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Titanic Secret Escape Walkthrough

Titanic Secret Escape

Titanic Secret Escape is another point and click escape game from Abroy. If you don't want to feel how cold this water really is then you should make your way out fast to get on to the lifeboat. Good luck and have fun!

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Titanic Secret Escape Walkthrough

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Anyone else playing?

Oops yep Clomp,
I was playing, but out already.

You are a legend.

I've got a hammer & chisel, a shovel, a rope, and one puzzle piece.

Use hammer & chisel on globe and rope on roulette table spinning wheel.

Hi S-T and Clomp.
Just starting. Got 1 puzzle piece and a hammer.
Trying to catch up :)

OMG...am I actually catching a live game??

Got four more puzzle pieces.

I don't know the 4 digit code. I thought it was the year of the moveable bottle but no luck.

Also there's a 4 color code in the cigarette case but I don't know where to use it...

The 4-digit code is the year the Titanic sunk.
The colors are in the cabinet as puzzle as well.

Yes Sara Taverly! It's live so go for it.


- Under black cards on table in the corner.
- From word puzzle.
- Inside safe.
- Use rope on spinning wheel on roulette table.
- Use hammer and chisel on globe.
- Use shovel in plant.
- Use coin under ashtray.
- Behind bottles on cabinet next to couch.

Lol Catqueen, semi-live.

Yellow chip from slider puzzle goes in spot under ashtray.

ST, better semi-live than dead. My game doesn't have a rope, I swear! ;-)

That's strange Sara Taverly,
I got a hammer and chisel from slider!?

Ah the year the Titanic sunk. That opened all the doors.

That and remembering to try the middle-bottom puzzle which was the color code...

I'm out. A good, quick Abroy one. Thanks small-tool for the assist!

Rope (noose) you get from one of the puzzles.

Congrats Clomp and you're welcome.

Thank you ST and I bet it's the piramid number puzzle.

You must have mastered time travel,
I just had a cup of tea between games
and you are out already.

The GEA.

LOL @ Morgan

Puzzle Spoilers Below

57 30
39 18 12
26 13 5 7
17 9 4 1 6

Four Colors:

Three Words:

Eight digits:

Four digits:

TY Enjoy, just needed some help with the pyramide code. Out now.

Selfdefiant and Abroy on the same day, sweet.

I came here looking for help with where to see a cigarette packet, or so I learn from comments.
First, I bump into a list of items "won" from completeing the puzzles, so all the surprises are gone [I love surprises, too], then I
blunder into all the puzzle solutions, and I LOVE the puzzles.
So - with not even a vague suggestion as to where any hints in-game are, I DON'T NEED TO PLAY AT ALL!
EGDAW - except this one, I'm guessing. >.<
And now blogger's having a hissy-fit. Deep joy.

Sweet, next day, at least blogger works now [and I CAN spell completing really] =)

Where do you put the puzzles pieces once you go them all?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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