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Inspector Kloo 5: The Three Rings Walkthrough

Inspector Kloo 5: The Three Rings

[REPLAY] Inspector Kloo 5: The Three Rings is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by Féderico Rutenberg for Esklavos. Inspector Kloo is back again. This time he must find the three stolen rings in the house of the island. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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       Anonymous  6/25/11, 5:54 AM  

Got a card and read it. Some racket looking thingy. Have to find code for the security system.

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 5:55 AM  

Hi Catqueen,
combine magnifier with card & look to the right of the boat...

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 5:56 AM  


       Anonymous  6/25/11, 5:58 AM  

code is always different for each player...

Wow first time i've ever caught a live game. Am into the bedroom now.

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 5:59 AM  

There is a code on the picture, but even after zooming in I can't read it. Code seems to change every new game.

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 5:59 AM  

take cloth piece from arm chair bottom right...

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:00 AM  

Thanks premiere, but the numbers are to tiny for my eyes. LOL

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:00 AM  

hammer from bigger grey vase...
Hello Dummo, congrats to your luck!

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:02 AM  

Going In

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:02 AM  

in kitchen:
- net bag under fruits
- green apple behind fruits
- green cleaner back beside broom
- broom behind on wall
- red cleaner under sink

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:05 AM  

- combine net bag with found outside in grass to the left to obtain fishing net
- combine broom with hammer to obtain stick
- combine stick with fishing net
- go back to pool & fish STONE out of water
- smash it with hammer to obtain KEY for other room

Have 2 out of the 3 totems. Happy to help people who are behind. Can combine 3 things premiere mentioned to get something from the pool.

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:07 AM  

- blue cleaner on cb beside blue vase on the right
- showel behind curtain
- back in kitchen combine the 3 cleaners, although the note on fridge doesn't recommend it ;-D

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:09 AM  

I let this one pass. NO way I can read the code even after changing resolution and zooming in. Better luck next time for me.

@players: have fun all. I hope you get out. :)

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:09 AM  

- dip cloth piece in bowl where put the cleaners
- back in living room wash colour on green pic to the left away to obtain KEY for cb in bedroom
- ring #1 there

And out. I'll stick around for those that need help.

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:12 AM  

- ring #2 outside right to yellow marked fence - use showel on ground

did you try to make bigger your browser screen?
(click somewhere outside on game screen, but not on an add - lol - ctrl+shift and + or ctrl- to make smaller)

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:13 AM  

I found 2 cleaners stuck in kitchen HELP

I'm stuck with two rings...

Where did you get your two rings so far Misspepy?

Fishing net?

Can't you read the number using the magnifier? Weird...

The first ring was in the bedroom (but I'm not sure...bad memory), the second one was close to the fence with the yellow spot, using the shovel.

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:16 AM  

any hints (no solutions yet plz) for bkjd on green pic & green apple? thx...

PoP got it, didnt understand at first.

I found the last ring :) check the apple...

@premier: Try combining one of the last remaining items in your inventory with the apple.

Out, that was interesting...

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:23 AM  

oh, no, my mouse is on the blink, seems time to change batteries...
thx misspepy, missed that combination with magnifier...
and out!
like inspector kloo & certainly the other totem games (kettinetto, treasure of big totem)very much

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 6:24 AM  

& thx also dummo

@catqueen...if you are still there...did you use the magnifier? The glass moves all around to read things in the photo...Hope that helps!

Great game...good fun!
Thanks for the last clue, @misspepy!

Catqueen, use the magnifier.

Stuck with a hammer, a cloth, a handle of net, a picture and a magnifier.

I feel stupid... In the house we can turn left, I didn't see that before !

How to combine the liquids?

One ring from the bedroom.

... another thanks to the apple, but where is the last one ?

Shaheen, put them in the basin (in the kitchen).

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 7:18 AM  

Walkthrough Inspector Kloo 5 - The Three Rings

- when started you already have a MAGNIFIER in your inventory
- note something in pool & yellow colour on white fence...
- pick up POSTCARD on left pool border
- pick up some kind of RACKET thingy on the left in grass
- combine magnifier with postcard & look=move magnifier to the right on the boat to read alarm system CODE
- (code is always different for each player / changes every new game)
- put code in panel left from windows between the two palm trees & go in...

- take CLOTH PIECE from arm chair bottom right
- take HAMMER from bigger grey vase under green picture
- go left

take in KITCHEN:
- NET BAG below fruits on right desk
- GREEN APPLE behind fruits
- BROOM behind on wall
- GREEN CLEANER #1 back beside broom
- RED CLEANER #2 under sink
- note note on fridge...

- net bag with racket thingy found outside in grass to the left to obtain FISHING NET
- broom with hammer to obtain STICK
- stick with fishing net

- go back to pool & fish STONE out of water
- smash it with hammer to obtain KEY for other room behind the kitchen

- open the door with key from with hammer smashed stone
- take GREY CLEANER #3 on cb beside blue vase on the right
- take SHOWEL behind curtain (middle under lamp)
- note note on bed...

- go back in kitchen & combine the 3 cleaners in bowl on left desk, although the note on fridge doesn't recommend it
- dip cloth piece in bowl where put the cleaners

- go back in living room & wash colour on green pic to the left away to obtain KEY for cupboard in bedroom & 4 letter CODE

- RING #1 in the cupboard in bedroom, open with key from green picture
- RING #2 outside right of yellow marked fence - use showel on ground
- RING #3 in wall left of window in living room - combine magnifier with apple (it's a remote, lol!) to see letter code panel & put code from green pic in living room, it will open the wall niche

Case solved!

Thanks @Pascale.


Take magnifier, pic and net frame.
Combine magnifier and pic and note number on right side of boat (different for every game).
Use number to enter house.
Take hammer from white vase.
Take hammer from arm chair (bottom right).
Turn left and read note on fridge (but no need to follow it).
Take broom, green cleaner bottle, net bag, green apple and red cleaner under sink.
Combine net frame and net bag to get net.
Combine broom with hammer to get stick.
Combine stick with net.
Get stone from water outside with the net and smash it with hammer to obtain key for other room.
Enter room using key and get blue cleaner and shovel behind curtain and read the note.
Put the 3 cleaners into the skin and use cloth.
Then use cloth on pic for code (bkjd) and key.
Use key on drawer in curtain room and get ring 1.
Use shovel on yellow mark near fence outside for ring 2.
Combine magnifier and apple and put code in the remote to get ring 3.
And escape with the rings.

Oops error, the second hammer in my WT is actually the cloth. Anyway, my WT is after @premiere's, so you guys will note it.

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 7:26 AM  

lol, Shaheen,
better two walkthroughs than none...

«different wts for different tastes» (or similar)

Thank you, Premiere and Shaheen !

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 1:46 PM  

Get a black screen. Pop-ups turned off. I can play Three Pearls but not this one, just like the Escape men :(

       Anonymous  6/25/11, 2:26 PM  

@premiere and nokra: Sorry for the late reply. I had to leave because my uncle turned 95 (!!). And yes I used the magnifier and ctr-shift etc. Even reduced my screenresolution.
It's okay, there will be other games. Thank you so much.

Looks like Federico has been playing the Sneaky Escape games

       Anonymous  9/5/18, 10:47 AM  

caught this one from the random section & decided to post it as a replay - enjoy!

thx for all your creations, Féderico ☺
& thx premiere ;-Þ & Shaheen for the WTs

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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