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Haunted Asylum Walkthrough

Haunted Asylum

Haunted Asylum is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. You were invited to participate in a sacred ceremony at the haunted asylum. Upon arriving you notice that you are all alone. You doze off wiating for the others to arrive and when you wake you realize that you are still all alone. You look around but can't find anyone and the door is locked by some sort of contraption. Now you must explore the haunted asylum to escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Hi!!! Thanks SD.

thanks Self Defiant!!!

YEA!!!! saw it on the fb newsfeed!!!!TY @SD!

Dang! all those orbs and nothing to keep them in...anyone found a container yet?

Desperately need to find the map! Crowbar (used), jar for orbs, silver key (used) hammer, and knife so far

Got a map at last!

Got a crowbar from the stairs...but, no map yet either....

Anyone care to share?????LOL

Map in room v! red key in one of the rooms to the right

Please leave me a couple of breadcrumbs along the way...because I am not in a hurry...Love to savor these games!

2nd gear in room v, too

It will be easier with the map, Nokra. Left upper room

Wow, what a big wonder catching a live Selfdefiant one - lucky me!
Thank you very much SD for a next game, I'm sure it will be awesome like all before...

Again my question:
The intro music, what is it? I love it extremely, please tell me the composer / the title. Thx once more.

small cog in V

If I don't have the map yet....how am I supposed to know what room V is??????...lolol

screwdriver in room m

woohoo a live SD!!!

TY, at last...like pulling teeth....lolol

blue key in P - use knife

(>)(<) wow a live SD

Did anyone get Oh no youve been jacked when opening the game???
Weird I cant get in?

YES!!!! Thanks selfdefiant!!!!!

lol - my lantern is a bracelet with a green gem missing!

wow, a warp canal to the salesman...


wow...orbs everywhere!! What are there a thousand?

Use lantern in E for third gear

Spent all my orbs buying crystal, now I need lantern and can´t find orbs anymore.
Can´t find any key.

Where to use crowbar?

woohooo going in! Thanks Selfdefiant :)

Ok...without a map, where is room "v"???

silver key in f, use crowbar...

Fixed lantern and the Jacked error! Sorry about that!

hmmm - can't write on map

Ty premiere.

I like the different descriptions SD!! No need to change them!

code on room divider with pegasus / angel in f...

Oh No!!! I went up from the room left to L, and it kicked me out!!!

got gold, blue, red, green key and one gear... need pusple key and more gears

phew - got back in.. love auto save!

hammer in box A after using silver key...

Thank You SD!!!!<3
I have missed these games.

I so cannot find this red key!

red key in one of the room to the right is vague!!!
Where exactly?

red key in room Q. break the wall with hammer

Sorry @SD..happy to play the game but the music is scaring the..

My heart is pounding...and i can't find anything.

How perfect is this for a midnight game!!

number code in F

You can't even go right! All the doors are locked.

still life?? going in...

Thanks for red key Tadas.

I don't know if it is just me but I can't collect the purple orbs. Any one else having this problem?

Has anyone used the screwdriver. Tadas - where did you find the gold key?

POP! now it is letting me get the orbs.

Thanks Tadas! Don't know how I missed that!

I still don't have the map. Don't know which room is "v" but looking all over each available room and am not finding it... :(

i cant write on map either hrm bug?

gold key in room I. open floo with he screwdriver

Sorry,where's knife??

@SD thanks only just saw your post!

knife under rock in room B

Thank you Tadas!!

foun 2 gears, need more and purple key

Yay I love these games, thanks SD - going in

Checking the map issue, I don't know why it wouldn't be working...

one gear in room T, near fireplace... another cant remember

Thank you Aimee!

Room B-knife; which is for those who don't have the map directly before the room with the two room dividers

go left, up, up (stairs) & left through warp canal...

Another gear in room O - use axe on the crate. Ax is in mirror in L)


from start screen...

Out... not to hard, but good game... Tnx SD=)

cog in room L, use latern to light fireplace

yes. found purple key in room O.

Purple key in room O

sorry I not L

Wow I caught me a live one, Thanks Selfdefiant

Purple key in room O

ahh...e, not I, man getting confused even with a map!

oh... I'm out. Another great game Self Defiant - thank you!!!

last two gears in S and U... I think!

Need 3 more cogs. 1 big and 2 small.

Uploaded a new version, map is working for me.

Roberto - two are in the two rooms behind the purple key door

Sorry again,but I'm not getting a thing...where's green key??

gears in the room T U S and one, which I cant remember. Need only last gear. Please Hint for all gears.

green key in room T

ok. found it. OUT too.

Tadas - one was in room V, one above a fireplace when you use the lantern, one on floor in on of the bottom rooms to the left (sorry, I can't remember)

PERFECT idea for orb usage!!

Congratulations to all who are out. Yayyy.
(and i mean it, with no sarcasm).
Brilliant !!

ok,I'll wait for a walkthrough...I can't find any key and i don't know what to do anymore.I've onli got sd and hammer,whic I've already used for red key

Found those 2 behind purple door, but still missing 3. :(

@premiere - THANKS - I finally found the place where you can buy the map!

I was missing the one from fireplace. need 2 now.

Green key is in T, light the fireplace with your latern.

Hi all, where is screwdriver please ( am too late :(

What´s that kinda moving brick in room I?

@Guilia...im like you...toddling along. I've got a knife and a crowbar and havent found where to use. Not to worry..lol. But, I WAS defs interested in HOW quickly ppl could escape an SD.

Phooommppp........by crikey they go past me quickly. I'm in awe !!

Searched all rooms for last 2 cogs, but didn´t find them.

zazie, you have helped me through so many SD games, I am glad to help you! Screwdriver in M on the floor ont he right.

Guess SD is in M

Searching these cogs makes me feel like in a Mix1 games searching for a suare.


This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you tanz and roberto !! :) Going on now...

Looks good SD.. thanks!

Room referecnes for map are pointless for those looking for the map!!!!

and out too...

gears are in
put them in H door right under stairs

I give up. Cannot find last 2 cogs. No way.

Ahhh purple key also in O under board.

Cogs in E, V, O, T, S, & U and there is one on the place where you put the cogs.

which ones don't you have Roberto?

We need 7 cogs. USVOE I have already.

I need 2nd from bottom, and the rightest one.

I'm still missing a large cog... I found the one behind purple door already!

There is on in T on the corner of the fireplace I believe. And once you start placing them you can pick up one from the place where you put it and move it.

I am out too, made it all alone except the hint where to find SD.

Great game, they are always so much fun, Thx Selfdefiant !!!

OK. Have the cog from E now missing last one.
Can´t find the one where you place the cogs.

ha, last gear found in T, pull button, and out
ty tanz 16

Great game thanks SD.
How many orbs are there? I left with 121 and i know i missed some.

Moved it. But still missing last one. lol.

have you found where the cogs go?

and Out! I've never caught a live game before, but thank you all retroactively for much help!

in H, door right under stairs

E - from fireplace
V - on the floor
O - In crate (using axe)
T - Above fireplace
S - From the wall
U - From the wall

Where´s the last one?

when i'm doing right maths,
25 for lamp
50 for map
75 for sphere
25 for clock
and 25 in reserve
= 200

I am taking some breaks here...way behind!!!LOL
BUT...can someone tell me where the 4 digit clue for the lock in A room is...I was sure it was the pillars in F room but not working for me....Thanks!!!!!

Roberto, its on the door where you put the cogs. At least that is where I found it.

Code in room F

The door? I can´t see any door. When I click right side of stairs it shows me the cogs, but not a door.

And Out...needed 1 cog hint, Thanks all

I need green, gold and purple keys...any help?

Can´t believe I was the first in and will be last out.

the right side of the stairs is a door :) when i started the second cog on the right can be picked up and moved.

Where in room V is that gear??

gold key in room I, the rest will follow after that.

Sanne, bottom right, somewhat in the shadows.

I'm so excited to have caught a live game and now be able to help all the people that helped me through many a self-defiant game I am so ignoring the work I have to do! hehe

This is the image I get when I click right side of stairs. Can you see a pickable cog in it.

Start before you get the map:

- go up, take GREEN BOTTLE for orbs
- same room right under stairs PLACE FOR GEARS
- go back, collecting orbs, you need 50 for map
- then go left, up stairs (CROWBAR), up & left through mirror (what I call warp canal) to the salesman
- buy MAP & take GEAR-1 right on floor

Got it, thank you! Out now!

If the purple key is behind the green door and the green key is behind the purple door - how does this work exactly?

Roberto, looks like you picked it up already...are you positive you got the small cogs from room V and S?

um.I screwed up. Got a red stripe through the map (which I possibly did), but where the map said i could go right..I couldnt..so I refreshed and lost everything.
phooee!! Hope I luck upon the orb jar so quickly tormorrow morn, when I try again..lol
Seriously..you guys AMAZE me with your speed !!

nice game!!
Thanx @SD

From V I`m sure. I´ll check S again.

TY @roberto....the key part of question is that those #'s did not work for me....I guess I need a spoiler?? NVM....the 7 was looking like a two!!!!got it! Thanks to my magnifying glass...lol

tanz16 - THANK YOU - got gold key (finally!!)

....and now green key.....

Duh!!! I saw the cog in S and suposed I had picked it up. But not. It was still there.
Finally out.
Thanks a lot!!!!

.....and now purple key.....

You're welcome. :D

This comment has been removed by the author.

Can't find any more hot spots.
Found red, green, blue, silver key and only three gears.

in room R, is this where i am ment to use the lantern because I cant see anything? But my lantern says 'the braclet has a gem missing?' is that normal? lol

A few have said there's a gear in V... but i've searched every inch of it.. top, middle or bottom??!

ok read above comments about where to use the lantern. but it still thinks its a braclet

Out! Thanks to Premiere and tanz6 - you helped me the most!!!

green bug, its in V in the bottom right in the shadows. Its a small cog

Jo. C, never did find a missing green gem for the funny looking fiery "bracelet!"

where to use sd?

GreenBug - I found the gear in V in bottom right somewhere in the shadows - pointer changes to a hand....

and out too, thx a lot for the help here, great game SD, thx :)

yay made it out alive :D

looks like I missed it live, but I predict that won't diminish my enjoyment a bit!

I'm missing the rightmost gear, a large one. Is this the one that's supposed to be in E? I thought I already had that one from the fireplace...

Big Cogs, Light fire in E
in crate in O
on wall in U
on fireplace in O
Small Cogs, on floor at sales desk
L side of floor in S

sorry on fireplace in T

Was missing the one on the fireplace in T; thanks Morgan.

My first live selfdefiant and I got to help!!!
Totally Awesome!

how do i get through purple door in Q?

Move board in O for purple key.

..eventually out.
There was definitly no gear in V.. but I think there was one on the door when I arrvied in H.
No orbs in R or S is that correct.
What was the story with the moving thing in I... it put me off the loose floor board for the gold key.
@ Premiere... I went through the asylum to the 'Sound of Silence'.. how apt - from our topic last night.


out! thanks morgan

Haven't been able to comment for weeks now! Tried Safari instead of IE and now I can!

red key, please?

POP! found it!

Use hammer on wall in Q for red key

I'have read your posts and you said: green key behind gold key and gold key behind green key Please help me, I need one of those keys

Oh, great, a new SD! THX - your games are always the best!

I was unable to make cogs work.. had to madly click on the small cog on the right, remove it and then replace it.. a little bug?

great game! out with 196 orbs total; I didn't realize that completing the cogs was the last thing before getting out. I may have to go back for more orbs.
Things that surprised me: using the lantern for the fireplaces (I kept looking for a lighter); the thing that moved in the room where the key was under a floorboard; tricky little places things were hidden in plain view - one of the cogs on a hall floor near the wall, the SD on the floor right side of room - I had to really take my time and scan each room. And I loved every minute!
Thanks @Selfdefiant!

haha I came here almost at the beginning and just assumed there's no point in posting hints(I have never caught a live sd), and of course when I refreshed it turned out that way... btw this game is great I like that we have to cllect cogs instead of gems...

from memory the purple key is in O and the green key is in T. So blue gets you into I for the gold key which lets you into R/T for green key. Purple is in O after green.

Clear as mud??

Great game SD. I don't ever remember using the sacred vase thing though.

Even though I am soooo behind, I'll try it for my own, first, hunting orbs and looking for the dam***d map ;-)

Having problems placing gears...one will not go anywhere, and did someone say you can take them back and rearrange them...because that is not working for me, either...

Thanks for your help, i'm in late but my computer bugged!!!

A very helpful post from: premiere 6/2/11 7:47 AM

Start before you get the map:

- go up, take GREEN BOTTLE for orbs
- same room right under stairs PLACE FOR GEARS
- go back, collecting orbs, you need 50 for map
- then go left, up stairs (CROWBAR), up & left through mirror (what I call warp canal) to the salesman
- buy MAP & take GEAR-1 right on floor

Hint-Through: Getting Started
First, find the Sacred Container so you can collect orbs to buy a map.
Go Up once and it's the green container at the foot of the stairs.
Now, start collecting orbs.
You'll need 25 for a Map.
First room: 11
Left Once: 12
Up Once: Pick up 11 more orbs and a Crowbar.
Up Once: Take 11 orbs, then go through the Mirror to the Company Store. No orbs here, but the Grim Reaper will sell you a Map for only 25 orbs (you should have 45 by now)! While you're here, pick up the Cog on the floor to the right.
Have a look at the Map to see you're in Room V. Proceed to Room B and take 10 orbs. Also, move a piece of debris on the right of the floor to take a Knife.
Up Once to F: 10 orbs. While here, note the numbers at the bottom of the Mural Screen. They will be used later as a four-digit code. Also, note that at the bottom of the wall to the left you need something to pry a cover off. Use your Crowbar and take the Silver Key.
Down Once, Right Twice (to opening scene - Room D), Up Once to H: 10 orbs. Click on the door to the right of the Stairway and place your Cog in the second spot. You need five more cogs!

I guess everyone is gone now,,,nobody to help me....oh, well...didn't see any posts with my problem placing the gears...have them all but one won't go anywhere....bummer!!!

Well, I do now see that @enjoy had a similar problem with the gears....but I can't mad-click the little gear or any gear to remove it...so...I guess I am just screwed!!!!!maybe something SD could look into?????

I CAN NOT find the first cog! Clicked all over the floor where u buy things. Where is it? PLEASE

There's just no cog there. Bug?

Hallo everybody, I just came in, looking for something to collect orbs...

Now to Find Some Cogs
Go down from H and all the way left where you can use the Silver Key to enter Room A. There are 12 orbs here, and a chest with a lock that requires four digits. Use the numbers that were on the Mural Screen in room F.


Open the chest and take the Hammer.
Proceed to Hallway K: take 11 orbs.
Up Once to N: take 11 orbs. You now should have 84 orbs, so head back to Room V and buy a Magic Transport Crystal (you could also buy a Lantern for 50 orbs. You will need the Lantern, but I took the Crystal first because I'm lazy!).
Go to your Map and click on Room Q. And there you are. Take 10 orbs, then use your Hammer on the crack to the right of the door and take the Red Key.
Go to Room J and use the Red Key to access Room M. Take 10 orbs. Also pick up the Screwdriver that is on the floor in front of the folding doors on the right.
Up to Room P: 11 orbs and use your Knife to take the Blue Key.
Pop back down to Room D and use the Blue Key to enter Room E. Take 9 orbs and note the Fireplace.
Go up to Room I: Don't let that sliding block distract you from your Mission! Take 10 orbs and use the Screwdriver to pry up the odd board on the lower right side of the floor. Take the Gold Key.
Since your stock of orbs is back up to 59, head over to the Company Store and buy a Lantern for 50 orbs. Go ahead. We'll wait.

@julia...read the recently posted comments above yours to get you started!!!!

hi sd your games r the best games ever you made my day with this one

THX Roberto! Your comment "Duh!!! I saw the cog in S and suposed I had picked it up. But not. It was still there." was the only hint I needed, I thought I picked up the cog, but it was still there, too!

Great game, as always, thx SD! (But I missed some gems and jewels ...)

ahhh - a lantern this time to light the fireplace!!! and got the big cog...

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