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Rest Room

Rest Room Escape is another point and click type room escape game by Bluesolt. In this game, you try to escape the rest room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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MegiPoland's link isn't the direct game link
start to play~

Got 4 keys and stuck...

hi all

game doesent load, also new link from Lottie :(

where is the 4th key?
And now think about the sequence of the pink arrows

@sue: click "Game" on the left to see all games.

@Lottie: Which ones do you have?

got a handle under the flip on the door
need SD I guess still missing 1 key

awww TY Jen

I have keys with number 1,2,3

behind the picture is
each key has a code

@Lottie: turn off the lights and follow the instructions on the painting.

And I don't have anything under the flip on the door...?

Thank you for link Lottie, a Bluesolt first thing
in the morning...nice!

a handle ?

@ Jenn
method to find those thing under the flip is unknown
bcs I have turn off the light for several times and walking around the room for a few times

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 1:46 AM  

Morning all!
I also have 4 keys with symbols on the back.
Can't use the pad with letters and don't know what the clue on the door means (blue turns into yellow thingy)

Got it! Just use the keys with the flip down!

check above the door handle ,there's a clue,i don't understand it....i found 4 keys and handle and 4 screws

This comment has been removed by the author.


4 keys, anle, 4 screws, now what ?

the clue above the door handle :
remove the picture(blue) and you can open the handle(yellow)...
don't understand how to use the keys?

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 1:51 AM  

Keep clicking panel for sd too.
Things go above toilet then open closet.

@ Lottie Just highlight 1 key and use it on yellow door knob
1 after another, that worked for me.
when i clicked the door knob the highlight vanished and i used the next one

hope it makes sense

OHHh GOT 2. Handle the use screws on them

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 1:53 AM  

Thx Lottie for explaning. I did that before I read the clue LOL.
Now I have a mystery box and a new clue.

For the items: it's just like Sue says. If you play with sound on you'll hear a click after using each key.

got clue for keys which i dont understand

and 5 digit code box, which I also dont get. seems to be connected to keys and their symbols

so maybe we need 5 keys?

There's a 5th key above the TP.

use key no.5 get a spray thing
filled with water
now carry on

there's key #5 above the toilet paper rolls.
I don't get the code box, I've counted the corners of the sign of the keys but nothing

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:01 AM  

Never seen a 'mailbox' in my toilet door. LOL

well code doesnt work or i am counting wrong

You can hang the keys on the blue card

Spray on the toiletpaper, another clue...?

help with code plz

maybe key no.6 is important with the blue card
weird thing appear if you put all keys according to their number

I got the screws back but not the handles

@clowspike, great find! they seem to make letters with their shapes, so we need a sixth key

Please help with 5digit code box !!

only got key 1,2,4... where to get no. 3 ?

I have 4 3 5 0 4

but it doesnt work

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:06 AM  

Is it there an order to hang the keys on the card? I never get 5, only 4 and I think we need a 6th key too.

Having issues following the code to get the picture off...i wonder if its just a bug on my end

Key number 3 somewhere on the floor as i remember

@ Kommander 1 is left down beside toilet, 1 is under toilet paper stand

@ Trampy, r d u l u, the i guess click middle again?

Please someone help with code box? Noone reads me??

And out!

@sue, i think nobody has the code till now...:(

why do the SD is still in the items area?

@jenn PLEASE help us with the codebox!!!!!

?? where did you get the spray???

@sue: Use the hint on the wet toiletpaper with the hint on the box and the back of the keys.

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:11 AM  

@ Jen: please explain :)

@sue spray comes from the flip in the door, you have to put the keys in the keyhole

Hello everyone. first post ever.I have 3+2 5 3-1 4 5+2 on my toilet paper.

POP sorry stupid me.. use key nr. 5 on door again....

Triangle = 3
Square = 4
Star = 5
Circle = 0

Here to help but only just started game...

@jenn i dont get it, im too blond:((

@ ann
number of apex

key 3=5
Key 2=3

So 3+2=8

sorry no. of tips is better to explain =.=

@jenn, more explanation, please, 43504 doesnt work for me...??????

LOL sort of still live and I only have the 3 keys at this point...

Hi all: Joined several minutes ago, and then

WARNING! After screwing the handles to the CB SD was highlighted, so I got the screws back, but handles were gone, so I had to restart the game!

ahhhh1 Got it, thank you Lottie and Jenn:)))

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:16 AM  

@Jen: I have a square and a diamond shape. That's both 4.

Hi dida and Leroy!

combine the hint on the toilet paper with the hint on the box: count the corners and do the math


got clue for keys - sum or subtract the number of angles for a key match

now help with the hint on the back of the blue card please!!

@ Katharina NO.. Handles are not important any more... You only need the screwss..


clue says 3+2 = means key 3 + key 2 = 8 (corners)

then 5 = key nr. 5 = 4 corners

then 3-1 = key 3- key 1= 1 (corner)
and so on

Gidday all! @CQ Lump (my old black cat) is curled up snoring and not hassling me LOL

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:21 AM  

@Leroy: give him a big hug from me!

Hi Kat!

Have blue card and going for the screws (again.....)


       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:23 AM  

Thx Sue for explaining. I'm way too blond to solve this on my own.

Need help with the letters please

LBTFE doesnt work

And out!!

got the order of the keys, but never get the hint on the back of the card...
out with happy end!

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:27 AM  

Woooooooow the little chicks helped me with the items on panel. So cute!

Glad I'm out and thank you so much for all the help.

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:28 AM  

@Escape: see post from Dida for the correct order.

So how about helping someone else then?

I need help with the letters code please.

cannot enter the code with correct order of the keys
a bug?!

sorry catqueen but I literally cannot read spoilers when they are written like that.

Some help please?

Hi Cat - friday morning meeting, but have to leave for a short time, will come back later on!

Have yellow door handle now, screwed it with SD, will continue later.

That's why we can take back screws, I think.

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:32 AM  

Escape: (scroll down for spoiler)

Dida said: SPOIup135down642LER
Meaning key 1, 3 and 5 go on the upper side and 6,4 and 2 on the lower side of the card.
That will give the letter combination.

cannot enter letters? is there a trick? shall the keys hang in order EZLFT?

Can you just give me the letters please?

I know you are trying to get me to think for myself blah blah but I literally CANNOT READ IT.

Can I just have the letters please.

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:34 AM  

@Ann: yes that's correct. :)

@escapeartist: The letter code is


@catqueen hm...but i cant enter the cod, the letters wont move? a Bug?

TY escapsim.

@Ann: Insert card first in card reader left of letters

@ Ann
same as your case

yeahhhhh!TY Escapism and catqueen...:))))

@escapeartist: You are welcome, from one escap(ism) to the other escap(eartist)... ;-)

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:37 AM  

@Ann, did you use the card first?

       Anonymous  7/29/11, 2:38 AM  

I really really need to go now.
Hope you all got out fine.
bye bye and till next time.

By the way: Very good game once you get into how everything works. But I needed some hints. Thanks for that!

nice game

finally happy end I forgot the key no.6 @w@

codebox: count corners from shapes at the back of the keys. then add corners from key 3+2, 5, 3-1, etc. use hint > and ) on box itself

And out, ty escapism, bursting to use the loo...

one silly question after out of the room
what is the hint behind the blue card means?

Katharina! You'll find another handle for door!!!!!

I have not used the code on a blue card! I just hung up the keys so as to obtain a letter from their profiles.

I'm not sure if someone has explained the letter code, so I'll try:

On the backside of the blue card ('blue solt' on the frontside) it says /2 and then numbers top row and numbers down row and a 1 and a 0 on the side. I understood it that way that you have to first have to multiply all the numbers in top and down row by 2 (the divided by two hint) and then add the 1 to all numbers in the upper row, that makes 0x2+1=1, 1x2+1=3 and 2x2+1=5 in the upper row, and then the down row 3x2+0=6, 2x2+0=4 and 1x2+0=2. Or is there another better explanation?

I got HAPPY END. May be is another END ?

Oh, lucky me, while I was writing the last post lottie asked about the code, funny coincidence...

can't find the key #5

tm17oct, Im'not sure, but look to floor near toilet

@tm17oct: I think it was on top of a toilet paper roll in the cabinet above the toilet (bit of a pixel hunt)

got it, ty

Escapism, help plz!

Have blue keycard with the six keys showing EZLFT (upper row 135, lower 642, from left to right), but card reader will not accept it! Still yellow door handle and SD in inventory!

Is there a hint for EZLFT-order I didn't read? The hint on door with yellow and blue I saw.

Katharina, take screws from wall SB and stand yellow handle to door! card reader will change flag color to green, but keycard stay in item for glue

Thx Irchik - I took screws from CB, not from wall. When I put yellow handle on door it allways shows the blue and yellow hint, handle won't stand.

Katharina, do you add screws to handle in item in first?

Yes and screwed with SD

Ops, sorry Katharina, been away for a while... But Irchik gave you some good hints. Did you use the card in the card reader beside the letter buttons already?

Hasve to leave now, I think, I'll play it again when s. o. wrote a WT and look, what I missed.

THX! and bye till later!

NO problem, escapism, no - I can't use the key card in the reader, or should I put it in without keys hanging on it - kam mir gerade, der Gedanke!

@CQ got distracted by TV but Lump is a grumpy old female cat LOL

Nee, will er auch nich, ich muss jetzt weg, ich mach das später noch mal von vorne!

Danke Dir, CU!


I think you did the same as me...forgot to use Key 6 on the door to get the keycard. I spent ages trying to use the key-holder on the letter code-box. After you get the correct keycard and enter the code, THEN you will be able to put the handle on the door.

Hi clio! Thx for your hint - maybe, you're right, don't remember really. And since my work now is mostly done for today , I'll play again and have a look at this.

I'll post the result!

I would be interested in the result too... Good idea of clio_rose that you might have had the wrong card...

Yes, clio! That was the reason, why! I thought, blue card with hanging keys were already keycard - therefore my question above to use it without keys!

And as I just replayed it, I'll try to write a WT.



Zoom in at the toilet, click to open, take key No 2.

Zoom out and click on CB, not 4 white spots. Zoom out, turn right.

Zoom on toilet paper, click paper, click down right beside paper, take key No 1.

Zoom out, klick on tap, notice that you can turn water on.

Zoom out and turn right. Notice panel on door can be opened, but it's still empty. Turn right.

Zoom in on panel left of picture, notice it needs a letter code and has some sort of slot left from letters and a red flag symbol. Zoom out and click on frame of the blue picture, notice it is loose.

Turn left and click on white switch left of door, light is off. Turn around and notice code. Solution below. Click light on and turn right to picture.

Code given when light is turned off says:
RDULU, click on frame in this order, picture falls down and windows appears. Click window open and get key No 4.

part 2
Turn right, click left of toilet, zoom on left floor and get key no 3. Zoom out twice, turn right twice.

Use key no 1 on door, open panel, get handle no 1, shut panel, use key no 2, open panel, get 4 screws, close panel. Do so for key 3 and 4 and geht another handle and SD. Turn right twice and zoom on CB.

I read the comments, but I don't understand how to find the order of the keys : the hint on the "Blue Solt" card is totally confusing.

part 3
Click on handles, put screws in, use handles with screws on CB, use SD. Zoom out and zoom in again in open CD, take blue thing on the left and white box, zoom in above toilet paper rolls. Take key no 5. Zoom on CB-handles and take back screws.

Zoom out, turn right twice, use key no 5 on door and get empty spray bottle.

Look at the keys and notice the symbols on the back. Turn left. Open bottle, turn water on by clicking on the tap and fill bottle with water. Use filled bottle on toilet paper and notice hint. Look at white box in your inventory and see ^=1, bow = 0.

Combine this with hint from paper and get 5-digit-code


Open box and get yellow door handle and key no 6. Turn right. Use key on door and get blue solt. Click on door and see blue and yellow hint.

Turn right. Zoom on panel and put blue solt into slot left of letters, flag symbol turns green. Click on blue thing in inventory and hang up keys, so that you can read


SPOILerKey order 135 upper row and 642 lower rowSPOIler explanation see above comments

Put letters in panel, push buttons and when you did it right, blue thing with keys will disappear from inventory. Zoom out and turn left.

Zoom on yellow handle in inventory and put screws in. Put handle with screws on door. Fasten with screws and open door. Your're out.

@Pascale: see explanation escapism 7/29/11 2:56 AM, cannot explain it better!

Thank you Katharina, I've seen this explanation, but I must be very stupid... I don't understand.
I'm giving up this game.

Great WT @Katharina
for some reason I could not open the cupboard again when I used key 5 for spray bottle
I could onlu finish game thanks to hints as I never got to spray TP rolls with water
Don't know if it's a bug

if I remember correctly it was
Key 1 3 5 on top
Key 6 4 2 on bottom
Hope this helps
then you see letters EZLFT

@Pascale: I'll try to explain it more detailed.

Upper left corner there is the hint /2, so result is got by dividing 2, original must be got by multiplying, in German it is "Umkehrrechenart", don't know the exact English expression, s. th. like reverse calculation method or so.

So, when you multiply the 0 1 2 and 3 2 1 with 2 you get
1st row 0 2 4
2nd row 6 4 2

For the 1st row you have to add 1, following the hint on the card, so you get

1st row 1 3 5 for key numbers.

For 2nd row you have to add zero, i. e. it's just

2nd row 6 4 2 for key order.

@Koralle: May be it's a bug, when I replayed, I had the same effect, you have to take all items from CB before zooming out.

@Katharina, super walkthrough. Congratulations!

I cheated for the key order sequence...I still dont understand it. Just used the info given by @Dida (thx for that, Dida).

As for getting out, I was stuck with you. I too tried the key-holder with/without keys. After getting VERY frustrated, I suddenly wondered if I had used key6 in door.....lol...ooopsie. After that, the hints from escapism & irchik made sense. Thanks.

Thx, clio-rose! Before I could get frustrated, I had to leave to buy some vegetables for dinner - lol!

Sry, I can't explain better how to get the keys order according to the hint on the back of the key card - did you see, you can turn it around - red arrow left upper corner, there are the hints /2 and for the addition 1 and zero for both rows, in the middle there are the results. I think, escapism's explanation is plausible, but, perhaps can better explain than I did with my attempt above.

Nevertheless: We're out now!

I don't understand how we are supposed to know to multiply by 2 when the card says divide by 2. Would never have gotten that without the spoiler.

@Katharina, I turned the card over, looked at it, cheated, and dont regret it..LOL.

We're both out after using Key 6. Yippee for us!!


(ps..your explanation was great, as was @escapsim's. I'm jsut very lazy and happy to cheat when stuck).

CR: Great, I'm happy!

For illustration for all having difficulties with the key order, I loaded up an image:


as a picture says more than thousand words ....

pps...after another game, am wondering what a 'knopper' is. If its food, Im hungry and want one..lol

checking your pic.....

OMG !! Thats awesome Katharina. I genuinely understood it !!!


(was wondering how I would tell a lie if i didnt understand it.....pheww!!)

OT: @clio_rose: ref. Knoppers: In Germany, there is a very very popular and well-known advertising, translated into English means: "9.30 a. m. in Germany ...." and all Germans are having a break for little breakfast with Knoppers, a really ugly sweet.


URL says: offend customers - knoppers advertisment - that little breakfast for Germans

@clio_rose: I never would insinuate you to lie or didn't understand, you missunderstood me! I was doing the picture while you were posting, and I didn't read your post before, very, very sorry!

BTW: what does OMG mean? I think, it's an abbreviation, but couldn't find out whatfor so far

yumm.....clio want knoppers...clio find german deli in morning...clio stomach very noisy now...
clio check pantry....awww...only dry crackers!!!


OMG = Oh My God.

and...noooo...I was insinuating that I would tell a fib IF I didnt understand your pic. BUT... I DID.

You've done an AWESOME job at explaining EVERYTHING !!!

Congratulations again Katharina.

poor clio ... sry, but don't have any sweets here for you, only vegetables, potatoes and chicken and so on, oh but: ICECREAM! (you scream, everybody ...)

I'ld stop here, I'm afraid, I'm getting foolish!

Lovely game....got out using a few helpful hints!!! Thanks!!!! @everyone

Very good WT, @katharina!!!!

My letters didn't work at first because I can only see the top of them...so the L was a J and I thought I was missing something! Did it again and realized the error!

I wonder why WOT gives the website such a bad rating?!

Not foolish...VERY funny. (and with my stomach talking loudly will eat chicken, potatoes, vegie's)...and save dessert for morning after finding Knoppers.

(however, at 12.45am guess I shouldnt eat any more food......*sigh* .....tummy disagrees with brain). hehe

hiya nokra...

What's a WOT? (the thing that gives it a bad rating)

I use WOT, Web Of Trust application...and Adblock!
WOT rates with a red for danger, green for good...etc.
I use FF so they are easy to find there!

It is still your yesterday morning here on my side of the planet...lol
@clio_rose...guess I'll see you my tomorrow!!!! Good night!

@nokra, thanks for the explanation. Please do NOT tell me what FF means. I have far too many fanciful possibilities in my head.

Night all...must sleep. Have Knoppers hunting tomorrow morning.

hahaha Nokra. Have a happy yesterday morning!!

Wondered what the numbers on the back of the card meant! I just treated it like a jigsaw. At first I put keys in order (just 4 keys at the time), and noticed some part letter. Keys 2 had wiggly edge and something that could only be half a "T", so went in #6 spot. Key 1 had a wiggly edge, so went in #1 spot. Then a little trial and error for the other keys. By the time I had key#6 and the blue card, all the rest were in place.

Excellent game -- at first it seems there won't be much to do, then you find puzzle upon puzzle to solve!

My fucki** picture just won't fall down no matter how much i click it -.-'
God I love those buggy games...

This game would have been better if I didn't have to cheat.
I do not have the font for the paper hint - so what did it say, please?

@ clio_rose:
I could see a bajillion ways to work out a "code" arrangement from the back of the card - AND WHAT THE HECK IS A "BLUE SOLT" ANYWAY?????
Perhaps we should add one of those to our 'revenge' game? [see my last reply to you in the canyon cave escape, haha]

@ PuzzledinCA:
I did that, too! Used the keys to jigsaw-my-way to their proper positions =)

@ drinkmilk:
This game isn't buggy - just annoyingly random [hidden items, puzzle solutions, etc], But if you are seeing the arrows on the wall when you turn off the light, you MUST notice the strike marks on each one, and use the directions in this order. I tried the arrow sizes first, in case that's what you did. =)

Too random for me. Thanks for the walkthrough though.

LOL..Congratulations Rookwings. I couldnt even see ONE way to work out the code on the blue solt.
(considering the location, perhaps SOLT = Sh** on Loo Time).

When I saw Katharina's pic, I saw the logic and was totally impressed!! I would never have had the thought process(or brain cells) to have worked it out.
ps..have added (potential)next level to the 123bee arstards revenge player game.

@drinkmilk. Turn your speakers on. Took me ages to get the pic to move. Without speakers, the pic may not move, but have clicked. With speakers on I heard the click even tho the pic hadnt shaken.

eep! I so needed help with that game. There is no chance I would have figured out the math on the back of the card. @__@

thank you to the wonderful commenters!

       Anonymous  4/15/18, 11:52 PM  

caught this one from the random section

thx for creating this game, Bluesolt ☺

& thx Katharina for the WT

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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