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Da Vinci Mystery Walkthrough

Da Vinci Mystery

Abroy - Da Vinci Mystery is another point and click adventure type room escape game developed by Abroy. Now is time to crack the Da Vinci code and escape the room as quickly as you can. Have fun and enjoy!

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Da Vinci Mystery Walkthrough
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Am I first in here?

Yes Drinkmilk, congratulations!

is that sarcasm Catqueen?

I have 3 puzzle pieces, a rope and got key from word/name puzzle. Plenty of clues and spots.

GamersHood and then Abroy, beautiful!

puzzle tiles so far:
- behind dark grey oven thingy left of chest
- under big helix right of bed

- rope from picture puzzle

I don't know where to use rope or wooden wrench. Can't use wooden wrench on a place where it says need a wrench. weird...

- wrench from coloured circles puzzle (hint on heaver, 2nd view right)

Hi Premiere and Morgan.
Drinkmilk, same here. I think we need a bolt first.

Assemble wooden wrench, stick and rope to get a working wrench.

another puzzle tile on clockwork (2nd view left)

another puzzle tile in round pyramid under left white crank
hi, CQ

Strange clues on white round thing and picture in view of couches.

another puzzle tile under bread on table

don't know how to solve the number thingy, don't even know the name of that. And can't find the 4 digit number, but i'm guessing that's because of unused wrench and rope.

Hi all, missing one piece. No idea where to use the rope and the wooden wrench.

4 digit number = S i.e. area of the circle.

@K.P.Norlin where did you find stick?

so many games I can't possibly catch up, so I'll just say "Hi!" @everyone then watch as you all leave me in the dust, lol.

Name is famous painting from Leonardo da Vinci.
Color clue on big round machine thing in corner. Gosh...I don't know how to call these machines :)

kakuro first row:

@Miss Brasil: What is the radius of the circle?

ZOZ I have my Swiffer here, will dust you off now and then ;)

You get the stick by completing the kakuro puzzle (the number crossword puzzle behind the right cupboard door).

There's a drawing of a circle behind a picture on the wall. The four digit number can be found by calculating the area of that circle.

Click on the painting on the wall, Cyberjar (breakfast table view).

Ha...I almost didn't open this one...already did a DiVinci today...lol
HI!!! @everyone!

@MissBrasil how do you calculate the S?

nevermind, solved it.
now need to solve that numerical thing on the cupboard...

pi X radius square.

The area of the circle, S = pi*(radius^2)

Use pi = 3,14 - any more accurate than that will produce the wrong number.

Pi (3.14)*r*r

Does anyone know what is that? And how to solve it? please

I'm sooo bad at math. Should have paid more attention at school. But that was ages ago.

Area of circle from radius of 27

27 x 27 =729

729 x 3.14 =

Stuck on number puzzle

@Catqueen 27*27*3.14

@Stryboh me too.

lol @Catqueen, thanks (achoo!)

Drinkmilk and Morgan: thx thx thx! :))

Just when I had those Sudoku things down pat!

OK, what is kakuro ?


The math puzzle is a Kakuro... I found an explanation for it on wikipedia and am trying to solve it now...



HI Catqueen, have rope and wrench, maybe kakuro
will give third item for last piece ???

figured out the number puzzele. for example; 9 means that horizontal numbers should be equal 9, and 3 means that vertically they should be equal 3. if you understand what i'm trying to say :)

I like kenken, sudoku, even the pyramid numbers thing...but I do not get this kakuro!!!!

and out! woohoo! :)

got it...


and out!

Thanks Fern!

A Kakuro spoiler would be grand.....please?

Morgan, it will give something to find the next piece. (in wheel site)

Just did the kakura all by myself.
Thasnk for the help with the PI sum.

Out now.

Dusting ZOZ of, hope she's fine.

Thanks for the link @ premiere but will
learn how to solve this at a later date.
So will wait for you to post answer....hehehe!

Nokra, kakura is a kind of kenken but shifted.
Ahhh the answer is there already!

so why wouldn't this one work:

1 3
2 2 8
x 1 8 2
x x8 1

Thanks Fernweh87, a triple combination !!!

And out TY all.

@Catqueen, could you maybe dust off my brain first?

@Fernweh87 -- TY! TY! TY! I never noticed that picture. lol

Sure zoz ----> uses swiffer on zoz.
Do you need help?

in each row/column, each number must be only ONCE

@zoz -- you can't repeat the same digit.

I'm used to seeing these in squares.

These instruction helped me;
In these puzzles, you are filling the white squares with digits 1 through 9 so that they add up to the sums shown in the dark squares. A dark square will show one or two sums, separated by a diagonal line. A sum that is above the diagonal is the total of the row of white squares to its right. A sum that is below the diagonal is the total of the column of white squares beneath it.

Two important rules:

There are no zeroes.
There are no repeats, i.e. a digit can appear only once within a sum.

oh, details details details! thanx all!

and according to wiki you can't have a noisy workspace!

How come my key won't open the chest?

@Stryboh, try the key on the "virtual chest", lower right drawer.


First row is 1-3 (makes 4)
First column has to make 3, so it's 1-2
Second column is 6, you already have the 3 and you may not use a number twice in a row or column. So the order must be 3-1-2.

Thanks zoz. Forgot about that one!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yup. (blushing)

Eh...where to use the wrench...have it put together...but don't find where to use it...Thanks!
Also, do not see what is in the bed view...very dark and can't do anything... is anything there?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Nokra - I couldn't find it for awhile. Click in any corners by machinery.

Nokra: The wheel is in the screen with the white round wheel in the middle. Click the left side of the pyramide.

@nokra did you combine the rope with the wrench and the wooden piece?
btw, I took the liberty of writing a "clarification" to your Sakura WT ;D

Nokra. In view of machinery click lower right corner.

how many pizzle pieces in total? I got eight pcs

still have a key

Vera: One key is for virtual chest in CB.
8 puzzle pieces: use it on the door for the final key.

Vera Use key in other chest when you click on keyhole where puzzles are

Oh...thanks, ZOZ...I'll go see what I screwed up....lolol

TY catqueen and stryboh...

puzzle tiles:

1) behind dark grey oven thingy left of chest
2) under big helix right of bed
3) on clockwork (2nd view left)
4) in round pyramid under left white crank
5) under bread on table
6) behind wheel (2nd view, part of round pyramid), fixed wrench needed
7) chest puzzle, key from letter puzzle needed
8) behind little stick under white wheel (2nd view middle), pincers needed


- wrench from coloured circles puzzle (hint on heaver, 2nd view right)
- fix the wrench: combine rope from picture puzzle, stick from kakuro & wrench from name puzzle
- key from letter puzzle (hint: picture of lady)
- hint: the number Pi=3.14 on rotor left of dinner table
- hint: radius=27 behind man picture right of dinner table on wall
- pincers from number puzzle



coloured circles:


number puzzle:
S = Pi x(radius x radius)
Area of circle from radius of 27
729x3.14=2289 (.06)

thanks nokra! gonna to try now

Hoping you all will get out safe.

It's getting late here (22.30) and I have to do some more work.
Bye all and thank you so much for the fun and help.
Till next time.

@nokra, you didn't screw up a thing! I just changed the language a bit.

thanks for dusting me off @Catqueen! I needed that!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Yep...I clicked all over but not that corner....and I am still missing one! did all the puzzles already, so it must be hiding in the dark somewhere...lol...guess I'll have to wait for a WT....thanks for all the help, guys!

Oh, couldn't resist playing, although it's already 22.30 p. m. here and I have to get up 4.45 a. m. tomorrow morning, but was great fun!

Thx for the help with the - for me - strange sort of ken-ken, never seen before.

And I didn't find the radius / circle clues on the picture.

Out with this useful help and hints!

Nice evening / good night @all, until next game.

Beautiful ZOZ!!!1 I have missed your Walk and sing and poem throughs!!!! Very cool!
I love it!!!!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

@Judike: click on item and then the other you want to combine.

Then click combined item and then next one, then all 3 will be together.

Thanks again Katharina. That was a very quick reply.

Stuck with 7 pieces... ugh!

out with math help. I didn't remember how to calculate the area of a circle. Something new learned (or in this case re-learned) from escape games. Filing it away for next time.

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