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Find the Escape Men 16: The Solar Power Walkthrough

Find the Escape Men 16: The Solar Power

Find the Escape-Men 16 :the Solar Power is a new Japanese point and click type escape the room game from No1Game. This time, you must find 10 Escape-Men to escape there. Let's find all the Escape-Men, solve some puzzles, and escape from the room (1 ending). Good luck and have fun!

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Find the Escape Men 16: The Solar Power Walkthrough
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I miss the last man and I don't know what to do after I place the balloon on the X.

@MissPepy,look at the door with light on or play with the curtain

Thanks valeria, but I already have the door man.

Ok, got all the men. What about the balloon?

have you found the screwdriwer?

put the man on the baloon!

out :)

somebody help please. I'm stuck with 6 men.

hi everybody, i've all the men. what to do with the dryer and the float?

i always cannot play any games from No.1 Games

Can't make the baloon, I try using the bag with the hairdryer and it gets plugged out...

gina black, switch on the power

stuck with baloon and float

finally out!

Thx :)
Now, what to do with the baloon and the float... Hmm...

Tried to switch power on bu its not working,
Gina Black please share how you did it ???

I switched on one of the two swithches (I think the left? Not sure) ehwn used the bag right on the head of the hairdryer.

Anyone who knows where to use the baloon?

Hi, remove the bin and put the balloon there

Anyone still playing, missing two men, made the balloon and now I'm totaly stuck. Where did you find all 10 men.

Never mind got it. Clicked about a thousand times around the box and finaly I found the 9th men and SD. Out now.

Bag and float together... but the green dude won't get in??? is there another step??

Place bag at tip of dryer, then combine ring and balloon
and place on the X, I only have 9 men so can't
go for a balloon ride :-(


1. On door with light on and blind closed.
2. In bin.
3. In box under bag.
4. Behind box.
5. Rattle blind up and down several times.
6. On hair dryer in box.
7. Behind float.
8. Beside vent in ceiling.
9. In vent in ceiling.
10. Right switched when toggled.

hope this helps.

Thanks Morgan.

Put the balloon on the x then put the man in

On door with left switch on and blind closed,
thanks GreenBug, I am floating away :-)

@Dark_o_Heart,same problem here : I had to remove my ad blocker for this site (I hate this).
@GreenBug, yes, it does help a lot !
I have all the escapemen but I don't know how to use the garbage bag on the hair dryer.

hahah... his ass was hangin' out :P

I don't understand how to use the bag on the hair dryer.

Where is the bag?

lol, I have the bag in my inventory all the time, I thought it was an Xray photo.

Thanks @ Jacqueline.

       Anonymous  7/8/11, 8:12 AM  

@Pascale: I had the same problem. I changed switches (right one ON) and then I could place the bag over hairdryer.



BIN (later called outlet)
- Take the FLOATING BELT and after that GREEN MAN #1 (he was behind it on the wall).
- Take the BIN. Look inside the bin and take GREEN MAN #2.

- Open the box and take the HAIR DRYER. Look at the hairdryer and take GREEN MAN #3 (from the green circle). Take the GARBAGE BAG from the inside bottom of the box and then take GREEN MAN #4 (he was under the bag).
- Zoom out to close the box again and then zoom in again (don't open it) and zoom in behind it. Take the SCREWDRIVER and GREEN MAN #5.

- Keep closing and opening the curtain till you can take GREEN MAN #6.
- With the curtains open! GO DOWN.

CROSS on the floor
- Put the bin on the cross and now you can...
- GO UP (2x).

- Take GREEN MAN #7 and open the hatch with the screwdriver and take GREEN MAN #8.

- Zoom in on the switches in the wall and put the right one on and take GREEN MAN #9.
- Now put the left one on. GO RIGHT, close the curtain and GO RIGHT.

- And now (left switch on and curtain closed) you can see and take GREEN MAN #10.
- GO LEFT, open the curtain, GO LEFT.

- Zoom in on and put on the right switch again.

OUTLET (where the bin was)
- Zoom in on the outlet and plug the hairdryer in. Use the garbage bag on the hairdryer and now you have a BALLOON.
- GO RIGHT (2x) and DOWN

CROSS on the floor
- Combine the floating belt and the balloon.
- Take the bin away and put the combined balloon and floating belt on the cross. Put the big green escape man on it and you're out. (if it's still 10 little men, look at them, click them to make it one big man).

Seems as though alot of these games wont load for me today.

I have to use IE to play. Doesn't work in FF.

Had to give up after finding 9 green men. Couldn't find a way to make the balloon stick to the hair dryer...the hair dryer kept getting unplugged as soon as I clicked it :- (

The ending was cute. I like the "Woooh" sound. Thank you all for the hints and walkthrough:-)

The hairdryer stays plugged in when the curtain is open and the 'left' switch is on.

Or, try to put the right switch at "ON" and the left at "OFF", with curtains up.
This makes the dryer work in my game.

Lol, maybe that's it.
I probably messed up in my WT (sorry about that).
Anyway, try it with playing with the switches.

What a madness!

Who'd ever thought you have to rip down the blinds and rip 'em up again several times?

Thanx @ small-tool & Ellie :-) for the hairdryer hint. To find the 10th green man, the right switch should be on (so not the left), and the curtain closed.

Didn't like the switches in this game, but otherwise it was fun as always.

aww, a little green 'bum'

Real talk, I'm so glad that Escape Men love hiding in boxes as much as I do. I swear, there's like two or three in the box, and as someone who deals with sensory overload by going into tight spaces (like boxes), nothing could be more relatable. Also I've been going through these games one-by-one and I love them all so much. They're great for people who are somewhat hard of hearing like me, with the captions and everything, too. All in all, ten stars. Love this game. Would marry it if I could lmao.

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