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Asylum Rehash Walkthrough

Asylum Rehash

Asylum Rehash is a new escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Nightmares of the asylum keep haunting you. You can't tell what is real any more. The only way to make it stop is to find the source of your dreams and destroy it. Enter this massive asylum with over 70 areas to explore. Meet trapt spirits that will help you along your way. Good luck and have fun playing!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Asylum Rehash Walkthrough
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Here we goooooo...

Umm. the clicky thing that says play this game, doesnt let me click it?

it turns orange, but doesnt turn into a hand. Have refresed 4 times.

Lol, you forgot to make the play link active Selfdefiant.

I fixed it. It's too early for me!!! Enjoy everyone!


Thank you @SD

Right and down is a crowbar.

Used crowbar, left and down for a syringe.
Used syring all the way to the right for a yar to collect orbs.

Looking for something to collect the orbs.

Found crowbar and a glove (used in a dirty tub to get a bracelet)

Thx s-t, now collecting orbs, i need the map lol.

Aaaarghg, why have i bought a lantern????

die 5 räder,wie einstellen?
So wie auf der skizze? Hmm kan aber bei den 2en unten nicht grün und gelb übereinanderstellen ?

Wait for me guys and girls....loading here :)

Where's the glove?

Bought map now, this game is huge.

@small: glove is in the pool, right side of it

In room A is the siringe.

I think the bracelet was in AC and the glove was pretty close to it.

If someone don't have map and want to know how huge this asylum is; the rooms go from A to BS

THanks Urban, found it. It's ROOM Z.

anyone have a knife for the teddybear?

Use glove in room AC

yes @ urban was a bit worried when I saw the final room was named BS !

Still collecting orbs to buy a map. I don't know about the 5 rings yet.

Need knife for tedddy bear in O.

My first Selfdefiant game live!! Yay! Hello everyone.

wo ist handschuh?

ty SD! was going thru "abandoned asylum" withdrawal! :)

Screwdriver in ROOM AA (in front of wheelchair).

Use srewdriver in ROOM N (in the sink) for a garnet gem.

Dial code needed in room Y

Any idea for the wheels ?

jemand ne idee für die 5 farbigen räder in I ? und ne Idee für Code in Y

Teddy bear in ROOM O.

Where is the clue for the 5 rings in room L please?

Catqueen if i knew....

räder put like on skizze 2 coloured ones cruises below 2 räder are accordingly, as belohnung gibts purple key

@catqueen: I think that on the panel in the room where lonely bathtube is, but don't understand it.

Gemstones go into picture in V, we need 12 !

huh? Room L has the paper with the coloured X's

Zazie: maybe in room M with the tub. There's a paper that can be reversed.

The circles are in room I

Thx Urban, found it too but don't know yet which side is the right one.

I don´t get the wheels....can someone explain ?
marita i don´t understand you hint.

Frage in zimmer J,da auf boden? Einer ne IDee wie und was machen? in P braucht mann rosty key,bisher keinen gefunden,blauer fehlt auch noch.

Question in zimmer J, there on boden? One make an idea like and what? in P needs mann rosty key, up to now nobody found, blue is still absent.

Got a purple key from rings.
I wrote down the code with the holes in the paper on the right side. Then I rotated ccw so I had 3 codes above and 2 under.

@catqueen, my rm M is a hallway

auf zettel,sind farbige kreuze.Unten links das rad mittig gelb,drüber blau einstellen,recht so einstellen,das mittig grün und drüber gelb ist. Oben links dann mittig blau und die schrägen, halt wie eingezeichnet rot,rot und mittig und rechts oben genausso wie auf zettel

on zettel, are coloured ones cruises. Below on the left concentric yellow, about that put blue, surely in such a way put which is concentric green and is yellow about that. On top on the left then concentric blue and the sloping, just as marked red, red and concentric and on the top right genausso like on zettel

When you have the paper rotated the upper code is the middle color.

Thanks Marita, got purple key now.

Clio Rose, sorry it's L.

Finally i got the wheels !

Black key in ROOM X, use screwdriver on tile.

jemand blauen und rostigen key gefunden? ,messer für teddy suche ich auch.
habe in w,dank hammer ein stein für ring gefunden

somebody blue and rusty key found?, messer for teddy I also look.
have in w, thanks to hammer stein for struggle found

Clogged drain in J.

code für y gefunden,ist in ad


Hammer in AD

blauer key in ae

Blue key in AD, use crowbar.

Wall to bash in room W.

DIAMOND GEM in Y, use hint from room AD.

Jade stone in W

We are all walking in different directions LOL.
Fuzzball how did you clogg the drain?

knife in ag

Nope Zazie, blue key is in ROOM AE.

JADE STONE in ROOM W, use hammer.

2.jadestein in teddy in o

Found hammer in AD

catqueen - sorry, I didn't clog the drain, just found a clogged drain I can't unclog yet!

Candles to light in AE. I'm going to try that nifty hammer on the brick wall in W now.

@selfdefiant: blue orb in room AG, can be pressed numerous times ;)

JADE STONE in ROOM AB (right wall).

Hammer on wall in W gives jade gem.

Sorry s-t !! A mistake.

Good luck F1 players. I'm back in my pedal-car with the wheel code.

small too in ab stein? wo genau?

Now have two jade stones after collecting the one from AB.

KEY from lady in room AF. Give bracelet with 3 jade stones in it.

We will need THREE jade stones to put in the bracelet. When it's finished give it to woman in AF.

Knife in AG

Y gives a diamond. Clue was in room AD

Marita, I think there was a panel on the right wall or on the right door. Didn't need a tool for it.

in AH roter key,in AM wird 8 stelliger code gebraucht

Key from lady in room AF opens door in ROOM AI.

RED KEY in room AH (in drawer).

At least I can teleport myself now. :)
S-T that's gonna be a hard job to write a WT for this one :)

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Amethyst gem from room AL

Red key is used in room AQ.

8 digit box in AM

Amethyst GEM in ROOM AL use code from room AH.

Did a lever in ROOM AT, don't know why!?

meep-meep. Pedal car on the move from wheel puzzle...thanks for the hint @marita. I dont speak German(?) but kinda got it.

Mirror in BN

Need to destroy Darth Vader in BS! Where's my light saber?

Plunger and another lever in ROOM AY.

Has anyone found gold door?

Give mirror (from room BN) to guy in ROOM BF for a GOLD KEY.

am code,keine ahnung weclher,zahlen die ich fand gehen nicht

Silver key in BA. Use clue from blackboard in AU.

Green key in AL.

Use plunger in ROOM L for a RED GEM.

Gold door is BL

Use silver key in lock box in H for Pearl gem.

Another lever in BC

Shovel in BG

Lever in BP

in AV code,keine ahnung mJemand ne Idee wo hinweis?

Gosh I'm so lost. SD you're killing me! ;)
I read the posts but still can't find the rusty key.

Showel in BG

Boy in BO is looking for a ring.

Thanks for silver key, Fuzzball.

no problemo small-tool!

Drawer in BJ has some kind of slider/line puzzle.

Ring in BL

Opal GEM in ROOM BJ (use hint from book).

s-t plunger used in L ?
Where ?

Citrine GEM in BE, after you have done all the levers.

Got a peridot gemstone in room AE after lightning the candles with lantern.

Solution to wheels is in L. Yes, I too am driving in a pedal car!

Sorry Zazie, I think it was ROOM J. (typo).

Has anyone found a lighter for candle in AE? Also don't know where to put piano numbers (drawer in AM doesn't work with that) and cannot find again clues for slider pizzle.

oh thanks small-tool, I hadn't flipped past the gems order in the book.

Urban: use lantern you buy from salesman.
Where is the rusty key please?

habe bisher,citrine,saphire,emerald,opal,perle,ayamarine,rubin,garnet,peridot,diamand,ametyst.
fehlen noch weleche. nur wo sind sie? code für AV fehlt noch

Where is hint for wheels in AV ?

How do you get the ring in BL ?

Nice one catqueen, I would never have thought to use the lantern, was keeping my eyes peeled for a lighter. I'm going to blame all the Sneaky Escapes!

I am lost.
Where to use plunger and how are the wheels in AV working.

Use the shovel in BL for ring

plunger,also wc teil in J verwenden

Aquamarine GEM from piano in room BQ. Use number above piano combined with thint in book.

zazie - use plunger in I on the clogged drain.

Im a bit late, but joining you all...

Thanks again Fuzzball, forgot to take the shovel.
Btw I still have a silver key unused.

Hi Jo.C.
I still can't get to the upper part of map cause I need a rusty key.

@SD, do you mean it? In Room AG, I was having trouble picking up another blue orb, so I kept clicking...I accidently now have 814 orbs. I promise I didnt cheat, i jsut sort of noticed my orb-meter was full.

S-T silver key is needed in room H

In way late, but set to enjoy a nice, long game. Thanks, Sd!

small-tool - silver key is used on green locked cupboard in H

Sapphire GEM in room AM. 8 digit code is in book HUMANITY.

ahh.. nice one small-tool. Now I'm just looking for the Blue Topaz.

I think you need this key.
KEY from lady in room AF. Give bracelet with 3 jade stones in it.

Where is the 3rd jade stone please? I have 1 from room W and 1 from teddybear.

And where is this book ?

Maybe you need 1000 orbs to buy a light-sabre??

Zazie: book is in AJ according to S-T

Same here missing Blue Topaz, anybody found it?

Thx Catqueen !

Im a multi-orbinaire!!!

Catqueen, I think you miss the one in ROOM AB (right wall).

S-T you just saved my life! Thank you so much.

Somebody knows the code for the weells with north, south, west east?

How can HUMANITY be a 8 digit code ?

Zazie, Go through the pages of the book to see more.

Tappy, what room is that?

And where is that BLUE TOPAZ, I want it.

Zazie, look in the book, thereare equivalences for letters and numbers.

compass puzzle is in AV

not doin so well, trying to work out the wheels, i have read the above comments and wrote down the colours from the sheet clue, but cannot seem to get it :(

sorry, in room AV.

There's a small grey 6 at the bottom left page of the number/letter clue in the book.

All the letters that have a 6 on that page spell FOX. Not sure if that means anything in particular though.

Thx s-t and taippy, i will look.

Hi - just starting...way behind, so I'll just try to catch up...but just wanted to say hi.

Ah of course forgot about those dials in room AV, well the blue topaz has to be there. Code cracking time.

Hi Zoe, you will probably over take me in a min lol

There is also a grey 'preface' on the humanity page of the book.

Slider thing in BJ is solved by hint in book as well.

And hi Zoe !

@Jo.C...tho you're already past me, for the wheels: To finally understand I made a 7 x 4 grid of the X's in rm L. Then the hints above made sense.

Hi JoC and Hi Zazie!! I'm way back at the wheels in room I...can't figure it out....

Turn the clue paper around so that you match up the pattern on the paper with the colour pattern of the centre colours on the wheels. Then turn the wheels so that the other colours on the paper match.

Anybody solved the Piano ??

Use the book to help swap the numbers on the little brass plate on top of the piano into piano keys.

Well, I'm sure we need the last page from the book for those dials in room AV. We haven't used that clue yet. Buw how?

what piano??...lol

Jo.C - Oh I see we are at the same place!!!

Piano in BQ :)

I've turned the paper so that yellow and green center colors are on the bottom and red/green/red center colors are on the top - now what?

lol yes Zoe, HELP!

Thx fuzzyball, got it now !!

Can't solve dials in Y. I see the clue in AD, but I must have something off. Any help?

Going to try clio-rose and Fuzzball's ideas with the wheels... fingers crossed!!

Zoe the below spots of the upper wheels (in the south) are B R B
and the two upper spots of the down wheels are (north) B Y

zoe, now turn the dials to match the other coloured x's on the clue. The dials move the colour into the correct position. I found it easier to use compass directions so that on the first dial blue was at south west and red was at south east.

cheryl, look at their positions and turn the dials according to that.

small-tool - I'm stumped with that last page as well. That's why I was casting around looking for any little clues but I can't make the grey 6 or preface work in any logical way.

Now I'm tracking all over the map to see if I've missed a clue anywhere.

I did it!!

The top 3 wheels: the very top colors are green/pink/green and the very bottom colors are blue/red/blue.

The bottom 2 wheels: the very top colors are blue/yellow and the very bottom colors are purple/purple

Too bad but I have to go and do some shopping. Have fun all and cu l8ter.

I am stuck too, missing 2 gems and no idea for SWNO wheels or what else to do.

PS - @fuzzball - THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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For rm Y..is it:
Pu = 12 oç
Pi = 06 oc
Y = 10 or 11
B = 1 or 2
G = 7 or 8
R = 4 or 5

I cant get it?

Ahh the levers lifted the cage in BE, missing one gem now.

ok im back from the phone... going to tackle them wheels! Well done @ Zoe, told you that you would over take me lol

Where the hell is a hint for the wheels ??

That is correct Clio, but you have to play a bit with those two options you have for the last four.

Done it, I had turned the paper the wrong way!! Back in business now :)

@Zoe, thanks for the colors on the wheels; I would have never got that if it weren't for you!

Jo.C - yes, and once you get the purple key, it goes faster, for a little while... ;-)

@Jo.C, I had my paper turned the wrong way as well. Now it's crystal clear.. LOL

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