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Sneaky's Travels Walkthrough

Sneaky's Travels

Sneaky's Travels is a new point and click adventure created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. Sneaky is on a new mission to track down special coins that were stolen from the museum. There are 7 coins hidden in different locations around the world. The first coin is hidden here in Aruba. Use your sneaky skills to find the coin! Collect gold coins while your at it for a high score! Good luck and enjoy playing!

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Sneaky's Travels 1 Walkthrough
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hi joe, looks like it's just u and me, buddy!

lighter between the loungers facing the pool. huh? scare the cardinal?

hello - mind if i join in? first live sd game for me... found place to dig in sand and pic attached to wall. and lighter.

anyone scare the bird yet?

need a key to un-arm the alarm in the back patio + SD's favorite black marbles! :)

@ uzi2011, welcome aboard! :) no, still walking around

oh and goggles for marble 1. and something to scare the bird...

map: left click pool screen. sitting on one of the front tables

slingshot in room C to scare bird with

sorry, also a sling shot. to scare the bird with i suppose?

4 marbles so far

Joy! another escape to paradise!

bottle for dry plant ? anyone

okay, so the bird gives a marble. another one in the pool, walking aroujnd looking for googles now

one more marble in L, looking for 5th
found shovel in L (I think) to dig in A

orange gem in room M

goggles were in E i think... should take notes

goggles middle bottom of b

marble 5 anyone?? one from bird, one in L, one from sand, one pool...

Just starting! Thanks SD - saved me from a 123 game!

I'm with you @uzi, still looking for marble #5...

@ joe, ty for the googles! shovel in L. go to A: dig in the dark spot on the left of screen for the last marble

found it! vase in c is a "torch", strangely...

Left buggy fairy game and came as soon as I saw a new SD. Let's dig in!

Room P, pull once on ropes longest to shortest.

hi all! I don't see smalltool anywhere! How can it be?

silver key works on Armed door...


Orange gemstone in M

Mona you're so fast...

butterfly code doesnt work on boy in F....grrr

blue key and sneaky coin in room G

I'm starting, but am going on Island time so probably won't catch up until after you're all out!

Got gold key from lemmon.
Also have a cog and orange gemstone

water bottle in K - @joe where's the dry plant please?

third cog and yellow gem in room N

uzi.. the dry plant is in H

found everything but the blue gem.. lol, i was doing so well..

@uzi - butterfly code - 2nd butterfly is actually green not yellow. Took me a while to figure that out..

last marble in c, light the torch on d left

butterfly colors not working for me on box in F

green gem in room F

ah! thx @Mona!

Missing blue gem - Maybe has to do something with the couple we"re supposed to sneak up on?

thank you mona!!

red gem in room O

And blue gem?

butterfly does work on box in room f @uzi

purple gem in room H

i'm with u miles, i've looked everywhere.. i think we should use the knife to threaten them for the blue gem...lol

I think I've covered every inch of this place! Still no blue gem

Lol Eric! That should work!

and eric. did anyone find the SD for the picture? must be safe for gems..

and out with 47 coins.. last colour order ,,start 6 is orange etc

Knife is in M, use it on the lemon.

tried pulling the cords in the order it says on the napkin - 624153 - for blue gem, but not working

sd in drawer in J

wow SD was really obvious - forget it. only blue gem now..

"strange" tile in E

SD is in a drawer below the lemon in J

daz - hint for the blue gem?

@ uzi....i could be wrong but i thought the sd was in I.. in front of fruit

Miles: just pull them from longest to shortest.

got the blue in E. Thanks Truus

aaahhh - thank you Truus!!!!

Maybe we have to stab to death the people in order to pick up the blue gem... (((o:

how do you get the orange in M?

Catqueen - I did that for something first (forget now). i thought we might have to do it again for the blue gem.

Got cog from I and N. Where is the third one?

sneaky in g

and out - what a quickie this time! thank you all..

Orange gem from dragging fruit on table.

lol thank you catqueen

Miles I think the hint on the chairs en numbers on note gives us te sequence how to put in the gems.
I have orange and yellow so far.

ok, why isn't my color code working.. grrrrr

Blue gem in E - thanks Truus! Out now too.

where's d blue gem

I'm trying that now.

for placement of gems combine number clue from note in room with ropes to pull with color arrangement clue. 0range is in 6th position, etc.

eric, the yellow butterfly is green...

finally.. thanks for the help Truus

blue gem in E under strange tile

Too late, for live. But I'm out. Fun little Selfdefiant game.

colour code ... o p b r g y and 624153 .. so o in 6 .... p in 2 etc

Thought the color order would be ogbypr, but not working

Glad I could help, I way behind myself.
What am I suppose to get from pulling the cords in P?
I found a cog, but don't know if it was there already or if I got it from the cords.

Short and Sweet! I've got all gems, but I'm going to look around for 2 more gold coins. Thanks @everyone!

Truss pull cords once in order of longest to shortest.

Got it - Thanks daz!!

Thanks Mona, got the key!

Spent agessss playing that 123bee games and im missing this!!

finally out now :))

Oh im too late i see lol

Thank you again SD. Very nice game and you just saved me from a buggy 123 game.

Help! I can't find the blue gem...

Jo.C I'll stick around for a while. Go for it girl!

In room E is a tile that looks different (top left of the chair), use the screwdriver there.

Doris: the blue gem is in E. Like Truus said, look at the strange tile.


Goggles in B.
Lighter in E
Slingshot in C
Shovel in L

- in D, use goggles.
- in E, use lighter.
- In L
- In A, use shovel
- In B use sling shot

lol thanks @ Catqueen, but I am at work (naughty) and have just been given loads of work so will have to do this tomorrow!! :( lol

I only have 48 coins, two of these little devils must be extremely well hidden!


Where is the hint for the box in N

S-T is on the move again. :-)

Yea! A new sneaky. After that crappy buggy bee fairy game this should take the bad taste out of my mouth. You know we love you Selfdefiant.


lol @ alice! I was playing that aswel instead of this!

In the drawer in room F.

Out with 49 coins...forgot to go back to look for last one.

- Silver key in H, use marbles.
- Gold key in J, use knife.
- White key in P, pull ropes (use hint from paper).
- Blue key in G.

YE HAA a live one - Thanks Selfdefiant for this gem!

- In room I.
- In room P.
- In room N.

After re-searching all rooms only found 45 coins -- Hope someone posts a coint-count by room.

Thanks to everyone who got (temporarily) stuck at the same places I did!

I do love Sneaky games :)

- Knife in room M.
- Screwdriver in J.
- Bottle (water) in N

- Orange in room M.
- Green in room F, use color code (butterflies).
- Yellow in room N (use code from drawer room F).
- Purple in room H (use water bottle).
- Red in room O (use gears).
- Blue in room E (use screwdriver).

Save in room H, use screwdriver.

Thank you.

Music still makes me shoulder-dance.

Where to use screwdriver in E please s-t?

Got it - Tile.

Can somebody help please? I can't move the arrows
in room N. It is always the same in each game..

You don't move the arrows, you have to click them in the right order.

Hey whats the trick with the chair clue / gem order?

The note below the ropes gives the order (combined with the colors in the chairs).

624153/O,P,B,R,G,Y got it.

I'm wondering the same about the order of the gems. Following the chair clue exactly doesn't work; rearranging the colors according to the numbers on the note in P doesn't work. Hmmmm.

Also, what about the people who shouldn't notice us? I don't know what to do about them. Any help? Thanks!

To small-tool
Thank you very much! It works

Rearranging according to the numbers should work.

If you combine the number hint on the note with the color hint on the chairs, the order should be:

Yellow, Purple, Red, Orange, Green, Blue

but that doesn't work for me. :-(

Missed @daz comment earlier thanks again small-tool

The Guardian Escape Angel.


I closed the game, but wasn't the order;

O, Pu, B, R, G, Y

and the number;


so then you get;

R, Pu, Y, B, G, O

Finally out , I hate it when life interrupts my game playing. LOL. But only 48 coins... Oh that Sneaky.

S-T, I don't understand how you got that. Orange is in the first position on the chair, so it should be the 4th gem placed on the safe, according to the number clue. Likewise, Blue is in the third position on the chair, so it should be the 6th gem placed on the safe. Right?? Why am I not getting this??

Orange is in the first position alright, but the first number is 6, so Orange is in 6th position.
Blue is in third indeed and the third number is 4, so Blue goes in 4th position etc. etc.

6 2 4 1 5 3

R1 P2 Y3 B4 G5 O6

Argh! I always have trouble seeing the alternate way to use the clue! Thanks for explaining.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Had to take a dinner break, but finally out too.
LOL @John, I experienced the same troubles on the colour order.

Oops, messed up in my previous post;
Anyway this is how there are always two ways how you can see these kind of hints/codes.
For example:

ABCD and

Now you can do A is above 3, B above 2 etc. and if you put the numbers in order you get;


But you can also see it this way;

ABCD and

A is in first position, so it goes on 4 (because there's the 1), B in second so it goes on 2 (because there's the 2) etc. And then you get;


Wow first time I got 50 coins :)

WALKTHRU 1 of 2 including coins

A - 4 COINS; note dig spot at left

go right

B - 4 COINS; get GOGGLES on stone wall. note RED BIRD at birdhouse to scare. note PEOPLE at pool who MUST NOT SEE YOU (be super sneaky).

go up

E - 4 COINS; get LIGHTER on table. note strange tile.

go left

D - 4 COINS; use goggles to get MARBLE#1 from pool

go left

C - 4 COINS; get SLINGSHOT on table. get MAP from other table. use lighter to light TORCH on left, get MARBLE#2.

(no more directions, use map)

H - 4 COINS; note MARBLE BOX on table. note PICTURE attached to back wall. note DRY PLANT.

L - 3 COINS; get MARBLE #3 in yard. get SHOVEL on steps.

go back to B, scare bird w/ slingshot, get MARBLE#4
go back to A, dig w/ shovel, get MARBLE#5
go back to H, open marble box, get silver key, use silver key to open I

I - 3 COINS; get GEAR#1

WALKTHRU 2 of 2 including coins

M - 2 COINS; get KNIFE from drawer. move mango to get ORANGE GEM. note butterfly color clue (B,G,Pi,B,Pi).

J - 3 COINS; cut LEMON w/ knife for GOLD KEY. get SCREWDRIVER from drawer.

go back to L, use gold key to open P

P - 2 COINS; get GEAR#2. note bar napkin w/ 2 clues. tug hanging decorations longest to shortest (napkin clue #1), get WHITE KEY. note COLOR CLUE on chairs (O,Pu,B,R,G,Y)

go back to J, use white key to open F

F - 3 COINS; open box w/ 5 colored dots (clue from M), get GREEN GEM. note COMPASS CLUE in drawer (ENSENS).

G - 3 COINS; get SNEAKY COIN. get BLUE KEY on vanity.

go back to J, use blue key to open K


N - 2 COINS; get GEAR#3, open box w/ compass directions (clue from F), get YELLOW GEM.

O - 2 COINS; open gear box for RED GEM

go to E, pry tile w/ screwdriver for BLUE GEM
go to H, use water bottle on plant for PURPLE GEM, use screwdriver to pry picture, place gems combining napkin clue #2 and chair clue in P (R,Pu,Y,B,G,O). get MUSEUM COIN

Great walkthrough LaChatonFou!

kriege das mit farbhinwiese und den 6 trottel nicht hin,gehe anch länge,kürzesten zuerst,passiert nichts,gehe ich anch farben ,passiert auch nicht,nach zahlen auch nicht,wie muß ich die dinger ziehen?

Try again. Pull the ropes from longest to shortest, should work.
The colors you use later in the safe.

komisch,dachte ich auch,danke hinweis auf zettel,aber es passiert nichts,ziehe von lang bis kurz und umgekehrt ,nichts ?

ah nun gings,hatte 2 vertauscht,aber farbhinweis in f?

For room F, you use the colors from the butterflies (Schmetterlingen).


As always, a great game SD. Keep on making it sneaky, I like a challenge!

Is anyone else having a problem with the box that has the arrows? I cannot change any of them :( (And I tried in 2 different browsers FF and Chrome)

Tristin, you don't have to change them, just click them in the correct order

Ok, im going in now! lol

Oh dear, it is too early here, been looking for the last marble for the box, read above comments going to all the different rooms and i already had it!! LOL

Super excited for this new Sneaky series!! Starting... I hate missing Sneakys live...

what room is the map

how are you finding rooms without a map

nvm finally found the map

cant get the white key I pull the ropes, 624153, and its reversed, so the 6th # is #1, still nothing help

lovely game as always. Thanks, SelfDefiant!!

I spent a lot of time trying to combine the numbers and ropes lol. My time was slow, but I got out with all 50 coins and the sneaky one!

@sherry12 in case you come back...
Don't combine the ropes with the numbers. They are 2 separate clues.


@kitdatfox Thank you so much, I must have tried it about 20 times and never did it this way, thank you again

@kitkatfox, all I need is one gear. According to the Wt, the gears are in room IPN, I dont know what re I got the 2 gears, but I still looked in the 3 rooms and cant find the third gear.

NVM I found it. having a bad day today. Thans again for your help

WOW! A new series! Thank you, Selfdefiant! =D =D =D

This one was tough

I love Selfdefiant's game!

I have a problem with arrows in the room N. they do not spin!What to do???

AnnaSophie, still here?
Just click the arrows in the correct order. They don't move

nice game, only the gem placement stk. took hlp. 624153
ನಯನ ಶಿವ ಗೌಡ, ಮೈಸೂರು

Супер! Очень понравилась,спасибо!

Tried all sorts of ways with rope pulls and original way six times going in and out room each time last time it worked, I was thinking I might take up campanology but this experience has put me off.

Having consulted Sherlock Holmes I can say with confidence that R-Purp-Y-B-G-O is the gem placement order, Watson.

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