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Reincarnation TEND: The Evil Next Door Walkthrough

Reincarnation TEND: The Evil Next Door

Reincarnation TEND: the evil next door is another sequel of Reincarnation point and click adventure game series. The demon is out again to find another Reincarnated soul. Good luck and have fun!

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Reincarnation TEND: The Evil Next Door Walkthrough

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Hurrah! Love this series

Hi - how do I get into the house
I just throw a book on the floor - have a floating ring and thats it

cut a hole with the diamond and got the lamp - still need a bulp

got light outside now and found some termites

cant find anything the termites want to eat!

its the second time my game froze on me - not starting a third time!

still cant find what the termite wants - also can't pick up the coffee cup

I'm exactly at the same point : I can't pick up the coffee cup and the termite doesn't want to eat anything.

Maybe we must give some drug to the termite in order to make it eat the tree ?

Can't take the ring - how please?

POP - got it!!!!

Yeah I had the same thought Pascale but no joy yet

Yes, Cameron, I'm stuck, too. Usually, these games are nice but this one...

1) pick the book
2) dont wait! go right to the second window
3) make the timer ringing
4) don't wait! go left to first window
5) look inside
6) pick the mug
7) give mug to termite

Out! Hi @all.

When you got the termite, put it into coffee and get a tweaked termite, which you can use outside at the same place where you found it!

8) make the timer ringing
9) don't wait! go use termite on three

I gave up and used the walkthrough - not the best in series :(

I have the tweaked termite, but the little devil says that he is not ready to use the wood-eater now. I still have the coffee cup, I can't put it back.

This one was terrible compared to the first ones.

Well, finally got it : we have to make the timer ring once again. Thank you Bob ! It was not a very good episode of this serie.

I LOVE the reincarnation games!

OH YEAH!!!!!!!! I love these games.

Everyone must remember that these games have story lines and I have found that once the story line is finished... the logical clicking gets the job done.

The termite will not chomp through the tree until you click on the illegal table items a last time to hear how the demon doesn't want to harm the "innocents" next door. (Awww, how touching, a demon with a conscience)

#$%@!!!!. this is the 3rd time my screen froze. Is it the game or my computer? ARRRRRRRGH! Not so happy now.

I agree with Cameron ,not his best game, I found it rather boring.

Actually, the demon doesn't have a conscience. They're only allowed to kill the "Reincarnies," damned souls who've escaped from Hell, and then only when they haven't reformed.

I think this game is buggy. Please fix it? =(

this game is full of bug !!

Sorry, but I have light, but it's not helping me see anything.

POP! missed the outlet in the lab (right side)!

The game froze three times. I lost items in my inventory and when it wasn't freezing it slowed down to a frame by frame speed. Total restarts = 7. Usually these games are great and I look as forward to them as Minoto, but this one was poorly done.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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