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Trial X Love #2 Code Walkthrough

Trial X Love #2 Code

[REPLAY] Trial X Love #2 Code is another Japanese point & click room escape game developed by Funkyland. In this door game with 3 lessons, your aim is to find items and hints for solving the puzzles in each room in order to proceed and finish the game. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Thanks for the game Shuchun.

Found a card in the wall.

The hint on the card opens the door to the next room.

Got half a key from the color code box (count the pillows and do the math).

Got the other half of the key from the door knob and made it into a whole key.

I clicked the buttons right, but door didn't open.
Will keep trying.

Used the key to go to the garden and got judged and got an 1. Is that good?
Anyway it seems I'm out.
And on my own I guess.

P. Harper,
After clicking the buttons, drag the door open.

You have to slide the door to open it.

small-tool: that worked, thanks!

Thanks for the hint on the pillows. Got the piece of key.

I'm out I think. That was quick.

How to combine white key?

I played again and the end seemed a bit different. What I did different was doing another equation on the color code. But not sure if it was really different, but I think I didn't see 'judgement' this time.

@small-tool I got a "2" and I have no idea if that is better or worse than your "1".

About item the round part and then click it to see the bottom with a hole it and then place the other part.


Thanks s-t. Out too!

Lol Deb,
Well, let's assume 2 is better, so congrats :)
But the second time I played I didn't get a number at all!?
Gonna try again.

it took me sometime to understand about item was double click. I was clicking the bottom buttom and getting a japanese writing.

Guess I'm #3.

I played again and got the same ending and then something that looked like an ad for another game.

Well, played it a few times now but it seems it doesn't matter what equation you make, the end is always the same, but somehow I only got the #1 the first time I played all the other times I got judgement but no number!?
And by the way, the door code is different every game and you can only make equations that end with = something.
The perfectly good equation 6=3x2 doesn't work you have to make 3x2=6 and the same goes for division, adding and subtracting.
Anyway, fun little game

The add you get when you click the laptop on the table in the garden.

S-t - yes, when I clicked the laptop. Looked like an interesting game.

Yep, that game looked good.
Really in the mood for a good (a bit longer) game now, although it's quite late here. But then again it's friday, so let's get it on.

I would love another, longer game too. I'm playing old ones. It's only 8:30 PM my time on a Friday so I'm ready. Of course, by the time I finish this glass of wine I wouldn't be able to figure anything out.

Lol LAH, actually it's already Saturday here 2:30 AM and by the time I finished this bottle of wine I wouldn't be able to figure out if I'm playing or sleeping.

HAHAHA small-tool! You are up late! I was playing last enigma but it's too hard for me. Looks like you played it live. I've never seen a game with the number of comments in the 4 digits.

Meaning over 1000 comments on one game. Never seen that before.

@small-tool, I think you're #1 and @Deb's #2 meant you were the first and second players? Anyway, I'd love to see a longer version of this one! Enjoy your wine (only 8:40pm here) <3

@LAH, try Dream Room. I think there may be 4000+ comments, and well worth your time!

Thanks zoz - you and s-t are famous on this site! I play a lot but usually miss the live games. I found dream room and dr 6 and 7 but not one with so many comments. Do you recommend all of them or is there one that is really, really good? I love a really good escape game.

@LAH the last one is really great. But I may be suffering "memory enhancement" about the number of posts, lol. I'm trying to find it now to give a link, 'cuz it doesn't come up when I use the EG24 search (which, btw @Yalcin, the EG24 search is awful!)

Hah! So much for memory "enhancement", it's Dream House, not room, and I'm still trying to find it.

Haha about the EG24 search engine. I just clicked on DR 7 and am starting now. Thanks!

yep. NEVER trust my memory! It's Dream House Escape, there are only 1582 comments (it just seemed like so many more in my little zozbrain) and you can find it here: www.escapegames24.com/2009/06/dream-house-escape.html

I found the comments on EG24. 1500 comments! Wow! I clicked the play this game link but can't figure out how to get to the actual game. I'm going to still try though.

What a fun "little" game! Out with no peeking ...twice...
I would love to play that game on the laptop... anyone know what it is?

Thank goodness I have a magnifying glass because it wouldn't zoom and I never would have seen those tiny numbers on the clue for the door!

I think I got it...loading...

I'm in - thanks again zoz!

@nokra - Not sure of the game but it does look good doesn't it?

You can find all the games just searching on your browser...EG24 games usually come up first!

I never finished the Dream House until the famous WT was posted!!!!

I'm in Dream House now. Wow - lots of rooms. Were you all part of the EG24 survey when they asked what people wanted? the survey was closed when I went to take it. It seemed like the most popular answer was more rooms. I would have said more puzzles. I get confused with too many rooms. Glad this one has a map!

Never saw one...but they do keep improving the page...I love the escape games from Japan best!

Enjoy the game, @LAH...see ya in the next live one!

Thanks @nokra! See you later!

Lesson 1
How to walk forward
Click the forward arrow to go to the door
Click to enter the house

Lesson 2
How to navigate
Go right using the right arrow
See the spot on the wall where the wallpaper is messed up?
Zoom in there and click the panel
Get the CARD
In the about item view of the card, there are small numbers at the corners
There is also a ring at the bottom
Click the bottom right corner of the card to flip it over
See the hint about sliding
Close the about item view
Back up and turn left
Zoom on the door
There are buttons at the 4 corners
Click the buttons in the order shown on the card (you need to mentally rotate the card so the ring on the bottom is the same direction as the door handle)
If you need to open the about item view of the card again, click the card in double click it
The order changes so I can’t give you the pattern here
Drag the handle right to open the door
And enter the next room

Lesson 3
How to do math
Turn around the room and count the pillows
1 green
2 yellow
3 red
4 white
6 blue
Zoom on the cash register on the shelf
Enter a math solution using the colored buttons and the math buttons
Back up and turn right
Zoom on the door you came through
Click the round handle on this side to see it is a SECOND PART OF THE KEY
Double click the round part to open the about item view
Click the bottom of the ring to turn it
Add the straight part of the key for a WORKING KEY
Back up and turn 2 times to the glass door
Zoom on it and use the key on the lock to open it
Go outside!
You can click the laptop screen for an ad for another game

Thanks for the explanation of the 'lessons' Kitkatfox. I was wondering about that.
But wasn't lesson two about how to find a hidden panel?
Anyway, it doesn't matter, Great walkthrough as always, the Queen still rules/rocks.

The address of this game says "tutorial" !
Just a suggestion????
I had a hunt around for the game itself and ran into a load of japanese I couldn't understand.

I didn't notice the numbers on the card, and now I can't see them anymore : in "about item" of the card, I have only a text in Japanese !
And the window of the game is much too small.

Pascale, double click to open the card in about item view.

Good game! Found this one late, surprised I missed it.
TY to posters and Kitkatfox for the excellent WT, as usual.

I also remember the Dream House Escape Game from back in 2009. I think it was the one that "set the hook deep" for me concerning escape games in general. Lots of rooms, several floors, many endings with many different keys, etc. Seems like it went on forever.
I have yet to see, in any recent games since, as many top dog, heavy hitter, tin foil hat brainiacs posting live in the same game.
Imagine playing a game today and trying to keep up with Xenon, Shuchun, Yalcin, Zazie, Kitkatfox, Zoz, Ellie, MegiPoland and others I'm sure that I'm forgetting, posting live. Wow!
Boggles my mind to even think of participating in something like that.
Might have to go back and try it again. Thanks to Zoz for reviving a very good memory!

@Bumjelly Dream House is one of the best escape games I have ever played. I would never have made it out of there without the great comments and especially without Xenon being so patient with me!

But I am not sure I ever recovered fully from writing the walkthough, and then having the gamemaker update the game. I then had to write a NEW walkthrough for all the other endings. Phew!

       Anonymous  8/14/17, 1:46 AM  

caught this one from the random section

happy to play an early FL & these were the days with a great community here (sniff...)

thx FL for this cool game, your creations never disappoint, always a joy to play them ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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