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Ancient Scripts Walkthrough

Ancient Scripts

Robamimi Ancient Scripts is a new Japanese point and click type room escape game by Robamimi. In this game, you have to find your way out by looking for items and some clues to solve puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Ancient Scripts Walkthrough

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


good morning!

number under bunny and key from plant

2 hints on/under carpet

good morning
door and books = IV I V II III

SD and a second tile from opening right box

flashlight from ghostleg - need battery

Hi Megi - glad for your help :)

Can now look out door hole....

Hi SwissMiss :)

Opened middle box now 3 tiles et al

Do we need to note allthe different scenes outside peephole?

Hi all.

hi Leroy and all

how did you open the middle box - to do with books?

yes clio - it is for the right box

@clio think it gives you order for the left box including using the books in the cupboard....

@Swiss yes look at numbers on books and shelf level....

ps hate those ladder puzzles so if someone could spoil it for me????

Leroy - it is rrlllr / just follow the turns of the line which is marked

pls spoiler for books

In bathroom now.....

@Swiss look at number on book and shelf level. LOL dont think I could be plainer without giving the spoiler...
And thankyou for your spoiler.

Sorry, I dont understand what ghostleg means on the computer.

pop did it

Ok watered vase now have 5 pieces and order....

Thanks @SM

5th tile from vase

Hmmm might need two more tiles....

Has anyone seen a green number on shelf?

6th tile from box nextto safe in bathroom Now looking for a green number...

sorry, gotta go. Good luck. I was stuck with just 4 tiles and wondering how you got water anyway. bye, and have fun.

the shelf is a 5 but not green
yellow 7 on door and red three on rabbit
but safe does not open

@Swiss I cant find the shelf number???

opened safe and got spray and tile

leroy it is the side of desk with PC but code is for PC and not safe

Nvm LOL found it..... There is another clue table rabbit door so combined?? Will try now.

Still dont get it....

and out
very nice game

Leroy - the shelf rabbit door clue is for pc - 2nd file - which gives you clock position - which gives you safe combination

Aaaah So somehow clock is clue for safe???

Hint - before you place the tiles make a note of the letter positions!

Hmmm where is that damn battery so I can look at the sprayed memo????

leroy - look at SD closely

SwissMiss -- I don't see how the ghostleg relates to the left (2-button) box.
Or does it go somewhere else?

(Sorry, I started late. Have 3 tiles and SD so far.)

Gotcha LOL

puzzle - only the ghostleg with arrow is important
follow it up first (it is the 4th)and then start from the top down and just note which direction it goes - first right, second right, etc.

You dont need to note the letter positions just press hint button at top left....

I thought they dont come up anymore when you have placed the tiles properly

@Swiss thought you meant note letter positions from the book?

But what order do you place tiles? Did I miss something?

Leroy - you have the clue on the wet piece of paper - in each line is only one letter acc. the clue

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Idiot me LOL I should have seen that!

@SwisssMiss - thanks for the ghostleg.
I had started looking at the books on the shelves, but there where only 5 books and 6 legs!

Back...and was able to sort the rest out on my own. Loved the letter puzzle at the end. Thanks for the help with the ghostleg,@SM. Would still have been stuck there without your help

Will add letters do come up again when tiles placed correctly...

my pleasure clio

trying to write a walkthrough atm

And you are right Swiss very nice game.

I assume the mat has to do with opening the yellow door but I don't understand how it works. Can someone help me please?

This comment has been removed by the author.


first scene - notice a vase and 3 boxes and a clock which doesn’t work - but you cannot do
anything here yet

turn right and zoom on desk
lift up bunny and notice RED 3, also look through book and see lots of clues there also notice
the colored ends of the pill packet - note the number 5 on side of desk
PC not working yet

nice looking plant! shake it for KEY then turn right and look at the doormat and make a note
of the position of those 6 “numbers”. turn corner over for TILE 1 (an inverted D with no 1 on back)
you cannot go into bathroom yet - you need a card!

turn to exit door - and open the white box - put the leves like the pillbox on desk and the spyhole
is aktive - look through it and notice the way picture come up (Sky, flower, chair,house,chap with tea)

turn right and open green cubboard - notice the title and the number of the books and also the position i.e. which shelf is which book

now you have the clue for box on the very right in opening sceene - the numbers correspond
to the door (btw the chap drinking tea is in prison) solution below - take SD and TILE 2 (Diamond with No 7) also open the SD and take out the BATTERY

turn to desk and unscrew the the panel below desk - take TILE 3 (Circle with 4) and flipp the switch
to turn on computer. Look at first file and see the ghostleg - solve it and open left box, solution below - take out FLASHLIGHT and put in battery

and now you can also solve middle box with putting in the position of boos for DOOR CARD and TILE 4 (omega sign and 0) solution below

with card and carpet code you can enter bathroom (turn carpet 90° to the right)

turn left and take WATERING CAN - fill with water - close the door and note the number 7 on door
2 boxes which you cannot do yet - open cb on right and take the Club Robamimi paper and go back to room - pour water in vase and pick up TILE 5 (Square with No. 2) and note the hint on bottom of vase. Open the box in bathroom with clue and take TILE 6 (triangle) - solution below: also see another clue in safe (table,bunny,door)
got to PC and put the corresponding numbers in file 2 to activate the clock solution below:
look at the clock and notice it works now - go to bathroom to open the safe for TILE 7 (drop) and SPRAY

treat the paper with spray and Flashlight according the hint in deskbook and make a note of those blue signs
go to bathroom and open the right box - place the tiles acc. hint on paper
solution below:

now you get 5 signs lit up - convert them to a word - solution below:

put the word in box next to exit door and you are out 


right box: IV,I,V,II,III

left box: ghostleg - only the line of the pink arrow is important, start at the top
RRLLLR press pink buttons accordingly

middle box: book 1 on shelf 3 etc, so 3,1,4,2,3

box in bathroom: 70412

PC-file code 537
clock code for bathroom save R4,G9,Y2

placing the tiles - in each vertical line is only one letter which is also on paper hint
circle,triangle,square,diamond,omega,drop,inv. D

convertion of signs: WORLD

Jennifer - yes you are right but turn the mat 90° so 1 is middle left

this was a great one! actually got through on my own! and jennifer, look at the mat with your head turned to the left and see how many dots are on each section (Representing the buttons next to door). hit the button with one dot on it first, etc.

Yay! Finally out. Thanks again @SwissMiss on how to use the ghost leg hint and also where to find the battery!

Great game -- even if I'm too slow to get out in true real-time.

Good morning (in Germany) @all!

Please, could someone tell me, what a ghostleg is?

Katharina - it is a game - once you have activated the computer you see it on the first file
there are lines starting at the top and you always have to turn at the first turning - being right or left all the way down, i.e. in this one if you start at the very top left one you end up at the very bottom right
(you can google it as well - but in this one only the one with the arrow is relevant - you have to go from bottom up first to know where to start to get to the solution)

Oops -- correction on your walkthrough, SM. The 5 was on the left of the bookshelf, not on the desk.

BTW The doormat tilt is hinted several ways. The box itself has a red line at top, the mat has a red line on the left, and the book shows a picture of the mat with the red line at top. When I first "read" the book, I thought I was going to need another card somewhere!

sorry - about that Puzzledin - hope everyone finds it there - well spotted!

This comment has been removed by the author.

the doormat has 6 squares with 6 "numbers"
5 / 3 / 4
2 / 1 / 6
if you tilt the mat to the right it becomes
2 / 5
1 / 3
6 / 4
press the buttons on top accordingly

oops Arbeitslooser - you probably had a pop lol

It is a way of converting numbers for a simple code.
In this case, you're following the lines from top to bottom. You go down the line and every time you run into a cross line you take that to the adjacent vertical line and then continue down.

A very simple ghost leg is the letter H, which would switch the two letters

In this case, if you numbered the lines 123456 on the top and ABCDEFG at the bottom, you would get

You can also look up "Ghost Leg" in Wikipedia for a more detailed description.

AHHH! This killed me. I feel so stupid.

I was first trying the pads top to bottom, so "uppermost left + middle left" then the next 5 ones which show next to the 2.

Until I realized that the pad "amounts" shown on the map are nothing but ORDER HINTS...(1st, 2nd, 3rd...)

Also, Ghost legs show up frequently in these escape games (although its been awhile since I've seen one.)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you very much for your detailed answers - I'ld never thought about a thing like that! And I'd never heard the word before. Of course, I asked Google about it, but couldn't see what it had to do with this game.

I'll look it up in wikipedia for a better understanding. Much greetings and great thanks from a raining germany.

Thanks SwissMiss ghostleg problems but the rest made great sense * FUN GAME * wish they all were like that

Really a great game - and after understanding the "ghost leg / ladder" riddle, I was able to play it, thx again for the explanation, I would never be able to find it out by myself!

It was a great game, and thank you for the help (especially SwissMiss) !

Apart from the ghost leg puzzle (which I can never do), it was an easy one! The puzzles were nicely thought out and flowed logically unlike many games where the puzzles just seem random.

Could someone please explain how the buttons on the yellow door lock work with the numbers on the matt? I knew that the matt was telling me:
right away based on the book clue. Yet when I enter the numbers on the keypad (as it has no numbers displayed) I am just guessing what button is which number. Assuming the first button in the top left is #1 and the top right button is #2 and so on, this code does not work. So I tried it assuming that the top left button is #1 and the top right was #4, still no luck. Help please!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

This was an EXCELLENT game! Challenging, but logical - so refreshing!!!! Thanks, and hope for more soon!

@byebyecow...if you look at the red stripe at the left of mat...you see that you have to reorient the numbered places to put the red stripe at the top.

Then your numbers are: 1/left middle, 2/left top, 3/right middle, 4/right bottom, 5/right top, and 6/left bottom!

ty @SM for yet another great WT & for the ghostleg riddle solution!

Loved this game. thanks for the WT @SwissMiss - I needed help a couple times (including that infernal ghostleg)

Loved this game! Out with no help! Woohoo, that never happens! :D

Fantastic game - no pixel hunts whatsoever, and lovely logic!
Thank you, Robamimi, for restoring my faith in good escape games; I rank you among my list of "Great Gamers"!!!
Thank you for posting, MegiPoland =)

excellent game! But darn the evil ghostlegs. I FINALLY figure out how to "read" the things, and the last 2 games they have been in (that I have played) have had variations on them. Not fair.

Out with SwissMiss' directions to just read the one line.

Out without help. That rarely happens to me so I LOVE Robamimi games!!! Seems that their logic suits mine. And that is not suppose to be an insult towards Robamimi ;-b

       Anonymous  7/11/11, 6:14 AM  

That was a fantastic game!!

alt link:


Really nice game!

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