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On-Sen Escape Walkthrough

On-Sen Escape

[REPLAY] 58Works - OnSen Escape is another Japanese point and click escape game developed by 58 Works. In this game, you are locked in a room and you have to escape the room by finding and using items with clues. Good luck and have fun!

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On-Sen Walkthrough


Last refresh before bed and... new game out!

Well, hope there's no language barrier.

Opened a drawer with the windows hint in the view to the right. Got thermometer.
Also found a key in the water and a couple of brushes - left view from start.

Who's with me?

Hi Edgar

Opened a door to the right side of the fence with the water temperature and used the key to have lights on. Got a grabber and a screwdriver-- and yawning...

Hi Megi :)

Oh, after getting the hard brush wet in water you can see a hint for the code on the left side of the fence... a little to late, lol!

Used grabber to get a scarf from a tree and a can from the top part of a parasol.

Opened the (paint) can with the SD and added the soft brush. Painted the cat and put scarf on it - got the statue of a lion.

Lion placed opens the main door. inside the house now....

Hmmm.... language barrier! I knew it!!

Got a blue ball from some... barrels(?) next to the door, along with a number clue.

Grabber gives a red thing (octopus-like) from the ceiling - mirror view.

Dern it, I was just about to give up the ghost but nooo I had to hit that refresh button one more time too. Hi u all.

Octopus thing opens the left panel - placed the blue ball and got a shape, which fits on one slot in the right panel.

lol @shadysmith, welcome to my nightmare... :)

Oh, by the way. Opened the right panel with the numbers by the door.

And on the back of the fallen panel, another clue (use wet brush to see it)

Progress now. Clue on the back of the panel is for the left set of drawers.

I can open only two of the right set of drawers. I think I need a sequence. Trial and error maybe...

Aww man...way to short...Edgar, I didn't find any language barrier.

Hmmm stuck.
Some of the characters to the right are numbers, but... argh!! I'm sleepy :(

Oooh, you're right Martin!!
Lol! Pop helped me. Arrows on mirror do open those, and of course... if the clue is on a mirror, then mirror it! :P
Moving on.

Annnnnnnnnnnd out, nice game

Yell, if ya need hints (no hacking involved... haha)

3 shapes colored and placed... out!
Too short you say Martin? lol, say that to my closing eyes...
Hasta mañana :)

Hi all!
Got 3 shapes and can coloured them but don't know which colour and what to do with them

Ah pop - did the 1 -2 - 3 - 4 - 5 hint!!

Ya need to open the (3 bar) panel first

where is the fallen panel?

Out without help - great game!!!!

The fallen panel is the one that was pulled off by the octopus.

pop it

i dont get the hints for the cabinets, help plz.

hint for left cabinet is on paneel - beginn where normaly 7 is and follow the pattern.
hint for right cabinet is on mirror (left = right)

Write the order of the arrows on the mirror down and open the r/h cabinet's middle left and right door in the opposite order...L,R,L,R,R. The left hand cabinet, open the doors c/w starting with the lower left hand corner door.

Thx got it now

Before you go out the door...go back outside and see that all the lights are on now ;)

Loved this one.

Great game :) now sleep time thanks for the HINTS I needed the right cabinet

kriege rechts die 4 teile nicht hin,von links anch rechts wie? ganz rechts wie 2 zusammenstehenden 3 en,aber links davon?

Yes and you can open the drawer again (all lights on) and get a "Thank you" from red octopus

one can help me, the right panel please? , the character does not get set, do not know what how and where

Out, but only with the red octopus hint and the hint about the backside of the panel. Wonderful game!!

@Marita: Do you still need help?

ja,benötige hilfe.kann rechts das panel nicht bedienen,kriege zeichen nicht hin

yes need, right hilfe.kann not operate the panel, can not get to sign

Marita, the right panel has 2 doors you can open...the (L)eft and the (R)ight. Open them L,R,L,R,R.

@Marita: Ah, ok, you still need help... ;-) The right panel solution is in the 'barrels' beside the door: They give you the order when to click the three buttons. First button first and fifth, second second and fourth, and third third...

@Marita: Ah, ok, das rechte Fach. Du musst die 3 Knöpfe in folgedner Reihenfolge klicken: Den obersten Knopf zuerst und als 5., den zweiten als zweites und als viertes, den dritten als drittes, also einmal von oben nach unten und wieder zurück... Alles klar? ;-)

@Marita: Oops, maybe I did explain the wrong 'right' panel... Do you mean the wooden one or the right of the grey ones?

@Marita: Ui, hab eventuell das falsche rechte Paneel erklärt... Meinst Du den Holzschrank oder das graue Ding?

ich habe rechts vor tür 4 knöpfe,das teil an wand hinter lampe,,also nicht im haus sondern vorm haus

Did you do the thermometer in the water?
That's the hint.

@Escapism I was just thinking I explained the wrong one. We need to know if it's the outside or inside panel. I hope we don't confuse Marita too much.

ah danke small,dachte thermometer zahl hat ne andere verwendung,dachte links die mit wasser saubergemachte wand ist hinweis

@Marita: Ah, ok, you're outside the house... The right panel here can be switched on by clicking the lamp. Then you must set the numbers (who are mirrored in the middle) according to the temperature of the water. You have to find a thermometer to do this first...

Small tool was faster, as usual... ;-)

Yep Marita,
That's correct they're both hints for those four buttons.
The hint on the left shows you the numbers are double numbers mirrored.

Lol Escapism,
I'm just playing thid and not out yet.
Inside the house and I think I'm close to the end.
But I like this game.

@Marita: The cleaned wall was just the hint how to use the mirrored numbers. A bit of a doubled hint, I would say...

@Marita: Hat mich auch zuerst etwas verwirrt, das war für meinen auch Geschmack ein Hinweis zuviel.

bin im haus und habe rechtes panel offen,wie ist das mit links und die 2 schränke?

@smallt-tool: Oh, you're still playing? Hope I haven't told too much and spoiled the fun for you? It's a lovely logical game, you should get it without hints, I'm sure!

@Marita: Ok, some hints, if you like: Look at the mirror (and keep in mind it is a mirror!!) and you have to opne the left grey panel first before you can opne the left wooden closet. To open the left grey one, you need help from an animal that is in the room...

rechter schrank offen aber links kriege ich nicht hin

danke octopus erwendet,fehlt mir nur noch 3 teil für rechtes panel,der stern

Oops, I'm stuck.
I placed the 3 shapes and what's suppose to happen now?

@Marita: for the left closet there is a trick: the hint on the mirror is in a mirror, so you need to reverse the arrows, as Martin D. has written at 11.31

@Small-tool: what colors do your shapes have?

@small: Maybe the door is open already??

Lol Nevermind, had to clour them first.

folge dem muster auf tafel,aber es passiert nichts,muß doch bei 7 anfangen,also rechts oben oder?

Look closely to the panels/doors. The 7 is in the bottom middle so start there.

One question: for the right panel, the colors are RGB? Because nothing happens when I insert the shapes. And maybe a bug: when I clicked the blue dot it dissapeared.

@Marita: Oops, I was wrong again... All that mirrors made me fuzzy... My hints have been for the RIGHT cupboard, not the left... ;-) If you want to open the left one, have you taken a look on the backside of the fallen panel (the one you opened with the octopus)? It shows the position of a number and how to open the others

Hmm? untere mitte?

@Urban: No bug, the third color isn't blue...

The right one is more black/grey not blue.
I think it was blue efore but it drops down.

danke bin raus ,habs hinbekommen,danke euch

Ja, richtig Marita.

@Marita: I think the '7' is in the lower left, not in the middle...

Ok Marita, bitte bitte, gern geschehen! ;-)

Thanks escapism and s-t!

small-tool ??? is it to late for a walkthrough ???

Oops, was showering and doing dishes, but I could write a walkthrough.
So I start now.

WOW Hi small-tool, I'm out now but who was it said - every game deserves a walkthrough?

Now I'm going to shower and do dishes. lol

Lol Morgan,
But it wasn't me who invented that phrase (I think Ellie did), I only repeated it.

btw I wonder if the team at 123Bee were busy playing
selfdefiant and forgot to post their game...


Solutions of the codes will be at the bottom of this WT

- Look at the windows above the doors, that's the TABLE/DRAWER HINT.

- Zoom in on top of the table and open the drawer by doing the code. Take the THERMOMETER.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- See the flickering in the water. It's a KEY, take it.
- Zoom in on the 2 stools and take the SOFT BRUSH from the left. Click the barrel 2 times to lift the top parts and take the HARD BRUSH.
- Use the hard brush in the water on the left and now you have a WET HARD BRUSH.
- Use the thermometer in the water on the left and look at it and now you have HALF a 4 DIGIT HINT.

- Zoom in on the blurry spot on the left backwall and use the wet hard brush on it and see the second HALF a 4 DIGIT HINT.
- Zoom in on the standing lamp on the right and click it and now you can put the 4-digit code in on the backwall. Do so and the gate will open.
- GO IN.

- Use the key to open the box on the left and push the button and there's light.
- Take the GRABBER from the right.

- Look at your grabber and click it and now you have a LONG GRABBER.
- Use the long grabber to take the RED SCARF from the tree.

- Zoom in on the parasol and use the long grabber to take the PAINT CAN.
- GO LEFT (2x) and all the way in the gate

- Take the SCREWDRIVER from the bottom left of the left cat.
- Look at your paint can and open it with the screwdriver. Use the soft brush in the paint and then use that brush and can on the right cat. After that put the red scarf on the right cat and the door will open. Take the LION.
- GO OUT (down) all the way.

- Place the lion on the left side of the doors and the doors will open.
- GO IN.


- See the arrows on the mirror. It's the RIGHT CUPBOARD HINT.
- Use the long grabber on the RED OCTOPUS (on the top right) to take it.

INSIDE; DOOR back to outside
- Zoom in on the barrel next to the door and click it 2 times to see the RIGHT PANEL HINT and to take the BLUE BALL.

- Zoom in on the right cupboard and open the middle door with the hint from the mirror and take the CROSS SHAPE.

- Zoom in on the left panel and place the octopus on it and click the octopus to open it. Place the blue ball on the right and take the CIRCLE SHAPE.
- Zoom in on the panel that has fallen on the floor and click it to see the backside. Use the wet hard brush on it and see the LEFT CUPBOARD HINT.
- Zoom in on the right panel and open it with the hint from the barrel. Click the bottom right blue button (it's actually a paper) and see the real button is GREY. Also notice the start has to be red, the circle green and the cross grey.

- Zoom in on the left cupboard and open the middle door with the hint from the fallen panel and take the STAR SHAPE.
- GO RIGHT (2x).

- Zoom in on the counter to see plates with paint. Now make the star red, the circle green (use blue and yellow) and the cross grey (use red, blue and yellow). If you mess things up you can make it white again with the white paint.

- Zoom in on and open (use code again) the right panel and place the 3 shapes in their slots and the door will open. Zoom out, go out through the new door and you're out.


- Windows 1, 2 and 5 were light, so make 1, 2 and 5 on the table light too.

- The thermometer showed you 4350
- The hint on the wall showed you the numbers on the panel are made out of two the same numbers, but one of them mirrored.
- Anyway it stil is 4350, but you hve to see the 4 is two 4's etc.

- The hint on the mirror was right-left-right-left-left.
- But it's a mirror so open the middle left and right doors in this sequence; left-right-left-right-right and the middle door will open.

- The hint on the barrels showed you; top 1-5, middle 2-4 and bottom 3. So the top panel is clicked as first step and as fifth step etc. So the order to click the 3 top panels in the right panel is top-middle-bottom-middle-top.

- On the panel was the hint to start at a door and then open all the doors following the line. But on the panel was also the Japanese character that looks like a 7. On the panel it was on the top right, but if you look at the cupboard you see that character is on the bottom middle. So start there and open the doors clockwise and at the end click the bottom middle one again and then the middle one.

Well that sorts that, amazing as usual small-tool, now to sleep.

Lol Morgan, I'm not sleeping at the middle of the day, are you? We're in the same time-zone right? (or maybe 1 hour difference).

sorry small-tool I was having a shower and as for sleep I only mean 40 winks just before the day starts full on...and I am in Dublin so very close by..hope you have a great day s-t.

how to get red and green balls?? i only gt blue ball.

Very nice game!! Out with no help, but it took me a while to see the windows in the first view lol.

@st, it wasn't I who first "invented" EDGAW, but escapism. Thanks for that! :D
(It was 31 march 2010, in this game:

Love these games....not enough of them!!!!
Out without help!!!!

sorry @cassandra, dont quite understand. If you are inside and placed the blue ball in panel you opened with the octopus, then you will have a shape. I recommend the walk-through of small-tools written above. I promise if you follow the w/t, you'll be out in no time. Good luck!

Hi Ellie & Nokra.

@Ellie: Oh my god, you did remember that? I feel very honoured... blushing...

And I'm happy that this catchphrase really lives on as ZOZ has had predicted... ;-)

My goodness @Ellie!! You, s-t and all the other F1 players have memories which defy my credulity!! I have trouble remembering what I did Bloody Brilliant !!

well well well...all I can say to @escapism is.......THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !! Without you, I should probably be still stuck in the very first game I attempted.

@clio_rose: I'm happy too that the rule is still alive... ;-) Without the hard-working smart people here who are writing all the walkthroughs I would get out of maximum 10% of those games...

I have read your comments throughout my journeys @escapism. You, would escape 100% of the time!!

You are DEFINITELY an F1 player and we pedal-car players thank and salute you.

Hi, @clio_rose!!!
Looking for a new game and saw some more comments in this one....what a great game!!!!
Hope some new games are posted soon!

Yay!! Hi @Nokra. Me too. I loved the game. Like the one with the past-looking magnifying glass. Loved it! ( this really posted at 7.32am in american time?). Its alreaday 12.32am Wed morn here.

The time zone is for west coast America... California, etc....I am in the eastern tome zone so I have to add 3 hours when I want to figure out if it is live or can really get confusing, can't it?

They had been using another time zone and I had to subtract 6 hours!!!! LOL
@clio_rose, Where are you in tomorrowland???LOL

I think (according to s-t's rules of physics) I'm future girl. Im in Australia. Looking at the clock it says im 12.50am on Wed 06 Jul.

I have the grabber; I see the scarf and the cup; I can't figure out how to get them.
I have clicked on the grabber and then the scarf/cup but nothing happens.
Help please!

@bena...view the grabber and click it to make it longer

so...10.50am for you (cuppa tea 'n bikkie time). For me, why am not gone to bed??

duh, nm. Just saw smalltool's explanation about clicking the grabber to extend it!!

@bena, "about item" the grabber, click and it will extend. You can use it then.

Looks like it is the wee hours for you, clio...are you always such a night owl? LOL (I have played some games till 3am, myself) I hope they give us a new one for you before you call it a day...!

Lol @nokra. Sort of a night owl. But always feel the 1 to 1.30 is a time limit. With the SD last to 1.30 and called it quits...reluctantly. However, always try to remember that no sleep equals a cranky-clio. LOL. Hence the theft of 2558 orbs last night!

I knew I had it seen before and so I googled a bit and I found an older version of EGDAW;


That was very funny reading the orbinaire comments!!!
Cheers to you, Clio...and sweet dreams!
See you tomorrow, future girl...LOL

@s-t...YOU WOULD !!! lol

Thank you @nokra. You ALWAYS comment in a way that makes me burst out laughing. Must be a combo of e/c America and e/c Australia. Counting down my last 20 mins before

Hah...@small-tool....I had forgotten about sneaksnake!!!!!

um, if i post twice re sneaksnake, apols. Something weirdo happened. I followed instructions i was given and am back here. ??

It was way back when I was a lurker (but already playing a lot). Didn't pay attention to names then (just did Ctrl F for information when I was stuck), but I remembered that phrase as being quite old.

Anyway, Future girl and Past girl. I have to go now and probaly not back before tomorrow (in my present that is). Bye, bye.

@s-t, lurker sounds so..eww, and pervy/creepy. Perhaps you mean you were playing in umm..'stealth mode'?

and what does Ctrl F do?

Night/morning/day, present boy, and past girl. Tis time for future girl to leave. Sleep/work/play/enjoy your morning/day/afternoon and evening.

Wait!!...@small-tool...did you see that sneaksnake is a fan of Nick Cave????...a coincidence???? LOLOL

Night @nokra aka past girl. (we are all judged in the timeline of
ps...future girl has more wrinkles...phooeeey !!

Awesome shot @Nokra !! A Nick Cave mention!! Will leave you two to it. LOLOLOL.


Blogger is acting up again...getting 503's and have to refresh a few times to get a dialog box....
anyway...Good Night you two!

Oh, ok, sneaksnake invented EGDAW before me... Ok, I can live with that... I've read loads and loads of sneaksnakes comments and hints when I started playing these games, so the honour of the EGDAW-invention goes to: Tadah! Sneaksnake! Thanks Small-Tool for that research! ;-)

and @clio_rose: maybe I was a F1, but nowadays I fell like being a F1 chassis with a pedal car motor inside... ;-) Not enough time to play those games here anymore and to post regulary. The kids and the job and the household and so on... But I still enjoy playing from time to time!

Lol! So many new comments here!!
@st... SneakSnake used to say that, but the short version of it, the abbreviation "EGDAW" was never said until escapism did so.
Hi @all btw!! :D

@Ellie, the author of "Museum of Walkthroughs", would know these things....LOL I remember having to ask @edgar what EGDAW meant...LOL

Cased closed?....or to be continued?

And...still no new games today?

Speaking of good memories... I remember one player who I used to like a lot to play live games with. After a while, this person vanished from the posts. It was not until very recently (a month ago or so) when I realized that person and "nokra" were one and the same... and I felt so glad to know she never left! :)

...and i sometimes miss that dumb dutch dude.

excellent game- hope to see more of these

Really great game. Logical, sensible and nice graphics. Enjoyed to the full! Thank you 58Works!

may others enhance their games as this great one

thanks for the replay - excellent game :)

placing octopus on wall panel was a bit strange, but I think I get the logic - this animal has suckers...!

very cool game, thx 58 ☺
& thx for the replay

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