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Male Fairy Escape 3 Walkthrough

Male Fairy Escape 3

123Bee Male Fairy Escape 3 is another point and click room escape game developed by 123Bee. The Cute fairy is looking for help to save her beloved who is held captive. Help her to find ways to rescue her beloved male fairy and reunite them. Good luck and have fun!

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Good Morning!

gave fruit to monkey for top hat

use wand on stone for a cricket (wand from magic potion)

Haven't seen a bug in a while. I guess I'll play this one :P

throw stone at dove for coin

I have a coin from the hat. graham - where did you get the stone?

the stone was on the ground somewhere in the scene with the animals

ehm... a magic stone turned into an ant, but don't know how that happened :S

ant goes in the hole for ant food, which turns into ears?

how did you get the stone from the hat?

2 coins here, thanks @Graham

I mean coin

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:13 AM  

Hey all. Hope this one isn't buggy, but they have gotten better. Ok off to fairy land.

Use wand on the hole to make another hand give you 3rd coin.

Still can't fine stone. i saw a magic stone but used my wand on it for a coin


How did you get the coin from the hat and where is the wand?

@Graham, use wand on the hat for the coin.
@miles, where's ant's hole?

nvmd - got it. Thanks Graham! two coins now

@miles, stone to throw to the dove should be to the right side. Maybe the orange one?

got it - thx edgar!

Stuck with 3 coins, magic wand, eye, ear and nose.
Placed fairy on right scene, but can´t do anything else.

if I could only find the wand...

Got it. Ant's hole is on the bottom left. Be careful not to click on the navigational bar.

123Bee... in I go

You're way ahead of me Roberto. Where did you find the eyes and nose.. and third coin?

@Graham, take the wand from the fairy... and the garland... and the fairy herself.

I'm stuck with a baby, a mother fairy, a girl fairy, a magic hand, eyes, nose, ears, and a magic wand. Can anyone help?

I must be missing a scene - don't see fairy, potion or garland

3rd coin I think is right side of hand, same horizontal line as ant hole.

put the garland on the hand for the eyes

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:23 AM  

Hi all. Maybe I'm playing game cause all I can see is a totem an get a fish from the rowboat. Puzzled here.

Got it. Thanks @roberto. That was my 4th coin btw.

baby? mother fairy? lol!
Can´t find the family!

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:24 AM  

playing a different game I mean...LOL

Thanks Roberto...now to find the nose

Coins go on scene to the right for another fairy.

I'm stuck at the same level as you roberto. There's a half coin in the left sunflower... Maybe the next step!

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:25 AM  

POP gave fish to totem/statue and now I see animals.

Edgar - you have four coins? Where's the fourth?!

And got baby fairy now.

I have clicked everywhere! Stuck with 1 coin, peanut plant and top hat

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:25 AM  

It appears that there is a 4th coin in the sunflower. Dont know how to get it though

to get the baby and mother fairy put all four coins on the platform on the scene with the flying skull.

POP - found it

Place peanuts on hand graham

@Graham, peanut plant goes on the hand.

stuck with graham i can not find a fairy or a wand

how can i make second hand?

Can´t find 4th coin.

@kevinc3, zoom to the right of the hand, on a pile of blue dirt. Use wand there.

Graham - put the peanuts on the hand

Thank you roberto!!! I thought I tried putting that plant everywhere! haha!

@roberto, did you got the coin from the crack on the ground? top right from the hand?

OK commenters with a nose... how?

My game keeps freezing...when I try to click on the baby and other fairy

Thanks Edgar, That´s the one I was missing.

ok i got a coin from monkey, a coin from sunflower, a coin form thorwing a stone. what am i missing?

Has anyone done anything with the other fairy and baby? Very glitchy

Ezio - use the wand on the whole, behind right side of hand

Got a bug in the comments page. Help is frozen!

I'd wish i have a nose... :(

I remember why I don't play 123 games. Every time I try to use something it freezes.

thx miles1, got it!

Hey, what if I promise not to escape first? Would you tell then?

me too Edgar

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:34 AM  

put mother fairy and girl fairy by falls to cause flood and get brain

Pffft! I'm out of here!

Lol @ Edgar! I'd tell you if I knew!

Is someone looking for the nose? You get that from using the fairy on the neem tree.

I'm leaving, too. Game won't let me do anything with the baby of other fairy. Just freezes

put one of the fairies by the tree for nose

Have wand, 2 coins, magical jar and 'ear', so not getting to far by the looks of things lol

Drah fairy to tree to get a nose.


@kevinc3 - where exactly near the falls? I can't put them anywhere

Where to use baby?

in the castle on the statue at the heart

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:41 AM  

After I opened the game it went very slow and froze. After openening this comment page in another window it froze too. Closed the game and now this blog is working perfect again, but without playing te game. Hmmmmm

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:41 AM  

I'm in castle, placed eye, nose, ear and baby. Now stuck...

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:41 AM  

@annaby - Directly to the right of the falls - You have to put one then the other - they each shoot something out of their wand

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:42 AM  

@roberto - Baby goes in male fairy

ducky you got he brain when you put the fairies near the fall... Stuck after that

In the falls scene I placed the mother fairy on the right side of the screen but can't place baby anywhere

Think I'm looking for kidneys but can't find them... Anyone?

thanks @kevinc3. i've got the mother fairy placed (toward right side of screen), haven't found place for the other yet

buggy - I think I lost the girl fairy somewhere

Where male fairy comes from?

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:46 AM  

Thanks Bar Le Trou, brain is important! :-)

Now out!

You need kidneys...

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 7:47 AM  

For kidneys take banana leaf...

Yeah finished... Banane leaf with water for fairies and you have the kidneys

ahh - you take the magical hand from the back and place next to falls also

how do you get the coin from the sunflower?

How to open the castle door?

how do i put the fairies by the falls? And what do I do about that flying skull?

@john - you have to put the other half of the coin on it (which is somewhere right of the hand)

Still missing male fairy

Ha ha i only just realised there was a second view with the castle!! Wake up Jo lol

Place magic hand, mother fairy and fairy by the falls and you get rid of skull

me too roberto!

I'd love to know where to find the banana leaf.

thanks roberto.

I guess I lost my other fairy - damn

finally out. Another illogical pixel hunt. Well, it passes the time.

you don't get the male fairy until you've placed all parts in the man in the castle

Would it be possible someone help me to find male fairy please?

How do I open the castle door?

I'm out. Thanks everyone.

Are you out yet Graham?

@roberto - go back to first scene and pick up magic arm - that goes in the slot by the door

Great annaby. Now I`m stuck with 2 fairies and magic wand.

roberto - I had to restart b/c I lost my one of my fairies but I am at the man and need kidneys now

and finally OUT!

Me too. Can´t find banana leaf also.

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 8:09 AM  

Had to go away for a while. Game is sooooo slow. Freezes alot. Still looking for stone to throw at bird. No hints please tell me where. Thanks.

Phew... out after all that!

you have to cause a flood to get the banana leaf. I think I put the mother fairy and the magic arm on the right side of the screen

Banana leaf in the view of the castle after the fairies flood the river...

roberto - have you placed the fairies to make it flood? A tree will grow and you get the brain and then you can click the on one of the tree leaves for the banana leaf

roberto - you need the embryo too. Can't remember where I got that but probably in the comments somewhere

Thanks a lot annaby. Finished!

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 8:16 AM  

PLEASE where is the stone?????

Thanks Graham too.

Stone is right side og big hand, It´s reddish.

I'm sorry @Alice but I don't remember where I picked up the stone. I know it took a long time to find it:)

ah - thanks roberto. I think it might have rquired the use of the wand too.

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 8:21 AM  

Thank you Roberto.
I have clicked that red stone area 1000 times and still can't get it. I think my game is buggy. I am leaving this one behind.

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 8:23 AM  

Thank you too annaby.

       Anonymous  7/7/11, 10:28 AM  

Someone was completely wasted when they created this game! It is SO weird!

OK, that was quite bizarre. Why does the male fairy get shoes? And why are kidneys more important than, let's say...the stomach? Or lungs? This hasn't been mentioned, but you need to make a cup of water out of the banana leaf, and give it to both the girl and mother fairy to make the kidneys.

I agree with Heather and Sara, this had to be the weirdest game I've played!! 123Bee, you messed up on this one.

I would rather walk on hot coals and eat bugs than play another 123Bee game. I broke my rule not to play them - never again!

Random, illogical, pixel hunting idiocy. Maybe if 123Bee focused on more quality instead of more quantity, people wouldn't avoid their games like the plague.

How to get coin out of the sunflower

Please sombody helppp me with this sunflower coin

EGDAWT (Every Game Deserves A Walk Through)
For once, read the "instructions" which give a back story.
Also, many people found this buggy.
I only had a couple of problems, but you can tell the developer is pushing the limits of the coding tool. Even on a fairly fast machine, when you revisit a scene, you can see everything replayed.

I'm writing this because I got VERY CONFUSED from the comments and gave up on the game first time through.

Take fish from boat
Zoom on statue and put fish in its hands
(Two crocodiles eat fish and a portal opens.)
Go through portal.

(Down arrow takes you back to BEACH, even though there's no reason to.)
Just to the right of the fist is a red stone - pick it up.
Note crack in ground.
Take green peanut plant to right of fist.
Place plant on fist -- fist opens and butterflies fly out.
One of these converts a sunflower to a magical jar.
Zoom on sunflowers and take jar and fruit.
Zoom on monkey and throw it the fruit to get hat.
Throw stone at white dove -- it flies away dropping a feather that turns into coin #1.
Click on jar and take out plug.
Girl fairy pops out -- take wand, garland and pink girl fairy.
Click on hat and use wand to get coin #2
Click on small tree just right of sunflowers and learn that it is a NEEM TREE.
Use fairy on tree to get a nose.
Zoom on pink stone to right of hand to see it is a "MAGICAL STONE".
Put garland on open hand (it turns to a snake, then eagle flies down to get eyes)
Zoom on where pink stone was and see it has turned into an ant
Zoom on pink hole at base of tree in foreground.
Place ant just to right of hole. It brings you ant food.
Use wand on ANT FOOD and get ears.
Now, there are 2 more places to right of hand, near base of stump.
One is that crack where you picked up the stone earlier.
Use wand on the crack to get a magical handand coin #3.
At the other, see a pile of blue stuff -- use wand to get half coin.
Zoom on sunflowers and put half coin on the left one to get coin #4.

See evil fire-breathing, flying skull.
Place your 4 coins on the round platform.
Zoom on blue fairy that appears.
Take embryo and mother fairy
Place Magical hand by path in foreground.
Place fairies to either side of the hand and flying skull gets zapped.
Place each fairy in turn by waterfall (between waterfall and black stage).
Get a flood that causes a banana tree to grow; a monkey comes and turns into a brain.
Take a banana leaf from top of tree.
Look at banana leaf. Click once to make a cup
Dip cup in falls to get banana leaf with water.
Click on castle (right mountain)

Place Magical Hand in hole to left of door.
Place eyes, ears, nose, brain and embryo(!) on statue.
Click pink fairy and give her a drink of water to get left kidney.
Click blue fairy and give her a drink of water to get right kidney.
Place kidneys on statue.
Male fairy comes to life and is reunited with girl fairy. (ugly bloke, imo)

(Special thanks to Sara Taverly -- I was trying to use that water everywhere else.

Thank you very much for this excellent WT, PuzzledinCA!

For me these 123 fairy games never were buggy, I only had difficulties in finding some hot spots, e. g. for getting the ant and using the wand at the crack, thx for the help!

1. Buggy. My young fairy vanished somewhere between two mouse clicks.
2. I'm playing with firefox. The plugin-container.exe overloaded my system totally, so it became slow and two times it refused to work.

I had to restart 3 times! Restart for this weird game (embryos, kidneys etc.). One star from me!

Replayed - again - with IE and it worked better!

I need to give my little old system a medal for managing to play at all, but with my patience and willingness to feel hair grow faster than this game runs, "Ugg" and I completed, bugless of course [in FF, as always] and I enjoyed playing, as usual.

I loved that moment when I realised what that shape in the ground on the left of the animal scene was for, and liked the smug look that the brunette fairy gave just as the skull-thing was blasted!
It was so nice of the girls to donate kidneys to the statue at the end, and it seems the kidney is an important organ in fairy physiology.

Male fairy swearing undying devotion to female fairy:
"I love you forever - with both my kidneys!"
Probably a good thing he didn't get a mouth ;)

Yes, I agree he wasn't a looker, PuzzledinCA.
Now, that black statue, before we started adding body parts to it......?

Oh, yes, Rookwings (the black statue) -- I think that's why I was so disappointed to see the result of all our hard work!

I did not any bugs myself, but hotspots are difficult to spot, especially if you consider that you don't actually know what you are looking for. Otherwise, an interesting game!

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