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Save Pirate Bunny Walkthrough

Save Pirate Bunny

Saving Pirate Bunny is another addicting and challenging point and click puzzle game developed by Zonferno. With the help of his crew, Pirate Bunny embarks on a dangerous quest in hope of discovering the fabled Golden Isle. However, he is ambushed by a group of vicious natives and soon finds himself isolated on the perilous island itself, minus a ship. Using your puzzle-solving skills, you must complete difficult challenges, rescue what is left of your crew, and escape the Isle... taking a reward with you, of course. Save Pirate Bunny!

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hmmmm..... opened barrel, got sword, cut rope to chandelier, which fell and became a cage for brown and white bunny.

wow, this is one mean Pirate Bunny!

but very resourceful. P.B. has already destroyed a ship, much of an island, and outrun hot lave!

HI zoz

joining you !

hi @zoz - will give this a try

and there's @SwissMIss too!

wow - does he thing he is pirate of the caribbean?

Hi Zoz! Waked bunny up on an island - then my screen freezed and I have to refresh now.

Hi girls, I'm in too.
Stuck in the cave, after the cave with the spider

Hi all! I'm stuck trying to figure out what is probably a very simple numbers puzzle. First you have to chase down some bunnies on a raft...

@small-tool, move the source of dripping water over the plant

Thanks Zoz,
Just found out, but thanks anyway.

HI all! running away from earth quake or s. th. like that now!

serves him right -he is chased by lava

I know you brainiacs will figure out this puzzle, but I'm getting nowhere

now at numbers puzzle

Hi @Katharina and @s-t. Currently trying to bash crocodile with rock

And in dark cave now.

what do you make of it @SwissMiss?
@annaby, put stick in crocs mouth

It's prime numbers.

got it @zoz, now on raft

the only thing which makes sense to me is
bottom 35 - 17 is 18 but then it doesnt work on top
still puzzled zoz

Got out of cave by making a green ladder, now throwing rocks on crocodile, which will see stars but not die!

ty small tool - knew I could trust you there!

oh, doh! *slaps head*
I knew it had to be something that would be obvious to everyone but me! Thanks @small-tool!

ok - on number puzzle now

thanks S-t!

Hi guys - I have the prime numbers lined up in the cente, but nothing happens

I cannot "wheel" him up that gorge!

Miles - one line has two - try the other

It should say 'open', make sure you have real primes, check again.

nvmd - got it

@miles1, they have to be lined up exactly right. Then you can go forward.

Start at the very top and pull all the way down, keep it there a second and then quickly pull the top again and keep doing it.

finally got him up there!

on levers now

ty - got it st

Don't know what to do under the water.

for the wheels, you can just keep your finger on the mouse and then get in position and just release for a nanosec then pull up again

darn - accidentally restarted game while trying to pull up the rope

And rafting again! Was a bit tricky to set the numbers exactly in a line.

does anyone understand the diving exercise?

what are these things i keep accidentally clicking on that say "2/5"

I think you have to find the right sequence.
The second from the left on the bottom is the first and the top right one the second, but I'm too slow.

On coloured levers now.

Ok got it now.
I was too slow, because everytime I didn't wait long enough to have enough oxygen.

there should be a logic to the sequence - how can we just guess!

help pls s-t

hm, now have an armored bunny delivering a constant stream of fire at PB's shield

@Swiss, I think it was Bottom Second from left, Top Right, then the one on the Left Wall

Second from the left (on the bottom), top right and then left one on the bottom.

finally past the levers but don't ask how

ty zoz - I thought we had to click them all

The first time I had that I could keep clicking the shield to make it go away, but the second time I can't!?

@annaby, the order for the levers was written faintly on the wall (a, b, c, etc)

is my game stuck? I can't make the laser stop or make the bunnies move!

I think I am stuck with a rum bottle and fire!

same here zoz!

ah ha POP! click on the shield until the laser goes blue

click on the middle of the shield constantly - it goes away eventually but I am back at the same scene

Did the laser/shield thing two times, but the third time I can't click the shield anymore?

thanks @zoz - missed the letters

Nvm, the third time it worked too, the mouse just wasn't a hand anymore.

clicking madly in the rope / wheel scene, I'm tooooo slow!

now I'm just stuck at the *)(&&^$ shield part.

we should be able to ward off the attack but I got the red beam again and it doesnt turn blue anymore

And after the shields, you only have to do the boat thing and you're out.
Funny game.

I'm clicking the shield like mad, but it won't turn blue!

It does, but everytime you have to be quicker.

finally won that battle - phew

Oops, it seems you can find 5 bottles of rum during the game. I only had 1, shame on me.

the upper bar goes green, I guess as a monitor of your progress? There has to be a more productive way to spend a Sunday morning than this, lol!

wow - completed first quest - what a battle - I need a drink - rum perhaps?

and zoz - I only found 2 out of 5 bottles of rum - thats what it was - but no wonder - small-tool being ahead of me -lol-

And a lot of new games on now!

well, at least we get a giant bottle of Rum in the end.

I'll stop it and go to gamershood game!

I had to quit, my finger is throbbing from all that clicking!

I'm out - thanks for all the help!

       Anonymous  7/24/11, 8:56 AM  

OK, I haven't read any of the previous comments nor have I started the game, but as a real rabbit rescuer (they truly are amazing, sensitive and intelligent creatures) I feel impelled to play!! I'm off to save a pirate bunny! Arrrrrrgh!

Been riddling and drinking, but I feel compelled to save this poor Pirate Bunny, wish me luck :o)

WOW, this bunny has no fear at all. lol

Haha, got the rum! Off for a quick slurp :o)

I got "Expensive Tastes" medal?!

what is the answer to the numbers puzzle?

what is the answer for the number puzzle?

       Anonymous  7/24/11, 3:11 PM  

I think this game was AWESOME!!!! I could play it all day. I love different kinds of puzzles on each level. Just a suggestion "Next one make it longer" 5 Stars in my book.
Thanks to the creators......

This comment has been removed by the author.

This looks like fun, but I can find no hotspot at the rope bridge scene.
Rabbit scoots up the cliff via the rope, then the branch, runs up to the rabbit on the rope bridge, then nothing to click.
I've refreshed several times, but no joy.
Anyone have a solution for this?

I've refreshed several times, but it always happens.
Perhaps I'll try ONCE more tomorrow.

Doing this from memory, but wasn't there something (arrow or rope) at his feet that you could click after doing the branch?

Cheers Rambler!

just click behind at the bridge behind rabbit with arrow... yummy golden rum

3rd bottle of rum was a picture on wall, another was in dark cave, and another behind the left sliding statue. I think another was on the deck of boat on gunpowder, but you only see it for a second, would have to click fast.

Thanks, small-tool and Kommander Heftig.
Today I did get a hotspot on the rope bridge, so I'm rabbiting along again!

And stuck at the third red shield to blue thing.
My system is too pants for this game.
It won't let me click faster without freezing the game >=(

Don't know what to do under the water. Help me please!!


Click top of barrel, take sword, cut rope
Click candle
Click ladder
Click box of yellow powder, click cannonball, click cannon until it stops, click cannon wick
Click puddle of water on palm tree, click bunny
Click nest, click rope, click stick
Click on the last brown section of the bridge behind evil bunny, click broken bridge under pirate bunny to attach to arrow, click tree, click arrow, click bunny
As bunny races down volcano, click on a tree before bunny reaches it to jump onto tree
Click stalactite above spider
Click and drag dripping stalactite over plant, click each lighter green seed to create stairs, click bunny
Click right side of screen to move to next screen
Click bunny and you will be blocked by a crocodile, click rock behind croc then click stick while he is still dizzy, click to right of screen to see evil bunny, click on pillar behind evil bunny
Click on river, click on raft. You’ll need to click on the directional arrows to avoid obstacles, I won’t bother with the sequence, you’ll get it eventually. Click on raft of evil bunnies.
Click on second raft with evil bunny and captive bunny. Click on the note on the captive bunny’s cage. You need to line up prime numbers under the two.
(2, 3, 11, 47, 23, 17)
Click and drag each pillar until it lights up to open door. Click on doorway to enter.
Click on gray stone. Click on hanging platform and line up each ring to correct season. Click on white light to move on.
Move your cursor over furthest stone with symbol, click on the image of eyepatch bunny.
Click on levers in alphabetical sequence (blue, orange, blue, red, purple, green, red)
Click on top of rope and drag your cursor down to move platform up. The easiest way I found to do this is to click the top of the rope, hold your mouse, and move your mouse downward and back up in a big circle. Once you get back to the top of the rope, click again and repeat until the platform reaches the top. Click on spiked platform to move on.
Place gears in blank spots, if one doesn’t stick try the other one.
Click water to dive down. There are five stones that can be clicked.
1, 2 (top stones)
3, 4, 5 (bottom stones)
Quickly click #4, #2 and #3. You need to get them all in one dive, so be quick, you don’t need to wait for the bunny to reach each stone before clicking the next one.
Click to the right of screen to move on.
Click the shield to pick it up. This next part is a little tricky. There are three different colors of rays that the evil bunny will shoot at you. You can tell which color is coming by looking at the staff the evil bunny is holding. Before each shot, three shields will appear around pirate bunny. You need to click the correct shield before the ray shoots to block. Blue rays attack from the top, purple rays attack from the middle, and green rays attack the lowest shield. After you block a few shots, evil bunny will shoot a steady ray at you, you just need to click your shield repeatedly until it turns blue to beat the ray. Repeat the sequence until you beat it. Click the staff to move on.
Pull the lever down to release the captive bunny. Click the boat until the wall breaks. Done!

I didn’t find all of the rum bottles, so hopefully someone else will be kind enough to post the locations of all five.

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