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[REPLAY] Flopad is another point and click adventure type room escape game created by Selfdefiant. Congratulations, you have been selected to be a part of the Floteam! Follow Tony Chan's clues and try to find the lost anti-virus. Your Flopad is ready for your service; use GPS feature to travel around the world. Your first destination is Chinatown! Check your E-mail for more information. Good luck detective, you will need it! Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Flopad Walkthrough
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Thanks Megi and S/D :o)

all items in my inventory are going crazy?! I can see every item and they are looping

Hiya @Rambler!

I had flash cookies disabled, trying to load again and see if it works

Hi Everyone.. loading!

nope..anyone got the same problem?

Hi zoz and Casual

Off on a mission...

To retrieve an ANIT-VIRUS lol

15 mins only...

@casual no problems, going to china town

I have no problems with the game, playing on Firefox

attached hook to broom handle and pulled ladder down to get into the apartment

got it now. flash cookies must be enabled, else it doesn't work. didn't enabled them properly the first time.
finally going in

Use "Happy Time" clue on books and get SD card (SelfDefiant card?)

Busy Monday for Escape Games!

I'm in Chinatown .. I am pretty slow at these games so if I don't post hints, know that I am probably way behind everyone :)

uhm, what is this "happy time" under the chinese shop exactly about? :p

I've made two photos in appartment, have a key and a lighter

@Casual, note the colors at the bottom of the Happy Time sign.
Key under a rock in Zen garden

Hi! Got trapped in the other one. Happy for an SD.

hi all, took a picture with flopad and used the translator to get password

click books like colors on happy time

Hmm, password for S/D card...

In Italy now, wow!

light candles for a clue of some sort

light all the red candles with the matches, got sd card and key

Ahh, a big cat..

Rambler translate japanese sign (tiger)

Game won't load for me. Tried FF and Chrome. Maybe cuz slow connection. Have fun and see you all soon.

Where can I get one of those translators???

hello everyone! got pass for sd by translating the character from rock garden..now in italy...

Got an access card in Naples now...

zoz translator is in flopad

used the dot-clue on the safe in Italy and got access card

Thanks Megi, just did that :o)

@zoz: look at you flopad

i'm in Berlin now. Use search to find the location.

In Berlin now...

hmm, thought crowbar would open the jammed doors, but nope

what must object must be photographed for getting the password? I tried the signs outside, but they won't work...?

use search function in flopad for GBS Labs

lol, I got the translator in the game, I was just wondering if i could get one for real :)

Truus use crowbar in Berlin
casual - make a photo of japanese sign, light all candles

yes @zoz, wouldn't it be great to have one of those flopads in real life too

thanks @Megi, just got in Berlin :)

black key in files in laboratory

@Casual, dig up a rock in the rock garden in the corner of the room and photograph it, then use translator on photo to get pw

Where's the clue for the electrical box? It say's ARMED and I think that might be it but I can't fathom it...

There is a second view in hotel in Italy, to the right. You can find a butter knife.

thanks @zoz! I was trying to play with the stones...

I'm a bit stuck. Got access card, but how do you use it to get to Berlin?

thanks @Yvon, I missed that spot

Thanks Yvon...

Found the anti virus and returned home. I'm out.

This comment has been removed by the author.

im stuck outside the door in italy..says its locked..cant find a key or anything.i feel slow today

@Enjoy, use the search option on the flopad and enter the info from the access card there

@Enjoy, use the lab name and add to your contacts..

Ok.. I guess I am stuck in Italy after all.. Help on how to get to Berlin? What to do with access card?

@Enjoy, use the Search function on flopad to get address for GBS Labs, then use GPS to go there.
@Rambler, there was a clue in the room in Naples - use butterknife to open cabinet to get light bulb- put that in lamp and photograph the clue that appears on the floor.

Sorry, strike my last remark, Truus is right (blush)

Nottypomy, key is in chinatown location.

use the knife on the jammed doors in bedroom and find lightbulb, put it in lamp and get code

Hi @notty!!! Use your crowbar on the manhole cover

Ok.. thanks for the help will try

disarmed the electrical beams

I thought GBS was a typo for GPS!

In Germany :)

Thank you Truss, I'm out too....

thnx yvon! got it now.hi zoz!!! i;ve not reached that far yet..still a bit slow :D

got the antivirus. Guess I'm done?

Anyone have the password for the card yet?

and out too. thanks you guys, would be playing for hours if you wouldn't help me!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@zoz: go back to your office

played a bit of ping pong before leaving. Checked out other wallpapers. I want a Flopad!

lynmilly, there is a picture you can find on the carpet. Click a couple of times in the middle. Take a picture and use the translator on that picture.

@zoz, return to Miami and win a Gold Cup with your name on it :o)

ok out too . i live those games

I live them too :)

Really cute! thanks SD loved the game!

Ooops, a bit slow, but I think you get the picture now lol

Remember the Flophone? I wanted one of those too!

Or, if larue is around, I should say Flopone lol

Haha, I love to live them :o)

and im out too! thnx for the help :)

reminds me of a Mose Allison song: I live the life I love and I love the life I live.

If I were you @Rambler, I'd prefer a Flopad :P

And you can't say fairer than that! @zoz

Great game; I was running too far behind to post any help.
Self Defiant Rocks!

@Truus, it gave larue tremendous amusement at the time (and I think a few others sniggered too)

Gotta go, it's time to eat, thanks guys hopefully I'll catch another live one soon...

O.k. Bye @Rambler, enjoy your dinner!

nobody is cooler than Mose Allison! I love the life I live

Yay flonga!

crowbar? what crowbar?!

Nice BUT short:( By the way.. thank you all for directions on how to use the flopad.

it was in a drawer I think.

@lynmilly, I restarted the game and it was in a drawer in Italy, under the green t-shirt


1. Enter your name, it can be whatever you want. You'll get a greeting message to check your Flopad E-Mail.
2. Click the device on the desk. It's the Flopad, it'll be very useful. You can do notes, draw, play ping pong, take photos of clues, and it features a translator. You will be needing it a lot.
3. Open Flopad click the rectangle button to turn it on (you also use this button to go back a menu). Check your e-mail. It'll give you your "mission", you'll also find the mission info under "documents" later.
4. Use the GPS on your Flopad to go to Chinatown like the E-Mail says.
5. On a box in front of the story is a "Happy Time" poster. Click it. It'll prompt to take a photo. Open Flopad, choose camera, click on the poster. The clue is saved - you may access it anytime by using flopad and choosing Photos. Nifty, huh?
6. Click on the broom to take the handle then click on the stairs.
7. Click on box to move it and take the hook. Combine hook with handle. The door is locked so back out.
8. Select your handled-hook and click on the ladder to bring it down and go up.
9. Click the Bonzai tree to get Matches.
10. Click on the bookcase. Click the coloured books in the order of the colours from the Happy Time poster - use your Photo. You'll get an SD card.
11. Go to the candles and use matches to light all candles. It'll show a clue, take a photo for later reference.
12. Check the rock garden near the door. Move the rocks by clicking them to find a Silver Key. Also, see the shadowy circle near centre? Keep clicking it to reveal a chinese character. Yup, a clue, so take a photo of it.
13. Open your Flopad and use the SD card to insert it. A new icon appears called SD Card. Open it. There'll be an icon for "Documents" but it's protected by password.
14. Get the password by going back to main Flopad menu and selecting Translator. It'll ask you to choose a photo, choose the chinese character. It'll translate it into a word. That word is the password so go back to the SD documents folders and enter the password.
15. It'll give you an address. Click the address to add it to your GPS. Use the GPS to go to the new address, in Italy.
16. Use the key on the door to get entry.
17. Check the drawers - in the second drawer, drag the shirt out of the way to find a Crowbar.
18. Go right once. Click the chair to get a closer view. You'll see the tip of something poking up on a side click it for a Butter Knife.
19. Go left and use the knife on the cabinets to open them. You'll get a bulb. Use the bulb on the lamp to turn it on and it'll reveal a new clue. Yup, take a photo.
20. Click the picture of a tree to reveal a safe. Click the buttons using the clue you obtained from the candles - use photo for reference. You get an access card for GBS Labs.

This comment has been removed by the author.


21. Open your Flopad and use Search. Enter "GBS Labs", it'll give you the address located in Germany. Click Add to Contacts to add the location to your GPS and go there.
22. The door will be locked, of course, but to the left by the bicycle is a manhole cover. Use crowbar to open it and go down.
23. Go right, then up, and you'll find yourself in a room with a funky machine. It's a security thing - there's a door-like hatch but it needs a key. Exit through door.
24. In the reception area there are multicoloured books. Click them and since it's a clue take a photo.
25. Click on white door. It'll prompt for a card and you happen to have one. Use the access card to enter the lab.
26. Red beams block some stuff but there's a folder in a box just by the door. Bring it up, click to open, then drag the paper out of the way to reveal a black key.
27. Go back to the security room and use the key to open the hatch.
28. You'll be prompted to click buttons, a code to disarm those beams. Use the clue you obtained from the lamp, use photo for reference, and light up the buttons the clue tells you too then click the smaller button at bottom of panel. The red beams will be disabled. Go back to the lab.
29. In the lab there's a microscope to see some odd things and a safe. Click the safe. Use the clue from the reception-area books (use photo for reference) to open the safe and get anti-virus.
30. GPS to your office to succeed and win the game.


1. Happy Time - Bookcase : orange, red, yellow, blue.
2. Candle Clue for First Safe :
A. Start at button that is first column, second one down.
B. The button to the right of A
C. The button above B
D. The button that is diagonally down-right of C (to the right of B)
E. The button that is diagonally down-right of D (last column, third button down).
F. The button to the left of E.
G. The button below F.
H. The button left of F.
3. Chinese Character for SD Password: tiger
4. Lamp clue for Security Hatch: Top-Left, Top-Right, Middle-Middle, Bottom-Middle.
5. Reception books for Anti-Virus safe: click the colour the right number of times:
Yellow: 3
Green: 2
Red: 4
Blue: 1

Made a mistake! Whoops.

In the solution for the Safe I meant to put "H: The button left of G".

This thing so needs an "Edit Post" feature. >.<

Hiya Rambler and Truus!!!

Glad you didn't get a flopone and hope you never will!! lol

Great game as always~tyvm S-D!

Fantastic Game!!

thank you SD! a lot easier than your other games, and a totally different genre too! :)

@ DarkenedHeart thank you for the detailed WT! :)

Just checking in before I go to bed.

Hiya larue, glad you saw this, it brought back some funny memories :o)

Goodnight from N E England and hope to see you in a live game soon...

I was sure that the game read my "location" like some websites do...because we started out in Miami!!!!
Finally found out in the comments, that everyone who played started in Miami!
TY for a very fun game, SD! and the WT is great,
@ DarkenedHeart!!!!!

Ty Rambler and yes it did!
Sweet(non-flopnone)Dreams to you!


@ Selfdefiant

Having the camera to take photos of clues was great. Loved being able to type in notes. Contacts...it was all great as it made things easier and I didn't have notes scribbled all over my desk.

Please another chapter soon.

Real soon.

Great little game...I want a Flopad. I spent have the time playing ping-pong. And I want to be able to take screen shots and use the Translator function in some of those "Language barrier may be a problem" games. :D

Best SD game I've ever played. Got me involved in the story and I can't wait for a sequel.

+100 @ Martin.... closest that comes to it is that crappy Google thing (Tesseract)... there is one other, but the GUI is shit, can't remember the name

No pop-out doors!! YES :)

BUT, nagivation was a bit worse, I prefer SOLID arrows always ON PLZ

ps. there are a bunch of other SD games that u mite have missed on Flonga

Cheers Guru, had to google Tesseract...I had no idea there were things like that out there.

Written in C++ huh? Good to know I might be able to understand some of it if I decompiled it...and I may just arc up Ubuntu and give it a whizz.

*and it was meant to read in my previous comment "half the time" lol

Just found this: http://jimbocho.ocrgrid.org/nhocr/

Interesting.... :)

GREAT Game!!! Thanks @selfdefiant for another change and lots of fun! Love Flonga site, too!

I couldn't comment yesterday when I played, but wanted to say I loved this game! Good job, I look forward to more! Hopefully longer though:)

looking forward to my next mission!

Who would say no to a Flopad in exchange of a Flophone? But @selfdefiant, did GSA run out of medals!!??? :(

Well, I guess I can find some uses for my fancy trophy. Like filling it to drink something while watching football, eh? :D

Liked this game very much! The Flopad is interesting!

Sounds like a sanitary product.

caught this on the replay. Easy enough game.

I prefer using screen capture to keep images of clues so I don't have to close the puzzle while looking at the clue.

Loved the comments people made here! :D

How can a butter knife possibly open jammed cabinet doors when a crowbar can't?

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