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🖳 Synapsis 2 Walkthrough

🖳 Synapsis 2

[REPLAY] Synapsis 2 is sequel to Synapsis 1 a new point and click escape room game from RobotJAM. Part 2 of the mind bending adventure game, David Carter is again trapped in a series of bizarre rooms which he will need to find some way of escape from. Good luck and have fun!

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Hai Hai!

Aw wierd game..I'm out.

I have 2 clocks can't place them and need the safe code and a shield lol I like this one

i stuck in the same place as you clee..

This is awesome, but I'm stuck now, too. Need a shield and safe code.

In the book I see anagrams for


but I have no idea where to use them.

what about this giant hole..i got 2 pieces..

you need to put those words in the computer by the safe and you'll get the shield

you get safe code when you input all the words , this game is cool I like it ;)

I took THE KEY in first room
Went in the childhood room. Open the window, take the worm from the floor. Put the worm into the cage, the bird will come in, and it will drop sth to open the Jack in the box. Took the hammer, give it to the doll, the curtain opens, a skeletone has sth in his hand. take it. Went to war room, took the paper, entered those letters in the typing machine. went on the map, clicked on the places which had shown on the paper. One guy with tv on his head appeared and dropped another piece. Took it. And also in that room, I took sth for the knights shoulder, left standing bellow the pipe. And the clock on the wall right.
Reflection room-Took the key, opet the chest, took the sword, gave it to the knight and other his stuff(sth on shoulder, mask) I need shield..
Also in that room I took the clock.. Now The BLUE room. The password is SESAME, but I cant figure out the seif password.. Thats all I have done..And now I am stuck

you have to rebuild the templar guy and the pieces to the hub 4 will get you out , you need the clocks in the room after getting in the safe takes you to new rooms . You are getting close I'm making a wheel line up with ones on it now going in the safe first

Im on the wheel too ;D Thanks for the words

thanks clee! stuck now at 3 piece round puzzle : ( lol

The 5th 1 on the right side is a straight line to the center do that one first and when it's right you get the last piece to the hub to escape :) fun game

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yee-haw! got the round puzzle in the 'Time' room by making all the 1s connect to the middle and the 0s get stopped by the dots

i got the round puzzle. But i still miss one part.. what did I miss. I got one from the skeleton, one from the map, third fromthis puzzle.and 4th??

got it from robbot :D Good game, thank you Clee and Stephanie :)

Ettaa how did you get it from the robot? I turned to valves in both 'times' with the wrench, but nothing happened except the drip stopped. I am also left what looks to be a mirror.
This game is so challenging and creative.

Great work Stephanie and Ettaa pleasure to have you on a great game, this was nice graphics and I liked the puzzles and the company THANK - YOU both!!

Hang the mirror on the wall then go back to red robot and he rewards you

ugh, ok feeling dumb, but i've tried every wall and i can't place the mirror. Anyway, thanks you so much guys, great work!!!

it's the brown robot room to hang the mirror and open the curtains also sorry you got stuck but you are almost freeeeeeee!!!

Stuck on this spinning wheel thing with clocks... I've made it chime twice but not sure how etc, just spinning things lots >_<

Got there in the end, that puzzle was all that stumped me lol

What a great game! Most difficult for me was the time room with the wheel, because I didn't see where to place the last clock I'd left, and then needed soooo long to combine the 1's with the center.

Out now - thx for developing and posting this brilliand and outstanding game!

I don't know what to do with the two clocks...where should I place them?

where did you find the book with anagrams?

If I remember right, you need 3 clocks to be placed in the time room.

Have you solved the typewriter-riddle? I think, after typing in the letters you get 3 locations and the book.

Correction: you need 2 clocks and a pendulum, sry.

       Anonymous  7/26/11, 2:05 AM  

This game rocked!!! What amazing graphics. So surreal. I loved it. One of the best games ever. Hope this game maker makes another one soon.

Help pleeeease I can't figure out the binary!! :o)

Oh figured it out!! Awesome game!!

It's a great game... but I'm totally stuck, as usual.
I have only 2 pieces for the round hub (one from the child room, one from the war room), 2 clocks. The knight misses a piece of armour (for his arm) and his shield.
I have no idea for the void room, except the password (SESAME).

Well, I had to type MANUAL, of course...

@Ollylolly, you figured it out, but didn't care to explain...

Finally, I figured it out, too : the words of the book are anagrams. The words can be used as commands in the void room.

Very very good game !

A very, very, very good game !!!
It deserves to be on top of all games ! :)
BTW, i didn't play the first episode. I've just seen the beta, if i remember well. So i'm going now !!

liked this game! And I was at Waterloo yesterday lol

can anyone post a screen shoot for the solution of the binary?

I was about to put the same thing... just can't seem to get it right!

Have all the 1s got to go to the middle and all the 0s to the spots?

acymy_acymy... there is a walkthrough on the game to show how it should be done :)

The "0"s are of no importance! You have to aligne the "1"s to the centre, using the 3 couples of arrows for outer, middle and inner wheels.

hmm...I know no one is around right now, but if someone checks in...I did the enigma machine and got locations, marked them on the map, got puzzle piece (?)but did someone say that's where you get the book? I don't have that. What did I miss? Have 3 puzzle pieces, 2 clocks, and 2 used code hints. :s

Btw, this game rocks! Thanks @Shuchun! :D

Hi mkganda: Partly replayed the game quickly (I hope quick enough for you!):

When you enter the blueish room to the right, you have to enter the password:


then next command


and then you get the book with the anagrams.

Solve the anagrams and type in to computer, then you will get a 3-digit-code for opening the safe.

Only pixel hunt is place to put last clock in room with wheel. It hangs on a bracket in the upper right. Wish the wire ran to this location like the others. Only needed help with that and having to type MANUAL into the computer. Reminded me of the legendary game of Myst, BRAVO!

Thanks @Katharina and @Tiquer! I don't know where that comes from though. Oh well.
@Tiquer I agree (Myst)

okay, this wheel is going to take me a while. :s

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Wonderful game; kudos to the designer.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Had to close it and come back to it and now I accidentally typed a wrong letter on the enigma machine and can't move on. #rd times a charm? So worth it. This game is beautifully done.

mkganda: you don't need to restart, just write down the letters when typing in enigma machine, so that you get 3 locations for the map!

If you have a look at the map before typing, you can see the possible locations, so that you don't have to type all letters in! Locations change every game, so I can't spoiler them, I regret!

omg...now I'm playing again and am way more observant. lol...why didn't I see MANUAL??? :P

@Katharina Thanks. Didn't realize they were always different so I may not have messed up anyway. Oh well lol, I'm out now. So original! LOVED IT. Think I'll play the first now. :)

@mkganda: Yes, I missed 1st part and played it too today! Have fun with it!

There are some difficulties in it, perhaps you will post some questions here?

BTW: MYST: I just found a new remake of the legendary myst as free downloadable game. Now downloading and have a look at it, tomorrow I think.

Yes, how about what to do with the numbers I found on the note? I thought I was maybe gathering letters for a word or it was a phone #?

Ooh...really? Love that series. I had the first three as a set but had to mess with my settings to play the first b/c it was so old and wasn't compatible with xp. Glad they remedied that. I tried playing the online one, but I'm not a fan of mmo games so I ditched it.

They are a phone number, take your phone and dial: put in numbers and click, I think, middle knob of phone

Here's the link, you have to register and then you can download:


Terrific game! My only problem was finding the pixel to place the mirror. Clicked and clicked and clicked for that one. Very, very creative!

Okay, finished 1st one now. Great games. First one was harder imo. Hoping for a 3rd, but seeing as how it's been about 3 yrs between 1st and 2nd...I won't hold my breath. :)

It's a long time since the first Synapsis, but it was well worth waiting for!!!
Thank you so much, RobotJAM, and Shuchun for posting. =D
There really is no need for a walkthrough, because everything can be worked out with a bit of thought and patience.
Anyone without either of these attributes would be wasting their time playing because the game really isn't for them.
I saw there is a walkthrough link in the game anyway, but if it's a video walkthrough I couldn't have seen it anyway.
Gorgeous game!

I'm longing to get back to Myst, Katharina! I adore Myst, and was there the last time MystOnline closed.
I've been trying to get a decent pc built to play it again. The download won't work on my current system, in fact, no downloaded games work.
Finding free, used computer parts is a slow process =)

RobotJAM will be one of the names I search for when I get the ability to download and play bought games =)

I loved everything about this game, the graphics, the BG sounds and sound FX, the game play and I especially liked the Enigma machine...very creative.

Got stuck because for some reason I thought the manual would magically appear after I put the password in...if I had read the instructions and downloaded it, I wouldn't of have to of peeked here for clues. Again, excellent game.

I agree. Very original and graph/music/FX, was very good. The wheel pissed me off at first until i figured it out for the 2nd ttime cause i had to restart. Start by alignining the outer rim to what you think looks ok, then proceed to the next inner and do the same. Then just go nuts click away on the inner. You will get a piece of armour. Again, COOL game. Perfect in level of challenges and length.!

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I was suck for a while on the safe room but thanks ettaa. by the way how did you get SESMAE? just wondering.

how can i solwe the anagrams?

I am still stuck with which wall to hang the mirror. Can anyone help? Been at it for almost an hour.

thanks to Peke for suggesting this game

I had problems with the mirror 8 years after playing this last. It is the blank wall behind (to left) of robot in the room that the red curtain opens. Still a great game!!

This was a wonderful game!! I enjoyed it completely!!!

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