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June 26, 2018

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Stamp Rally Escape 3 Walkthrough

Stamp Rally Escape 3

[REPLAY] Stamp Rally Escape 3 is the final part of the very cute Japanese point & click room escape game trilogy developed by CogitoErgoSum. In this game, you help Wan and Nyan to get back home by finding 10 green stamps. Stamp the card and send it back to the RidlRidl Team. For every 10 stamps you collect, you will be given one golden stamp. Collect 3 golden stamps to obtain an extravagant present at the end of the game trilogy. This game has 2 endings. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Yay! New CES!!!

Okay... so now on here! :)

cannot figure out the pass -word...

Stuck: missing stamps 8 and 9. I have a scroll that looks like it's from the davinci code and a clue in the closet

@Chris, for "davinci scroll", the hint above says the vertically symmetrical shapes/letters are bad, so go for the non-symmetrical.

Thank you Edgar

Which password are you stuck on @Victoria?

Missing 3,8,9. Can't open the left box in the cupboard...

Also missing 3 and can't open the cards box - don't understand the hint, I guess.

For each suit add up the cards, 11 is Jack, 12 is Queen, 13 is King.

AH - got it - you add the card #s together (J=11, Q=12, K=13)

I can't find anything, LOL

Comments from the cbox:

annaby: okay - got stamp game up, not that I'll be much help. Good luck @jon

SwissMiss: need stamp 3,8,9, got lamp, funny machine and playing cards not yet used

annaby: trying to catch up. Have only stamps 1,2,4,5. I can't make out the letters on the pass note

SwissMiss: the pass note is SMAP - hurry up I am stuck lol

SwissMiss: finally got the playing card one and stamp 3 - 8 + 9 to go

annaby: getting there - missing stamps 3,8,9,10. Still 2 codes to figure out

SwissMiss: bruteforced the right cb - dont know the solution - got a paper

annaby: no - that's 3 codes. TEAM, playing cards and cylinder. Where do you use the lamp?

SwissMiss: I got brute forced the cylinder but solved the playing cards - do you need hints

jonthewatch: use dog power to jump up at the stamp, then use net to capture

annaby: yes please - I have no clue what do with the right cabinet and cylinder codes

SwissMiss: solved the Team - one - you can only do it after you solved the cylinder one

SwissMiss: Nokra - the stamp one - with cats and dots - nice game

SwissMiss: got stamp no 8 now! have not used lamp yet

Martin :D: Cylinder codes? Ones that dont look the same if you put a mirror down the middle

SwissMiss: Martin - can you explain that one - I am out but had to bruteforce this one

Martin :D: You need the platinum stamp SM

SwissMiss: I got the platinum stamp Martin

Martin :D: Then what do you need explained Swiss?

SwissMiss: I bruteforced the cylinder one with the 4 letters but would like to understand it

Martin :D: SM...put a mirror down the middle...the ones that dont look the same is the code

SwissMiss: ahhh - so simple - got it now - thanks

annaby: now only need #3 stamp and to solve card puzzle

SwissMiss: annaby - hint for cards - add the same suits

Martin :D: And where is Shuchun?!

SwissMiss: the numbes go 1 to 10, j,q,k,a

annaby: oh - of course! thanks SwissMiss

annaby: and out - I love these games. And they finally got their prize:)

What do I do with Shoji paper?


how to solve TEAM?

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 11:09 AM  

Pure Fun!

@mrtelcom, when you get the scroll from the "non symmetrical letter code" you can place it below the text on the wall to see numbers for the letters in TEAM.

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 11:12 AM  

@ mrtelcom

use the shoji paper on area beneath the text on the wall "boys be ambitious" use the corresponding number beneath the t, e, a, and m to enter in the TEAM puzzle.

I thought I tried that! Thanks

Out with happy end, best escaper trophy and two smartphones. :-)

       Anonymous  5/13/11, 11:18 AM  

Oh wow Ellie! we posted at the same time. I am usually so slow that I do not have the opportunity to help anyone. I am a spoiler moocher!

hahaha cat took phone out and got locked out, see you in next game. These are the best!

scroll? shoji paper? cylinder? Totally lost! LOL waiting for a WT!

Lol @4red3s! Much better with 2 helping than none! You're doing great!

@marijo, there is a closet, and inside the right side of it you find a paper clue on the wall and a roll-code-box where you need to get the correct 4 letters. Then you get the scroll.

@Ellie, how do I open the closet?

@marijo, to open that closet you need the cat punch. Get it from solving the pink box in the white lockers above the tree with a japanese flag.

To get the pink box, you need the dog jump.
That one is from solving the color/number code in first view (count colored squares in the poster).

When you have the pink box, you need the book from left side of the same white lockers... use the calculator in the book to get the colors.

marijo - use the cat punch skill

Hi Ellie - didn't know if you were still there :)

Just understood the numbers on book for pink box. Got punch skill and opened closet! Let's see what else I can do...

Errm, platinum stamp anyone?

Hi @annaby!! Nice to see you :D

Flags remain flaccid :o(

@Rambler, do you have the robot and the red and blue flags? Place the flags in the hands and use instructions from the flashing lamp to click them the correct order.

Ellie! How are you?

Doh, of course, thank you my dear....

@Rambler, you need to place the lamp from the closet on the bench next to the mail-box (after you used sd there to see the wall socket).

Oh you got it :D Yw, and I'm fine thanks! I hope you are too! Nice to see you!

Damn internet crashed Grrr

Anyway, I'm out and now that bloggers back there's a whole heap of new games to play, so I think I've got MY evening planned lol

help with cylinder, please?

@marijo, use the letters that are not symmetrical.

Big hint - 'Loser'

@marijo, you need to find the letters that are not symmetrical.


Bruteforced cylinder anyway

@rambler - that wouldn't be much of a hint for me. And aren't you supposed to be studying? Ah, but it's friday ...

I can't see or take the playing cards?
The running robot is in the way!?

@st, do you have a net to catch it?

Hi @annaby, yep it's a Friday and I'm almost done with the studying. So I'm taking a night off to have fun:o)

Incidentally, if you google loser, the answer will be on the first page ;o)

and so it is, lol

No net yet Ellie, I guess I need to open the 4 letter box to get that, but I don't see a hint for that.

done everything and have the platinum stemp. And now?

God bless the internet eh!

Right I'm off to play the other games, hope the gotmail is good..

@st, went back in to see where I got the net, and it's from the box to the right of the tree with japanese flag. You find a hint to solve the box in the zoomed tree - a note with "folded" letters.

@marijo, use the stamp card on the mail box.

Thanks Ellie, but I can't zoom in on that tree!?

You cant?? Try clicking the pot of it (looks like a upside down hat). It's the tree to the left of the 4-letter box, below the 4 japanese cats.

Yep that's the tree I'm talking about too, but I now tried every pixel of pot and tree, but no zooming in for me?

I understand to add up the cards by their suits, but I don't understand how that gets inputted into the code box. Help, please.

Hi! Can someone please help me, I'm missing stamp # 10... Hint please?

Seawall - translate the numbers above 10 into Jack, Queen, etc.

Seawall, you can only use A K J Q and 2-10, so diamond + diamond is ? Heart and heart... and so on, then put them in like the order on down right I think

@Ellie, many thanks! the animals are soooo cute!

@Small-tool - maybe you already got it. do you have something that looks like a band-aid?


Use punch skill on the mail box.

annaby, No I did not have it already.
But played again and then I could zoom in and then it was easy out with happy end.

Still can't get it; have AQAK, thought that was correct, but not working.... argh.

@lina - are there any puzzles you haven't solved yet?

oh - good s-t

Thank you Small-tool, out now! :)

@Seawall - check your numbers per suit again, I think there was one of each - J,Q,K,A

The cards 13, 11, A, 12
so it is K, J, A, Q.
Not really sure about the order anymore.

Sorry, I left you here to play another game. Glad to see annaby was around, and st helped too!

Thanks, small-tool; I was trying to put a number value on the Ace. One of those days!

I can't do anything. The passwords won't work. Why does every single game out of Japan have to be the most impossible pixle hunt ever? One star. On to something that can actually be played.

I've read all the comments, and still can't figure out the pink box. What colors to use? Where is the hint? The book doesn't make sense to me (I know, I'm an idiot !) are missing the best games if you don't play these...just have to learn their the first ones and you will love them!!!
Just click the link at the top of page...
Cogito Ergo Sum

No, Zoe...not an idiot!!!!
remind me, I played a while ago!!!

@Zoe, go further in the book pages. There's a calculator for you to use where each digit stands for a letter to spell the colors you need.

If you are talking about the color order??
You have to plug in the lamp...then it flashes the color order...need sd to remove the plug cover...

@nokra: There's the red "Color Book" with colors on the front, then when you open it up it has the colors in boxes, and then written out Black, gray, white, red, etc.

Then you turn the page and it has a pic of the pink box with Roman Numerals I II III IV, and then I = 821, II = 38226, III = 3809, IV = 7465, and then you get a calculator...don't know what to do.

@zoe, try to click the numbers 8, 2 and 1... see what letters you get. Thats your color number I.

just replayed that part - take the calculator and note which letter each button equals. Then use the numbers acrsoo from the roman numerals in the book to create words (colors)

TY @edgar...I have forgotten the whole game...played a few more since that one! lol

Oh...I just got it. The numbers spell out the colors.....DUH....see? I AM an idiot!!!

zoe - did you get enough answers? LOL

Lol, hi again @annaby!!

Thanks everyone! I do love these games and almost always overthink the's great to have all the help!

I was trying to figure out the colors on the calculator. I figured out "pink" on my own, but got stuck trying to make the numbers say "blue" LOL !!!

Hi back to you Ellie!

While you're all here, did anyone play Abroy godfatheres legacy yesterday before it disappeared? I'm playing on the Abroy site and I can't find the last puzzle piece. Driving me crazy.

POP! I just knew that would work!

annaby: Yes, I'm out now. I was able to do so after reading the comments above, but I just didn't understand the pink box...oh well.

Lol @annaby! POP is the best thing! I too wonder where those games went. Missing a GH and an 123bee as well.

Can't wait for "Porch Escape 3"!

All the solutions to codes are told at the end of the Walkthrough.

Click the vase with white flowers on the left to find STAMP #2.
Zoom on the wall poster.
Move your mouse across the poster and see the white squares change colors when you touch them.
Use that info to solve the 4-dig color code on the wall.

Turn right.
Zoom on the tree with a Japanese flag.
Get something that looks like a band-aid – it’s a CLUE NOTE.
Open it from inventory to see the word “pass” and some strange symbols below.
Use these symbols to open the 4-letter brown chest on the bench.
Get a NET.
Zoom on the four cats with letters on the shelf.
Click them the correct order to get STAMP #5.
Use your jump skill to open the left part of the white lockers.
Get STAMP #4 and a COLOR BOOK.
Open the right part of the cupboard and see a pink box.
Change the four squares to the correct colors, using the info from the color book.

Turn right.
Use the dog jump to get down the robot (you see it in upper left corner).
Throw your net on the robot and get STAMP #6.
Take the ROBOT.
Zoom on the picture on the wall to get a clue about the robot holding a red and blue flag for happy end.
Use the cat punch skill to open the left side of the closet.
Take STAMP #7.
Also, take the PLAYING CARDS.
Zoom on the box on top shelf and solve it using the playing cards.
Open the right side of the closet.
Take the LAMP from bottom shelf.
Zoom on the wall clue.
Use this clue to change the letters in the “capsula puzzle”.
Get a SCROLL (you can’t open).

Turn right.
Zoom on the text on the wall (boys be ambitious).
Place the scroll below the text to see numbers.
Use this clue to open the TEAM-locker.
Use the cat punch skill on the red mail-box to get STAMP #10.
Zoom on the grey panel above/to the right of the TEAM-locker.
Use the screwdriver to open, click the grey panel and get a KEYCARD from the back of it.
Double click the keycard to see it better and find colored numbers on it.
Zoom on the panel to the left in the wall.
Use the keycard to activate the four buttons.
Click the buttons the correct order to get STAMP #9.
Place the lamp by the wall socket to plug it in.
Note the order it flashes in red and blue colors.
Open the robot from inventory.
Place the flags on the robot and click them the correct order for a PLATINUM STAMP.

Go right.
Zoom on the vase to the right.
Use the lazy tong inside to get STAMP#3.

To escape:
Give your card with all stamps to the red mail-box.
For the Happy End: make sure you use the platinum stamp on the card.

4-dig/color code
Count the amount of times the different colors appear on the poster when you move your cursor across it.
Solution: red3, green4, blue7, yellow2

4-letter brown chest
The note from the tree has symbols on lower part that are “folded letters”. Unfold them in your imagination (darker grey parts go down - mirrored), to make the true letters.
Code: SMAP.

Four cats
The flag in the tree is the clue.
Clicking order: JAPAN

Pink 4-color box
When you turn the pages in the color book you get info with numbers after the roman numbers I, II, III, IV.
Turn to the next page in the book to see a calculator.
Click it to use it, and press the numbers you have. Each number will give you a letter.
I) 8=R, 2=E, 1=D…. RED
II) 3=G, 8=R, 2=E, 2=E, 6=N…. GREEN
III) 3=G, 8=R, 0=A, 9=Y…. GRAY
IV) 7=P, 4=I, 6=N, 5=K…. PINK
Code: red, green, grey, pink

Playing card box
You need the order you see on the box: spade, heart, club, diamond.
Look at the values of those cards you have and convert them to playing cards:
spade: 9+4=13 (13=king=K)
heart: 8+3=11 (11=jack=J)
club: Ace (Ace=A)
diamond: 7+5=12 (12=queen=Q)
Solution: KJAQ

Capsula puzzle
The clue on the wall in the closet tells you the symmetrical letters are not good (crossed over).
In the capsula, try to find one letter in each “column” that is NOT symmetrical.
Solution: BECK

Placing the scroll below “boys be ambitious” you see the numbers for the letters:
Code: 7204

Four keycard buttons
Use the numbers shown on the keycard:
1=red, 2=green, 3=blue, 4=pink
and click the buttons in this order.

Great WT @Ellie, as always

I love Wan and Nyan games :D

out with no help and happy end! Yay!!!

       Anonymous  6/24/18, 11:41 PM  

caught this one for the replay, as this is the final part of the trilogy

thx for all your creations, CES ☺
& thx Ellie for the WT

Very nice series, thanks! Tried both ends, happy end presents were more valuable, but the normal end was perhaps more warm-hearted.

Such a pleasure to play. Thank you!

how freaking cute is this game?? thanks for the repost @Alpha

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