I thought the clue by the watering can was the solution, but not working

Roberto, How do you make all the crosses blue?
The code from the watering can doesn't work?

you need to light the fire @ roberto in the house to the right of the map (does that make sense lol)

Use lighter in the most top room on the left for Orange gem.

3 squares from the top

Where and how to get the screwdriver and where's the green gem?

@miles1 - there are 2 clues for that - one color code near the beginning and the other in the same room somewhere if I can remenmber correctly

It worked for me s-t

@small-tool: rotate the hint from watering can so it matches the pattern

got all crosses blue!! must rotate the watering can clue

I also got nothing after the crosses went blue...

crosses sequence is middle, top, bottom, right, left.

Thanks for the (clockwise !) rotating Miller :)

Thanks Swiss...the "barrel tap/batteryless remote" was bugging the crap out of me.

Thx Graham! S-T - that gives you the screwdriver

what did the crosses do???

Have you got blue gem from fishing or from fountain?
I´ve got it from fishing, and nothing from fountain. Is that right? Selfdefiant!!!

and what to do with the mailbox???

@s-t. Have you got something from fountain?

Have 5 gems and 93 coins!! But where to use knife?? General pointer needed anyone?? and it probably gives silver key??

Where´s the drawer with clue to open box?

s-t - green gem was from the inkwell - use SD

When the crosses are blue, you have to return to the well with the watering can and you will see the water is gone, revealing the pink gem.

Knife you use just to open safe where you have to put gems.

Has anyone found the silver key? I have 5 gems

leroy - knive used where you found fishing rod

where is SD please ( I mean the tool not the man)

Ok, I only miss the silver key and I have to understand the clues from the public phone (the green circle) and the blue mail box.

I got a gem or a key from the fountain I think, but without doing the crosses.

By the way I can't find the color order hint for the box. I see the pattern on the wall, but where's the order?

Thanks Valérie.

any hint where to find the order for the button box?

Thx Valerie! Need one more

@Roberto serious question do you have colour blindness? I got the green gem from catching the green fish.. No offense.

Miller - on one of the gravestones

Ah! Silver key on the right side of blue mail box!

I´m lost in this game.
I need to open the box wich have 7 clicking buttons.
Where to find the order?

My tap still needs a battery though I haqve refreshed three times, do I need to start again?

Sure I got the blue one. Didn´t find the green yet.

@Miller same scene if I recall but click to the right of the pedestal..

nice Valerie!

And combine with the colour code above that other door

thanks @miles1, but there were only some colored hearts?

the order for the box with buttons is near the beginning somewhere - colors above door I think

Got the purple gem! Combine the clue on the right side of blue mail box (4-7-10-18) with the letters on the public phone to open the box behind silver door.

not the colored hearts - that is order for gems

No color order for me there Leroy, only a color pattern on the left.

And out! Great game!

@Swissmiss A belated thankyou for the knife tip.

need 1 gem!

kreige die kiste unten in den kirchenraum nicht auf,mir sagt der fabcode links da nichts und der auf grabstein paßt nicht zu den sternen da

Well I am going to give up now as there is no point in going on if I can't use the tap. I will try again another time. it was good fun being in a live sneaky game though! :)

@Roberto just accidentally walked back to that room and the order is actually on the left wall next to the window.

have all the gems - now I can't remember where to put them! haha

Out - Great game SD!!!! Thanks! I'll stick around if anyone needs help

Thanks Leroy!!!

beebee - refresh and it should work

I can't find the silver key to the right of the blue mailbox?

Ive refreshed three times, but will try one more (after I copy my notes ;/

s-t zoom in then click right

The clue for the FOUNTAIN, is Middle, Up, Down, Right, Left, then it turns the crosses into blue color but it does not give any clue or any items to use.


i can't find the screwdriver!

kriege abcd kiste nicht auf,wo findet mann den code dafür?

Ah!! Now I got the green gem!

another good game SD! thx!

Dammit I am forgetting things that I have already done!!! Forgive me if my directions posted turn up wrong LOL!!
Damn You @Self Defiant!! I luv tha game!

Take the left hand side of split bar all the way up. White key on path by large green leaves.

zoz - the screwdriver is in the box with circles. Use the colors above the door and on the left wall for order

well - yes it would be nice if someone told me where the sd is -

THanks Miles1.
Now I still need that color order for the box in one of those rooms bottom right.

@seda. Go back to well and look inside it.

@ST I just did that one and you have to zoom the mailbox!

and out as well. I'd looove to do the WT, but unfortunately I gotta go...

miles - I did that - but it doesnt work

sd driver in box with 7 buttons.

s-t.. the circle box? look at my post to zoz

Great One (good level of diff.).... and the doors didn't POP :) Nice

Well done SD

beebee, you have to clear the cache, sometimes refreshing doesn't work. It is fixed, I am positive.
And the fish gives you a "Blue" gem not green.

Where´s the blue box mail?

the color order is purple, yellow, pink, red, orange, green, white. Look at the left wall to see what stars go with the colors and press in the above order

Refreshed again, don't know how to clear the cache watever that is, so will try again another time.

roberto - I think it's one scene left of the the silver key door

Happy I´m not colorblind! lol.

I saw that Miles, but the problem is the colors I saw were the gem colors and some other colors (Pu-Y-Pi-R-O-G), but that's not enough colors?

Thanks miles1. But my next question would be where´s silver door?

Mail box is the most left room of the top right rooms.

White is the middle circle - press that last

small-tool: are you talking about the box with the buttons inside the small hat? if so, when inside, click the left wall

One step back to the right from the mailbox, the door next to the phone.

lol roberto - sorry! top right side, but left top...does that make sense?

that box doesnt open
I click the box pu,y,pi,r,o,g
starting bottom left

I know Miles, but that's just the color pattern, but I have no order.

SwissMiss - press the center button last - which is white

blast - finally - never pressed the middle!

Selfdefiant! Please don´t forget to name the room on your next game! What a headache!!!!lol.

S-T - that's the order. Look at the star clue and see which star is purple. That's the first circle you press. Second is the yellow one..etc. last is white

missing pink diamond - any help - anyone?

Found it!!! Thanks

ty miles - really headache time

THanks guys, finally got it. Thought I had to look for another color order with white in it, but white was the end/open button.
Got all the gems now.

SwissMiss- I think the pink one was from the well, after you turn the crosses blue

purple gem anyone...(ive got blisters on me feet with walking round)

4,7,10,18? What does that means?

Pink gem is in the well, after you stopped the fountain.

ty miles - shall go there to have a look

Big J - purple gem after using silver key top row

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