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Skinny is another puzzle/platform adventure game by Thomas Brushhere. Help Skinny save the apocalyptic world from their minds. Use ASWD to move and jump, press the spacebar to talk, and your mouse to shoot. Good luck and have fun!

Play Skinny

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Too difficult for me.
Tried shooting with left and walking with left, but it doesn't matter, my left hand is just not good enough for this game.
Too bad, liked the graphics, but I just can't do it (wish I had two right hands).

Location of the Keys

Level 1: Hanging on a branch to the right side of the house.
Level 2: Near the exit.
Level 3: Above character's brother Blake. (He's the person at the top right of the level. I just clicked somewhere in the area above him.)

Location of the Locked Doors

Level 1: Go past the person roughly under Shirley's location.
Level 2: Go past Shirley.
Level 3: Go past Blake.

You don't have to use your left hand -- arrow keys also work.

Or am I in the wrong game (it says skinny.html) -- trying to get 10 marbles for my son ! And can't jump high enough to get in or on the house. Anyway, got 6 marbles. Can see 3 more I csn't get to.

No Shirley or Blake.

If I remember correctly you have to go under the house to go left and then you can go in the house from the left side.

@ puzzledinCA: we seem to be playing the same game. i woof ed at the german shep. sitting on the very rt of the screen. can't get into tne house either, tried ramming him, jumping through the roof, nada. just have a bunch of marbles

Did kind of enjoy this game, wish I could see a bit more of the screen beacuse I was just jumping and falling because I could't see if there was anything below me (if that makes sense)

I don't believe it.... ive been playing for ages now trying to find keys and batteries and now the game has frozen!! ARGHHH

nice game,
liked the graphics, spead not so much.

beautifull game once you understand how tp play it.

me difficult spider legs

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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