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June 16, 2011

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Capsule Toy Room Escape Walkthrough

Capsule Toy Room Escape

Capsule Toy Room Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game by 86Game. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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the tools are in plain sight...where to use them...cutter and sd?

use cutter on floor, right corner of door

you get one orange coin from there and another one from the green rectangle next to door, by using cutter I think. And stuck.

Ty @marijo...

can see a number through keyhole on door

haven't found use for SD yet

I have 3 coins...2 from the green thing on floor

how did you get it? have clicked everywhere on the green thing

The key hole is a clue for the puzzle on other side but don't have it yet

has anybody forced the 3 number code yet?

Could find only 1 coin in green field.

@ norka
How did you get the second coin from the green think?


I don't really understand anything here...but I clicked the green thing on left of floor with the one coin highlighted,,,and then there were three...seems there is one in the hole..and one near the middle.

got 3 coins, used cutter, stuck with insane code and screw driver :(

I am clicking the strange puzzle ...all the 3, 4, and 5 dotted squares(from the flowers)...the first looks like a 4..than a 9...but could be all wrong...

Everything is so small its hard to tell what to really do.

good luck everyone...gotta go!

can't get the third coin :(

Coin is in the bottom right coner while facing the door (use cutter), second coin is in the golf putting hole (on the left side of the screen facing the door), and the third is in the upper left corner of the cat toy poster (use cutter) there too.

puzzle on top of the cupboard: You have to hilight the even numbers ;)

Ty, SleepyStudent! Had already tried but not hard enough!

@VK, bless your heart!!! :D

however the numbers seems are not for the 3 numbers puzzle :(

second code is



oh sorry. it is actually for that. I had forgotten to press one number:D

(sorry for my english I trying my best)

@VK yes they are but just slightly different from what you expect...
Gives 3 digits & opens cupbaord below where you get another clue for right cupboard...

Yes it is!

Opened right cupboard and placed blue coin in green thing

put empty capsule in other side of golf-hole (starting point?), take second cat statue, smash against rocks, take coins, use on toy in cupboard to get putter?

Blue thing goes on green thing on floor but dont know what to do with "toy" in inventory...

combine screwdriver with putter, putt 2 balls into golf hole, take key from cat on wall, use key on door and your out!:D

And out!
Thanks all!

LOL TY Sleepy.

when you collect the two blue coints, press about item

Ahoy the Game. Greetings.

oh thats the putter! :D:D:D:D
Thanks you all!
That was my first live!

just arrived late as usual. I have SD, can't see cutter.

duh..nm...just realized there is more than one view!!

and the second end?

hello again Bena. Just got here meself. Got cutter, SD, coin(?), spot for a three number code, and what looks like a big gray and white striped number 3(?)

@Sisli, there's 2 ends?

that noooo
a joke! ay
I need to sleep


OOer! More pokey-balls? and now putters??? I'd have called that a golf-headblob!
[just showing my ignorance/lack of previous interest in some subjects]
Nice puzzles, without too many scenes for the Demon Pixelhunt.

Ahoy there, matey.

Ack! I just replayed the game looking for the other ending! ;)

which province, Sleepy Student?

The figure of a trhee is the clue for the spot puzzle =)
I'll hang around in case anyone needs help

2.48 a.m., and my typing ability has vanished again
That should say "three"

Ahoy M'Lady. Sometimes the worst ones for me are the ones with only one or two views. I over think things and miss the blatant. II'm trying to not look at earlier entries for help. We'll see how long that lasts ;)

BC :)

Okay, PyrateKirk. Understood. I can give gentle hints without spoiling things if you need it.

The hints I would have liked are better descriptions.
The green area on the left of the door is a mini golf.

I guess the inexplicable rock by the door is a mini golf version of "The Rough"? ;)

The last time I played mini-golf I was... 7 and thought the windmill was awesome...

I know have a desire to go play mini-golf o_o

@Sleepy Student: MB here
@Rookwings: like Mario I've clicked and clicked the cat toy poster for the 3rd coin and can't find it. Help please"!

thanx. got three coins now and a crazy....looks like an old IBM punch card. Yikes

@PyrateKirk: I'll try you an IBM punch card (hint - look through keyhole) for your third coin

that "try" should have read "trade"

Did you watch the hockey game last night? (and the following carnage?)
Also, the coin is in the upper left near the tape, use the cutter there.

top left, Bena. Highlight the craft knife and click the little tear in the paper

Oops I'm too slow. But got the Punch card - think - it said ok! but i'm still trying to figure out what happened if anything - after that

Rookwings: thanks, I never would have got it as I was clicking the top left of the page, not the poster itself

SleepyStudent: No, never saw it but figured this morning I'd read how the Canucks won. One thing I was glad to read was how Vancouverites took the initiative and went down and helped clean-up.
Unfortunately Van has a bad habit of rioting after Stanley and Grey Cups.

Shall I construct a walkthrough?

By all means M'Lady, if thou art so inclined.

Punch card, PyrateKirk?

@Rookwings, go for it :)

@Bena, sad but true.

Okay, here goeth, then.
I could be gone some time...............
Cook me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast ;)

@PyrateKirk: I guess the two of us will have to stumble through together. I figured the 3 coins would go in the cat but I can't get them in.
I can't get even get the cupboard door 4 digit code numbers to change so I'm basically stuck.

ya want black puddin' and beans with thatkipper?

@Bena, did you put the coins in the cats underneath the 3number puzzle? doing that allows you to get a 'ball' with a message... I think you can use the 4 digit code after that

I'll even cook eggs and kippers for a walkthrough

lol, I didn't even realize I could open that cupboard door now! Now I have the blue thing and trucking on again. Thanks for sticking around

Eggs and kippers?
How about boiled potatoes, baby green salad, and baked cod for lunch?

okay, now what? I have two blue balls, one goes on the putting green but I can't get a putter and I can't get the 2nd ball to go on the putting green.

I'd take the eggs and kippers any day, the other sounds much too healthy.

figured out I had to break the second ball as well.

Putters? Balls? Sheesh, I'm doomed on this one. I might as well give up and go make the kippers, cod and such.

@Bena, LOL! But it tastes so good! :D

I can't make the numbers change in the 4 digit cabinet...

me neither nokra

@nokra & PyrateKirk: when you solve the IBM punch card puzzle it opens the left cupboard

@Nokra & PyrateKirk, as soon as you get the hint from the first ball you can go for the second cupboard...

someone gave a spoiler but did not say how they got it...probably need to see clue first!

- put your coins in the bubblegum dispenser and get a blue ball.
- break the ball and get a paper
- read the paper and get a clue for the 4 digit cupboard code. The numbers will move now

@sleepystudent..thanks, I forgot to look at the ball!

Yeah I got a 3 number code figured out on the counter, and i've just been tryin' all sorts of stuff now. Tried to follow some earlier comments, but I'm still lost. I'm twitter-pated today for sure.

Ah! so that's it. Bena, there must be some kinda bug on my end - tried that, can't put coins in machine.

Very cute game....thanks for all the great clues and help, @everyone!

I have the key now and can't figure out how to put it in the door. I just got the close-up when I tried and now my key is faded out.

@PyrateKirk: have you tried smashing one of the cats into the rock?

It finally worked. I know my mouse is wearing out from all the clicking so I don't know if it was the game that was slow to react or just my wonky mouse but I'm finally out.

Cats? oh dear. no cats. Solved 3 numbers on counter, nothing has happened/opened/appeared nor disappeared since then. Maybe It is buggy on my end. Started over, hit same spot, but nothing different. hmm

Ill try starting over and, hopefully I can remember what to do and I'll tell you when I get to that point.

I thought the gum dispenser was the thing on the wall to the right of the door

2nd time through and I solved the '3' puzzle but my left cupboard door won't open.
I'm going to look around and see if I can figure out what I did different last time

PyrateKirk, this is probably a stupid question, but you entered the highlighted three numbers on the panel below the puzzle then hit the bottom button? this should allow you to open the bottom cupboards (you have to click the handles).

Again, stupid question, but I'm sleepy and just ate supper :)

the dispenser is in the cupboard

duh..I was clicking the cupboard, not the cupboard handles. Mine is open again now
PyrateKirk: do you have it open now?

No, not a stupid question, I did so, the numbers changed to OK! and then nothing.

PryateKirk, then you should be able to open the left cupboard in the main view (click the handles)

my supper should be arriving from Lil Caesar's any minute...the Canadian pizza

Nope. I guess something is buggy. Well, I feel a little bit better, it's not my obtuseness for once. Sigh. Maybe I'll try it again tomorrow. Thanks for all the help anyway! I really appreciate it.

Mmmm, pizza *drools*

No problem PryateKirk :)

including various typos, probably - it's That time of night =)

Clicking Start gives you a two-main-view room, with a door in front of you.
Click the keyhole and NOT the handle for a peep through to a hint.
It's a figure "3", greyed-out on a pattern of dots in squares.
Note that all the grey areas have two dots in them, and the white have one.

Just for the sheer joy of it, randomly decide to click the right-hand corner of the carpet and find another view.
Clicking the very point of the carpet will give you a coin.
Note the flower shapes on the floor, with petals 4, then 3.

Back out and click the rock formation by the door and get a handle, which looks like a green screwdriver, but it isn't =P

Click the image of a yellow creature in a green flower pot on the wall and see two more flowers, petals 3 and 5.
Zooming in on the eyes shows that they are two holes covered in perspex.

Back out and try to click the dark green area on the floor at the left without hitting the back-out bar, to find a new view.
This is a mini golf thingy [to anyone like me, who'd never seen one except in films, haha.]
Along the grey runner you can see a yellow dot, so click it and get a coin.

Back out and hit that back bar again to turn round.

Click the pale area on the left wall to see a poster of a capsule dispenser with a little "nick" in the top left corner. Highlight the knife and click a few pixels below that to find a third coin.
Remember what the poster is telling you and back out.

Click to get the knife on top of the cupboards and click the grey corner at the left side.
This is the puzzle hinted at through the keyhole.
Spoiler below.
Click the black button under the puzzle to get an "OK!", and back out.
Open the left cupboard and zoom on the object.
Highlight your 3 coins and use them on the slot to see a capsule drop into the space below.
Click it and "about item" to see that it is a small plastic bubble containing a novelty, so click it to open and get a paper. Examine that for the last hint for a four-digit code.
Spoiler below.
Back out and click the right cupboard door on the white rectangle.
Enter your four numbers and see it change to OPEN.
Back out.
Click the cupboard door handle and get a back-to-front moneybox replica of the creature thingy.
This one is ceramic, so if you can't think what to do, turn round and stare close-up at the rock for a bit.

Inspiration will eventually hit you and you will bash the moneybox on the rock [vandal!]
Click any coin to gather all three and go back to the dispenser.
Use these coins on it and get a second capsule.
Open it as before and get a golf club head out.

This is where the green handle gets some action, so "about-item" the golf head and use the handle on it.

With a mini golf patch in the corner, a tiny golf club, and two capsules shaped like balls, I hardly need to say any more, but just in case......

In the view of the mini golf, put a ball on the greenish dot and use the tiny club on it, then put the other ball.
You should have had a vision of blue balls dropping into the eyes on that image, so back out and click it to zoom.
A key!
Guess where this goes........;P
If you click the keyhole to get out, you'll only peep through it again, so make sure to click the HANDLE!

Solution for dots puzzle:
Grey out every square with even numbers of dots in and see three digits in grey appear before your very eyes.


Solution for 4-digit code:
The flowers' petals are the relevant part.
First pair, 4-3
Second pair, 3-5
Third pair, 5-8.
Make a four-digit code out of that, or view spoiler below


You still here, you two?
Don't forget to click exacly on the handles to open cupboards and the door!

Nice WT Rookwings!!!! :D

Still here Rookwings. I've clicked every mili-pixel in that area. Awesome WT!

and black pudding is my worst enemy! [I just don't like the taste, actually] Lorne sausage, please =)

You two are speed-readers? haha

Lol. Even better. (black pudding's love or hate. I don't know anyone with a middle-ground on that)

Are you firefoxing, PyrateKirk?

Yeah, Actually I am a very quick read. It annoys a lot of people. They often think I'm not really paying attention

Yes Firefox. Think that's the problem?

I'm a bit of a speed reader too, except I'm somewhat dyslexic so it can get a bit interesting at times :)

Not at all, I was going to suggest it as a solution!
Try zooming the view, in case that helps
... or just reload.
The game itself doesn't take long once you know the deal.

true. I may give it one more go.I hate leaving games unfinished.

SleepyHead! It could be fun to hear you read out loud then ;)

well pizza arrived just in time. Great walkthrough Rookwings, thanks

You two would have some fun with "Damn you auto correct".
I guarantee some of the posts would have you crying =D

Bena! Sorry! I didn't see you sneaking around there =P
You're most welcome =)

@Rookwings, I rarely read out loud, too much stuttering and reading the words wrong. I was at the meat counter in the store the other day and walked past some prepacked meat and thought it said "traumatized" not "tenderized".

Such is life ;)

Me too, Matey.
I could start again too, and race you to the finish????

@SleepyStudent well I'd be traumatized if I'd been tenderized with a mallet so you weren't far wrong

Traumatized meat, haha, like chicken BEAST and chicken THINGS, instead of what it really says =)


lol. you'll probably beat me. going at it in mega zoomed in mode

nighters all. I really enjoyed the games with you tonight. Hope to see you on another one.

Same here Bena.

Night then Bena! Sleep well.

@Bena, you'd be right about that ;)

@Rookwings, You have no idea how much fun I had reading the harry potter books :D

Bingo. For whatever reason, the third time through, it worked! And out! Guess it needed to be zoomed.

I figured you'd have got a head start on me, so I'm hanging round here in case I can help, and browsing DYAC as I sit here =)

Sheesh, so much work for such a short game.

OOER! Congratulations then! I'm glad you got there in the end!

Well, I think I'm gonna go for a nap.
Its been good escaping with you guys! Hope to see you again soon! :D

Many hugs and thanx for all the help! =)

Same here SleepyStudent. See ya round

Nite nite, SleepyStudent =) Thanks for YOUR help in this game =)

Never seen DYAC before, checkin it out now, this is hysterical.

And you too, Matey ;) =D

Early june is a lot of fun!

If I could use the EG24 chat room, I'd suggest we take it there.... this isn't related to this game any more..... but I can't =(

yeah, thought the same.

request sent. will delete later as well

Great wt @rookwings, おかげでたくさんの ;-)

that was really cute actually. :)

You're welcome, escapism =)

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