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Inspector Kloo 6 – The Stolen Necklace Walkthrough

Inspector Kloo 6 – The Stolen Necklace

Inspector Kloo 6 – The stolen Necklace is another point and clickadventure game created by Federico Rutenberg, the creator of Esklavos and Doctor Ku game series. Inspector Kloo is back again. This time he will have to find the stolen necklace. Good luck and have fun!

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Hello all. I've mixed a martini for the lady and got a stone of salt and the salt shaker. And I can talk to dogs, but they are not very friendly.

wie hast Du den gemixt? habe den eisshaker mit eis gefüllt und der flasche aber ins glas kann ich nichts schütten.dies grünen teile aus schrank wollen auch nicht in den shaker

how have you mixed him? has filled eisshaker with and flasche, however, in glas I can green nothing schütten.dies shares from schrank also do not want in shaker

Hi Marita, super, noch jemand da, ich stecke fest... Du brauchst zwei Flaschen, eine gibts bei der Frau im Hintergrund, die andere in der Küche im Schrank hinten

Hi Marita, reinforcement, great, I'm stuck! You need two bottles, one is behind the lady (red bottle), teh other in the kitchen behind the cook in the background in a cupboard.

ah danke habs se,die im schrank in küche habe ich übersehen.habe nun ein code im buch gefunden,das bellen des hundes mit den zhalen im buch vergleichen. aber kriege nirgens ein safe oder so.habe noch buch,salzstreuer und stein

ah, thank you habs se, in schrank in küche I have übersehen.habe now code in book found, this bark hundes with zhalen in book compare. however, gets nirgens safe or so.habe still book, more faithfully to salt and stein

After many steps, now I have a duck, but no place to put it.

Hi - habe den Drink gemixt und der Dame des Hauses gegeben, dafür gibt es ein Buch.

Give drink to lady and get book.

@Tadas: Wow, you are the fastest among us, please share!

hi all, stuck with saltstone saltshaker and doggylanguage-book...

@escapism: get some dirt from the plant behind the lady you just gave the martini to an use it on the floor.

kriege das teil vorm hund nicht,der knurrt mich an

if this gets do not share before hund, that growls me

@tadas: Look a bit further in the hole. ;)

Thanks Jenn!!!

Out , great game,great graphic :)

check the hole carefully :)

Woah, that was quick. Out! After finding the hotspot with the soil in the plant it is pretty much straightforward.

Hello everybody, guten Morgen. I mixed the martini but can't pour it into the glass nor give it to the lady. Got the saltstone and thats it.

ich komme nicht weiter,wo den dreck verwenden? und wo ist der safe`

now im stuck with shovel... no place to use it...

Hi friwi, maybe you need the ice? You need two bottles and teh ice to mix it, then the olive in the glass...

dreck behind the young man in the living room...

Marita: Use the dirt behind the man in the living room, close to the window.

Marita, der Dreck gehört hinter den Mann im Wohnzimmer (der ja laut Zimmermädchen Dreck nicht leiden kann)...

friwi,mann braucht 2 flaschen für martini

friwi, mann needs 2 flaschen for martini

@Ann: Use shovel at dog. Do you have the book already? I think you need it first...

stuck with shovel, hammer, cellular and dog language book

so, still stuck with shovel???? where to use it?

Strange, suddenly all the hotspots work, which I tried a thousand times before. Staitforward now.

@heftiger Kommander: Have you opened the safe? Hint: it is not a cellphone, but a remote...

@escapism, yeah, i have the book, and the handy but i cant dig at the dog...

@Ann: have you read my post from above (1:29)?

@Ann: Ah, I know what you mean, I had teh same problem, I think you have to dig deeper (use the shovel several times...)

Ahhh! a Bone! Thanks escapism!!!!

danke escapism ,habe nun ne ente bekommen,aber wohin damit? suche schon alles ab,aber keine stelle gefunden bisher

now thank you escapism, has agreed ente, but where with it? if everything already searches, but none puts found up to now

Where's the shovel? Opened safe with dog's code, got bone, gave it to dog and now need shovel

ok and out :D thx escapism for the hint :D

By the way: Did you realise that most of the postings here are from Germany? Well, friday morning half past 10 in Germany, it is Knoppers time...

@Katharina (another german... Hallole): I think shovel was in chimney...

@escapsism lol

@escapism ja hab ich, aber knoppers zeit ist doch halb zehn :D

Escapism: I don't want knoppers I WANT S.TH. TO DIG!!!!

Auch wenn ich aus Deutschland komme, ich mag kein Knoppers ;-)

Maybe I stupid, but I cant find the hotspot for duck...

@Marita: dig deeper! (Tiefer graben... ;-) )

ist überhaupt einer nicht deutsch?

Ja, deutsche Runde hier heute Morgen! Nee, im Kamin-Safe war der Knochen für den Hund, und wenn ich dann das Teil aus dem Loch buddeln will, sagt er mir, ich bräuchte was zum Graben!

Moin zusammen!

Omg, I haven't had Knoppers for like 10 years! Maybe I should get some today...

@ Tadas you dont need hotspot for duck... just dig deeper and you will find more interesting stuff...

@Tadas: the duck is a red herring (or a red duck... ;-) ), there is way more in that hole!

wie tiefer graben,habe telefon doch und nun ne ente .habe ente,schaufel,hammer,telefon und buch

how dig deeper, has telefon, nevertheless, and now ente.habe ente, schaufel, hammer, telefon and book

If you find a duck, you have to find a necklace! The dog buried it, along with a bunch of all sorts of things that pulled out of the house! . Shovel will give the cook in exchange for salt shaker

Well, I just could not grab the glass. Now I am stuck with the duck. You get the shovel from the cook, when you gibe him the salt shaker. Immerhin Zeit fuer ein Paeuschen, wenn auch ohne Knoppers.

ok. Thanks, its friday:)

also ich kann graben wie ich will,ich kreige nichts anderes aus loch

ah ich dussel,mit hand ins loch und dinge rausholen

erstmal eine rauchen :D

out for a smoke :D

ah raus bin ich

Marita, Du musst ohne Schaufel einfach Dinge aus dem Loch holen.

@marita das ist strange...hast du dem hund den knochen gegben? did you give the bone to the dog?

Tried x-times to give salt shaker or salt to cook before, tried to combine things, nothing. Cook will not accept the shaker.

Perhaps I even need Knoppers for him instead of salt?


Katharina: You have to crush salt stone with hammer and fill that in the shaker, then give it to the cook.

Katharina, did you smash the salt with the pickaxe? Then combine salt and shaker and give it to the cook. But sometimes you have to try the spots more often before they work.

@Marita: Sorry, habs grad nochmal gespielt, stimmt, kein graben, nur rausholen.

Sorry Marita and all the others I might have confused with my hint about digging deeper: I replayed it and it is correct: You don't have to dig, only grab things in the hole.

Ah, thx escapism and friwi, just got neither hammer nor axe for crushing, I wondered, why shaker and salt would not combine, so I have to look for it.


POP found hotspot for it, going forwards!

Katharina, hammer is under safe, in the sleeping room. Hint enough?

And even found his sock! But he didn't want it back, hmmmm.

Thx for the hammer-hint! This was pixelhunt for me.

thx escapism, see above: POWER OF POSTING lol

okay katharina, so you'll e out soon.

All that Knoppers talking made me hungry, maybe I'll go out and buy one, so I'll have my first one in 15 years. ;-)

hi all

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 3:24 AM  

where is the olive :(

take white stone [salt of stone].
go inside the house,get bottel of gin.
go right take shaker,take bottel in cupboard.
open fridge get some ice and olive.
go left twice take saltshaker and glass,take some dirt in the plant pot.
join the gin,bermouth and ice.
pour it inthe glass,put olive in,give it to lady,she give u a book of dog language.
go right use dirt on floor,go left twice click the women,leave the room. go again in that room take mobile,get a hammer undre the safe.
smash the salt stone with hammer,join the salt with salt shaker.
give the salt shaker to chef,he give u a shovel.
go out side click on dog,see in book for langauge code for safe.
go in sleeping room,use moby on safe,type the code and get bone for dog.[code is always diffrent in every new game.
give the bone to dog,and use shovel on the sand opposite take the duck,click again and again. now u have necklace.
go inside and give necklace to men and u r out.........i remember thats it.........i hope its helpfull to u.........

TY @sumali!!! The WT was very helpful!

LOL...I was trying to get the necklace from the duck!!! But, a sock and a mouse later...got the necklace!

just checking if i can post

Don't understand why i am represented as 'unknown', what am i doing wrong?

nvm, just found it out, sorry

easy other than the dirt hotspot. Cute game and bad dog! I like how he knows the code to get his treat :D

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