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Sneaky Beach Walkthrough

Sneaky Beach

Sneaky Beach is a new adventure game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Sneaky has been given a new assignment to travel to Sneaky Beach and search for stolen treasure. Help him find the treasure by searching for clues, solving puzzles and by finding items to use. Good luck and have fun!

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Yay - New Sneaky!

Screwdriver in F

got marble after doing picture puzzle

another marble after opening code box in C

hey! can not even find the key for entering :)

and the red spot on the map is far away from the rooms and blinking on the empty space of map?

finanlly found the key under the stone. and the map is working fine right now

There is me wasting time on that other hidden opbject game and I could of been playing this!! lol

water bottle in cabinet in J after using SD

filled bottle from faucet

3rd marble in L

tough puzzle pic in g for a marble

lighter and number clue in M

4th marble in fan in P...need 1 more

last marble from lighting candles in E

marble in p

got black key from marble box and blue key after watering plant in B

filled water bottle

need something to cut wire in room N

where to find the clue for box in room C, please?

trying to join you

comp screen alphabetic

bottle opener in W

used opener on bottle in U for blue Gem

thanks @Joe Comix. 5th marble now

4 marbles so far in E,G,L and P

knife in T

5th marble anyone?

goggles in AA/used them in AB for silver key

sneaky coin in F

cut wire with knife in N for red gem

the game page just refreshed without me hitting F5! and the progress wasn't saved...

green gem in I after opening box - use the number/color codes you find in the house

ah, I see @Selfdefiant has found another dump for us to explore ;P

This comment has been removed by the author.

gold key and 3rd number hint in H

oh i am way behind, i just found my first marble

wrench in S

nevermind, somehow I got transfered to another game. I remember the same thing happened to me the last time...?

color code for gem order in X

used wrench for yellow gem in Z

and out!

searching for last purple gems - any help Linda?

congats LindaM - you won the race!

but is that all she posts? purple gem anyone?

The last purple gem is in a box for the music somewhere in the rooms on the right (can't remember which room)

Graham - purple gem is in R! look up

waaay behind, but i'm going to take my time and enjoy every minute.
Hey @juselhan! Long time, no see!

I got rich :) but only 49 coins

thank you Selfdefiant - another nice game and another beautiful location - nice start into the week

ahhh - thx all!

Hi zoz

I shall stay around - just shout if you need help
didn't want to leave really but the money was tempting in the safe

@ Graham, I thought my first post had to be spectacular ;-)

only 48 coins for me - thx again SD!

Graham - some people just post when they are out - they are not here to help !

out, thanks SwissMiss

hi zoz, yes i'm a bit rusty

Thanks SD

i don't see that anyone has posted where the bottle opener is, does anyone have it yet. I could really use that wine

Bottle opener was on the base of the tree in the rooms to the right of the bottle, not sure which one though

oh pop, the bottle opener was in W

gold key anyone??

jeez, if i letter coded my house, i only get to I

gold key was under the shell, on the top shelf at the left in one of the bathrooms

where is the clue for the box in C, please?

aww...just missed a live sneaky. Oh well, thanks for your comments, I'll probably need them. :P

i think it was room H

isabel, see my post at 7:25

thanks Joe, but i can't get to H until i find the silver key. I'm not doing so well in here today

clue for box c also in c - look at PC-screen

silver key needs goggles for the pool

I've decided to stay here. I'll be in the hammock in the pool if anyone needs me.

This comment has been removed by the author.

zoz, i got that wine bottle opened, I'll join ya

I seem to be slow today. I don't see how to translate the colored squares into the 4 numbers

@Isabel A. put them in alphabetical order. B-for Blue first. :)

Yay, hi everyone!

...and out... this wasn't too hard... a bit of searching for gems and marbles but not too hard.

Thank you very much, @mkganda!!

ah, out too. thanks for the help everyone

i only have 47 yellow coins, which is as good an excuse as any to stay here. @juselhan, I'll go get some wineglasses!

@Isabel YW :)

Sneaky-beach Walkthrough

move stone to the right of the path and pick up key - enter the beautiful house
you enter room E - notice the candles are not lit!

turn right - pick up SCREWDRIVER in F
turn right - make picture right for MARBLE 1
go to J - use SD on cb to get EMPTY WATER BOTTLE - notice box for marbles
take note of red 8 in K and fill water bottle at sink
take MARBLE2 on sidetable in L
take LIGHTER in M and take note on Green 5

go back to E, light the candles for MARBLE3
proceed to C - look at Notebook screen (3red,5blue,6yellow and 4green)
zoom on box and open it according computer screen and get MARBLE4
go to P and take MARBLE5 on ceilingfan

back to J - put in marbles for BLACK KEY which opens room B
give that poor plant some water for BLUE KEY
which opens room O
unscrew the picture and find the safe for the gems
pick up bottle opener in W and use it in U for BLUE GEM
take KNIVE in T and GOGGLES on the very right in AA

dive in AB for SILVER KEY - isn’t it lovely here !

now with the knive we go to N - first unscrew the vent and then
cut the red wire - now we can open the panel for RED GEM
silver key opens Room I - we have only 2 clues yet for this box
lets go to H - GOLD KEY on left - move decoration and zoom in
to towel for purple 4
now you can open the box in G for GREEN GEM

gold key opens Room Q - turn right to R and click on speaker
at the very top right- PURPLE GEM falls out - one to go!
pick up wrench in S and go up to X and notice the flags
it’s the color order for the gems
go to Z and use wrench on bench for YELLOW GEM
is it not a fantastic view - now where was this bottle of wine -lol-

go all the way back to O - put in the gems - grab the money
and leave - or perhaps not??

Solution box in C: 5436
Solution color box 5/7/4 oclock
Color order r,g,pu,y,b

Wow, @Swiss! You could give kkf a run for the prize of fastest WT! I'm still looking for two more coins, lol.

I almost skipped over this thinking I already played it. are names being used over?

only found 44 coins :s I'm usually pretty good at those. No sneaky coin either.

Great WT @SwissMiss! :)

Seems like the coins were harder to find; I've looked twice everywhere, can only find 49. Great game, SD!

@mkganda, to the best of my recollection, the sneaky coin was in F, where the screwdriver was

I believe the Sneaky Coin was in F as well. Look up, maybe mid screen?

yeah sneaky coin in F on the plant. Btw I'm really amazed how quick Swissmiss is in making a WT.

ty for the compliments - I just played again and wrote along - I leave the coins for someone else though

really - I justed wanted the work done so I could join you gels with that bottle of lovely wine!

Room A - key right hand in the soil
Room F- screwdriver
Room G - fix painting for marble
Room C - open yellow box for marble
(solution: on the computer order colors in alphabetical order and
enter the number 5436 in the yellow box)
room j - marble box on kitchen counter
-open jammed cupboard with SD for an empty bottle.
room K- note number red 8 on yellow paper
- add water to the empty water bottle from faucet.
room L - Marble on the little table between the beds
room M- note green 5 on the wall, pick a lighter by the bin

Go back to room E to lit candles for a marble.
Room P - marble on the table.
Go back to room J put all black marbles in the box for black key.
Open room B with black key and pour water on the plant to pick up blue key
OPen room O with blue key
Room O - remove picture with SD to reveal a place for gems.
Room N - open left small panel with SD to reveal a red wire
Room W- bottle opener by the tree
Room AB- You need googles to get a key in the pool
Room U- use bottle opener to open the bottle to get a blue gem
Room T- get a knife from the table
Room AA - get google from the right corner of the scene
Get silver key by using google in toom AB
Go to room N, cut wire with knife and get the red gem from the next cupboard.
Use silver key to open room I
Go to room H and look at the towel -see purple 4, also pick gold key on the shelve under some decoration
Go back to room I and set the dialers on the box as follows red 8, green 5, purple 4 for Green Gem.

open room Q with gold key,
go to room R and click the top corner of the room to get purple gem
Room S- get wrench by the jacuzzi
Room x- Note flags in order red, green, purple, yellow, blue,
Room Z- open the little space with wrench for yellow gem.
Go to room O and put the gems in order of red, green, purple, yellow, blue.

and it helps that Selfdefiant names the room - its so much easier saying go to A instead of turn up,left,right, etc.

lol Seda - two Walkthroughs are better then one
its called belts and braces!

found all 50 coins! the last one was low in the plant on the far right in C
I may try to do a coin through unless someone else wants to do it.

and out... they only hint I needed was for purple gem ;/ I think the first time I was in that room when my cursor changed I thought it was just because it got too close to the bar. Great game as usual. thanks SD

thanks to everyone for posting. i rarely get through these without taking a peek! and i would have NEVER found that darn sneaky coin, difficult to find even with the hints!

did find 50 coins finally. last two I found were in X by chair in sunlight, and C near plant if that helps anyone

This house is just lovely!!!! And, it's so hot in Athens, that even the color of water in the pools, is so refreshing...
(and the game too...)

In and out all by myself - it's such a fun! Thank you SD.

I cannot seem to dive anywhere. Not in AB, bot in anywhere. My googles are dry.

3 - t, u, v, w,
2 - a, b, c, e, g, i, k ,l, n ,o, p, q, r, aa
1 - d, f, h, j, m, s, x, y ,z ,ab

AB is where you use the goggles

and sneaky coin is in F

Coin - Through

A: 2 (either side of door)
B: 2 (1 on nightstand, 1 on terrace)
C: 2 (1 just where plant on far right hangs over rug, 1 on middle shelf left of code box)
D: 1 on floor lower right, below plant
E: 2 (one on right sofa, one just behind left sofa)
F: 1 on kitchen counter. Sneaky coin high in tall plant.
G: 2 (one on nightstand, one on floor in front of chest of drawers)
H: 1 on ledge by sink
I: 2 (one in window, one on floor beside chair)
J: 1 on table
K: 2 (1 on counter just below fruit [hard to see!], 1 just above third stair)
L: 2 (one in window, one on wall light fixture)
M: 1 very bottom of screen on the right
N: 2 (one in window, one on floor, far right)
O: 2 (one at lower corner of each sliding glass door)
P: 2 (one on table, one outside, just beyond middle sliding glass door)
Q:2 (one lower right corner of sliding glass door, one on shelf to the right of the bed)
R: 2 (bottom right corners of sliding glass doors for each terrace)
S: 1 in alcove next to jacuzzi
T: 3 (one far left near planter, one far right in planter, one by column behind lounge chair)
U: 3 (one far left near the bottom of the screen, one behind the wine table on the stone ledge, one on stone ledge to the right)
V:3 (one by pool ladder, one far left by plant, one by chair nearest pool)
W: 3 (one at end of hammock, one far left side of deck, one on chair on deck)
X: 1 by chair
Y: 1 by door
Z: 1 lower right side of bench
AA: 2 (one by right chair, one by left chair)
AB: 1 at end of hammock rope, far right

this houses make me feel miserable...

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@ Sunshine, you don't have to find the map in this one, just click the blue "map" button on the game

Ahh...thanks @zoz for the "coin through". I'm usually on top of them, but wasn't on my game today. Going back through to collect my riches. :)

Out with no help (which doesn't happen too often) and 48 coins. What a pity I didn't find the last two, maybe then I would have had enough money to buy this paradisiac house. The balconies, the terraces, and especially the two pools were extremely beautiful this time. And my jaw fell down when I saw the shower WITH A BENCH! After two weeks my skin would be peeled down to fringes.
Selfdefiant, thanks a lot for another happy little time. Keep on running!

Once again I'm late to the game. This one is a classic Selfdefiant and the music is getting better IMHO. Anyway I am working on mapthroughs for those of you who enjoy them. Remember there are spoilers! My maps start here.

By the way,
@ zoz:
Thank you for the second coin in scene "C". It was the one I was missing also. =)

could nt catch it live
but still enjoyed as usual!!
thanx selfdefiant again

Hi @ Selfdefiant, not sure if you will read this, but I had a dream last night that I was trapped here for real LOL. And I was looking for clues just like we do in the game! Thought I would tell you lol :)

Thank you so much SD for another great yourney.
Where is that house? Maybe we can rent it as EG24 gang :)
And why looking for loose coins if we get a load of it at the end? LOL
I just loved it.

Lol @ Catqueen, that's a good idea!

@ph1n3a5 your maps are AWESOME! I really like the way you did the locks with the key color, and how you incorporated little pictures of, for example, the goggles, corkscrew, etc. I nominate you as the Official Sneaky Games Mapmaker!

Second that zoz! Ph1n3a5 is great!

Oh, my post from 6/20/11 5:23 PM has vanished!!!!
It said, if memory serves:
"Thank you, Selfdefiant, for a lovely game in a lovely setting.
Yet again, I refuse to leave this place; the treasure is quite secure just where it is, guarded by me, whilst julselhan shares the wine with zoz, as she swings in the hammock by the pool.
We can put up with a few crazed escapers frantically running about, banging their heads on locked doors, and crying out for a screwdriver.
Which room do you want, Selfdefiant?" =)

Now, if there was any reason for administration deleting my comment, or if it was an accident, I would appreciate an explanation.
Do I have to record every comment in case they "disappear" again?

I know I'm posting way late... but I wanted to say that this is by far the most beautiful house in which sneaky took us. nice playing this. out with 49 coins and no help :)... and sneaky coin too

help rm g cant make the picture.

NVM Got it by luck

thank you Swiss Miss for the WT,missed a marble(havent noticed the candles)and zoz for the the coins(ended with 47)and ofcourse Seldefiant for the game

Thanks @SelfDefiant!

What a beautiful place, I didn't want to leave! Great job SD!

Darn, I wish I could play this. When I start the game, my inventory flashes a bunch of symbols and I can't pick anything up. Either a bug? or more likely - since it seems most people got through this game - there's something wrong with my software or settings? Hmm. Has anyone else had this problem?

excellent game as always. I needed a bit of help, too, so thanks for the 2 great walkthroughs.

And @ph1n3a5 I hadn't seen the maps before. What a wonderful job. I love the hint-through one with the images on it!

Cant even get thru 1st stage ! :(

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