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Escape 2: Yellow Room Walkthrough

Escape 2: Yellow Room

[REPLAY] Escape 2: Yellow Room is the second episode of this Japanese point & click room escape game series developed by Yura & Myu. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and hints for solving all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  6/22/11, 5:56 AM  

Found tape dispenser, remote with 1 battery and diplome.

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 5:58 AM  

Also got an eraser. Something on paper I can't read. Hook on lamp I can't take.
Waiting for help.

It says complete but is not doing anything now :(

There it goes

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:02 AM  

Key behind vase.

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:04 AM  

Hi Muse!

Some kind of code box in left cb. Clue on tv after using remote.

hi, I think I'm playing a different game.
I found other things and the room is all pink not yellow (despite the name!) Does your room have a picture with a cat on the wall?

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:06 AM  

@Truus: nope I have a picture on the table. A cb with tv which are yellow.

that's weird! the link brings me to another game

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:08 AM  

I tried the link again in another window but it still opens in yellow room.

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:10 AM  

Please hurry Truus! I'm stuck with a codebox, something with "3<- butterfly", code on tv and a stick(?) I must combine with tape according to the paper.

strange, it's called yellow room though, but the room is all pink, lol . what is happening??

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:11 AM  

nice game and not too difficult for me

truus..je redding is nabij!!

pffff...first i need some rest...running to fast to this game... hmmm...not first?

Cool. Easy out! :)

Hello People!! Are we all here and not on Annaby's FB wall? ;)

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:13 AM  

alkmar, glad you are joining us! I'm having a blond moment. (zoals gewoonlijk)

Mine's not loading :(

anyone need help?

Catqueen, use the stick with tape on lamp.

Well I can not get in to the right game, I restarted IE but I'm still getting a pink room.
Is my computer having a blond moment?
could someone post the link here, maybe that works for me

I'll definitely need help! Have sticky tape, eraser, remote and unscrolled scroll.

catqueen...blond is here! lol..I am writing on a paper..the hints for the box with the squeres.. ;) uhm..what help do you need?

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:18 AM  

Rachel, there is a key behind flower vase (right side)

Truus en Catqueen..I play in google chroome....first i saw a yellow lone: sayin: complete..and than it started...

The pictures you find tell you the order they are in.

where is the stick

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:20 AM  

alkmar, I need to combine a stick with tape. Is the stick the hooked thingy in inv? Looks like a straw to me.


Ooooh, a green key!

Tadas: stick is under couch.

Is that a bendy straw?

link goes to #1 episody

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:21 AM  

Created my POP moment. Straw to drink juice gives another code. Gosh I'm slow today!


you need the stick to get the "hook thing."

You can find the Stick under the couch.

Cursed remote! Always need flipping batteries!! That's why I keep a BOX of them next to me at all times!

I haven't seen the picture for #1...anyone?

Thanks@catalyste. Out

Thank you all, but it still brings me to a pink room, with a pink bed, a picture of a pink cat and a pink cupboard with pink books, a pink desk etc.
How weird is that??


use the straw to empty the glass. Hint #1 is there.

TY...just saw the bendy straw comments....lol

@Truus: that is weird. Everytime I click the link, I get episode 2 like I'm supposed to.

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:25 AM  

Thx catalyste!
LOL @ Rachel
Truus...confused! How do you do that?

How do we switch on the tv?

That did it!! What a cute game!!!!

Rachel..you need the tvcontroller/remote with the battery...

did you get the other battery, rachel?

Im in a pink room too.

@Rachel: you have to plug in the TV first.

Click the Right side of the TV stand.

Yip, got the battery in, but tv is still off. *sigh* Maybe I need to check the plug.......

Thanks @Alkmar, it's the exact same URL but with a different game. I really don't understand how this is possible, but I'll play the pink one instead..

LMAO@Catalyst, I was only joking and meanwhile....

Ahhh yes! I forgot about the plug,,,the first thing I did....
Good to see you again, @cayalyste....

After reading comments, I think @Truus must have taken the same flu tablets as me. Think it may be back to bed for me. Night all. Hopefully, room will be yellow in the morning.

@truus, als ik mijn link kopieer en ga..( the link die ik net geplaatst heb)..kom ik meteen in de juiste game..

@Truss... you are not alone. I have same problem.

sleep well @clio ;-)

(waves Hi at Norka!)

It's been a while! :D

awwwwww, what a cute game!!! yay, the kitties can play again! Thanx for everyone's help!! Gosh, I'm rather stupid today!

oh gooood @Mona!! lol, not for you, but I really thought I was loosing my mind.
Glad to know I'm not alone here!
Oh please help me, I'm stuck on the code, lol

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:32 AM  

Where is hint #2 please. I have 1, 3 and 4.
I need new batteries (for myself)

wooow..we are all out? so, we go back to annaby's wall? :p

LOLOL...we both misspelled each other's names....
sorry...btw...are you on fb? @catalyste


feel better! @clio_rose....

2 is on the picture with the cats

@clio, sorry I missed your comment before.
Hope you'll soon feel better!

code says 1. hearts 2. clubs 3. diamonds 4. spades and 5. has outline of what appears to be flowers in window. ?? still can't figure it out though. Have tried clicking picture corners in that order, but doesn't work.

@Mona, if you click the corners of the picture according to the book, the picture comes off.

Truus, have you tried Google Chrome browser?

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:37 AM  

alkmar, ofcourse I forgot about the eraser. Thx.

Thank you @alkmar. Will do. Tissue box handy. Eyeballs falling out.
Good luck @Truus & Mona.

You have to clean the key with the duster before you can use it

@Rachel, no I only have IE and FF. But so far I only tried IE. I'll try FF later

oh got something!! i used feather duster and clicked not on the hearts, clubs, etc, but in the corner of pic. Only clicked heart then club using duster and found 3 digit code to enter

Forgot, after clicking the corners, click on the picture itself (the cat)

@Mona - you got a feather duster? I didn't!

okay..I cant delete my before comment..I wanted to ask: are you out @catqueen?

Woohooo @Mona !
I think the clue in the book means
0 = z(ero)
1 = o(ne)
2 = t(wo)

9 = n(ine)

but now what? there's also a clue "one" in the book. don't know how to use that though

Used Firefox to run yellow room.

big problem posting...

it seems I got out while missing a few clues!

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:46 AM  

alkmar, sorry ....yes I'm out. Thank you so much! :)

got the code!

find the numbers "matching" one
o = one
n = nine
e = eight

Truss - clue in book 'one' is first letter of number spelled. o=1 n=9 e=8. got pink key and letter written in language i cant read lol and letter is signed with a pink paw.

and out the pink room!

and were out. yay for us!

Yeah @Mona, we did it!!

cannot move vase!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to Mona and Truus!!! you rock girls!!!!

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 6:51 AM  

Pinkroom: escaped this one too. Thanks Truus for you're great brains LOL

@jojoma..you have to click at the right side from the vase, after you zoom in ( you are playing the yellowroom, right? )

Catqueen, and Catalyste...and all...do you do facebook?

@Mona & Truus:

I hope no one gets confused by your comments.

Hopefully they'll read through these comments and understand what just happened. lol

@norka: Facebook is an almighty plague to me. lol


I just started FF and now I can play the yellow room too, going in..

yes never thought of that. weird that there was a yellow for everyone else and a pink room for Truss and myself. Both games completely different too.

live game started ..going to play

I think the pink was a few months ago...a fun game too....like these, wish there were more...and longer!

Pink room was cute. Held myself up for not dusting off the key! lol

and out the yellow room too.
Had a little trouble with the code, thought there were only 3 hints, forgot about the hook/lamp.
Nice games, lol
Thanks all for trying to get me in the yellow room!

Have to go and get groceries now, hope to see you all later, bye!

This comment has been removed by the author.

aww...I love these. So cute. :)

Good game, except it was hard to look under couch.

hi all

what should i do with the blue thingie that looks like a microphone or a light bulb?

and could anyone tell me where the second battery is, please?

nevermind, i'm out, thx for the comments!

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  6/22/11, 10:26 AM  

Any one playing? I cant find the clue for #3

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 10:28 AM  

POP found it.

Why are there comments on a pink game, while we are supposed to play a yellow one?

Sorry this twat was misleading you @Siobhan Long's sister, but I decided to leave the comments about the Pink room in case someone else ended up in the same wrong f.....g game. And you're welcome!

@quick, that is because the link brought some of us to the Pink room instead of the Yellow room, very weird !

       Anonymous  6/22/11, 11:41 AM  

@Siobhan Long's sister - lighten up! Jeez sister, it's a game site not a Juke Joint. And as for your vulgar choice of a noun, you need to look at number 3:
World English Dictionary
twat (twæt, twɒt)

— n
1. the female genitals
2. a girl or woman considered sexually
3. a foolish or despicable person



- Take the TAPE from the bottom of the tv-cabinet.

- Take the DIPLOMA from top of the drawers (you can look at it, it's probably a hint).
- Open the bottom drawer and take the REMOTE.
- Zoom in on the vase and then zoom further in on the floor to the right of the vase and take the GREEN KEY.

- Zoom in under the couch (click on the floor, close to the bottom edge of the couch) and take the STICK.
- Zoom in on the couch, lift the left cushion and take the ERASER.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Open the left cabinet door with the green key and take the GRAY KEY (at the bottom of the code box), may take a few clicks to not click the box.

- Use the gray key to open the top drawer and take the BLUE KEY and the STRAW.

- Zoom in on the table and zoom further in on the picture and use the eraser on the stain between the cats. Zoom further in to see the HINT; CLOVER IS 2.
- Zoom in on the table and use the straw on the glass, zoom further in on the glass to see the HINT; UMBRELLA IS 1
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Open the right cabinet door with the blue key and take the PAPER and the BATTERY, also see the HINT; BUTTERFLY IS 3.
- GO RGHT (2x).

- Look at your paper and see you have to combine the stick and the tape. So look at the stick and put the tape on it.
- Zoom in on top of the lamp and use the stick with tape to removew the hook and see the HINT; STAR IS 4.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the floor to the right of the tv-cabinet and put the plug in.
- Look at your remote, flip it over, open the panel, put the battery in and close the panel again.
- Zoom in on the tv and use the remote on it to see where to click on the code box when you use those 4 hints you saw.
- Open the left cabinet door and zoom in on the box and click the buttons in order of the 4 clues, so umbrella-clover-butterfly-star.
It's like this;
- If done correctly you can push the button on the front side of the box and take the CAT KEY.

- Use the cat key on the keyhole in the door, open the door and you're out.

Still stuck at the point where @Catqueen was at 6:04,with a codebox and a hint on TV, and no idea how to go on from there...

Walkthrough YELLOW room :

- zoom in on the fence and notice something unreadable
- zoom out,go right. Take the sticky tape and click right of the cabinet, put the plug in the socket
- go right and take the paper
- zoom in on the flowers, click right and find a green key
- zoom back out and zoom in on the drawers, open the lowest one to find a remote, and surprise, a battery is missing...
- zoom back out and go right. zoom in on top of the lamp and notice a part of a hint
- zoom back out, zoom in on the sofa and find an eraser under the left pillow
- zoom in on the picture on the table, highlight your eraser and find another (now readable) hint on the picture
- notice the drink on the table
- go back to the tv and open the left cabinet door with the green key and get key and notice code box
- use key on top drawer next to the door to get a straw and a blue key
- open right cabinet door under tv with blue key, find another hint and take paper and battery
- highlight remote and click "about item" , click the remote to turn it around and put in the battery
- go back to the drink, put straw in and find yet another hint
- open the paper from inventory and see you need to find a stick to combine with the sticky tape
- go the sofa and zoom in under it and voila there is your stick, highlight it and put the tape on
- zoom in on the lamp hint again, and now it's all clear
you now have 4 hints, go back to the tv and use the remote. combine the hints with the tv screen and use that on the code box and take key for the door. Congrats you're out!

If @Small-Tool did not exist already, they had to invent him! :-)
Another perfect walktrough, thank you Small-Tool!

Lol Quick, but my parents already invented me. And you're welcome.

Lol Truus,
I thought you would write one for the pink room.

Is that the Power Of Posting too? I was getting nowhere, and now I have TWO walktroughs in one minute!
Thanks to Truus too! :-)

May be a better change my nick to Flupke... Nicknamed like this Quick will be most of the time the last one I'm afraid.

oh LOL, I didn't see @small-tool's walkthrough there, oh, and it's so much better looking than mine..

No, no, no don't do that Quick.
Just like dog owners will eventually gonna look like their dogs, in time you will act like your name and gonna be very quick. But if you change it into Flupke I'm not sure what you're gonna change into, but it doesn't look nice.
Btw. if that's your real name I never said it and then it's; Wow, what a beautiful name!

Lol Truus,
It's like Ellie always says; It's better to have more walkthroughs on a game. Different WT's for different tastes.
And your walkthrough is at least as good as mine. All I do is just use some lay-out tricks with bold etc. but in the end it's just all fancy stuff. In the end players only want to know where is what and how.

@small, I didn't say yours was better, I just said it looked better :P grapje hoor..
Thanks for your kind words though!

Lol Truus,
Moeilijk hoor dat Engels, maar dat (looked better) bedoelde ik ook en probeerde ik ook te zeggen met 'fancy stuff' etc.
Raar trouwens dat we hier Engels met elkaar 'moeten' praten. En dit comment zal dan ook wel verwijderd worden.

Yep @small, inderdaad raar en vaak ook verwarrend.
Maar het was maar een grapje hoor, ik vind jouw WT-s altijd heel duidelijk en echt veel beter dan die ik net heb geschreven. Dingen uitleggen in een game is niet mijn sterkste kant, dat zal je vast gemerkt hebben :) maar ik had het idee dat ik hier iets recht moest -proberen te- zetten na die ene nare opmerking van "iemands zuster".

Am I to late :( If i am were we gonna play now

Veel en veel meer liefde dan haat,
is wat er hier op EG24 geschreven staat.
Trek u niets aan van een zekere zus,
u bent meer dan waard, een vriendschaps dikke kus.

Gezellig hier =) ...lusten jullie d'r een borreltje bij...stukje kaas... ;-) Well...I only can give you both my compliments for the WT's!!! 1 thing is sure: they are much much better than the WT's I write :P @Truus...staat het alweer een beetje recht, wat scheef was?

@Escapers...Small and Truus did have a nice convo in Dutch..nothing bad was spoken :)) I am just here to offer them something for drink =)

woow..@small..that are such a beautiful words!!!! Truus will be very happy with it ;-)

Is there a game we can play?

I just love all the love here!!!!!
I don't care what language is the comments, as long as there is one in English....lol
Too bad people complain about comments.... especially when they haven't even read all of them and do not know the subject!!!!!
The comments are a big part of the entertainment!

@quick ...welcome to blogger! We post comments any time live or not, because...you never know when someone is here!

@small, Aww, en een dikke pakkerd terug!!
Na zulke lieve woorden en een borreltje met een stukje kaas van @Alkmar, staat inderdaad alles weer helemaal recht :))
Bedankt en tot ziens, slaap lekker!

And now especially for @Nokra: bye for now, good night and sweet dreams!

@Siobhan Long's sister~no need to use that kind of vulgar language here!

@Truus~TYVM for helping those that got the pink room! You rock!

@ small-tool and Truus:
I don't see why your comments should be deleted when google translate is so easy to use and you said such nice things to each other anyway?

I had a comment "go missing" recently, which was in english, not nasty, and I have no clue why, but you two completely lightened the tone here after someone got grumpy, so your comments should be given nice gold stars instead of being deleted =)
By the way, I'm off to find your pink room now, thank you, Truus [p.s., why does "Truus" get translated to "Hilda"???] =D

@ Quick:
I think when they invented small-tool, they broke the mold =)
And, if he believes his theory, is he hoping eventually to turn into a pair of tweezers?

       Anonymous  6/23/11, 1:37 AM  

@nokra: sorry for the late comment. No FB here. I have some family members who think they have to post every 10 minutes on FB. So I stopped using it. Sorry.


It's because their comments...and some others...go against the Commenting Rules.

You can find the link right above the Post a Comment box.

Out without help...yiha!

See ya ;-)

very nice!

lovely game enjoyed it a lot....

Thank you, Catalyste, but I checked there before I ever commented first time =)
It isn't the rules that I'm unsure of, it's the REASONING.
This site is crammed full of puzzles, and this is simply one more =D

       Anonymous  10/6/18, 2:36 AM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay - enjoy!

btw, this thread is a great example of how close we were to each other in our big worldwide gaming community from the past... like in a family! ♥

our noble aim is to bring back this special kind of connectedness betwenn our players on EG24...!

thx for all your creations, Y&M ☺
& thx ST & Truus for the WTs

so true Alpha Omega! :)

       Anonymous  10/6/18, 7:28 AM  

hi annaby ☺
plz contact me - I'd like to ask you sth...



Mona and others: It makes it hard for us in the Yellow Room to follow clues for it when you are writing comments about the pink room, which is a totally different game. Please consider not doing that. Thanks!

       Anonymous  10/6/18, 10:36 AM  

thx for pointing that out
as this is an older game, the comment section wasn't monitored the way it is now meanwhile

asap, we will have a look at the possibility to move the comments in question to the correct thread

thx for using EG24 as your (fav) gaming platform ☺

AlphaOmega AΩ
EG24 admin

       Anonymous  10/6/18, 11:12 PM  

I now copied & pasted the WT & several comments re pink room in this thread to the correct thread:


but some more mayhaps still remain...
for that I would need to play the game & compare witht the comments
but due to my very busy schedule, it is sth that I can't do atm...
therefore, okay (or any other - later - players):
you could do me a favour & check
what I need is nick, date & time & content
just c&p into your email you can send to


thx for your contribution for the benefit of our fellow players

& thx for using EG24 as your (fav) game site ☺

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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