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Escuest 1 Walkthrough

Escuest 1

[REPLAY] Kiteretsu - Escuest Escape 1 is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by Kiteretsu. In this escape game, you are locked in a room and you need try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you escape from room successfully? Show your best escaping skills to escape from the room. Good luck and have fun! [Suggested by Peke]

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Escuest Escape 1 Walkthrough

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wow! first comment :D

yeah - live one
opened safe for another clue and coin


turn out lights

Supereasy but nice :)

Nice game...thanks for posting Shuchun.

And don't forget to drink your POWER drink at the end ;)

Very Short :)

wow, six comments in and out already?

you guys were right, super quick, but very nice!

       Anonymous  6/30/11, 1:42 AM  

Lol @ Widnows on screen. Supereasy but nice indeed.

       Anonymous  6/30/11, 2:36 AM  

Sweet and easy :o). Not often I can say the 'e' word LOL

Don't even think anyone is still here, everyone saying how easy it is but im stuck lol. Have opened safe, turned on the computer and see a colour sheet and put the coin in the machine (which has not given me anything) and I can't click on the door?? What am i missing?

are you out yet jo.c?

well restarted and this time it would let me take a drink but still couldn't do anything else... nevermind

wait...wrong..the machine gives you powerdrink..take it...and than smash on the wall next to the machine

hello jo.c!!

highlight the bottle...open it...and than click it again...if the bottle is gone..you can smash the wall

test -blogging problems

:/...Jo.c...you'r still here? =)


thanks for the comment @ alkmar but nothing was working so given up! Didn't get a box only a drink (second time around)

I feel so stupid but I don't get the password. The numbers they gave don't work. Do I have to put them in a different order.

sorry i didn't respond i went toilet lol!

the box is in the wall...I did gave a wrong comment before..I'll delete that one..

spell the name above the password box @ jacqueline using the numbers in the safe

@jacqueline...you saw the hint in the case: PASSWORD...the S=6....the W=4...etc.. hope this helps you

Not that stupid. Got it.

Jo and Jacqueline...did you both escape? or..is it toilettime again :P

lol no not for another couple of hours :P well i gave up, so how did you get the box from the wall then?

No I'm still not out. Not my day, I got the password but still can't figure out the colors I thought it had to be 5841, but that didn't work. sometimes the easy games are the hardest for me.

I did drink the bottle from the machine ( highlighted the bottle...took of the shell..and than..I could drink it. ( not sure if I drinked it higlighted or when it was back in inventory) after the drinking, I was strong enough to smash on the (broken) wall with my mousse :))

Jo.C. drink the bottle, after you opened it, then smash the wall.

@jacqueline..it is 5841..mine didnt open either in the begin..I walked around in the room( the gameroom) and than tried again..and it opened!

ok im going back in, I won't let it beat me! It makes you feel so stupid when everyone says how easy it is then I get stuck lol

I'm so tyred from walking around. Box still won't open but I'm glad that I not as stupid as I think I was. Has to be a bug.

lololol..Jo.c!! ( I know that feeling )

lol i think it is buggy because this was the third time i went in until something worked.... but it did work this time and i beat it!! YAY

I'm going in too. Hate it when it doesn't work and make me feel stupid.

Thanks for the help :)
Is it still not working for you @ Jacqueline?

yeah!!!!! ( does this mean: you are OUT? )

well im stupid with you :) lol

yes i made it out (eventually) @ alkmar, but now i think poor Jacqueline is still in there!

well.atleast she will be a strongpowergirl!! drinking the bottles...

Could't give up and I am very thirsty. I already drunk 3 bottles but box still won't open. So now I am realy gone. Thanks for the help though. See you in another "easy" game.

aaaai...that is a pitty Jacqueline :( ....okay...see you in other games! Have a great day =)

lol ok @ Jacqueline! hopefully we won't be left behind in the next 'easy' game

Even tried to smash the door. After all that bottles I have to be so strong that I could have done that. But nope.

Sorry I should't say left behind because alkmar came to help!

cute wee game nice n easy ....

Played it for the last time and I beat the box. Don't like giving up on games. Hope there wasn't alcohol in the bottle, feeling a little dizzy after drinking all that bottles. For such a short game it has a lot of comments.

lol congrats! I think i made the comments so long

Very easy, but cute and fun! Thanks for posting it!

Short and easy game.

Well well well.@jacqueline...you made it!!! I couldnt believe you just walked away... I knew you would come back!!!! congrats that you finally beat the box!! you had tooo..after so many powerdrinks =)

Definitely too short!!! Please make more of these and make them longer...!!!

Click the light swith right of the door to turn the light off…
Walk left once to see a pic with some squares shining brighter.
Count them.
Walk right and turn the lights on again (same switch).
Zoom on the safe.
Enter the 4 digit code and click the handle to open and get a COIN and see the letters turn into numbers.
Use the countings from turning the lights off: 4728

Go right twice.
Use the coin in the slot of the machine (middle right part).
Click the small red button below the bottle image to get a POWER DRINK.
Select the drink.
Look at it with “about item” and click the top part of it to open.
Click it again to “drink it” (it disappears from the inventory).
Now, click the crack in the wall, right of the drink vending machine.
Take a color code BOX from the opened crack.

Go left and zoom on the computer.
Enter the password and click the blue arrow to make it work.
Solution: you see the numbers for each letter in the 4-digit box by the door. Use the word on the computer: SAWADA, to get the correct combination. S=6, A=2, W=4, D=3… code: 624232.

In the computer you see “Widnows 2”. Click the color.jpg folder to see lots of colored dots.
Count them.
View your color code box with “about item” and solve the 4-digit code and click the “button” above the code to open.
Get a KEY.
Count the colored dots on the widnows sheet: red 5, yellow 8, green 4, blue 1… makes the code: 5841.

Go left once and use the key on the door handle.
Click the handle again to escape.

nice little game. Good graphics and sound, and logical puzzles. Would have been nice if it was a bit longer or more challenging. But it is a very nice ego-booster!

Yes, very nice little game with sensible logic, and I feel spoilt by being able to actually play with no pixel hunt and NO language barrier. ;)
I liked the "Widnows", haha.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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