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3D Room Escape Walkthrough

3D Room Escape

3D Escape Room is another point and click room escape game developed by MixGames1. In this game, you are locked in a 3 dimensional room and you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play 3D Room Escape
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going in...

Im here

great first live game in ages and i can not find a thing

Another stupid game.

Why do they keep coming?

I've clicked for two minutes, got nothing I quit.

one red circle and a green triangle not sure where i was just clicking all over

I thought there would be a difference between a "game" and a "click-fest". This is not fun, it's just clicking!

if you see mixgames1 - stay out - no fun

I hate these games. Didn't notice it was a mix game.

All the negative remarks -- you would think they would learn something

And out, easy one. Click the little x top right on the tab...

Had I realized it was Mixgames1 again I would not even have bothered.

I wonder if the author really looks forward to some criticism, constructive or not.
Mixgames = Plague.

Nice potential... good graphics... but the game plan needs a bit of work.

clicked every were and not one thing did i find this is stupid.

Nope not going to waste my time trying to play this game. When I see a good rating or better I will give it a try. I think he just posts because each time we click on his home page he makes advertising $$ and it is not importiant to him if the game is playable or not.

Just my opinion, but I used to be able to click on a game and play it without worrying too much about the developer, or having to read through comments to see if the game was good or not. Now, since the onslaught of the Mixgames 1 clickfests, I do pay attention to who the developer is and I check a couple of comments before playing. Not even worth opening the game up.

@alice: I think you hit the nail on the head with that. It's obvious that the game maker is not interested in listening to us, or making any improvements - it has to be the advertising $$...

that gamemaker has never hear of

Quality befor Quantity

he should have learned by now from our critics
I wonder why those games are still on this site -
Jon wanted to give him a chance - but....


Ohh and i jumped in, believing that there is a new cool game (graphics are not bad) but then it only was a mix and i closed it grrr.
Waiting for another one :(

I am always looking forward to play new games. But I am very sorry. These games are no challenge at all. It's big pixelhunt and they are all the same. My son is a beginning gamedesigner and knows how to put challenge in a game, it's not that difficult if you know how to do it. I don't have the faintest idea how to do that, I am only playing games, but these games have no challenge at all. I have the greatest respect for all the gamedevelopers and designers but this one has still a lot to learn. I hope you will take notice of the comments you get on your games. I don't think they are very succesfull at this moment, but keep trying, you are never old enough to learn.

It's not MixGames fault. The games from Super Sneaky Spy Guy and Sakura can also be found here. And most of us love these games.
It's the author of these games. Like I said before and Edgar in this blog: Author is not listening to critisme. 1*

Well, it is indeed as bad as everyone says..

once around and found nothing.

Please somebody stop Mixgames1

Friends I'm sorry for all the same scenario games. Flash takes a long time to learn. Please be patient. We need to take some time to deliver a good game. Have fun!!! :S

Well, it's easy. If you don't like it, don't play it.
And although you guys think it's about making money it's still free or us to play.
Btw. if it is about making money, then there's not much to earn if not many people play it and it will soon be over. But imho this guy is making these games because he likes escape games and if this is his style, let it be.
Like I said before, don't like it, don't play it.

And there you go guys.
I didn't refresh so I didn't see the previous post, but as you can see he's listening and trying. Don't be too hard, just try to make a game yourself before you judge.

Thank you S-T, you have made a good point. The games are difficult to make and Aykut is learning, he is listening to criticism and making improvements with every game.

Those who are too bored to play these games, please feel free to make a better one for us to play.

The top developers who make superb games only make a few a year.....they get complaints because they don't make enough games....

....who is the winner? I think the winner is you guys because you get FREE games, every day, all year round. Good luck and have fun!

Mixgames - the graphics looks good. Do you play the games too, so you can tell what makes games highly rated, and what doesn't?

small-tool and jon i cannot quite agree with you. we all now know that the gamemaker is learning and keen do do a better product. we all have to learn and i certainly have no clue to make a game. but it would be much better if he would show his games to specialists or family/friends before he puts them on the net. a pianist doesnt give a concert before he is sure of his performance and a painter doesnt have an exhibition before he can be recognised and sell his product. so to put one game out to test is fine but then you go back and work on it. i think it is the quantity of the same which upsets us gamers and once a reputation goes it isdifficult to get it back. i hope that in time we see some good games from him. less is more.

Maybe we better discuss this subject in the chat box.

I dont like them - I dont play them. I still can express myself, right? Just making sure...

I have to agree with SwissMiss here. If only one or two games a week came out from this maker and if those games were slightly different, it might make a better impression.

Ah, the philosophy of game reviews! I find all your reviews very helpful, negative and positive. That's why I come here. Not just because there are lots of games, but because all of them are rated and reviewed. If a game gets 1.0 stars, I usually trust the reviewers opinions. I wouldn't say "don't play a game if you don't like it" 'cause you have to play a game to see if you like it.

After reading all the comments, and with Jon saying/ordering "Good luck and have fun! ", I didnt play. I was a bit wary, in case there were consequences if I didnt have fun - with an exclamation point! lol.
The gamemaker is much improved on his next one.

Hi there...

Even if you (we) found this game annoying, I'm pretty sure the developper wants to give us a nice one.
Graphics are becoming better, but the gameplay is still illogical and crappy :(
So keep on posting your games, but, please, be less in a posting-hurry, and try to improve some points before. Just as SwissMiss said, show it to friends/specialists, so as to obtain first critics before ours, which are pityless, most of the time...

But don't stop trying, we all here in EG24 excpect newer developpers to give us hours of fun ;)

terrible game i really wouldnt bother opening it people...click,click, click 4 nothing

what's up with these mix games there are awful. I love 99% of the games here but i can't even play

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