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Find the Escape-Men 14: In the Picstar Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 14: In the Picstar

Find the Escape Men 14 : in the Picstar is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the room. Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape Men 14 - The Picstar Walkthrough
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Hello and am i the first?

i can't open it, its blank grey screen. help

hey everyone! waiting for the game to load..

Hello. Anybody in?

Found two men, match (used), glasses, tape

@muhlisuh - help em, can u send me the link, i can't open my game and it only give me blank grey screen


So far I have 5 green men, glasses, matchbox, and have made a telescope but can't find a place to use it.
Can't find any clues for the safe, and setting the clock doesn't seem to do anything.

Thanks Tinni but unfortunately i still cannot open, well seems like i can't play this time, enjoy you guys.

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have 5 escapemen

Green men: map, glasses, matches, and not sure for the other 2.

hmm habe nur graues feld,spiel geht nicht

The telescope is still called a toilet paper core, so maybe there's another step?

If you get a grey screen disable your adblocker.

Hints for clock I've found are under right corner of map and on glasses.

ok, will try that Dolan. Thanks

Use metal chopsticks for 2 men. One under chair. got 6 now.But need hint on telescope. I just have glasses and tape.Think I need cylinder

Light fire, turn off lights and look up for a man.

light the fire turn off the lights and stars appear in the window. But i cant use the telescope there... :(

Oh, and yellow star, red fire? and blue TIME when lights are out.

8 escape men! :)

@Tinni, where did you find chopsticks?

looking up over fire when lights off, used telescope on green star, a drumming bunny! lol

9 now and a sticky rice cake

The chopsticks are between wall and table. What happens when you set the clock?

Look at glasses, click on left to remove lenses. then you can tape them to the roll.

left side of table

hammering bunny is clue for 4 digit code

Thanks for fire hint! Now have 6 men.

habe 3 männer,brille(benutzt),klebeband und streichölzer(benutzt)und stäbe,(benutzt).
Uhr kann ich einstellen wie ich will,passiert nicht,müßte doch wie auf bild, 1.40 sein

Thaks to all, I am out.

Rabbit in the moon! Now have 7!

Nothing happens when I set the clock. Hoping someone else will see another clue!

oops! thanks i meant

what to do with the cake? and i miss the last man

And do not know how the clock time helped me.

that was a fun one! for once i didn't need any help.

I think I got the man under the chair before getting the chopsticks. Still trying to figure out where to use them.

April, see the cake, the last man is there

Only when the clock is set to night can you see star man.

Have nine men, with glasses and stick rice remaining in inventory....

chopstick on fire for #8.

PuzzledinCA, think where you can use a metal.

David, open glasses. Last men is on the glasses.

Thanks Morgan

chopsticks on globe for #9.
Still no clue for the safe?

Where was sticky rice?

Yvon a nice beat a four four eight two

Thanks, Yvon, but I think I got the man on the glasses.

habe nun 6 männer,aber uhr geht nicht

Puzzle, look at man of stars. Click on green spot. See a bunny hammering. Count.

Nope, I was wrong...I kept looking at the glasses, but not finding the man there. Thanks very much, Yvon!

Tinni, have 10 men and sticky cake, now what?

Thanks Yvon. I got the 10th man, then they all danced and now I only have 1 and the sticky rice an no key.

Is it possible to escape?

yes it is, give the man something to eat ;-D

Thanks Yvon, forgot he was starving.

LOL! Thanks, again, Yvon!

Too late for me to try replaying without setting the clock to see what that did.

Night all!

Hope I don't have nightmares of giant green men filling my room!

Thank you MegiPoland, that was good clean fun.

Help! Can't find the last men. Please somebody tell me were you found all ten.

Sorry,but i can't see no green stars above the fire...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Giulia, set the clock at moon and 1.40 then turn off the lights and look up with telescope. Still looking for the last men but everyone had gone already. Got the men from the cake, glasses, chair, only the cake is in my inventory but realy can't find the last one.

Jaqueline,I got all men and the one i remember is in the fireplace...
I'll try to remember where i found the others!

mmmm,the one in the green ball?

FINALLY! I'd been looking for that last one for ages! Jacqueline check the map carefully.

No, have that one. I'm playing it again, maybe it's a bug, but everyone else found ten.

Only have 6 men, can't figure out how to do the clock or get the code for the cupboard?? And what telescope? lol

Green man:
- World map
- Match box
- Toilet paper core
- Glasses
- Chair
- Man of stars
- Scene with bunny
- Sticky rice cake
- Fire

I got my green men from: map, rice cake, glasses, chair, green globe, bunny drum, fire, on the toilet paper core, in match box........ when I reloaded the giant green man appeared and ate the cake and I got out with only 9 little green men!???

Escape men:

1. world map
2. toilet paper tube
3. under chair
4. in matchbox
5. on frame (glasses)
6. left cupboard using chopsticks
7. bowl using chopsticks
8. on starman
9. bunny view
10. under rice cake

Ok well I don't have toilet paper core, scene with bunny or sticky rice cake?

It's for sure a bug. Played it again and found the same men as before but now I had ten. Found them in
Paper roll
green ball

Lol Anna, we posted just after each other. Anyone who still want to play this game can definitely find all men. Going to play another game.

Again, I can't get on this game! I have that black screen!

Can someone talk to the webmaster on that site about this???

lololol...there was one i couldnt find...so i needed a hint..and the one i was missing was: the map!! geezz...and that was the most simple one to find ..bluussshhhh =)

the "big" green man...looks like the green cousin from smalltool....

@catalyste, I am on their website..it looks very Japanese to me..but i will try to contact them ;-)

@catalyste, I found this on their website..maybe it helps?

The screen remains black
First, the browser refresh button (F5 key on your keyboard), press. Even if the progress screen loads, it failed to read the data. Press the Update button and delete the temporary files from your browser, try again to play the downloaded data. Method of deleting temporary files depends on your browser. As the game's popularity, the server busy person. Contact a plug-in. Flash Player we check the latest version.

if you don't set the clock, you can't see the stars forming an escape man... then there are only stars all over the sky...
i played it again to check it...

there are bugs; i have played two times: first time i could only find 9 men and the second time my glasses were gone before i could take out the lenses. Third time i was out



Lol @blom, gelukkig is driemaal scheepsrecht ;-)

code hint ?? I have 8 and a toilet paper core.


One green man on the map.
Hint on right corner of map 1:40.
Tape in box in table.
Toilet paper core below table.
Second green man on toilet paper core.
Glasses in left drawer of table.
Third green man on glasses.
Matchbox in right drawer of table.
Fourth green man in matchbox.
Fifth green man below chair near table.
Chopsticks between wall and table on left.
Lit fire near cushions with matchbox and look at glass ceiling to see stars.
Switch off light and see hint: star fire time
Take lenses from glasses, attach to toilet paper core and use tape to make telescope.
Use chopsticks on fire for sixth green man.
Use chopsticks on green ball in cb table to get seventh green man.

I suppose I am dumb, but I can't get through this step to the end. Anyone care to complete it?

I have know 9 but missing code hint

code hint ??

Dorthe Katrine,
For the code hint.
Turn off the light and look at window ceiling and use the telescope on the green dot and count how many times the bunny hammers.

Second part of the walkthrough from Shaheen.
- On the glasses is the hint moon (on the map was 1:40). So put the clock on 1:40 and on moon. Then switch off the light and look at the window ceiling. Click the stars that make the shape of a man and you have green man #8. Use the telescope on the green star on the left and count how many times the bunny hammers (4482). And take green man #9 from the thing he's hammering on.
- Use that code to open the right door of the cabinet and take the cake.
- Look at and click the cake and take green man #10 from the plate.
- Now the ten men are one big man. Give it the cake to finish the game.

If possible, could someone give a screenshot or better description of the place to find the toilet paper roll....been clicking all over the place between the desk and wall where I found chopsticks...I can not see it and no hotspot appears...Thanks!

A grey screen here too. I don't understand why these games don't work.

BTW....I had to disable ADBLOCK before the game would load.

very pleasant

Is there nobody around to help me????

Still have not found the paper roll!!!!!!!

For any one having ONLY A GREY SCREEN:

it seems this game doesn't work in Firefox. it does work in IE. This counts for all escape men games.

x Linda

Nokra, did you find it already?

The paper roll is not, like in the WT, under the table, but under the cabinet.

@nokra, the paper rol is inder the cupboard... ;-)

lmao...okay...Thanks small!!! you were fast :p..Now Nokra will find for sure!!!

Goedemiddag trouwens ;-) Hugggss chocolat friend =)

I think the grey /black screen is due to Adblock....if you disable it you can load the game..... This has been mentioned many times in these comments!

If you aren't using adblock...I don't know why it happens!

No, @alkmar...I was playing the game that selfdefiant had on his site but did not make...it needs lots of corrections, so I gave up on it!
Now, back to this game and still no description to find the paper roll....LMAO!!!!!

I did click there too, but not as much as the other place, now that I know....TY TY TY @alkmar and @small-tool...I will keep it up till I find it!!!!

@nokra!!! you have 2 description!!! lololol..look up in comments! @small wrote you the right one..and i almost did the same! ( it was cabinet and not cupboard..lol..for me is all the same )

lol..@nokra..please keep posting faster from me...now it looks so stupid my post :P

For the paper roll.
Zoom in on the dark part of the floor under the cabinet, just below the right edge of the left door.

@Small...i think Nokra is stuck under the cabinet :/ Do you think we have to pull....for some help?

You are right, @Alkmar...I did not refresh quickly enough...but it is very clear that I am the stupid one here, not you!!!LOLOL Thanks again, you two...I did get out.

Lol Alkmar,
But I think Nokra is gone.
But pull all the way you want to, maybe you'll find her.

Okay...now I'm going back to fb.....lololol!

@small..I did find her!!! She was eating some food, she finds under the cabinet....

Thanks to Shaheen & small-tool for the walkthroughs (and no nightmares for me).

Replayed the game and I think nokra has made it out safely -- I didn't find her under the cupboard. lol

@alkmar: Thanks for helping, but no go.

All my plug-ins are up to date and I've refreshed and emptied my cache countless times. Not once has the screen even loaded, it's just black.

@Nokra...I played Bora Bora and for some reason, after I placed the pearls in the candle holder to get the key to the drawer in the *other* house...when I opened up the drawer I found money and message on screen said I escaped...lol! I did not have the pleasure of tearing my hair out with the bead puzzle :/

@small-tool and Shaheen...thank you both for the walkthrough :) I feel so *blonde* ...oh, well I am but that is beside the point...found all the green men and was clicking madly all around trying to place rice cake....*duh*...didn't think about feeding it to the green guy so he could become the 50-foot green giant! :)

bueno veamos ke tal esta este juego

@ Catalyste, same here with me. All of the other Escapemen games before 13 I have had no problem with. Everything is up dated, no pup-up blockers are on and I have refreshed a brand new world, nope, nada, zip, zero, nothing but grey/black screen. If it a settings issue I sure would love to know what I need to change???? Help?

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