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Crazy Haunted House Walkthrough

Crazy Haunted House

[REPLAY] Crazy Haunted House Escape - El Chavo and the Haunted House is another new point and click type adventure game. It's Halloween night and the evil witch has kidnapped Chavo's friends. Help him rescue them! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Crazy Haunted House Walkthrough
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Ok, let me give this a go :)

already start

stuck at the hamburger

Whoops, got distracted. Starting now :)

hi rachel and rest
have not much time but like those
trying to cross the graveyard now

Ok, walking to the front door = stupid move

Hooray - Inca Games! But who the hell is El Chavo?
Hello l&g!

is there a bug? - nailed the coffin shut to take the lock and now my chap has disappeared - cannot go back or forward

cant do anything - have to restart the game

- flask behind letterbox column...
- showel left of house...
- parchment right on floor with arrows on it...
- bow right of house...

I'll try that Swiss Miss and check.

How weird is that?! He went up into the corner of the screen!

- another flask (vitamines) at graveyard
- just follow arrows on parchment - but it's not that easy...

*sigh* I'm with you Swiss Miss!

definitely buggy - dont use combined nails/hammer in coffin scene - its the second time I have a frozen game
this time I gave the chap in the coffin the sleeping medicine and after getting the animal wanted to nail the coffin closed again
game froze again

I am stopping - perhaps they will fix the bugs at some point

Oops! Internet explorer could not find it! Why? :(

music gets a bit annoying after a bit LOL!

it won't even let me on www.inkagames.com! But it sounds like a buggy game anyway

Sheesh! Mine froze too! Seriously can't play like this! :(

Hi all. I'm at the graveyard but the arrows on the paper won't work for me. I keep getting grabbed by the legs. LOL

@CatQueen, they do work, just make sure you go all the way up and around the gravestones.

Ok got through the graveyard now.
Lokking for nails, which I won't combine, like you said.

It really does work, don't forget sometimes it's two arrows right or up.

ah, at least, graveyard passed... 8-)

- nails in & hammer behind empty coffin...

as I didn't want to hear the warning @SwissMiss, ;-D
I DID it and nothing happened at all...! a really quick fix if it's one...

For the coffin, first use the potion and then the shovel. Then get the bug from the skeleton.

Hi s-t! Allready out of that horrible room13?

What browser are you using, Premiere? I'm using Chrome and it froze twice for me. Or rather, Chavo somehow got sucked into the corner and disappeared.

Combined bug with viatmins and gave it to the tree.
Then combined arrow and bow and used it on the guillotine and now I can go in the house.

Use hammer and nails to trap the ghost.

No Catqueen, I gave up on that game.

catqueen - it does work up - two graves right - down to middle row - one grave left - down to front - two graves right - up to the back row and then right past the last grave

Took mirror, broom and bucket with glue in the ghost room.

I'm using FF...

In the room with the heavy cupboard is a mask in the bottom right.

I'm stuck with getting the hamburger. You can take it with using the broom (fly on it), but I don't see how to be fast enough.

LMAO, coffin freak!
And sorry, also in FF el chavo ducked out...


You have to click on the cliff when he is falling to grab the ledge!

Nah, hopeless with Chrome. And now it's time to fetch the kids from school, so I'll give this one a miss. GL, Escapers!!

Arggggh my game froze just as it did for Swiss Miss. (in coffin scene)
One more try.....

I am back for a while, where did you get a bug ? I have got a ring from the coffin and i cannot go into the house.

wish i could play :(

Should it not be «trick or treat» and not «treat or trick»?
...just a detail, I'm always aware of details... ;-D

even if it is so buggy for everyone, wish i could be a part of it lol but won't load for me

Thanks SVWaldhofMannheim,
That did it.

Stuck at Ham Sandwich.

The bug (termite) was in the pocket of the skeleton.

Can someone tell me how your supposed to get across the bridge with the spiders o.O

What skeleton ? In the scene with two coffins ?

Wow! After a year or so, Blogger is finally going to let me post here!

I can't find a ring in the coffin?

When you pass the graveyard, go right and there open the coffin with the shovel, but first use the potion on the hole in the coffin.

Got coffin open now but i can´t take anything from skeletton.

Well, still no ring, but it was a good thing I went back to the coffin, because you can take a bony finger from the skeleton as well, missed that the first time.

Went in the second time. What do I do in teh coffin scene? I have the bug and now the guy is just looking at the skeleton. I have to trap him but how?

Zazie: in his right pocket (your right)

Zazie, in the pocket of his pants, but where did you find the ring?

s-t after filling potion in the hole i suddenly had the ring with the coffin still closed.

No catqueen! Just leave him!

Take the termite out of his right pocket and walk back to the entrance!

When the coffin is open I think you to do 'look'

@Head$hot: It's kinda close up view and I can't do anything. There is no red arrow. Frozen again?

I am in the house now.

Well, I leave the ring for now, maybe it was a bug.

I ate the hamburger and now I could move the heavy cupboard.

s-t did you get the ring now ?

Use the mirror (be fast) on the floating head to get past it.

How do i get behind the 3 ghosts in the house ?

Strange! I didn't had any bugs or problems with freezing...

LMAO, supertermite!
Inkagames always have me rolling in the aisles...

Stuck at the bridge with spiders ....

Zazie! Use hammer and nails on one of the three rags! Ghost position is random thogh!

Used the bucket of glue on the painting with the clown and took the dog.


Use hammer and nails to nail this ghost down!!
The first ghost that is ... the farrest to the left.

I hate spiders!!!

Combined mask and dog to scare the skeleton inside the house and took the bomb.

Got in a third time and finally made it back to the house. Trying to catch up with you.

No idea how to get past the spiders also! For some reason just clicking the foward button made me pass the first 2 spiders but always get caugtht by number 3-.-

Can't do anything at all with the spiders!?

Thx Za and Head, now i am always dying on the broom.

When you drop click the ledge of the cliff to grab it!

Thx again head, got the hamburger.

OMG the spiders are impossible!
You have to be quick and push forward when the spiders are up .... but you don't know when.

I think I got it! While randomly clicking under the spiders they jumped up!

Hamburger, spiders? Bug ate trees, but how to get past the guillotine?

Doesn't work anymore though lol -.-"

I will never be fast enough to pass the spiders. And usually I'm quite good with timing, but this is ridiculous.


Use The Arrow foung at the grave combine it with the bow! Then use bow and arrow on guillotine

Finally caught up (also restarted 3 times...), thx for your help l&g!
agree completely, timing is everything...

YES I dit it ....


neither me i can´t pass the spiders.

How did you do it????

Thx Head$hot: Oh noooooo I have no bow only a slingshot LOL

Never mind, sun went down so I could see the bow in my screen.

Bow and arrow.

Catqueen look on the garveyard its behind the grave all the way to the bootom right!

Waving the mouse under the spiders after pushing the foward arrow helps

I am always trapped by the second.

remember previous inkagames with same obstacles as now the spiders (f.e. the right singing tones or similar)...
Yeah, ZA,
is there a trick?

the ring is behind the spider, use shovel for the ring.
To beat the spiders, pass one by one, wait in the middle of two spiders.

Stuck at the mouse, don't know yet how to beat him

Okay ... a room with a flash eating plant ... need to get the ring and the thingie on the floor.

I mean the ring is in the room behind the spiders :)


there is no trick.
Just move forward when a spider is up.
Watch the patterns!

Waving the mouse doesn´t help me :(

How do you pass the spiders one by one?
Using the right arrow or clicking below them?

Btw Hi Carola, long time no see.

This comment has been removed by the author.


Thanks for the ring ...
Now what to do with this little mouse?
Used averything but it kills me each time!

Hi Smalltool, just click on the bridge between the spiders

Za, no Idea yet, tried everything I have on the mouse, maybe I missed something in the rooms before

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ miss_samba2, we're also stuck there :)

I think it is a little rock near the eating plant.
Maybe I have to use it with the slingshot to kill the mouse? But how do I get it?

Im just clicking on the bridge between the spiders & waiting till I can pass the next (as ZA said, they move in always the same sequences).

oh you can BEAT the eating plant also!!!!
Stand on the market place in front of it, as soon at it wants to eat you, take the bom.

Damn! lol I didnt think that spider thiung could have been so easy =D Thanks@all

I'm still here and playing, but far behind you all trying to get past spiders.

ZA, you can take it, after beaten the plant, and yes the stone with slingshot, kills the mouse :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

I'm with you...
also in the last inkagames I wasn't talented AT ALL on this kind of obstacle...

Ok still struggling with spiders, i am getting nervous. I have to leave and take a shower to calm down lol. I will come back later.
GL so far.

hmm, how to beat the cat now and the wich

Thanks guys, finally past the spiders.

This comment has been removed by the author.

combinate poison with mouse and feed the cat (Before!! going in the room with the cat, just click on the door)

combine the mouse with the somniferous liquid and throw it through the door, so the cat will eat it and fells asleep... now I got stuck at the witch's kitchen

I have to leave too. Can't make it past the spiders and the scene is too short to see a pattern. C u later and for those who are playing: have fun!

This comment has been removed by the author.

aaargh, always caught by the fourth spider...!!!

Well, I said miaauw two times to the witch and now what?

she smells us, as we come near, so maybe we have to do something about that?

Same here! Attack the witch with cleverness?! hmmm

IF you go back you can grab the plant and the pot!

I'm in the back of the kitchen now, just run very fast to the door in the left back corner.

YIPPEE! Finally past spiders, but already eaten by plant...
fun anyway!

GOT IT! Go back take the plant and combine it with the ring! Then use it in the kitchen on the first gargoyle!

LOL ... and out.
Thanks everybody!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks again Head$hotHeaven68, That did the trick.

Quickly use the bomb.

We never used the bony finger, did we?

Thx, head, I already combinate it, but didn't think of using it on the gargoyle. Thx
out than :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Phew, finally out - sweating from almost «killing» MY computer mouse and from LMAO...!
thx l&g, for all your making progress comments...

bony finger, s-t?
from the skeleton in witch's kitchen or from where?

btw, why witches «always» hex someone into a FROG, and not f.e. into a flea, a boomer or a SNAIL...?
other propositions?

Besides the termite I took a bony finger from the skeleton in the coffin too. The coffin to the right of the graveyard.
Anyway, congrats on finishing.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I always get caught by the fifth spider. Do I have to pass 4 and 5 in one run? If not, which is the point to wait?

Woe finally, somehow got past 5th. I think I clicked once after the fourth spider and then very quickly the arrow, without paying attention to fifth anymore. It was very pixely in that scene too. When I did not press the right pixel, she would not move.

@ friwi: As I remember the fifth spider does 4 moves first and then goes down in 2 times. When he is down the first time, click the arrow.

This walkthrough is made with the help of many players on this game. Thank you all so much!

Get shovel left side of house
Get bottle under mailbox
Get papeercode froom ground
Get bow from right side of house
Go right to graveyard
Use clues froom paper to cross the graveyard, pick up the bottle behind the second gravestone on lower line and pick up arrow at right gravestone, also on lower line
Go right to coffins
Get hammer and nails from empty coffin
Use somniferus on closed coffin
Use shovel on coffin
View skeleton
Take bony finger (right side of tie)
Take termite from pocket, close view
Go left to castle
Feed termite the vitamines
Put termite on tree
Combine arrow and bow and shoot guillotine
Before entering the castle combine hammer and nails
Go inside and quickly click hammer and nails and trap the gost.
Take mirror, bucket with glue and broom
Go right and take mask from lower left corner
Go up to hamburgerscene and use the broom on the burger
When he turns left click the rock (the point) when he falls.
Go left and eat the burger
Now move the closet and go right
Use mirror on head and go right
Use bucket with glue on painting
Get dog
Combine mask with dog and go right
Use dog on skeleton and get the bomb
Go right and quickly click on the left side of 3rd board to get past spider 1 and 2
Now watch the sequence to cross over. Try to click on the left side of every board to stop between the spiders.
Go right and stand on the spot with the tiny stone and select the bomb
The plant eats the bomb
Take the small stone and the dead plant
Use shovel on ring to get it
Combine stone and slingshot
When you go right quickle use slingshot on mouse, grab mouse
Combine insomniferous with mouse
Don't go right yet, but thros the mouse through the door
Now the cat is sleepy
Go right to kitchen
When the witch aks you something choose miauw (two times)
Combine ring with dead plant
Use the liana on the first gargoile
Wake up and you're out.

after shooting down guillotine got grabbed by trees, died came back and my person disappeared. Game froze, have to restart. I Hate Buggy games!!!

Sorry for the type-errors in WT. Hope you understand it anyway.

Wow, finally out. I love Inka-games, but this one was rather buggy. Thank you for all the help!

Wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to go through the intro again. If game maker is going to post buggy games please give us a skip/save button. Argggggh!

Ok I am over this game. Computer is to slow to get by spiders even with WT. I do not recommend this game, instead of being cute and fun it is just frustrating. I rate it BAD!

My ring was not where you told, but in 2nd gravestone from left, using shovel.

Lol Roberto,
There were more people who found it there, maybe there are two ways to get the ring, if you forget to find it there you maybe get a second chance to find it later.

Great Walkthrough Catqueen!

Can't use hammer and nails at all

Could not play this game earlier but i could now (weird) but thanks for the walkthrough @ Catqueen, could not have done it without it! :)

@ blrmkr374 have you put them together?

Yeah I was using them outside the house causing the game to freeze

Have to restart

i read earlier on that happened to a couple of people, you might have to restart?

Maybe a WT where the game freezes LOL.
Never found a ring at the gravestones but thanks for the tip.

No fun navigating graveyard, I quit

hey there
i don't know how to get past the witch
after i killed the plant and the mouse, i enter a room where is a cat, and the witch comes and turns me into a frog
please help !

Good job @catqueen, thx for the WT!

I agree, a skip button for the intro would be great...

- combine insomniferous (flask first screen under letterbox) with mouse
- don't go right yet, but throw the mouse through the door
- now the cat is sleepy & can't warn the witch...

thanks premiere
i jumped over some steps by mistake

Used to love these Inka games but the last few have been very dissapointing including this one. The constant use of a countdown timer is frustrating because instead of using logical thought to solve puzzles it's just trial and error as you have no time to think just react. Combining a point and click adventure game with an action game just doesn't work. And that's a shame because these games are so clever, humourous and creative.

Phew~complete the game,thanks for the walkthrough CatQueen

walkthrough for this game

-collect parchment,shovel,bow and bottle
-go forward
-see the parchment,in between take the vitamin and arrow ,then go forward
-take the hammer and nail
- in locked coffin put the grey flask in the hole and shovel on coffin
-look the caffin get a weak termite
-combine vitamin and termite
-go back and cross the graveyard and go back to haunted house

-give the termite to the tree
-then combine arrow and bow then put it in guillotine
- combine hammer and nail
- go inside
-put the hammer and nail on the middle rug
-take mirror, broom & bucket
- take magical mask go forward
- take witch 's broom nd put it to burger
-keep pressing the edge until chavo returns
-go back
- eat the burger and push the closet
-put mirror on that creepy face
-go forward
- put glue on the clown than take the dog
-combine the mask and dog
-put the mask dog on skeleton
-take bomb
-cross the bridge when spider goes up
-go near the plant and press the bomb
-take the plant and put shovel on ring
-take the stone (a spot near the pot)
-combine stone and sling shot
-go forward
- put slingshot before the time runs out
-take the mouse and put the grey flask on the mouse and don't go just put the mouse on the up of the arrow
- combine ring and plant
-press miaaaw two time
-put the a liana with ring on the first gargoyle

the end

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