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Hospital 46

[REPLAY] Hospital 46 is another point & click adventure type escape game developed by Jo99. In this game with a very special graphic atmosphere, a quite unusual hospital is led by Dr. Leboucher. Your aim is to help patient E326 escape from this place by finding and using items and hints for solving puzzles. You don't know exactly what challenges you will encounter on this mission, but you know that this patient needs your help and you are not the kind of person who gives up easily. Good luck and have fun! ☺

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Oh boy! A new game before bedtime!

Very nice graphics.

Hi Philomena, I'm also having my "night cap" :)

Thought I was out after getting the green key, but no...

Stuck with remote and hammer.

blue key now, but can't find a place to use it. Good evening, Miss Brasil!
Love these games -- they're so delectably weird. Makes for a nice birthday present

used remote on tv in first room. not sure what it did yet. what to do with the hammer?

Happy Birthday!

I used the remote too and got a letter B. I have spotted C and E in other rooms but that's all so far.

I honestly can't recall what I did with the hammer
Go into the office at the end of the hall and check the papers on the desk

This may be wrong, but I think you have to hit the interior of the painting outside 625 with the hammer to place the girl doll & get another piece

There is a clue on the red paper where the blue key is. ABCDE and "attention, tout sortie est definitive" . D is on a tile behind the poster in the same room. Looking for A now.

Used hammer to smash the fuse box.

I am now officially lost in lala land

In room 234 zoom in the yellow paper on the wall for another clue.

       Anonymous  7/24/11, 9:10 PM  

"A "is Dr.'s diary
get the key with the patient by changing the switch of the monitor.

press the help button on the side of the game -- hilarious!

LOL! Very helpful indeed...

where is the fuse box? and I feel like I'm on a drug playing this one lol

Happiest Birthday Philomena :)

       Anonymous  7/24/11, 9:13 PM  

get blue key

Thanks cici. So A is in the patient's file, B on the tv monitor, C in the closet of room 624, D is behind the blue poster on the wall in 235 and E is on the big screen in 625. Now what?!!

in what I think may be the final room, but can't do anything else. Ran the computer and got two thing from two drawers, don't know what to do with either of them...

Clee, the fuse box is in the back room in 235 after using the blue key.

OMG there is a guy on the electric chair and I punched in the wrong code...ouch!

I found a key on the desk opened the box in the hall can't see blue key yet but so much is around clicking like crazy now lol

LOL Brasil! too funny!

and out! I loved this one.

okay, how did you get out?

I think maybe you have to punch in the colors of the letters ABCDE in order to not shock the guy. Where is E again?

what did I do wrong?

Philomena, you have to combine both pieces of the keycard before placing it in the slot by the exit.

oh, never mind, I found my error

on the big screen in 625 @ Shelly.

that was pretty cute.

Out! Had to go back and push the buttons in 625 to find E.

thanks for your help everyone. Fun game. Time for bed.

Way past my bed time, thanks and good night everybody!

Not good luck for me :( do you have to have the 3 puzzle pieces to move on? I have 2 but can't find anything else ?

Good morning, Clee! Which one do you miss? I'll try to remember where I found them ...

Thanks Katharina :)

Lots of clicks later I just got out of the nut house lol you do need the three pieces to go on :)

Okay - have a nice day!

Had to leave for a while and when returning, I had to start game again, and now I don't remember, where I found the hammer!

Anyone around with help?

O. k., got it by chance!

Weird game, but fun to play! Finally out now.

Ah ah, Dr Leboucher = Dr "Thebutcher" (:

MissBrasil, where is the fusebox, please ?

I can't find a place for the hammer.

No one is here anymore... and i'm stuck!!

So am I...

I finished this game 15 minutes ago Jo.C.
Closed it already, but maybe I still can help.

Oh, I am not alone :) Hi Pascale... sorry I can't help you as I am stuck aswel!

Only have a box and hammer, and placed two puzzle pieces but don't have the third

Jo.C, hi ! Give the box to the boy in room 624.

Give the box to the guy in room 624.

Thank you Pascale, thought I had tried that... slowly moving on a bit then :)

... then put the doll in the compartment behind the picture hanging near the door of room 625.

ok I placed the doll inside that painting and got the last puzzle piece... just going to place it now

ok so now just have to figure out the code

And gave the doll back to that man to cheer him up

So where to use th hammer? People were saying about a fusebox?

Lol Jo.C,
Didn't know you could give the doll back, finished without doing that.

That's later first do the code (combine the code on the man's head with info from a paper).

What paper ? And where is used this code ?

lol, well I didn't like seeing him crying, it's bad enough in this place!

Paper on the desk in the office.
But I just opened the game again and in fact all the info is on his head as well (see the arrow).
The code is for the guy watching tv when you have put the 3 pieces in.

is that the papers in the office?

ok so 853 on his head with the arrow...

I have seen the code with arrow on the man's head and there is also a code on the TV programm (room 625). There is also some kind of remote with 3 buttons in the same room. I don't see a place to enter a code.

358 on his forehead and 475 on the screen in room 625...

Room 625, zoom in on the machine on the bottom left, place the 3 pieces and then you can put in the code sp3oi5le8r and click enter and then you can switch the screen off (but also change the channel to see the pink E, you need that later).

I had 853 on his forehead, but that spoiler worked for me, thanks small-tool

Thank you, Small Tool ! I have already done it.
I didn't use any other code than the code on the man's forehead.
I have also seen the green E. But I'm stuck at this point !

ok now into the hallway :)

this game is quite creepy lol

With the screen off, you can take the green key from the guys mouth and then open the door in the office.

ok i see what fusebox now... so have to press the right colours

Thank you again, Small-Tool !

ok so im looking for the letters D, E and F

Hi all!

@Jo. C.: If I remember right, you don't need an F! Only A B C D E.

Or is there not a F lol

lol thanks Katharina, just realised that

ok done the colour code, now need the other half of the card to get out! Nearly there :D

ok so i need to figure out the note on the wall behind computer

Jo. C.: Did you see the hint on the red paper in the room with the computer?

Do I have to plug the computer in? Can't seem to press anything

never mind POP

so all of that and I just ended up going back in the room!! LOL

When you clicked the symbols as shown on the hint you can take the 2nd part of the keycard, put them together and use on slot!

Sorry, I had to leave AND to restart my computer. I'm restarting the game, now !

That's terrible - It's just taken me ages to escape - just for them to put me back in my room LOL Thanks everyone for your help I couldn't have done this ine without you

It was a good game !

Hello....stupid is here again!! Can anyone tell me what to do, after smashing the fusebox??? Do I need a fuse?? Feeling up to my stupid self again today...

hi gyqz just puy the thing that you got from drawer in computer room


Yes, you need a fuse! Don't remember where I found it, looked a little bit like a cigar.

I did everything, got the 2nd part of key card, but I need the 1st part of key card. Do you remember where it was please

sherry12- there was one from the colour code and then the other in the drawer when you press the correct buttons on computer

I cant get the computer to work.

there is a note above the computer with 3 symbols on it, just look for them 3 symbols on the computer (doesn't have to be plugged in, which I thought it did at first). Once you press the 3 of them zoom out and the drawer on the left will be open

nvm I got it Thanks alot and to all for the hints out

Thanks again jo.c It was a pretty good game, once you know what you are looking for Thank god for the hints and your help.

Thank you all for hint & tips!!

yes i agree sherry, it was a good game and nice graphics but I doubt I would have got 'out' without the help of others

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 9:20 AM  

I loved this game. What wonderful art work, straight out of the 60's. I hope this game maker makes another soon.

In the next to last room, why could you move a poster and see something? And if you click on right in that view it take you to the fusebox screen, pre-smashed, even if you already smashed it.

walkthrough plz

In case you don't want to run all around looking for the letters again the color code for electric chair is: Green, Blue, Orange, White, Pink

Nice graphics, I loove them. And for once, a french one.... :D
Music sounds fun too !

No walkthrough?
I did play all the way through, and got out.....
As I'm not the only person in the world who CAN'T use video walkthroughs [they run like stuttery slide shows, with HUGE chunks missing. Absolutely useless]
I'd better write one for people like us....

Part one:

I'm writing this the exact way I played, so there will be more efficient ways of escaping.

You are a patient in Hospital 46, or, should I say, an experimental subject.
Well, just look at you, brain all hanging out and stuff! And those pyjamas? Pu-LEASE!!!

There are four buttons down the right side of the screen. Just try the help button at some point, even if you DON'T need it ;)

Why is the tinkling of music boxes so creepy?

Press start, and the evil Tiny Doctor
enters and doses you with a green and white capsule. Then he dashes away, cackling to himself evilly.
You can understand why you have to get out, eh, going all "Picasso" like that.
The red and yellow-patterned triangle is your directional arrow, and will be such in any screen.
So click it.

You've hopped out of bed and can explore the room.
Click the picture of the yellow disc on the back wall and click when zoomed.
Get a triangular piece.

From the main room scene, click the cabinet by the bed to access the drawers.
Top drawer has two things you can use.
One is a yellow note showing a diagram and room 625 in french.
You can take the key with the "Good Luck" label.
Use the key on the door.

See the room numbers above the two doors?
The back arrow takes you back to your room.
Next to the red box on the left wall is a hammer. Get that.
On the right wall is another sliding picture. Open it and get a chest.
Go in 624 and see another patient cowering in the corner of his room. He's clearly been here a long time, and seems to be obsessed with numbers.
Open the door of his wardrobe and get a remote control on the shelf [right side] and notice a letter "C" in an orange circle on the door.
Might be an idea to write that down.
Back out and click on the patient.
He's sitting tight, and not interested in you, so leave him alone and get out using the back arrow.

Have a look in the purple room at the end.
The office of Tiny Doctor, Dr. Leboucher [translated means the butcher =) ].
His desk is zoomable, so have a snoop at Dossier E326.
A photo of you [not your best side] and some notes.
Study these and drag each one to see two more pages beneath.
Note down the "A" on green paper-clipped to the first page.
The chest seems to belong to patient 624.
A doll goes in an alcove, which looks like the alcoves behind some of the pictures.
The remote control will operate a box with an eye beneath it. This should mean a viewable box, or screen, perhaps, if you think about it.
The last blue paper shows a head with "yes" and "no" arrows running down to each side from an eye, so something to notice again. Three blocks sit underneath, which are the same dimensions as something you will see soon.
Grab the key just above the cup and saucer and back right out of the room.

Part two:

In the hallway again, click the pale blue box on the floor by Room 624.
Stick the key in and click the door to open it.
"Magic Box".
This is a twisty-picture puzzle of 4 squares, and not diffucult at all to do, so press the flashing button when you've done it.
The picture slides away and you get another shaped block.
You may recognise the shape from the note in the drawer in your room, which will tell you to find one more block.
While you're thinking about it, nip into room 624 to give the scared man his chest.
Ahhhh! someone's happy, at least =D
On his forehead is a three digit number with an arrow facing left.
In case you don't understand the blue page clue in the office, the arrow is an extra little nudge saying that this number is backwards.
With numbers filling the whole room, I was scribbling down hundreds on a pad, but this one is referred to in clues several times, so it's obviously important.
You just remember the red page in the office, and realise you need that doll!
Look at his little face - you couldn't!
But you do, and dash off with it before the sight of him breaks your heart.
Back out to the hall and open the alcove on the right [behind the picture]. Put the doll in the doll-shaped slot and the last block appears!
The doll slides back, so if you are deeply affected by patient 624's sheer despair, grab it back, and go to pop it back on the box for him =)

The red office page also had a clue about a boxed screen and a remote control, and you might remember one on the wall in your room, so back up there to find it.
Use your remote control on it and notice a "B" on a blue circle.
Back out to the hall.

Enter Room 625.
I love the way the eyes follow the cursor round =D
This patient is doggedly clenching his gnashers on a green key, of which you suddenly have a compelling urge to deprive him.
Don't feel sorry for him - he's past help now, so back out and look around the room for inspiration.
You may spot a small grey pattern like the one hinted at in your drawer, so click that and use your blocks on it.
And here are the three long rectangles like the blue paper in the office!
You MUST know what to do now, but in case you don't, just remember the numbers on patient 624's forehead, and don't forget to use them in the direction of the arrow. Also the "yes"/"no" clue on the paper hints at this.
A tall blue robot thing whizzes across the room and the screen changes.
Just press the green button on the robot for a minute, to see some different images [it's all Joe99's artwork, so worth seeing] and a letter "E" on a pink background.
The pink button returns the screen to the original images, and the red button at the top ends the transmission. This should alter the mental state of this patient, so click him to see what effect it has had.
Haha! That's YOUR key now!
Back out and go through to the office.

Part three:

The grey door at the back will take the green key, so use it.
If you click the far door [blue-patterned] you find a purple shape. Nothing happens when you click it, but try to remember the design.
Back out and go in Room 234.
First click the yellow paper on the wall to see a clue.
The eye means you have to notice something, so write down or remember the three shapes under that. Below these is a picture of a keyboard [you'll believe me when you find it], and under that, an open drawer.
Back out, and - oh look, a keyboard! Click the red computer next to the rat cage and click the three signs you noted, in the same order. Nothing seems to happen, but when you back out, you see a drawe has opened.
A shape with a similar design to the door panel is the only thing you can have, but that IS what the clue told you.
Try another drawer - the ones to the left. A 32 amp fuse! What a lovely surprise.
Back out and enter Room 235.

Click the blue paper on the wall and drag it away to see a letter "D".
Now click the instrument trolley at the bottom right of the screen to see a new clue.
The eye is noticing the backgrounds of the lettered circles and the scrawled french note seems to mean that this order is important, so write it down or remember the COLOURS of each lettered circle in alphabetical order.
Drag this page away to the side to find a blue key.
A door you haven't been through yet is right in front of you, so use the key on it and enter.

Here is a large room. It is Dr Leboucher's experimental chamber.
A locked box to your right is sadly keyless, and there really are no more keys to find, so think what you have left in your inventory.
A fuse, a pretty thing, and that hammer! [my ex used to call it a "mending stick", when repairs didn't go to plan].
Smash the box with the hammer and see it crumple satisfyingly.
One click and the door falls off [you never knew you had such strength].
You may realise the four rods at the bottom of this box are fuses, and there is a gap.
Bung your fuse into the gap and prepare to watch the show!
I read in comments that if you don't set the colour sequence the patient will be electrocuted, but I didn't find that out myself =(
Remember the sequence of colours and press the buttons to match, BEING CAREFUL, because they move around after each click!
Your efforts are rewarded with a nice smile and another pretty thing.
In your inventory you can see they fit together, so pick one part up to join them.
Do you recognise the design?
Back right out to the hallway with the wheelchair and click on the red panel by the end door.
It fits, and it matches the frame, so back out to see what happened.
You were being watched all along! You KNEW those flying tadpole eye-thingies were up to no good!
Read the short dialogue at the bottom of the screen and enjoy the nice twist in the tale =D

Thank you, Joe99!
I love the way you've found a way of reaching this audience with your fine art gallery =D =D =D

Well done Rookwings on the walkthrough!! Must have taken a long time lol :)

@Rookwings - fantastic WT!!

Yes, Jo.C! =D
It took me two hours, but I'm a slow typist at the best of times, haha.
So, thanks, annaby and Jo.C, I just hope it helps somebody - maybe youngsters?

Wow !!! Excellent W/T Rookwings. I'm very impressed !

Finally got to play this one. Rookwings, that was an excellent walkthru for the times I got stuck. Not only was the information good, but I was entertained reading it! :)

       Anonymous  12/10/17, 3:55 AM  

caught this one from the random section

epic game, great graphics, creepy tune & pretty challenging - thx Jo ☺
& great to have a written WT (thx Rook), even years after releasing (those were the days... sigh...)

Thanks for the game, Jo99, and thank you, AO, for posting! Very creative and wonderful graphics! And patient 624 looks like Christopher Walken. Just sayin'. ;-)

       Anonymous  9/26/18, 3:38 AM  

LOL KK - indeed ☻

I'm pleased that you like this editor's pick as a replay ☺

played & got finished good phsycho game

TAB key works, you'll need it.

thanks for posting AO. Question: why aren't quality games being developed anymore? The daily games are such garbage. Are escape games just not in fashion anymore?

       Anonymous  9/26/18, 9:10 AM  

Flash is a dinosaur (& you know what happened with the dinos...!)
most of the (JP) devs create now their premium quality games only for mobile devices now
(you may check out some of them posted here on EG24...)

Thanks for the response AO.

too large, didn´t like the drawing

oops really good game

Brilliant game, wonderful atmosphere. Very original. Absolutely love Jo99's stuff!

Replayed again, enjoy them more each time. Love you Jo!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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