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The Core

The Core is a new game by David Berhard. This product is a combination between a game and a lesson about web-security. This game is for learning purposes only! Good luck and have fun! [Created and Subbed by David]

Note: Before you start playing you must open Firefox! If you don't have it, please install! You may also install all the required Addons first!

Play The Core

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yeah... its online :D

Nice to have it online ^^

Huh doing the javascript tutorial I dont want to disable java as I would have to restart FF!!!

Link is wrong =( It is important that the players can read the instructions on the mainpage.
So go to


FF do not must be restarted after disabling js..

just reload the page if js is disabled

@Metatron Huh?? I went to tools, addons and realised you disable in plugins not extensions LOL
Lesson learnt!

I changed the link Metatron, sorry for the confusion!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks Jon =)
@Leroy Sorry i dont speak english well.
You'll find some more of those funny mistakes =)

oh..it is here..THE GAME!!!! and I cant lay it..:(( (let's say: "dont have time") boohooo..and sabine is here ....and I cant do the game with here ...mooooorrrreeeeeee boooohooooo.. =( But David, metatron..i did enjoy the demo!!!!!

pssst...lay=play =)

Thank you Alkmar ^^

I can't even get through the first thing in the tutorial! LOL What's the mailcode?

Open the first mail and read id.
PS: It is "case sensitive" (Big/small letters)

I am following instructions but cannot find the source code for the page I opened. Help please? U does not work

mailcode is ZHGTK for me

alkmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar..... i wait for you.... now matter how much time you need ;) but... then come here and play... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase

Ooooh ok, thank! I thought I needed to find the code to open the messages! Wow, I need a coffee...

i tried control and u on the page that opened but nothing happend

@valerie: go to your inbox

byebyecow: the source opens in a new window...

Nothing opened. :-(

This game is interesting but it's too early here for me to do anything. Good luck!

I clicked the link to http://tarotmen.zzl.org/ once on that page I pressed control and u, but nothing opened.

try a rightclick with your mouse and select the source code there

For open source-code you can olso right-click-->show source

No new window I mean... nothing happens

for control and u you have to click both at the same time... not one after the other

Thank you.... the right click (or in my case since I have a Mac the control click) worked. :-)

I did click them both at the same time.. nothing happened. The right click worked though.

Argh ... too much work for this early on a sunday.

come on @byebyecow... it is THAT work for a sunday morning ;) btw... its afternoon here in switzerland

no questions anymore? Is it to easy?

i can't get that fibonacci code... please...one little hint... pleaaaaaaaaaaaaseeeeeeeeeee

i'm pretty sure my username is right... but i cant get the pw

Check the sourcecode for a hidden link or some notes on the bottom.

hey... ;) this time i got the notes at the bottom... and i try to solve the fibonacci code... ehem... i thought i solved it... but the pw i got isn't right...

am i right with a b c d ... calculated until i ...
then the pw-letters changed into the numbers of the code?

Username you have, pw is variable (d)
So count up... 1034

OMG... i only counted up to i... i'm so dump... yes... the variable is j

wowowow... the last site before the "top secret area"... i am goooooood ... i'm soooo goooooood
but nothing without your help ;) thanks so much

lol... ok... and in my firs comment i meant dumb not dump ... not soooo deep :P

disable javascript it is a trap there!!

lol... i'm already in the trap :P

shoot, i hope you still know the old passwords ^^
You have to do the logins again! =(

i wrote them all down... but i refreshed the old page and disabled java before... now nothing happened...

you have to restart because all accesscookies are already deleted =(

but i have a new login page now... red level

ok cool ^^ i thougt i have to restart! You disabled js at the right time to come back. If you leave the IP-warning page it's to late..

maybe restart... i got the username and password... but no reaction after input...


You are the best!!!! <3

OMG... i'm here:


i hope i get your compassion...

okok... the equation below is readable... but...

alkmar... help... c'mon... i need you <3

Verry good! Did you hacked it?

no... in the moment i'm hacking my head against the table

LOL First try to get the password (Crypt tool from the CORE game under Decoders

yes... if i would get the keyword... arrrggghhh

take a look on this enigma file! There is a code-string. And 3 keywords. Use them on the decoder (enigma)

all of them? i thought i need only one keyword

i'm totally lost... i can't decrypt the string...

Yeah you decrypt the string with the first key, then encrypt the resoult with the second, and the last resoult with the third..

ok... i got it... but i decrypted it all three times... you've written, the second time i have to encrypt it... but that doesn't worked... so i decrypted all...
but finally... i got it... :D

Soddy my fault i meant DEcrypt it 3X


ok... but now i need the access site... no login there... and no hidden link... phew

Now you have to log in successfully ;)

oh... i got both... with Firebug... the username and the password field... and the login button, too...
but now: access denied :(

because you didnt manipulated the cookie with tamper data

On the page its written "Logincookie set"

yes... i was afraid i have to do this...

but have i to use tamperdata before or after i set the buttons?

Ehm.. Do you have the right logindata and pw?

right before you hit the submitbutton

yes... from enigma...

woohooohoohoo... now it starts again... me and temper... we aren't friends...

manipulate or not? only ok button? i'm shivering...

1. Use Firebug to make the username, pw, and submitbutton visible (the button type is "button")
2. enter the codes
3. Start tamper
4. hit the Submitbutton
5. the cookie is tracked. look on the lower left field. All cookies and their values are in there. Go to the last. Adminlogon:off change the "off"
6. click send.

oh... thank you so much =D
there's written "no" instead of "off"... i changed it accordingly...

YES! Send a mail to thomas ranet in the core game

this game is "high voltage"... i love it...

Thx ^^

but i really miss the others here... :( it would be much more fun... i don't know, which games are also new posted, i can't get out of this, because it is too exciting, but i can't believe, that no one is coming here...


woohoo... this time i made my way by myself to the skymaster control panel... and i'm on my way to get down this satellites...
but this time i'll make a desaster, you will see... ROFL... not only in the ocean... :P

hahaha Attack them all! Moscow, Geneva and Washington! The ending will be funny (Read the newspapers. (The part about theories about mad people with hacker skills) LOL

woooww..geez...sabine..I do have a 5 minutes check..before I go for a biig sleep..and you did play the game the whole time?? Fantastic!!! Du bist SUPERRRR...und du David..du bist Super tooo!!! you stay here the whole time with sabbeloniko ;-) But..Where are the others??? Sab was/is right...where are others...it is because there is no possibility for me to do any game, otherwise i would have enjoy ...only..I dont get it...:/ ( lol..you two did have a nice swiss time here) ...oh...Federer lost the RG( Roland Garros):(

       Anonymous  6/5/11, 3:27 PM  

Site has been suspended
Is it part of the game? But I cant continue the second part of the tutorial, so I dont have the requested password..
Metatron, are you still around?
The game is amazing up to now! Thanks!

Where you found that link?

We all finished the game and never came on tarotmen.99K
the actual is tarotmen.ZZL.ORG

all tutorials are on


       Anonymous  6/5/11, 4:03 PM  

well it's the link that we create on the javascript tutorial, no? Imust have missed something there.. I'll redo it!

I'll check it now. Which tut? in the game?

It is a failure inside the examplecode! I fix it.

check in 2minutes again

       Anonymous  6/5/11, 4:12 PM  

From the link you just posted, no worries, it works. But from the JS tutorial, we create our website page in the third part of the script it refers to that website I was talking about and where the access is denied, when we put the password 9382.

       Anonymous  6/5/11, 4:14 PM  

Ok! Thanks again! I love your game! :)

       Anonymous  6/5/11, 4:16 PM  

Great, it's fixed! :)

okay, bug fixed thx =)

Thank you verry much ¦D Dont forget to rate the game! ^^

       Anonymous  6/5/11, 4:21 PM  

As far as you're still around, does the game autosave? As I have to restart FF for the Firebug app to be available after installed. It sends an email to perry. hotter 79 @ gmx . com !

hahaha yes that for you need firebug

the game just saves your notes in the notebook
(Not the used passwords) write down the important passwords and restart FF...

The good thing in this game, once you know the passwords, you can get every mail and tutorial verry easy. Remember. Firebug and Tamperdata are the Addons you need to complete this game. Install both of them and restart FF

       Anonymous  6/5/11, 4:30 PM  

Ok! Thanks! I'll install Tamperdata too!
Dont worry for the rating, I sure will do it! :)


The next days im coming to answer all open questions, but now in switzerland it is 01.30 am !!

Check the link "Play this game" in 10 minutes.
(I'm uploading a few screenshots)

Hehe I had the same problem was on the wrong site messing with that.. refreshed the tutorial page and got the right one Thanks for fixing it will keep going now ..Very interesting to play with this stuff

I thaugt it is a new idea and the same time, the player learn stuff about web-security

Screenshots on the startpage visible now ^^

I like the satelite-program
(At end of the game)

Metatron if you're still around I have the page up where you set the new variable I want Cas??? Ga?? but it doesn't am I doing it wrong?

Great job with this :-)

Sorry I got it now didn't read enough in the source ;) I got excited

@Clee Cas??? Ga?? Where are you exactly?

are you changing the values of the firebug tutorial? I like this one verry much. (Was not to easy to programing in html/js =)

I'm on the 3rd tutorial for Java I have the first three number one but now it says again and 3?? doesn't work

Okay I think I cheated and used php to get to the next tutorial FIREBUG .....Thanks Metaron get some sleep and I hope I can ask things later I want to finish this one :)

hahaha this time it haves quotes!! check the code on the last page and this one. Its different ^^

enter just: 449-116

In this example:
var fedfds=(449-116); you must calculate!

In this:
var fedfds=("449-116");

the password is what inside the quotes is ^^

Okay see you tomorrow ¦D

Your trick is not cheating. (You've not found the password, instead you got the target link) Later it will not be so easy anymore ;)

I see now ! but this is making me laugh I'll need help again I'm sure SWEET DREAMS!

Sleep well ;)

On the firebug second part, I have the password but I can't put it anywhere I thought on the page of the tutorial it has a box and submit button but it doesn't go anywhere?

The pw you recived in a mail? Try to enter it inside the game. In the firebug tutorial..

Yes it is this pw. I'll write it in the mail where you must enter the pw "noapps". (Game-tutorials)

fixed, Order that mail again! ^^

First firebug pw is jedikiller

Bug fixed finally. The pw jedikiller was not showing up after making the submitbutton visible^^

"First open the tools tab and ...."

Good morning, @all. Where is the "tools tab"?

There are only buttons for help, favorites, coders and decrypt!

Okay, okay - I had to polish my glasses, it's just the hammer

the hammer

Upper left corner. If you click on it a menu will slide down.

did you started gamimg right now? Have fun ^^

Yes, thx Metatron, but when I activated firebug for the 3rd tutorial, I'ld have to repeat all steps done before, but now I have to go and do some food-shopping for lunch and dinner.

I'll have a look at it later on!

Have a good start into the week, CU later, I hope.

You still know the passwords? You'll need firebug and tamperdata to complete this game. After restart, just enter the codes, (ZHGTK,secret,37129,1243)

Note them in your notebook (over the web-decryptor button)
Important: The "used passwords will not be saved!
Only your notes!

Thanks Metatron ;-)

I hated to close it last night I felt so close but I wrote down the passwords I'll try it again

My first Mission, it all worked :)

i've forgotten to tell that moscow, geneva and washington have got some greetings from me ;o)
this time i've done it... i am eeeeevil :P

The first mission I feel like I'll get a knock on my door and get taken away lol I'm not sure what to tamper with the login screen to get into the Insider board?

hi @Clee... have you still done the crypto-challenge?

maybe you have to login first... do the registration and you'll become the username and password in your own mail-account... i'm not sure, where you are...

Hi Sabine :)
I'm doing the challenge I didn't scroll down to see them I was trying to hack into it before lol I have 2 right I think, it won't let me check them to see. I have to get them all I guess

yes... you need all answers first... :)

The second and the last one I'm stuck ...using my Brain on Monday seems to be a problem lol

lol... yes... this two are the hardest...
you went to the tarotmen admins to look for anagrams? (last pw)

for the second password look for letters, that are often and not often used... and which combination may become a word... the signs doesn't mean something, you could also use symbols or shapes...
for the last i could give you a hint, if you need one...

I'm just stuck the last one seems like all the same names and the symbols I can't get it lol I don't want to flunk spy school

for the last one:
take a look at the developers name

for the second pw i'll give you two letters, with this you are able to solve it...
% is E ? is D

i was stuck at the same place... nvm... they are very hard... >.<

Thanks Sabine good Karma coming your way ;)

lol... yw clee
let me now, when you need help or if you got it ;o)

let me know... i've forgotten the k ... i always forget important things... lol

I think I have it but it came up try again I don't want to spoil the answers
One the 5th one do I leave it blank or use the N word
And sixth one does it start with C ? and maybe the last I have wrong I'm using a name from this page ? lol

Clee... for the 5th one your first thought is right... the sixth is starting with C, yes... and the last... think not about the real name ... the other...

look close at all four names of the admins... that are all anagrams with the same letters... so do the 5th...

haha.... i've seen it right now... you've written you used a name of this page... yes... you're good ...

I keep getting try again I sent the creator an email with what I have hope he's kind and gets me back up and running , I wish it kept the good ones Thanks so much Sabine for the help you are great! :-)


Hello guys i've been on a long trip outside ^^ Did you solved all pw's now of the cryptochallenge? I hope you have fun here ¦D

No I have answers but I keep getting TRY AGAIN I sent you an email what I have can you check for me PLEASE :)

I'ce checked.. tell me the passwords..

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

sorry no !! after metatron ^^

but it is case-sensitive! write all small letters!

Delta = whrong!
delta = ok =)

This comment has been removed by the author.

not caesar!! Cryptostar!

caesar is the name of this encryption. Easy to solve. Make a 8X8 grid and enter line after line and read it downwards. The password is cryptostar.

Thank you my dear! it worked I'm so happy to see those words You made my night :-) I didn't even think to try that on the letters ( bad hacker still) but I hope to pass this test really!!

Keep playing and if you dont know how to, ask me. I gonna sleep now. Remember: All you need you can learn in the tutorials.
Have fun! ^^

i do not delete my post because this is a walkthrough-forum so this (difficult) password i can spoil ¦D

Bad me I got the CIA page but don't get what I need to find the login screen I thought the address to the CIA page was the way to go? I'm missing something?

I did find it wasn't needing a little part of the address I'm still going :-)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Made it to * THIS IS THE LAST SITE BEFORE THE "TOP-SECRET" AREA BEGINNS. hehe this is great! just hit page does not exist so stuck awhile I think lol

darn got traced I couldn't get it off in time

In Mastercore when I make the buttons visible and click them they disappear I have the enigma passwords but I can't enter it?

Hello =)
How 2 do:
Use firebug to make the textfields type: "text"
Use firebug to make the button type: "button"
open tamberdata and start tamper
Enter username: deathbolt
pw: flashquote
hit the button

tamper will catch the cookie and alarms, click "tamper" to see the cookie.
The last line (left) has all cookies inside. scroll to the end of the string and change the "no" to "yes".
Click "send" and you made it!!

I'm trying now thanks for the reply I can't shut this down till I make it ;) Never thought to use text lol

I have the satellites how do I know what the values should be I didn't take that course lol I turned things off but I want to explode something lol

I did it :) have to go back for other endings * count is 2 in the ocean and one over russia hehe

This was a great game I hope people play it and you make more *PLEASE!!* it was funny and I learned some tricks!!

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you verry much for this lovely comment. It is nice to hear, that my work is usefull and entertaining =)

Some of you know that i am a bookwriter.
(check the website where the Enigma-decryptor is)

I'm gonna prepare a script for a fantasy-story and make it to a adventure game.
(not to much riddles, some beautyfull sceneries made by me in photoshop, and realtime combats. It will be in ego perspective. The player can moove around with the w,a,s,d-keys
Spells and summons of "big friends" i'll try to include, but i'm still trying to create something different as finalfantasy ;)

Let's see what comes out.. It may takes a while because i have a job for a company, to do a visual support- and trainins-gprogram for a machine (Laboratory engine).


I'll be back ^^

Thanks again and See ya ¦)

       Anonymous  6/8/11, 3:00 PM  

Fascinating is the word! Learning so much stuff! I've been playing since, spending hours reading stuff on the web, and I just can't stop playing! (trying, at least!)
But I'm still stuck at that SPHERESAT.CIA webpage.. even with Clee's comment concerning the address that should be a bit modified, no luck.. If you ever come by, a hint would be appreciated! :)

       Anonymous  6/8/11, 8:05 PM  

I went on spheresat blog space.. trying to find a link on that page too, but no luck until now! Hope you'll be back soon! :)

Hello ^^

Im not shure if i understood your question right.
Are you looking for the main-login.(actually you just have a site telling you, that its a internal server of the CIA)

Did you have send a mail (in flashgame) to n.mort?
He will tell you that he found a loginpage


So the full adress is "http://spheresat-rvxt-cia.zxq.net/loginthesafe.php"

And now the hacking begins.

Sorry my mistake: You have to enter the webpage in your mailcodex (only "http://spheresat-rvxt-cia.zxq.net" (no quotes))

DouceMer I loved this game my comment was about I had a forward slash and it didn't like that at the end of the url lol

I'll keep an eye out if you need anything but the comments are VERY helpful and the creator is great with help if you need it ;-)
I wish it hadn't have ended now I miss it already!!!

WOW Thank you Clee ^^

Would someone please help me with the last part of the Firebug tutorial? I don't know how to retrieve the pw from Systemmanager. I have tried to change perry hotter's email address to my own but did not work.

Weird.. Thats how it must be done.
I've checked it. It works
(check junk-mail folder)

@Metatron, I've tried it many many times but still failed. Tried that with my gmail account, it's not in the spam folder. Tried that with my live.ca account and it's not in the junk folder.

In the mail.php, I right clicked the "Send me my password" button and chose "Inspect Element" to use firebug. I then changed "perry.hotter79@gmx.com" to my own email address. I hit the button and send.php displayed "the mail is send to the admins mailaddress". I'm new to firebug so I'm not sure whether I have to change any setting to make it work.

I have finished all other tutorials and I really hope that I could get over this part to proceed to the next challenge. Could you email me so that I could reply you with my firebug screen shots?

Thanks @Metatron. Received an email from Tutorials; I'm now ready for First Challenge!

I guess this game just doesn't like my email address. In order to do crypto challenge, I have registered several times but have not received any email regarding login pw. :(

Okay =)
So here for all clients with mailproblems:
Firebugpassword vie mail: noapps
Registration Tarotmen:
user: pandora
pw: scratiscool

later you gonna use again a mailadress. Its jericho


make a gmx or hotmailadress or any other. You are the first with those problems. If you are redirected to the "mail is send" screen, a mail is send to somebody. I just replace my email and have it a second later. Try around=)

Have luck ^^

@Metatron, thank you so much. I don't understand why I have had so many problems with emails. I'm using Firefox 4 with Firebug and Tamper Data installed.

Working on Crypto-challenge now.

Completed Crypto-challenge. At the insider board found a spheresat link to cia site. I hope I'm not cracking the real one. :)

lol no, its my own page. All luck on your way up through the levels. Hack that s***! ;)

If you have any questions (not answered above) ask me =)

@Metatron, please help!

I am stuck at sub.php where I am prompt "Do you really want to continue to the RED area?". When I clicked "yes", I would be taken to rjfh8476 with message "This site has been removed" (nothing else in souce, just this message). When I clicked "no", I would be taken to the menu with "the core" and "skymaster 57" big square buttons.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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