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June 16, 2011

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Scotland Secret Walkthrough

Scotland Secret

Scotland Secret is a new point and click type escape game from Abroy. Have you met William Wallace. No? I would recommend you to get out of this room fast if you don't want to meet William's ghost. Good luck and have fun!

Play Scotland Secret


Abroy game, cool, let's do it!

have 4 puzzle pieces and stuck

hi, tommy :) any better luck than i?

oh yeah - placed one pawn on chess board

five puzzle pieces now but i obviously need a knife, another pawn, maybe a lighter?, and a key

ok have knife now from blue 2-word puzzle

used knife on tile under vase and now have six pieces of puzzle

i guess i'm doing this by myself for now...


well i'm stuck and need some help. i'll come back later to see if anyone has shown up.


Some of the puzzle answers.

ESdPiOnIbLuErRgh Castle



Use knife under vase

       Anonymous  6/16/11, 5:05 PM  

I'm here josie did pyramid puzzle lots of keyholes turned sword

Put the Sporan (the purse looking thing) on the kilt.

thanks, guys! out now, thanks to your help :)

I got all except the keyhole with the 2 blue words...any hints?

nm, thx :)

See my above post answer is the last one. Think famous Scottish monster.


Any one here...........
I need help with the pyramid numbers

       Anonymous  6/16/11, 5:19 PM  

need one puzzle piece

       Anonymous  6/16/11, 5:21 PM  

hi Elena start with left side 2 bottom number equals the one above

       Anonymous  6/16/11, 5:22 PM  

and out

       Anonymous  6/16/11, 5:24 PM  

on pyramid any three circles touching = bottom 2 = the top number start at bottom

Loch Ness Monster

..... and OUT

@ 21171bb6-97a9-11e0-a87d-000bcdca4d7a

Thank you for the pyramid hint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahoy. Guess I'm a little late for this party.

Me too, plus my system will take a year to load it, but, hey! it's Abroy!! =)

lol. I enjoy Abroy stuff.

AS usual, almost out fairly quickly, but one puzzle piece eludes me.I may have to look at earlier entries

Well, I got all the answers before seeing any of the clues, but now I'm confused with all the hotspots, looking for the last puzzle piece [top left]
Serves me right for being so blase

PyrateKirk, if you are from the edinburgh Kirks, we could be distantly related ;)

I still haven't found that bit.

I see you too are missing it. top left?

Under the desk lamp!

Actually, Kirk is my given name not Surname.I'm of Clan Campbell.

It's too bad, how funny would that have been otherwise.Aha yes desklamp!

I get so sick ofof seeing "not responding" on my taskmanager, grrrr!
Are you out yet, Cap'n?

Just out now. Good thing too, the phot's and all make me pine for the highlands.

Well, after five minutes of bagpipes, I think I'll just move onto another game.

My family moved to devon in the 1400's, so I miss the devonshire hills ;)

lol sleepyStudent. Aye Lad, The Pipes'll wake ya up.

@ SleepyStudent:
Try the mute button - I had to after a few seconds, haha

Never spent any time in Devon, It looks lovely from photos. Maybe next trip.

Och, I actually love the skirl of the pipes. but it IS an acquired taste

@PyrateKirk, more like wanting to toss my computer out the window ;)

It's WARM!
=) =) =)

Windows "drag-and-drop" facility.
Drag and drop it over a cliff ;)

Lol. I understand, there're sounds I can't stand myself.

ROFL Rookwings

Are youi "capsule rooming" yet, PyrateKirk?

just thinking about that one. yeah, i'm in in a sec

This comment has been removed by the author.

Pyramid spolier....



Video walkthrough:

Link to youtube game just closed
I was just on my way to grab the last piece from under the need to replay...but...what is it with these dark dark dark games????

TY for WT, @EGWandOUT

Cool! @ EGWandOUT...Top of the board...!!!

btw..wasn't the pyramid puzzle same one as last game???

Hey Nokra, thanks 4 saying Thank you :-)

I like these dark games, they are great :-)

it was two games before, The Secret Of Royal Bloodlines, but not exactly the same only the 67 on the top was the same, some others only reversed.

Its very easy to be on the top, nobody is playing a escape game twice, and when I make a video walkthrough i am always very fast, because I want a short Video :-)

P.S. Sorry 4 my bad englsch

Had trouble seeing where to put the two Bishops on the chess board, finally saw the space on the bottom row.

Not sure how anyone would get the answers if not familiar with Scotland.
I only guessed at Robert The Bruce because we have a statue of him here in Calgary, Canada! Aye we have a deep connection with a far away Isle!

ocht aye ye canny beat the auld bagpipes this was an easy game for me ...well i am scottish lol

I need a walkthrough. I'm stuck with 4 puzzle pieces.


Here is a Video walkthrough:

Link to youtube

Not fond of making these trivia games. Barely have heard of the castle, never heard of Robert I (even after seeing answer), of course I've heard of the lake but never thought it was near a castle. Never used the 1815 number on the scotch....

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