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Imagia 3 - The Quarry Walkthrough

Imagia 3 - The Quarry

[REPLAY] Kayzerfish - Imagia Part 3: The Quarry Escape is another point and click adventure escape game developed by Kayzerfish. In this game, you try to use your point and click adventure and puzzle solving skills to figure out the mystery and escape the quary. Click objects with your mouse to pick them up. Navigate between rooms by clicking on doors and passages. Click on inventory objects for a closer look. Some inventory objects can be combined. Good luck and have fun!

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Imagia 3 Walkthrough
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Oh, yay, I love this series!

10 minutes im still waiting for it to start im giving up.

I couldn't get it to load in Chrome, but it works in FF. Don't give up; it's good!

Wow this is cool, nice atmosphere. So far just figuring things out.

worked in chrome for me.

This is nice. Still missing something though

yeah, so far this is great!

I don't want to spoil anything, not sure how far you are...I think I'm stuck near end

i have 12 flowers, a coin, a knife and a note. placed telescope.

I am stuck with a sort of a chisel, coin, 12 flowers, knife, key and letter.
I looked at the unicorn and the mountain through the telescope.
Now what ?

wheel in the water

have 17 flowers, mallet+chisel, snippet/book, note, knife and telescope...went across to the right and got stuck :(

moved telescope around. can see horse/unicorn

found 3 coins and gave them to the bird downstairs and opened a new gate, then went up and used my key

stopped water with wheel and got key

Where is mallet and book ?

where to use the knife?

chisel in rocks by stairs

Have 18 flowers, mallot/chisel,note, knife and snippet/book with 1 missing piece. Open up ground under telescope too.

No idea and i only found one coin :(

me too zazie. i think they are racing ahead without us.

Looks like we need to move pulley/cart thing so we can lift something out but can't figure it out

Out, GREAT GAME, just 3 of 6 secrets and 18 flowers

I moved the telescope to the left but i need the mallet, but where ?

Use knife in room with chest after crossing bird on brown ground

You don't need the piece in the bootm left corner of book, just make the two wings and the horn.

Put the three coins in golden bird for secret path

oh and you have to COMBINATE the TWO TOOLS to bick the blocks like in the book. That's all.

Sorry I can't remember where mallet was

mallet people! where is the mallet?!

@Alimax, nobody tells us where mallet is...and the two missing coins.

ah ha! where the water wheel is! it is hidden to the right behind stones.

how carola? when I click book it just closes

@Alimax, I'm not sure, but I thought it was hidden in the iceblocks near waterfall

Found it !!
In the pile of rocks right of the thing where we put the wheel.

@Kimbo, maybe you miss one important piece of the book

LOl @Alimax, i was too late.

@Kimbo, did you found the pieces on the floor with the chest (use knife) and in the top part of the chest is a secret panel with one piece, and don't remember where, but there was another piece around the robe

Only bottom left corner missing....something else?

Made pretty statue head out of white cubed rock but then it got smashed!

@ Kimbo, no that's all I got when I went out. Strange! Did you have another note also?

Have to go to bed (after midnight now) so if anybody still needs help?

one that says "dearest...come to garden..."

Carola thank you...missed secret panel in chest!

@Kimbo, yes that's the note. really strange that you can't read the book. Did you also combinate the two tools to bick the pattern on the block. Hope it's not a bug.

@Kimbo, glad you found it!! :)
See you, bye

Missing below left part of the book.

Thanks, bye:)

@ Zazie, you don't need that part ;)

I don't see where to pick a pattern?

oh, I see it! thank you

Thx Carola, ! Now i am doing sculptures all the time and stuck again :(

Hi all.Trying to catch up.I have everything you said but cant find the wheel and cant get the key ofcourse

ok, i am obviously not smart enough to figure out the pulley system.

@Alimax, you can open and close the two "fingers" by pulling the left lever and you click on the right wheel to make it go once or twice to the left, and to make it go to the right, click the right part of wheel box.

key was stuck behind waterfall, you need to shut water off from top....I made sculptures and dropped them down but only horn is there, guess u have to do them one at a time...but how to bring it to unicorn?

My sculptures always are smashed by the falling blocks.

Zazie, r u looking at note? use chisel only on darker pieces of squares

Please,the wheel? and where do we make sculptures?

Then drop them down to cart...WARNING, do ONE at a time or u have to redo ....still trying to figure out how to bring them up, anyone??

Can't remember where wheel was, but sculptures are made to left of pulley machine scene, big white squares

Got it now Kimbo, thank you !!!!

I put the horn on the wooden thingcar (dont know how is called) down

Wheel was somewhere in water from waterfall.

has anyone delivered a sculpture piece yet?

No idea how to bring them up :)
You can take them again from the pulley, but....

thank you so much for the wheel,couldnt see it

lol, i feel stupid that I can't work this poor unicorn.

Alimax are you gone ?

YW new !

Seems like pulley up by unicorn would go down to grab it, but no controls...hmmm

cant move either and if try to put another one on the pulley(so thats how its called) it dissapears

Same here @new, but somebody mentionned that you have to do them one after the other, but how to bring them up ?

I tried to take back the wheel to put it to the wells far right up but no

Is this a live game? I've been playing these games for ages and following the comments but never been able to figure out how to know if its a live game (and when they come on) and have therefore never posted before!

Aha! I delivered one wing...trial and error though, moving wheel control top pulley to come down and get it..

Hi @ fayefairyhair !

We are stuck at the same point i guess, it is live but i should go to bed.

well Im miles behind as I've only just started - will give it a go!

Oh and @zazie - how do you know when a games live or is it just pure luck?

Well ok, i give up, i am too tired and it is late here. (if not i will have nightmares with pulleys)

I wish you all GL and maybe i can do it tomorrow !

Sudenly the pulley moved,when i put a wing to the left room it moved with the horn on it to the right

@fayefairyhair just by refreshing the homepage very often, when i am here :)

N8 N8 all !

@Zazie - thanks! Can't figure this one out - am off to escape from a room instead. have a good sleep and good luck everyone

Good night! I ll give a try a little longer

Well, I still can't find the book, nor the knife. Grrrr.

I liked it...gonna try the 1st 2 versions.

Kimbo, did you find the trick? I tried different things and the only thing I figured out is that the pieces vanish but appear again

But found a board.

new, do one sculpture at a's hard to explain but when you move the wheel it controls both pulleys (top & bottom) drop into cart directly below and turn wheel again to make it go far right and drop 2nd pulley to pick it up and it automatically goes to unicorn...hope that's not confusing?

POP. I feel silly now.

Thank you It almost makes sense considering that after all this time I just discovered there are two pulleys(clever me).Thanks,thanks Kimbo

Aithne,sorry for not answering,I was too busy ...
and very slow in posting.Sorry cant remember where the knife is but the book is from the pieces you get down and left from the chest and near it using the knife

Silly ME.....I tried for 2 hours it seems lol....good luck:)

thanks Kimbo,and good night,there is a chance I finish it

You're welcome:)

part 1 is not much

I made it!If I remember well after all that... you put the piece on the cart, go up and then its 2 timmes left,1 time right,then grab the piece(with the other pulley) and I think 3 times right until its in the room with the stairs.I dont know if that would help anyone but I sure hope so,Its very late now,Im going to sleep.Goodnight

3 of 6 secrets. Can anyone post all 6?

awww. I won't load on this computer. I hope it will on my laptop. :( I'll have to try tomorrow.

Could get 5 out of 6 secrets.
Carving some of the extra shapes give some, but the man is hard to get...

IMHO: when zoomed in on the lever machine you see a bunch of hand signals - fingers indicating # of wheel turns i suppose. my trick in grabbing the finished sculpture: keep the pincers hovering just above the block in the open position. as soon as you see the sculpture thru the dust, run to the lever machine and pull the left lever - the one that will bring the pincers over to the well. works like magic! :)

@raina, those hands tell the instructions for the hook thing/pulleys. The left lever closes and opens the hook (sorry, don't know the word for it) to grab and release sculptures. The hands on the right lever points up and down, to move that pulley in that direction.
The wheel on the right side moves the pulley to the right or the left.

Keep in mind this wheel also controls the other pulley on the surface up and down, along with the one underground when it moves left or right.

Sorry, now I see you figured that out.

I could finally got the man's sculpture, based mostly in how you get the one of the woman. 6 out of 6 secrets now :)

I have given unicorn 1 wing and 1 horn, but when I make a 2nd wing, it is destroyed before I can pick it up and I can't make a hand at all! Is there a "mirror image" wing?

Understanding the mechanism
There's a wheel on the right and 2 levers on the left
Click wheel on the left side -- claw moves above ladder
Click on left hand lever and watch claw close and open
Click on right hand lever and claw drops
Go down the ladder and see cart is now under the tongs
(Go left and pick up GOLD FLORIN that was under cart)
Go back up, lift claw and click wheel on left 2x.
(Claw is now in Quarry#2)
Go down the ladder and right 2x -- the cart is on the far right and a 2nd claw has dropped.
The 2nd claw is used to pick up and deliver the stone to the unicorn.

(have to go, will check back later)

i played this one earlier on another site (sorry!) and really enjoyed it. I'll probably go back to find the first two episodes, as well.
A couple of things just from a very fast perusal of comments:
The six secrets:
the mountain (through the telescope)
the woman's head
the ram
the man's head
getting the paper from the book with the knife
getting the paper in the secret compartment in the box top

You don't have to bring up to the surface any carvings EXCEPT the two wings and the unicorn's horn. You don't even have to carve out the hand or the foot to get out with all 6 secrets and 18 flowers.

I really enjoyed this one!

@PuzzledinCA, as I recall there are two mirror image wings, each with a slightly different carving pattern. (I kept clicking on the unicorn to escape, not realizing I had only made one wing and a horn - had to go back and make the other wing, lol)

@PuzzledinCA, maybe your second wing vanishes because you're making the same you already have.

I'm stuck!! I got the 3 rocks from below chiseled and don't know where to go from there...

Oops, found another screen...

@ edgar: i sorta figured it out, by trial n error mostly. TY soooo much 4 spelling out the hand signals, they had me baffled!

Where is the 3rd coin? Found 2 on the rails (cart)....

found it

@Greenmama ...i had a very hard time finding it...but once you get the mechanism working, the cart moves,,,and there is the third coin!
Good luck!
A very lovely game!!!! Sound, story, graphics...all!

nice game little laggy but good

This is beautiful.
It's like Myst meets Submachine!
I need the first two episodes as well, zoz. ;)
And nice save feature, because I can play the rest of this tomorrow =)

@PuzzledinCA, there are two pictures of wings in the book, make sure you make both of them (there not the same, mirrow)

Sorry I had to leave yesterday, but was already after midnight and had to wake up early this morning :)

Hmm. So, I'm missing 2nd page of book and one of the coins (already had the one from the track and one to right of ladder).

@PuzzledinCA, the other pages are with the chest, use knife on the ground near chest and one part is hidden in the top of the chest.
But you need to put the 3 coins first in the bird, for the path to the chest.
Don't remember where the coins where, sorry, did you check all the views? There are many views to the right and left everywhere (it's easy to miss a view)

i feel so stupid, where are the rocks to bick???

oops, missed a whole scene left of the machine (blush)

Mallet is in the first view, under the rocks at the right tree.
Wood wheel is in the water in the view with waterfall
Key is in the waterfall, use wheel (in first view) to stop the water first.
Chisel and Telescope are in the view with the first stairs (telescope on the stairs, the chisel to the right of the stairs.
Combinate Chisel with Mallet to break the rock at bottom right view. (right view next to waterfall) You have to click the flat stone in upper right view first to make a bridge and take the board after that.
1st COIN go down in the cave, go left once, go down again. To the right of the stairs in a coin under the stone.
1st note go down in the cave, go left once, go down again, go left once. In the middle bottom of the view is the note.
2nd note go down in the cave, go left once, go down again, go left twice. The golden bird is holding a note.
2nd COIN go all the way up to first view, than turn right use the board to make a bridge. In the view with the horse at the right is the 2nd coin under the stones.
Knife and a letter go right from the view with the horse. You can take the knife, the letter will fall down in the cave, so you have to get him there (go in the cave and turn right once).
3nd COIN AFTER you did all this, and you have use the telescope (blink at mountian view), go down, use the wheels for the hook and the 3th coin will be on the rails (on view left of stairs)

Hope this will do (allong with the previous comments)
put 3 coins in the bird.
use knife on bottom ground around chest. Open chest and click again on top of chest for another note.
to open the panel above, you need to place the telescope to the left.

for the book, you need to build the right whing, the left whing and the horn

3th note in the ground under the chest, use knife
book in the chest, use key
sketch 1 in top part of chest
BOOK IS COMPLETE NOW you don't need the bottom left part of the book

Finally made it out with all 18 flowers but only one secret. What held me up was I had never put the board across the chasm to the right of the first scene! Just wrote that off as a dead-end.

Thanks for all the help!

@Thanks Carola for the hints -- I was trying to write a walk through (often it helps me find things I missed), but short and sweet is much better.

now i have carved a wing, but don't know how to get it to the unicorn

Oh, I finally went through the "official" site -- the last missing page is use the knife on the back cover of the book.

Building the heads is the extra "secrets", but very complicated.

@Ikke you have to give the wing first to the horse, befor you can make other stuf

@PuzzledinCA, yw, and thanks for more secrets and feel free to write a WT, my english is not good and I just give the spots of the items and some info ;)

@carola, HOW do i give it to the horse?

Hello everybody. I made a wing and it is now at the same level as the wheel mechanism /two steps to the left. I try to bring it up to the unicorn, but somehow it goes only down again. Somebody said, it should be moved to the cave with the steps, but that seems impossible.

Well the wing is two steps to the right of the wheel of course.

i'm at the same place as you friwi, don't know either

I love POP! I turned the wheel to times at the right side and the wing was delivered to the unicorn! Just turn it twice, you don't see where it is gone if you do it only once.

to place the wing to the horse
from begin position: hook at view with wheel: STAY ALL THE TIME IN VIEW WITH WHEEL!
*make sure hook is open, turn wheel to left once
*close hook with handle
*turn the hook with wing once to the right.
*let the hook down with handle
*open hook with handle
*let the hook up with handle
*turn the wheel all to the left (thought twice)
And voila

@friwi, i turned the wheel 2 times at the right side, like you said, but my unicorn still has no wing?

Ikee, when you see the wing two steps to the right from the wheel, then turn it again two times to the right. The mechanism works mirror-inverted and it has to be brought up two levels.

@friwi @ikke
there are two hooks! so when you drop it down, the other hook will pick it up.

I made the wing in the first left view of wheel, guess, friwi made the wing in the second left view, so that's why you have to turn once or twice to the left and back ;)

to place the wing to the horse
from begin position: hook at view with wheel: STAY ALL THE TIME IN VIEW WITH WHEEL!
*make sure hook is open, turn wheel to left once
*close hook with handle
*turn the hook with wing once to the right.
*let the hook down with handle
*open hook with handle
*let the hook up with handle
*turn the wheel all to the left (thought twice)

*close hook with handle and than turn wheel all the way back to right

(Can be that I mixed up the last two * ,and that is has to be first right and than left)

       Anonymous  6/29/11, 4:07 AM  


thanks friwi (and the rest), i had to go once more to the right...

I really enjoyed that. Took a jolly long time to work out how to move the wing up to the unicorn tho. Also missed the very obvious paper near waterfall for the horn, but thats what happens when you wear your glasses on top of your head rather than over your eyes. Thanks for all the hints everyone.

Could not open this game in any browser! :(

I'm having trouble with board... i don't see anywhere any board. and i have only left side of a book. what am i missing? help please

correction, i have only right side of a book :) don't have left one

nevermind, i had some bug, had to restart to finally have a board :)

The best drawn and most entertaining little adventure for ages - thank you.

everytime i hit the large blocks (left of the crane) it smashes and another drops keeps doing this....BUG? just wont carve anything!

Very nice game!

I have escaped with 7 out of 6 secrets! Not sure if this is related to the foot I accidentally carved. This is how you get the foot:
Just hit the left and right squares of the top face of the block alternatively. First on left then right, then left etc. After the 9th hit on the left square, the foot is formed.

too long, too complicated

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