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Jogos Escape: Blue Room Walkthrough

Jogos Escape: Blue Room

Jogos Escape: Blue Room is another point and click room escape game from JogosDeEscape. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Jogos Escape: Blue Room Walkthrough

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i can't do anything

found a metal bar

Hi all, seems like a strange game. haven't found anything yet

it s realli hot spotted XD

Where? i can't find anything and can zoom on only few places.
so far, don't really like this game.

I have an iron rod and a piece of wire. Need SD for picture on wall. Tried poking the teddy bear's eyes with the wire........

found metal bar too, on the chair.
weird game

@william where did you find wire?

Yes, difficulty level appears to be unusually high because you do not get the "finger" transformation of the mouse cursor as usual. :)
This is likely zo emerge into an awfully great pixel-hunting job.

combine wire and rod to get knife ~
use on bear

zoom to left of left speaker for wire.

is it just me or does this game seem slightly out of focus? I do like the plastic bag drying rack - as - sculpture, though

this is brutally pixelly. don't know how much of this I can take

hi @zoz - yes, it does seem a little fuzzy

oops i meant to get SD!!! then there is the knife!

lol~ why i don't write WK'S!!

so combine wire and rod to make a lock pick.
Pick the lock on the bedside table to get SD.
Picture. Knife. Bear. Key. OUT!

i don't know about anyone else, but I always keep my knives behind pictures that must be unscrewed with a SD that's kept in a locked drawer that must be picked with a combination rod+wire. Just sayin'.

didn't lake the game. after finding wire, it was easy, and way too short.

combined wire its key for cabinet

Thanks everyone - I wouldn't have found anything without help.

@zoz Me too! :D And I thought I was the only one...

Out - short but pixelhunt!!!

gladly it was so short, because I don't think most of you people would have been able to suffer a 5-minute game full of pixel-hunting and every hotspot required to find by pure luck ..

Go right
Click the right side of the white seat of the computer chair
Get the ROD
Go right
Zoom on the floor left of the left floor speaker
Get the WIRE
In your inventory, drag the rod to the wire to combine them
Turn 2 times to the bed scene
Zoom on the nightstand by the bear
Use the combined rod/wire as a lockpick and get the SCREWDRIVER
Go right
Zoom on the second picture from the right
Use the screwdriver to remove it and get the KNIFE
Go left
Click the bear’s face to zoom on him alone
Use the knife on the pocket for the KEY
Go right
Zoom on the door knob
Use the key on the lock to escape – and go to the eye doctor since your vision is fuzzy!

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