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Riddle Transfer

Riddle Transfer is another point and click type adventure game created by JonBro. Riddle Transfer takes place right where Riddle School 5 left off, and is the sizeable first part of what will be a five-part series. Phil Eggtree has saved his friends and rid the world of the alien leader Viz, but his journey back home doesn't turn out how anyone could have predicted. This is the start of a new adventure, one much more dangerous than the last. Good luck and have fun!

Note: You have to be patient while loading the game, because of its large size!

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Use the flusher handle on the code pad (number is on the screen).
A key behind the papers/notes in the storage room.
And that's it for tonight (way too late here). Gonna sleep.

how do you get past diamond puzzle

Im here to give it a go! Hope I can help?

diamond puzzle? I need help to guess the SNOZ clue.
Thought bout "mirror" but nada.

hey! I know what's tapioca! lol!!

Where is the elevator key?

Cyberjar88 behind flyers storage room

Can´t find the code for numberpad!
Tapioca??? I love it!

Ahh! Got everyone out their cells but the SNOZ guy..

roberto look at TV

Found it! duh!!

Hurry up guys! I need help!
I'm almost out.. have freed/pleased every creature

Oh and no deal w/ mutant door so far.

duh! can turn door off in power room

any idea where the codes for freeing prisoners are?

salma.. talk to them..
and to talk to the creatures, pick translator goat man scene

ok got it thnx anyways

stuck.. dunno how to free Phred and my door is turned off but closed!

how do u get phred whistler out?

curtnee_09... no idea.. have tried everything w/ that SNOZ clue

do u know what u do with the water hose?


for fred you need to combine hat and feathers and give them to big toe and then code is 51702

ps get feathers after releasing flying pig and get hat from releasing messy

Cyberjar88 how do u get the box thingyy?

curtnee_09 go to the drink machine scene and connect hoose there. then put the end of it inside the trash can

water hose connect to trash can and soda machine on top floor

thx cyber! Now i got every near manhole

and mutant door's open! yay

gotta free Diz now..

oww.. green/purple puzzle is kinda annoying

lol POP done. :)
almost freeing Diz!

and poor green guy's free!

How do u get the dial pad or phred room?

give hat+feathers to Bigtoe

And how do u free the pig?

OMG! Diz left us! But me and my friends escaped anyway.. OUT!!

shoot i just need the whole cheat for this game its hard!:(

curtnee_09 u need to "melt" the wood freeing the hotheaded guy. (u'll need daisy for that)

haha i give up idk who daisy is or the hotheaded guy is so thankss for the helppp haha ducess....

curtnee by daisy I mean the flower. U can pick it in goat scene (nearest from u).
As for the hotheaded guy .. I mean ur friend.. tied up to a metal bar..
Give him the flower to make him sneeze, then u get him as a helper

How to open door?????

Nvm mind worked it out LOL

7 - 0
8 - 2
6 - 6


Duh me now the diamonds LOL

Leroy.. solve the subtractions and reproduce the result

I freed the Smiley girl by talking to the snowman and then taking her hair grower and giving it to him. Snowman gave me a die which I used for #3 on Smiley's doorpad. I then helped the goat (put hose in drink machine & trash) which gave me a daisy which I used on Zack (he's allergic) who came with me and lit the board on fire which freed the pig who left me some feathers.

How do I get Messy out? I have some feathers, a toilet flusher, Zack (flame guy), translator thingie and access card. I know the combination to Phred's room but can't find the panel. :/

Out finally!!!

@Deb use access card to enter power room and play the pipe game to free Messy!

@Leroy thanks, I did play the pipe game awhile ago but nothing happened. Maybe I played it too early? Or is there a button I have to press? I connected Messie to her old home. Is that wrong?

No that is right but isnt there a flush lever?????
Use it to the right!

Ohhh I am a moron. I didn't even read the right side where it says FLUSH lol.


Giggle was a lot of humour in this game.

Where is the IDcard

Sorry Lucas cant remember but I think talking to one of the characters results in them giving you the card!

Thanks Leroy but i talked to everybody and i cant figure it out XD

Ok Lucas will replay cos I think I might do a WT! Just cos it is a very good game.

The blue and green diamond puzzle!! How do you beat it?!?

nvmd i got it

@Caelen LOL nearly beat me too!

How do I get the daisy?

This comment has been removed by the author.

@jacob, you get it after you connect the hose to the soda machine and trash can, it turns the goats grass green, you pick the flower closest to the ladder :)

Where do I find the access card?

messi the monster thing gives it to you after you talk to her

how do you make zack burn the wood he just stands there lol

Silly Clee look at your inventory right side!


i need some help with the
7-0 = ?
8-2 = ?
6-6 = ?

plz and thanks

@John do the shapes of the answers??? I had a Duh moment at that particular point LOL

I didn't even notice that head thank-you Leroy lol

oh haha I see thanks

where is the code for phred

Help with the Zack code please - have no math brain cells

@Mathrah code is 51702 Look more carefully at the paper he shows you...
@balmycharmy I dont remember but have you talked to everybody? Most of the codes are given to you by them!

@Leroy - I think Zack gives a math code, but I can't 'do' the math - he says: (1)First digit plus the 2nd digit is equal to the 3rd digit (2) 2nd digit is 2 x the 1st digit (3) 2nd digit is half the 4th digit (4) 5th digit is the sum of 1st digit and 4th digit === I hope I got that all right, I can't 'do' math, no math brain cells to call my own

Aaaah LOL forgot that one as it is very simple. try 12345 LOL

dont know if anyone is still here but im walking around with the hat, daisty, creature communicator, access card and dice... not sure what to do now?

ok i have given bigtoe the hat and now have a diaplad? lol

ok getting further, just need to realise how to get the last guy

finallyyyyyy out!!! Good game and great graphics :)

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A game I'm really enjoying. Still playing (with many interruptions) and dont care how long it takes. Love the dialogue. Have giggled quite a bit.

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Very tedious! Bored going up and down in the lift - I'm off to watch paint dry!

I've looked everywhere and I can't find the hose. Can anyone pleease help??

The hose is on B2,
next to the pool where Nessie is in.

TY small! can't believe I didn't check that level.

1.Look at TV Screen and note code.
2.Remove toilet lid, and get flusher handle.
3.Use handle through door slot to open door.
4.Get out of room.

5.Go to storage room (the one with a box on the door).
6.Move papers on bulletin board to get key.
7.Get out of storage room.

6.Go to next room - it has a goat in it.
7.Pick up toy horn kind of thing on the wall to the left. (Animal Communicator)
8.Use animal communicator to talk to goat.
9.Important to note- goat wants grass and the random pipe thing on the ceiling throws cereal box and soda can.
10.leave the room and head left.

11.Note on calendar - today is guards day off.

12.Enter elevator.
13.Place key found in storage room.

14.Head to floor 3 (two reasons: only one floor above and curious about ceiling pipe.)

15.Rightmost room = captive room. Zack is there.
16.Talk to Zack. Important information: He gives the code and though the fire on his head cannot reach the ropes, if he sneezes his whole body bursts into flames. He is allergic to daisies which make him sneeze.
17.Open door and leave for now.

18.Go to room next door.
19.This room has cereal boxes so the garbage can may actually lead to the goat.
20.Also there is chlorophyll in this room that can make the goat's grass green.
21.Leave room for now.

22.Enter animal room and talk to pig.
23.The way to free the pig is break the hardwood or burn it.

25.Back to elevator.
26.Go to F1

27.Captive room - talk to smiley
28.Note: Get code, and hair spray made hair grow quickly, and you can't dial code coz of missing number.
29.Next room has ship, but u need Diz to escape.

30.Go to animal room. Talk to gorilla chimp.
31.he likes fancy hats.

32.Go to B1.

33Captive room - talk to phred.
34.Get code. Read it as numbers written by someone with horrible handwriting.(or try writing the letter on ur calculator u'll get the numbers).
35.Note dialpad is missing. Leave.
36.Go to animal room and talk to snowman. He wants hair.

37.Go to B2
38.Get Hose.
39.Talk to animal. He has a hat. He also gives you an access key.
40.Dino wants freedom and apparently there is a way to get him out in control room.

41.Go to B1. Control room. Use access key to enter.
42.Play green screen pipe game. Send Dino to lake.
43. Guard door can be turned off but it needs to be open first.

44.Go to B2. Get Dino's hat and walk upto guard door to get it open, it won't open but it tells u that if all of the prisoners would come then it could.

45.Go to B1, control room and turn off guard door when open.

46. Go to F3. Connect host to trash disposal to give goat green grass.
47. Go to F2 and see if goat is happy. Goat has daisies that could free hothead. Pick up the diasy and head to hot head on F3.
48. Give daisy to hothead and when he is free take him to animal room (same floor) to free flying pig.
49. Use his head on wooden door.
50. Pick up feathers and put on hat to make a fancy hat.

51. Go to F1. Give fancy hat to big toe.
52. He gives you numpad.
53. Before going down to free phred get hair spray from smiley (same flooe, by talking to her)
54. Go to B1. Free Phred.
55. Give hairspray to snowman. he gives you a die.
56. Go to F1 and free smiley. Use die to replace 3 on numpad.
57. Since all three are free, go down to B2 to annoy guard door.
58. Door starts closing and opening. Go to B1:control room to shut off door when open.
59. Go through guard door.
60. Place animal communicator in slot to get to games.
Play four games to free Diz.

am i the only one who cant find the card?

You get the card from talking to one of the creatures. I'm not sure anymore, but I think it was Nessie.

Yep, it was from Nessie. He gives the card when you ask; Where did you use to live.

noticed thank you! was to lazy to listen to every story haha

You're welcome.
By the way don't be lazy, the conversations are part of the fun. Lot's of humour in them and worth the extra time. And from some conversations you get important information like who wants a hat, who wants hair, what things come down the tube (with the goat, so then you know where to put the hose) etc. etc.
Anyway, good luck and have fun.

I'm stuck D: All the monsters are happy, all the kids are out, the door is beserking but I'm not sure where to go from there

@Mint, go to the control room (where you flushed the lake monster out) and press the button in the wall to turn the door off. Make sure you do it when the door is open. Then you can enter into the new room and rescue the "adult".

Ugh, so I guess I won't be playing this game...all that it does is load, load and load...help?

Ok, so now it's loading way slowly...hmmm...maybe it's just my comp? but I've never had this much trouble to play a game before...hmm...well I'll see if I can play if it ever stops loading...

@AyJay, your game is loaded and ready to play most likely. Did you try clicking in the middle of the circle? It should say "Main Menu" or something like that. Click there.

Click the toilet lid to look inside.
Take the FLUSHER HANDLE from low/left side inside the tank.
Zoom out and click the TV-screen in upper right corner of the game screen.
Read the numbers in the code pad.
Zoom out and use the flusher handle on the dial pad left of the door.
Enter the code and press lower right button to open the door.
Move left.
Click the 2nd arrow from right to enter the small storage room.
Click the notes on the wall board to fold them away. (You need to start with the top note, then click the ones under it.)
Find an ELEVATOR KEY under the orange note.
Leave this room and click 2nd arrow from left to see a goat.
Take the CREATURE COMMUNICATOR from the wall of the house, under the Goat-Man sign.
Use the creature communicator on the goat to be able to talk to it.
Read through the texts to learn the goat would like to have better tasting grass.
(Click lowest text box to leave the dialogue: “communicate with you later”)
Go back inside and turn left.
Note you were on lvl F2 and there are four more levels.
Enter the elevator, and put the elevator key in the lower right side of the button panel.

Go to B2.
Turn right twice to see the closed guard door. It will probably start laughing if you bring your friends there. Leave the door and go left, then up.
Meet Messie, the Mock Mess Monster.
Use the creature communicator on Messie to find out it would like to go back home.
Ask where it used to live before it was put in here to get a POWER ROOM ACCESS CARD.
Take the HOSE from the lower side of the pond.
Go right, then left, back to the elevator.

Go to B1.
In the room to the right Phred is captured.
He’s missing a code pad to the door.
Leave him (go left) and use the access card in the card reader to enter the power room.
Click the big screen in front (pipeline shifter).
Click the pieces of pipes to move them around and make a connection between Messie’s chamber and Mock Mess Lake.
Solution below.
Place the flusher handle on the flush command in upper right corner and click to flush Messie away.
Leave this room and use 2nd arrow from left to meet the Negotiable Snowman.
Use creature communicator on him to talk.
Learn that he needs some new hair, and you’ll get a dice from him if you help him out.
Leave the snowman and return to the elevator.

Go to F1.
In the room to the right you can meet Smiley.
Ask her to give you the HAIR SPRAY and you’ll get it into the inventory.
Ask if she knows the code to her dial pad and she’ll tell you the code.
The dial pad is missing a number 3 though.
Leave this room and use upper left arrow to go see Bigtoe.
Use creature communicator on him and learn that he’s fascinated by fancy hats.
Leave him for now and go back to the elevator.

Go to F3.
In the room to the right, Zack is hanging in the ceiling.
He tells you he’ll burst into flames when he sneezes and that he’s allergic to daisies.
Ask him if he knows the code for the cell door and he’ll answer with a riddle.
Solve it and enter the code to open the door, but leave him for now.
Leave Zack and enter the top right room (fine lounge).
Click the hose in your inventory.
Attach one end to the middle of the ChloroF111 drink dispenser.
Put the other end inside the trash can looking pipe to the left to give GRASS to the goat.
Exit the lounge and move to upper left room to talk to a flying pig in a cage, but nothing you can do there yet.

Go to B1.
Go to the snowman in upper left room and give him the hair spray.
You’ll get a GAME DIE.

Go to F1.
Walk right and zoom on the dial pad left of the door in Smileys room.
Place the game die in the number 3 spot on the dial pad and enter the code.

Go to F2.
Go to upper left room and see the goat with fresh grass and daisies.
Pick the DAISY next to the ladder (the goat won’t let you take any other).

Go to F3.
Walk right to Zack’s room.
Give him the daisy to make him sneeze and escape.
Walk to upper left room, to the flying pig.
Select Zack’s head from inventory and use it on the wooden door to the pig cage.
When the pig is gone, take some FEATHERS from the cage.

Go to B2.
Go to upper left room, and take the HAT left behind when you flushed Messie away.

Go to F1.
Go to upper left room and try to give the hat to Bigtoe.
It’s not fancy enough, so you need to add the feathers you got from releasing the flying pig.
When Bigtoe accepts the hat, you’ll get a DIAL PAD.

Go to B1.
Go right, to Phred’s room.
Place the dial pad left of the door.
Ask Phred for the code and he’ll show you a note with “Snoz”.
Use that note to solve the code and release him.
Solution below.

Go to B2.
Walk right, to the guard door.
Click it to make it to talk to it, and click some more to make it break down and start opening and closing the “mouth”.

Go to B1.
Enter the upper right room, power room.
Click the guard door power screen, right side of back wall.
Press the green button to switch the power off, but make sure the door is open when the power is off, if it’s closed click the button again and redo it.

Go to B2.
Go right, and you can now enter through the guard door.
Diz is captured in front of you.
Place the creature communicator in the slot below Diz.
Two contraptions open.
Click the left contraption to zoom.
Click the white squares to make the puzzle look the same as the smaller image above it.
When done, click the arrow right of the puzzle and another contraption opens.
Click upper left contraption to zoom.
Make all 4 buttons white, then click the arrow to the right.
(pressing upper left, upper right, and lower right buttons makes them all white)
Zoom on the lower right contraption.
Do the math and press the correct squares.
Solution below.
When done, the upper right contraption opens.
Zoom there and make the triangles look the same as the smaller image.
(each of the triangles with blue color in the smaller image should be clicked at once in the bigger image = 14 clicks).
Click Diz to release him.

Go to F1.
Enter the upper right room to see the space ship.
Click it to… make Diz leave.
Go to the elevator and walk inside it to go to B2.
Walk right and click the arrow to escape through the manhole.

Open the first cell
The code is on the TV-screen in upper right corner.
Code: 78255

3x3 pipeline shifter puzzle
Number the 9 positions of squares like this:
Click the tiles in the following squares:
Click here for a picture with instructions for the slider puzzle.

Open Zack’s door
Zack tells you the code contains numbers from 1-5 and:
- The first and the second digit add up to the third digit.
(That could be: 1+2=3, 1+3=4, 1+4=5, or 2+3=5)
- The second digit is 2 times the first digit.
(That leaves: 1+2=3, so now we know first digit is 1, second digit is 2 and third digit is 3.)
- The second digit is half the fourth digit (so the fourth must be: 4).
This leaves the fifth digit as number 5 (which is also true taking the sum of first and fourth digit (1+4=5)).
Code: 12345

Open Smiley’s door
She tells you the code, but you need the game die from the snowman (give him hair spray that you get from talking to Smiley).
Code: 51333

Open Phred’s door
“Snoz” is not letters, but numbers.
S=5, n=1 and 7, o=0, z=2
Code: 51702

Lower right contraption in Diz room
See three equations: 7-0=, 8-2= and 6-6=
The answers are: 7, 6 and 0.
Press the squares to form these numbers, one number at a time, like this:



how do you ask smiley for the can of hair spray? I'm stuck.

@kaylee, you need to talk to the snowman first and ask him about his lack of hair. After that, you can ask Smiley for the hair spray. Sorry for not being clear in that matter!

i cant get the gaurd door to open

@jonatan, you need to bring your three friends to the door and talk to it to make it start opening and closing the mouth. Then go to the power room and press the on/off button when the door is open. If you press it when it's closed, you need to press it a couple of more times.

@ellie thx

they dont want to follow me

nvr mind

I don't know how to do the top right puzzle in Diz's room. I can haz help?

@scira, it's a bit hard to explain, but look at the smaller image - you want the big puzzle look the same. In the middle of the small image are two triangles in a different color, the outer pieces are all blue. Now, click all of the pieces in the big puzzle that are blue in the small image. Click all of those but just once, and you'll solve the puzzle... assuming you start from "starting position" of the puzzle.

I cant say i used afew walkthroughs but i did the pipe and ya great game

My favourite character is zack kelvin :L

How do you open the mutant door? Suggestions anyone? Please and thanks.

You have to talk to that door first.
Then later, when you have set all your friends free go back to that door (with all your friends) and talk to it again.
Because you're with all your friends it goes crazy (into a loop) and will keep on opening and closing.
Then go back to the power room and there click the green button to switch the power off at the moment when the door is open.

Nevermind! I got the door open. The only problem is the green/blue square puzzle.

lol, got the got the square puzzle done, now I have to do the diamond one! :-(

I think Ellie should receive a great round of applause and thanks for posting the walk through!

idk how to get the puzzle that is in diz is room the one with the green and blue

Lol is anyone still on this forum? I need to do diamond puzzle...where Diz is. HELP!!

Just go around the diamond clicking the triangles in blue on the mini image in order. Doesn't matter which way. It should balance out.

how do you get the tube puzzle right

i need help with the pipe thing in the control room. i dont kno how to solve it. can any help. and the three in smileys room. where is that at?

how do i free zack plea
se help me

Just use the code 12345 on his prison code panel.

open the door by getting rid of messie

how do u complette the dimond puzzle where diz is . i've tryed lots of ways but still have not completted it.

how do you open the green-blue puzzle?

How do I solve that blue and green triangle puzzle?!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

what dose snoz mean

what is smiley's code?

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