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November 3, 2018

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Pool Cocktail Escape Walkthrough

Pool Cocktail Escape

[REPLAY] Pool Cocktail Escape is another point & click room escape game developed by Tomatea. In this classical game, you are trapped in a room with a swimming pool, and your aim is to escape from there by finding and using items and by discovering hints to solve all puzzles in this room. Good luck and have fun! ☺ 

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!

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Hi, loading now.

I have brandy, galliano ice tongs, cut lemon, stir, and 8 puzzle pieces.

oh, and a glass.

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 10:37 AM  

finished puzzle but don't know what it did or what to do

got grenadine and 9th puzzle piece solving puzzle from lid of box.

Almost caught up..

Use tongs on drain grating for a paper with clue on it.

Finally solved tiles puzzle!

what to do with the paper clue?

POP got it.

got cream de menthe and straw.

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 10:43 AM  

good call seawall - ty

...and out

Made a fancy drink and put everything in, missing little umbrella,

POP, used colors of drink layers, got umbrella.

Oh. I like these a lot!

And out.

And I'm stuck, or maybe it's just I'm slow... lol

Aha, finally figured out the puzzle from the box lid code.

Hi, joining in. I could use a pool like that right now.

would someone please give me a hint on the box lid code--heart/diamond/circle/star?

Alice, look at the colors and shapes of the objects in the lid, then look to where their arrows point at the bottom for the correct placement.

Where's the hint for the four letter puzzle? Stuck on that, and have no clue what that note is for that I found under the grating.

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:00 AM  

Anyone know what to do with the pool when looking at the bottom tiles...not the grid on the side of the pool?

What is the drain grate?

@lavender, I hadn't seen that view until you posted; I have no clue. The paper doesn't work there, nor nothing else in my inventory. Yea, I tried the lemon, guess I was expecting a lot of weakened lemonade.... LOL

POP found it...beside the chair

stuck with a lot of doors and no way to open them. Seawall I understand your frustration with the paper too. I don't know what to do with it either

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:05 AM  

@ seawall weakened :) love the comment!

How do you look at the floor of the pool?

use the paper on the puzzles pieces after u place them all in

Zoe - one of the drains at the edge of the pool - you can click it with the tongs to get a paper clue.

It's so hot here - would love to just sit back with a cool drink, after taking a nice cool swim in the pool...

Stuck with three unsolved puzzles; one is the four letters, and the other two it tells me I haven't seen the clue yet.... Argh....

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:07 AM  

Missing one puzzle piece..does anyone have a list of locations?

Thanks Seawall!

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:09 AM  

@ Zoe When in the pool click the lower right

@Seawall - I'm where you are. I wonder if the placement of the blue/pink towels under the cb's means anything?

wow, must be dense today. still don't get the puzzle box/colors/shapes. must be overthinking it.

@lavender - thanks!! Now I see it!

I don't know about the towels, Zoe, but if we've looked at them, it wouldn't tell us we hadn't seen the clue.. LOL
There is something we are missing. And that paper.... argh

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:11 AM  

don't know clues to door 1,3,4, lost...have glass, two alcohol bottles, sliced lemon, paper clue, opened box, and green drink stick...STUCK

Alice, the green diamond is first, if that helps. Let me know if you need all of the order.

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:14 AM  

POP never click the top portion of the opened box for shapes clue

Thanks, larue, that definitely gives the word!

And out.. lovely lovely game...

Seawall, would it be green diamond, yellow circle,blue star, red heart? that's what makes sense to me, but it doesn't work
thanks for the help!

Have the drink made, with straw and umbrella, now where is that last four digit code?

I'm sure the straw and umbrella are behind the cb's that I don't have a clue about..

Can someone please help me with where to use tongs? Which scene? Which chair?

Look at the drink and the sign by the door. These are the clues for the last digit code

Power of POP

The code for the letter puzzle is in the black menue for the drink on the wall - see the colored letters?

zoom in on your drink

And, finally have the key. Use the drink for the last four digit clue. Spoiler......

count the red shapes on top of the drink.

Alice, the first two are the green diamond, and the blue star. Look at the arrows - where they point at the bottom.

Great game! Love this developer's games. A little hard, but it's all logical.
Thanks for all of the help!

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:23 AM  

@ the view looking at dolphins click the grate next to pool on the right side and use thongs

@Seawall, thanks!

Thanks @Zoe and @Lavender
As soon as I asked I clicked on it and found it
It was pretty ok for me after that. I'm out now.
Glad to be in a live one with you all :)

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:26 AM  

@ seawall...thanks...the four digit code was the final place I was stuck!

I agree, fun playing live with everyone.

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 11:28 AM  


Drink code: 3316 .. red colors

Thank you to Seawall for the help!

Nice game! Thanks for all your help - especially Seawall who is always so very helpful!

I just love my new little glowing cursor!!!!
Hi!!! @everyone...I'm late again!lol

Thanks, Zoe, but it's usually me asking all the questions.. LOL. I try to answer when I can and help, because usually it's the other way around. :)

@Seawall: Maybe, but at least you give concrete hints and don't just say "I fount this, I found that" without saying where. That is why I say that!!

Does anyone understand the dolphin puzzle? I thought i had tried everything but i guess not.

@Texas Girl~look at the way they are facing then push the buttons that way.

Texas Girl - look at the way they are pointing: I think it was right right left right left left

Got it. NVM

Ok. I am completely stuck after I sliced the lemon.

what is the code for letters on the left cabinet?

Anybody still in here?


@Texas Girl~click on the top of the lid of the box to use for a clue and lots of hints on how are in the comments

@Dan~use the paper code on the picture after places all the pieces~look closely at the the blocks in the picture for a clue

i gotta run out now~

hello everybode's still here...i need help with dolphin wav i can do it lol

Everyone is gone again....woe is
So, I'll try to POP it!

I have straw, stirrer and lemon slice...seem to be missing umbrella...
need the creme de menthe..which is surely behind one of the two cabinets I have not opened, which are either side of the puzzle...

I see no other hot am stuck!
Cannot use spoilers because the cabinets do not open if you don't have the clues yet! okee dokee!!! POP do your magic!

please spoiler for dolphins...pleeease

To, @pete...the dolphins are from left to right...
facing...r,r,l,l,r,l...but the buttons have th edolphins the solution will bw the buttons....l.l.r.l.r.r

cold is the code

hi nokra did u solved the dolphins yet???

oh thx nokra saved my life!!!!!!!!!

you have to complete the puzzle to get the clues for the rest of the cbs

I think the spoler is correct..even tho I messed up the first part...and my puzzle is gone....l,l,r,l,r,r should be right because i remember it was backwards from what I thought....

Need help with Dolphin puzzle. I dont understand it.

Hi and thanks @Unknown....I did that!
I stated what I am missing...the puzzle is complete!

@ nokra you have to use the highlighted letters in the puzzle to unlock one of the cbs, which one it is i forgot

nokra..ur awesome

after nokra's help i was out easy ...thx nokra !

I am so glad I could help someone!...but I am still stuck...lolol
The cabinet left of puzzle...I have not seen the clue to...also the one to the right..I see a spot in the pool but I think the is where we found stuff in the beginning...and POP is not working!!!!

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 12:51 PM  

Dumb here.. I have the final nunmbers but where do I put them?

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 12:53 PM  

Duh.. nvm...LOL. I forgot I hadn't opened one of the cupboards.

       Anonymous  7/25/11, 12:53 PM  

What a nice game :o)

the cabinet to the left is 3316 it's the number of red rings on your drink once you make it
and the one to the right is the color of the drink from top to bottom

Finally out...don't know what happened , but my bottles were not what I thought they were..or they disappeared and ...oh what the heck...another great game from TOMATEA!!!!

after solving dolphin puzzle things come into place. thanks everyone for the hints! until next time and the next puzzle.

Thanks again for your help, @joreo!!!!

Help! I don't know how to move items from my "stash" to manipulate them. What's the trick?

@mama123, When you click the thing in inventory, it is outlined in blue...that is when you can use it on something.
If you are trying to use the puzzle pieces, you need all 9 of them before you can place them.

If you want to view a thing, click the top right of the blue highlighted square... then click on the thing you want to use on it! example, the knife is used on the lemon...

I hope that helps....working on a WT...

In the upper right corner of the item is an "i" in a circle. Click that to see something more closely.
So, while you're making the cocktail, "i" on the glass, then click the liquor bottles in order, then the garnishes. To use the tweezers on the grate, click the tweezers, then the grate.


Thanks to all of the above posters for sorting through the trickiness!

Open scene in a nice resort - I could so go for this right now!

Zoom in on the table on the left. Take the brandy glass and the fluro puzzle piece (1/9).

Zoom out and have a look at the dolphins on the back wall - they're relaxing and useful!

Zoom in to the lounge on the right at the back.
Move the cushion and take puzzle piece (2/9).

Zoom out. Zoom in on the tree on the left. Take a lemon and puzzle piece (3/9).

Zoom out and finally it's time for a dip in the pool. Check out the picture on the pool wall (The tiler's must've gotten bored!). Zoom in and take the tongs and puzzle piece (4/9).

Zoom out. Zoom in on grate to the right of the pool. Use the tongs to take the note.

Go right twice.
Zoom in on the changing stalls on the left. If you click on a door that you haven't seen a code for yet the game will tell you.
Start with the middle door on this side and solve the puzzle to get brandy, a box and puzzle piece (5/9). Solution for puzzle in my next comment).
Open the box by clicking 'i' in the corner of box's section in the inventory. Take out a swizzle stick. Flip the lid to see a code.

Zoom out and zoom in on right side stalls. Solve the middle door for a knife, galliano and puzzle piece (6/9). (solution below). Before you zoom out take puzzle piece (7/9) (insert Trekky joke) from under the door.
Now click on the right stall and solve the puzzle (solution below) for grenadine and puzzle piece (8/9).

Zoom out and go left.
Zoom in on door to take puzzle piece (9/9)!

Go back right and click on puzzle between stalls. Use pieces on puzzle to get a mixed-up puzzle.
Solve for recipe. (solution below).

Zoom out and zoom in on left stalls. Combine the puzzle solution with the note you have from the grate to solve the puzzle on the left door. Take the creme de menthe and straw.

All of this puzzle solving is making me thirsty so let's get mixing!
Select the brandy glass using the 'i' and use the drinks on the glass according to the recipe.

Close and go back to the left side stalls where you can now solve the colour-code puzzle on the right door (solution below) for an umbrella and a picture of a drink.

The time has come to make the drink pretty so select your lemon using the 'i' and cut it twice with the knife. Now you can put the straw, swizzle stick, lemon and umbrella into the glass. Take a look at the completed drink.

Go back to the right stalls and solve the number code on the left stall (solution below).

Not that I'm in a hurry to get out of here but it's nice to have the key.

Go right, zoom on the door and use the key for freedom!


Left stall middle door: Recreate the picture on the side of the pool - a square 3x3 with an extra square coming out of the middle of each side.

Right stall middle door: Click the buttons in the order which the dolphins face on the wall. The sequence is: Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right.

Right stall right door: The swizzle stick puzzle is nice and tricky. On the back of the box you see the colours and shapes on top of the sticks, look at the bottom of the sticks for the order: Green Diamond, Blue Star, Yellow Circle, Red Heart.

Left stall, left door: Use the note from the grate to get the order of the blue letters in the finished puzzle. They spell 'cold'.

Left stall, right door: Colour code. Use the colours in the drink: Red, Green, Yellow, Brown.

Right stall, left door: Number code. Look at the amount of red stripes/sections on each of the decorations on top of the glass. The code is: 3316.

Pool Cocktail Walkthrough

Notice how the cursor lights up when you have a hot-spot...Nifty, huh?

Click the pool, click items to zoom, click again to get the TONGS and #1 of 9 puzzle pieces.
Zoom out and take note of grid design at back of pool, back out and go right.

Zoom lemon tree and get a LEMON and #2 puzzle piece. Zoom left chaise to find #3 puzzle piece, go right.

Zoom Umbrella to find #4 puzzle piece and a GLASS. Go right and zoom potted palm right of door for #5 puzzle piece.

Go right and zoom drain right of pool, use tongs for a NOTE. Go right twice and zoom middle back wall. Here is where the puzzle pieces go but we need all of them before they can be placed.

Go left (while still zoomed) and click the middle cabinet's codebox. Remember the grid design in back of pool?....Replicate it and click the button to get a bottle of BRANDY, #6 puzzle piece and a box. The other 2 codes you have not seen the clues for.

Highlight the box in inventory and click the upper right (i) to view inside for a swizzle stick and the box top to see a clue for another cabinet's codebox.

Still zoomed, go right twice and click the right codebox. Using the CLUE'S colors, shapes and position, put in the code and get a bottle of GRENADINE and #7 puzzle piece. Also get #8 puzzle piece under the middle cabinet, and click that codebox and see it has to do with dolphins... the left button is right facing dolphins and the right button is left facing dolphins.

Zoom out and go left twice.
from left to right the dolphins are r,r,l,r,l,l the code is...l,l,r,l,r,r. Go back to buttons, open cabinet to get a KNIFE, #9 puzzle piece, and GALLIANO.

Use knife on lemon twice. Go to puzzle and put pieces in...solve puzzle. Looking closely, you see a recipe, and also 4 blue letters. Using the clue paper from the drain, take the letters in the order given, go left and use them on the left cabinet. Get a bottle of CREME DE MENTHE and a STRAW!

Highlight the glass in inventory and add the bottles in order from the puzzle picture. Use the colors from glass to open cabinet left of puzzle.
get UMBRELLA and see clue for what to do with remaining items in inventory!

Highlight GLASS and put all 4 items there, now count the red parts of each item. Go to door and look at order of the 4 items...go to last unopened cabinet and put in the numbers for a key!

Use key in exit door, and you are free!!!!!

Thx, nokra, for the WT - I needed the last hint for number code!

Nice game with nice pictures.

Only Pixel Hunt is the drain on the right in the initial view with the dolphins, by the blue and white striped chair.

WOW! Best game I've played in weeks. (Really)

Thanks Tomatea, keep up the good work.

Great game. Tomatea always seems to have the finest and best engineered games. Kudos.

Loved it! Thanks for the game!

Great game (as always), and gorgeous art (as always)!

Tomatea rocks! Mixed a drink w/o help! Cheers!

Single pixel hunt: one of the grates by edge of pool

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