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Escape From The Room With A Glass Door Walkthrough

Escape From The Room With A Glass Door

[REPLAY] Escape From The Room With A Glass Door is another Japanese point & click escape game developed by Dghgbakufu, also known as HottategoyaGames and AppGoya. In this game, your aim is to escape from this place by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!  

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


anyone here?

Just me :D
So far: went through the room and found a piece of paper.

Key from shapes code. look at the picture to see numbers for order of buttons. haven't found the paper yet

       Anonymous  6/4/11, 11:21 AM  

Picture with symbols tells you in which order to push the buttons.

Trying to figure out the number code. Turned the light out and saw the clue but can't decipher.

I don't understand the clue when the lights are turned off. found paper, but don't know what to do with it

I think the paper is for the box it was behind. Looks like a color code but without a wrench, it can't be used I don't think.

Now that was easy. I'll stay for awhile.

looks like the code will be 76 something?

glad it was easy for you Peke

Any hints on how to use the number code Peke?

what's with that sumbols picture?
Do you have to use ALL of the symbols? That makes a huge number :(

Rotate the number code 180 degrees and add it to original. Like you'd look through two identical papers and one was rotated.

Cool - just the ones you see on the box with buttons - stars, moon and diamond

@Cool - Only the symbols shown on the box on wall. If you don't look too closely, you'll see what order to push.

Apparently, I'm going it wrong. 9956 isn't working.. will try another way. Thx Peke

Thanks Peke but it's still not working for me. The first number looks weird on paper...

My explanation was quite bad so

The safe code:


Same here miles. I thought it was 9936 but that didn't work either.

Thank you Peke!!! You're explanation was great... my mind is just not working properly!

Ahh, it worked. Just wasn't putting them together right.


Out now thx to Peke!

I had to draw it myself to make any sense of it. Tried to do it in my mind but failed three times before finally using a pen and paper.

lol peke - I used a Pen and paper and still couldn't get it!

Your explanation was great Peke, it's just the way the numbers look in the dark... :D Thx again!

And yes. I actually looked through two papers held against a light :D

aahhh - I should have tried that!

haha... I'll have to try that next time. Gotta go for a swim, have fun all!

giving it a try.. and so far.. im stuck!..lol

I know I'm really dumb and stuff, so I need some hints for the colour code...please...

You are not alone, @gyqz....I have no idea...hint please?????

the letters on the paper with the directional lines in safe would seem to be the clue...but ...I don't spell anything? and if they represent colors...I don't get it either!

gyqz, rotate the clue for the colors until you can make words out of the path toward the arrow.

You'll see the words spell the colors; there are four words.

ty @seawall...got it!...all this rotating ....whew!!!!lolol

@nokra thank you for being stuck with me...LOL

@seawall I did that and only got 3 colours. Going to try again, but I know on forhand I won't find the 4th one....hahaha

UW @nokra

Are you out @sweeti and @gyqz?

spoiler for colors:

first and last are same.....

@Nokra NO...I just can only seem to find 3 colous on the paper. I'm going to cry soon!!

and out! Thank you ever so much @ Nokra and Seawall!!!

SPOILER For the color code:


The clue for reading the colors is the points of the stars in the corner.

Very nice game! I love Dghgbakufu games! Good codes which are always logical, but not too easy. I only wish for a longer game like this lol.

All solutions at the end of the Walkthrough.
Nothing to do in first view, but you need two keys.
Turn left.
Note the 5 different symbols on the safe.
Turn left.
Click to zoom on the left side of the floor box and find a NOTE WITH LETTERS (view with “about item” to unfold).

Zoom on the left wall hanging and have a look at the shapes.
Now, you should be able to go back right and click the correct order of the 5 symbols on the safe.
From the safe you get a KEY.
Turn right and use the key on the left wall box.
Press the button inside to turn the lights off.
Turn twice (any direction) to see green glowing shapes on the wall.
Zoom to get a better look.

On the wall right of the exit door is a code panel, and these green symbols is your clue to solve the 4-digit code for that panel.
Turn the lights on again and move right.
Enter the 4 digits into the panel and press E to open the safe (zoom out and click the handle).
Get a TOOL and an arrow clue.
Turn right and zoom on top of the big box.
Use the tool in the corners to open and get a KEY.
Turn right twice.

Use the key in the right wall box.
This time you need an order to press some of the colors.
For the order, use your note with letters together with the arrow clue from inside the 4-dig safe.
Press the correct order to read “open”.
Zoom out and click the door to escape.

5-symbols safe
Look at the same symbols on the wall chart by the big box on the floor.
Each of the symbols are placed in the shape of a number.
These numbers tell the order to click.
Order: 8-pointed star, 5-pointed star, moon, octagon, diamond
Click here to see a picture of the numbers.

4-digit code
The green symbols on the wall (lights off) show half of your numbers.
Note the arrows in upper left corner of the symbols.
The code panel has the same kind of arrows, but also in lower right corner.
This is your clue to make a copy of the symbols, turn them 180 degrees and place below the original symbols to make 4 digits.
Code: 9556
Click here to see an explanation of the numbers.

Color order.
The arrow inside the 4-digit safe tells the way you need to pick letters from your letter-note.
First, you need to turn the letter-note so that the stars in the corners point the same way as on the arrow clue (tilt your head right).
Move along the letters as the arrow shows and you’ll read:
Press: red, green, black, red
Click here to see how to use the letter grid.

whoops. I kept trying to flip the numbers in place instead of flipping the whole row of numbers.

Thanks for the explanation, Ellie, of why the numbers I made didn't work.

       Anonymous  8/10/18, 2:02 AM  

caught this one for the replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, AppGoya ☺
(as this is your newest name)
& thx Ellie for the WT

I actually didn't even remember playing this before and had to read my own comment on how to solve the number code. 😁

LOL Peke - had a similar experience recently :)

Pixel hunt left side of stand

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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