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Water Temple 2 Walkthrough

Water Temple 2

Water Temple 2 is a new point and click type escape the room game from CafeCafeGames and JuegosDeEscape.Net. You are trapped in a water temple and you need to find objects and clues in order to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Upside-Down Text Spoiler Maker
To decode, copy the upside-down text and paste into the left box
Spoiler:   Use This:


stick and stone (from color code) so far

2 blue balls - from shell and letter code

i have a stone from the color code..

number code gives u a saw

3 balls... where to use the stone

3 balls, looking for the number code.
Hello again miles1.

I think I used the stone on the helmet (or whatever it is called).

got saw from number code - look at bubbles in each scene

use stone on helmet for blue ball

Hi MissBrasil - great walkthrough on the other game, by the way... although I never did get that chest open!

use saw on log for wheel

Going to give it a try!

Never opened the chest.... What the? hehe

use wheel for blue ball

use wheel on boat for blue ball


will stick around to give hints if anyone needs them

3 blue balls now...need chest

out too, if anyone needs help

What is the ABCD for? must use it for the four shapes but drawing a blank

got key piece after placing 1 ball

Where's the stick?

TY Enjoy! Got the saw now.

Thanks for the compliment, miles1. Sorry that you couldn't finish. A bug maybe?

enjoy - use it on the letter code.. a b what looks like a c and guessed the last

Oh POP.. got a third ball using shapes.

stick on top left of second scene I think

stick is in top left corner of one of the scenes, can't remember which one

tiny brown spot top left

MissBrasil - maybe so


Thanks for the stick guys. Out now.

hmmm.. need to open the chest. Have three key pieces after placing three blue balls

Upper left corner where you see the treasure chest, small-tool.

@ Jo-Ann.. thanks for the stick. guess we don't need to open that chest!

use stick on pink shell for last blue ball

Isn't the color code from the starfish? Orange and red isn't working; although it looks like it should be purple..

And another one today, after SD and gamershood, super!

@Seawall, color code is from shovel handles

POP, the color code is from the oars....

3 blue balls and nothing left in inventory, stuck!
(Used axe, magnifying glass, dark ball and saw, if I remember right)

YAY!! LOVE THESE!! Can't play now, tho...

@Katharina, did you find the stick? top left corner of one of the scenes

i can't figure out the shell....

Yes, Jo-Ann, forgot to mention it - I need a hint for the symbol's puzzle with the triangle, A-symbol and so on, near chest.

Bubble count not working for me, is it the number of the size, or just the count?

never mind... duh (read comments vickie) thanks for the stick... OUT

Got it! Misread the sign (ABCD - I red a bed!!!!)
eth blue ball.

just the count Muskiefan

Thanks for bubble clue..


Ooops -----> 4th ball, I meant. And out now after solving the last riddle in first scene.

Had the right count, wrong starting spot. First time posting today, been lurking for months. Thanks!

Welcome to posting Muskiefan.

Can somebody tell me which colors to use? A couple look the same to me - colorblind. I can distinguish yellow, orange, and blue but there are two I can't see which is which.

good degree of difficulty, i was able to get out myself


If you are color blind, click the upper left circle 2 times. Upper right 4 times
Lower left 3 times and lower right 1 time

Go right 2 times to the chest scene
Get the STICK in the upper left corner of the screen
Go right 2 times to the helmet scene
Use the stick on the oyster to get the first BLUE BALL 1/4
Go left
Enter the color code for the STONE
Solution Below
Go left
Enter the number code for the SAW
And enter the letter code for the BLUE BALL 2/4
Solutions Below
Go left
Use the saw on the right side of the green algae patch to the right of the branch of the tree
Get the WHEEL
Go left 2 times
Use the stone on the helmet for the BLUE BALL 3/4
Go left
Use the wheel on the drawer of the sunken boat(?)
Get the BLUE BALL 4/4
Turn to the door
Place the balls over the squares with shapes on them
You can click the squares to change the shapes
I don't know the reasoning, so I brute forced it a bit: Door Pattern Solution

Starting at the door scene, go clockwise though each scene. Look at the ends of the oars for the colors: SPOILEROrangeBrownYellowRedSPOILER

Starting at the door scene, go clockwise though each scene. Count the bubbles. SPOILER5745SPOILER

In the helmet scene, the sign says ABCD. In the code box, the letters A and B are normal, but C and D aren't available. Just assume that the A is zero clicks, B 1, C 2, and D three clicks.

Great walkthrough Kitkatfox, helped alot! :)

Erm, for the ABCD thing... the alphabet on the sign is the greek alphabet, a capitalised C looks like a turned and mirored L (gamma) and D is a triangle (delta). But no idea what the patterns by the door are like or if there was any logic behind it.

Hi all!!! I have all of the door patterns right, but could only retrieve 2 pieces of the key!

Now I got all 4 pieces of the key!! Kept on clicking..... and out!!

just in case anybody is still wondering why c and d don't look as you would expect --> greek letters Alpha and Beta are the same , Gamma looks like the right half of a T and Delta is a triangle. so in both alphabets the first 4 letters

The patterns by the door may be a bug. It is possible to make the patterns in each column line up vertically (like seaweed) from tile to tile, but that isn't the answer. Not a fan of counting random objects, the colored oars are fair but not counting bubbles (why not count starfish, bottles, cannonballs, bricks along the left side, grains of sand, etc, etc, etc)...

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