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Mystic Rainforest Walkthrough

Mystic Rainforest

Mystic Rainforest is a new point and click adventure created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. You arrive at the Mystic Rainforest in search of the Golden Egg which is said to be hidden somewhere in the rainforest. Explore the tropical land to see what you can find! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Mystic Rainforest Walkthrough
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wow new SD!!!

YES!!!! just what I needed!

Thx SD!!!!!


Thanks SD! :D

found a map... it's really big!!!

I need something to hold the beetle. LOL!

Map second screen.

i've been waiting for this! Going in...

So how big is this one?

Great! There is a pause button! It will be useful.

lol - lion, man - each time, they make me jump

@Leroy, it's about normal size. Not the small ones, not the giant ones.

Geeze another big playground and the coins are back...

@Kias ok LOL normal size then

@zoz....what do you say? frabjous day!!!!

It's big, but it's not 4 maps big! LOL That's why I said normal size.

@Zoe, caloo calay!

No locations on the map damn...

black key in box with colored lines in the house

Screwdriver in Bedroom (Need black key first)

screwdriver and gold key in black key rooms

SD!! Glad I saw your post zoz... just finished Ainars.... In I Go!!! Thank you Thank you Selfdefiant!!!

Gold key over second bed in the bedroom.

Fishing pole in kitchen. (Need gold key!)

fishing pole in gold room and now i have a beetle in a jar

jade stone from dial box, once you get past the lion

Woh locks up a crappy old canoe in the jungle and with a silver lock at that LOL

Jar on porch railing. Missed that the first time in.

empty bottle top row very right room, as well as hints for box in room below this one....

Beetle is used as fish bait.

go figure - fishing pole in fridge!

two of the views on the bottom row are the same., the one with the big rock on the right hand side. The second one is where you go up and meet the lion.

give guy fish and get flute

use the lighter in room behind gold key door for silver key

How do you get past the lion?

use flute to pass lion

put the beetle from first scene into empty bottle

Aww crap! i was sure when I found that fishin' pole....but I guess I need bait?

@Graham, Thanks!
@Nokra, Yes, use the beetle.

Do not forget to take the bug at the first scene. Use jar. Combine bug with fishing pole to catch fish.

use the knife in the slit, left top room in middle section for color arrows clue

@Nokra, the beetle in the first room under a stone

Stuck with fishing pole and pond with fish - how do you catch a fish??

oh... out after placing the jade stones. I'll stick around if anyone needs help.

Another great game - thanks SD!!!

how do you get the box open with the red, green, and purple dials? I saw the clue for it but it's not working???

YAY! I think I can make some time for a new SelfDefiant!

Hello all. Will take me a bit to catch up so thanks in advance for all your helpful comments.

Miles1, I cannot see where I should use the lighter in the room behind the gold keyhole... Any other hint for me?

do we have to find the silver key to unlock the canoe before we can catch a fish? I have baited fishing rod, but can't get a fish...

Of course, after all these years... I finally got blogger straightened out to work here. I finally catch a live SD game, and work calls! It's not like anyone is dying, can't they just wait until I'm done here? Oh well, Have fun people! I'll be back later to finish on my own.

POP!!! go to where the lion is and then go right - there's where you get the fish.

Valerie - its to the left of the bed - right next to it.

Graham I think the green was 1, red 8 and purple 10

go it - green goes on 1:00, red = 8:00, and purple = 10:00

Where is lighter or knife

Oh thanks Miles! Then it's behind the black keyhole, not the gold one. ;)

Missed the lighter... where is it please?

sneaky coin after crossing river with canoe

Ooops - sorry!!!!

If I remember well, the lighter was on the table in the first house.

Hi all. Wow, a live one! And miles1 is out already!

I think I'll post a plan index to make communication easier:

rows letters, columns numers, ok? So it looks like that

E2 E3 E4...E8
D1 D2 D3 D4...E10
C2 C3 ...C10
B2 B3...B9
A2 A3...A12


Wow, made through with only one hint needed.

my knife is gone after using on slit...was I supposed to use on lemon? I only have 2 jade stones??

Ahh.. then knife is needed first... back to looking. TY @Valerie for pointing me in true direction.

Missing the last jade gem... and 2 gold coins.

lighter is in top row second room from the left

Yup, the knife is gone and I see I didn't cut the lemon either... Is this where is the last gem?

Well Im out with sneaky coin but only 45 coins...

Leroy - did you cut lemon with knife for 3rd gem?

@Valerie go back and take the knife from that far left temple room.

@Graham Yes and I know you can take back the knife!

ahhh - thx Leroy!

Graham - you do need to cut the lemon first... such a bummer

take back the knife and cut the lemon!

and OUT!

did you get the knife back?

where is the knife in the far left temple room? ther's only a thin slot for something there


cut lemon with knife first - get a jade stone

Thanks miles1 for the hint for the knife. Now where is the last jade stone? I've got the one from the knife and the one out of teh box in E2 (up left room)...

Zoe - it's at the far left section when you first enter the temple... I think?

Need knife and for the life of me... cannot find it.. hoping for POP soon.

escapism - did you get the one from the lemon? take the knife back and cut it

out with 49 coins

Yes...miles, you can get the knife back from the slit. I only had 45 coins too, leroy!

@Zoe, the knife is in the temple room above the river where you used the canoe. I think there were elephants carved there.

@Zoe LOL you have to find the knife first. I think it was in the first room after the lion on the floor to the right but not sure...

Ah, the lemon! Thanks for the hints!!

Thank @Zoz I told you I might be wrong LOL

Hi everyone, im a bit late but going to join you all :)

Taking back the knife... I should have thought of it! Thanks! :)

Great game! Out! Thanks miles1!!

Can't use lighter anywhere and can't find knife!!!

Wow, I'm second in the top scores :D

you can take the knife back after using it for arrows clue. I'm done with jades, but I've only got 48 coins so going searching for the last two...

@Green Bug use lighter in first bedroom, just left of the bed

WOW this Rainforest is really mystic as you end up teleported to a Hindu-Buddhist temple! Must have been the powers of the flute.

Okay, I'm an idiot...where the heck is the beetle for my fishing pole? :s

First scene, under a rock.

Thanks ZOZ.... all but one coin to finsih... have to find eat before I eat the ostrich egg!!

and out in 13" place... and there's another Irish dude in 14"!!!!

omg...thank you MissBrasil! I never tried old faithful on that rock--dragging. lol! Oh well, moving on.

YW, mkganda.

This Irish dude dancing to the music...

.....and moved up to Second place. Where's the cheque!!

out with 45 coins + sneaky. They were hard in this one. Ok, have a good day all!

Great game, SD, just got in a tad late!

Can't find the knife at the elephants or one room past the lion.

ouT! I too could only find 49 coins and bonus sneaky.. tempted to go back in later for last one.

Ahhh, need the canoe to get across the river to find the knife. I'm so behind. LOL

Find lighter in second house, light candle beside
bed in first house for silver key, get canoe and you
will find the knife.

...and out! After 5 minutes of searching for the UNNEEDED fourth jade. LOL!

Gsreat, a new SD, thank you! Little bit late, but doesn't matter at all!

**GREAT - of course :-)

please someone tell us where you found the knife?

@evans. Cross the river with the boat. You'll find it 2 rooms up on the ground on the right side.

got it!


only hard part was finding where to use lighter...got out with 50 coins

I started out live, but my job prevailed...oh well. Got out now with all 50 coins!

Thanks SD!!!!!!!!!!! Nice of you to give such fun on a dreary Friday!!

@Self-Defiant. I got to, not only escape from your wonderful game, but also from life, which I needed tonight. Thank you.

Wohooo out with no help but not all the coins. Thank you so much SD.

I can't find a place for the canoe...

The candle behind the bed igniting silver key

wie stellt mann links die bunten pfeile ein?Habe keine Hinweise gefunden bisher.
Habe ein jadestein eingesetzt und messer gefunden .Helft mal bitte einer

Marita, für die Pfeile findest Du den Hinweis, nachdem Du das Messer in den "slot" gesteckt hast. Slot ist im ganz linken Raum in der obersten Reihe, im mittleren Bereich. Dort, wo ganz rechts die 3 Löcher für die Jade-Steine sind.

Out now, mis-read the arrows and had to go all the way back again ;-)

Great game, SD, thx!!!! (as always) But I was disappointed: no black marbles and no gems this time :-(

You need the canoe for crossing the river in the left section.

Where else do you use the knife besides the lemon?

@DumSpiroSpero - you use it all the way to the right at the top first room. You use in in a "thin Slot" then you can take the knife back, but if you've already cut the lemon, you don't need to take it back

@pascale - start where canoe is and keep going left until you can't anymore, then go up to a lake. Then you get to a temple. There's a knife on the floor in there

The knife is not in the old "gray" temple, it's in the one after you cross the lake....

I have to go to a meeting now...good luck!!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thank you Katharina, I missed the scene with the river.

Walk Through a Mystic Rainforest
This mystical rainforest crosses at least 3 continents and several ecosystems.
I've noted the ones I recognize.
I only found 47 coins, so will leave coin-through for someone else.

Start at the rickety pier where the boat has dropped you.
Note the strange gray rock under pier (left) -- there's a beetle, but we need something to put it in.
(Are we collecting beetles instead of gold coins? No, there's a gold coin in the surf, bottom right.)

Go left and pick up a map (lower left).
Left again. See sturdy canoe with a silver lock.
Left again (Hmm are we in the tropics or the Pacific Northwest?)
Up to House #1.

Go left on the deck to see a lemon.
Up to see colored-lines box on table
Up again.
- Pick up BOTTLE on rail.
- Note colored lines on posts.
Back down and open box with colored-lines clue for BLACK KEY.
Down and right, then up.

Use black key to enter bedrooms.
- Just to the left of the canopied bed is an unlit candle.
- Below it is a SD
Right (why doesn't this room have mosquito netting?)
- Bright picture is firmly attached -- use SD to get GOLD KEY. (oh no, dropped SD behind bed -- will have to finish the game without one!)
Left down right.
Use gold key to enter kitchen.
- Pick up fishing pole (might need something to eat later).
Go all the way down to main path.
Go back to pier and catch that interesting beetle in the bottle.

Now, let's continue our stroll, left 5x.
Go up wooden walk way and meet friendly guy who wants a fish.
Down and left 3 x.
Oh!! A lion blocking the path up! (Guess we're in Africa now!)

Go right, and find water with fish in it.
- Put beetle on pole (drag jar over pole in inventory)
- Drag pole over water and catch a fish. That was easy!
Return to the guy on the bridge and give him the fish in exchange for a FLUTE.
(While you're at it, give him the pole and tell him about the fishing hole so he can catch more on his own!)
(The path behind him is now open, but you can't do anything there yet.)
Go back to the lion and scare it away with the flute. (Flute disappears.)

Keep going up and enter a house that ISN'T locked, even though it looks much nicer than the first one.
- Find a lighter on coffee table by blue couch.
Go right and see a colored dot clue on the wall (it looks like purple 10, green 2, red 8, but the green is actually on 1)
Go left 2x and open box on table for JADE STONE #1.

Go all the way back to the first house and light the candle by the canopy bed for a SILVER KEY.
Go all the way down and right and use the key to get the CANOE.
Now go all the way left and up 2x (you can cross the river because you have the canoe.)

See a Mayan Temple with a SNEAKY COIN at the top! (We're in Central America now.)
Up to go inside (no longer Mayan).
- Pick up that knife, lower right.
Go left to see 5 colored arrows (BYGPkPu).

Go back to the first house and cut the lemon with the knife for JADE STONE #2
Now, go to the wooden bridge where the man was and keep going up.

See a buried temple in yet another style.
Go up to enter and see a milky-glass door.
To the right are 3 Asian elephants with places for 3 jades.
To the left is a Hindu god.
Put knife in slot on left to see clue for colored arrows.
(You can remove the knife from the slot.)
Go back across the river and set the arrows to get JADE STONE #3 (above the arrows).

This is a good time to back and search for any gold coins you missed.

Return to the temple and place the the jades in the elephants to open the door.
When you pick up the egg, the game is over.

Colored lines:
/ /
\ |

Colored dials:
Positions are like a clock face.
The clue looks like purple 10, green 2, red 8, but the green is actually on 1).
Green=1, red = 8, purple = 10

Colored arrows:
U-D-L-R-D (top to bottom)

Late to the game as usual, I haven't even read your comments yet, why not? I got this one on my own. \\o//\\o//. I have started a gallery of maps over here. As usual expect some mistakes and some spoilers. I guessed that someone here made an alpha map and that the rooms were identified in the usual manner.
I'm going to enjoy reading your posts now.

@ SD ty as always! @ PuzzledinCA: ty for a very helpful & amusing WT! :)

@ph1n3a5 -- Escapism posted a room numbering scheme, but no one used it in the comments and I didn't find it necessary in my WT.

Looks like you have a different approach which I look forward to seeing!

In and out all by myself although it took me years to find this candle! Thank you, SD!

1st row: 2,2,2,2,2,2,3,2,2,3,1 = 23
2nd row: 2,2,2,1,2 = 9
3rd row: 1,1,2,2,1,0 = 7
4th row: 1,1,1,1,1,0 = 5
5th row: 1,0,1,1,1,1,1 = 6

1st row bottom, 5th row top

the hardest part was finding that very sneaky candle........

I agree...that candle was hard to see!

Lovely game, SelfDefiant!

It's a very first time i'v ever finished like this games :-) I'm very glad and by my self :-)

OMG my 1st time to get in and out on my own with no help!!! Yippee (",)

i finally finished an SD game with all 50 coins and UNDER 10 minutes, with sneaky coin ;)

oh, nice temple is from my home town, karnataka, India

game won't load :(

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