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Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 6 Walkthrough

Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 6

Xolga and Mr. Toko - Episode 6 is the sixth part of Xolga and Mr. Toko point and click adventure type escape games series developed by Pacthesis. In this game, you have to use your point and click adventure solving skills to figure out the game. Good luck and gave fun!

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Hummmm weird navigation and a ghost in my inventory??

Hmmmm (Double times) Austin has a chat with Mr Toko?
What is he Tokoing on????

Now I have another conversation with Mr Toko regarding Michelle??
Apparently she protects her property very well???

LOL Just worked out there is a map showing my location in the upper right of the screen.

Im glad my alterego is DropBear or else I would get tired of talking to myself!

HHHmmmmm (Triple times) Think you have to place items in appropriate places? Reckon the ghost\figurine must go with the harp?

You go you goodthing Dropbear!

LOL Im getting away with this commentary?

And the clue to the placement must be...
In a perfect kingdom, angels will bask in gods warmth and help the uglybeauty, the lost souls gainlife, and the children gain wisdom. But it would be to build a strong kingdom without a strong King to guide it from his throne.

So thoughts Dropbear?

Dropbear speaking..
So if I slap the kids around the head a lot they will learn wisdom?

Well Leroy.
From what I know kids learn a lot of wisdom from being slapped around the head a lot!

I think that means we have to put things at the right spot:
angel: light
book: doll table
flower: ugly statue
king chess: chair
???: hollow statues

but my sheet music is stuck in my inventory...stuck now

Huh! Slap the kids around the head a few times to teach them wisdom.

@Dadelion Just been talking (you know what) while waiting for someone to solve this game for me?
ps Go Cadel Evans!

@Dandelion you can pick the items up again which is why I thought the angel figurine was meant for the harp???
of course I may be wrong (as happens)..

@Dandy only 4 clues from next to the door?
So I agree with you book (wisdom) for the kiddies, Gods warmth? Harp and figurine and then maybe the music sheet?
But did you get flower as well?

I think I start to see it. I just used flower then figurine in one of the statues but seem to fail so started again and could use music sheet...
Not quite sure what is going on here..

placed flower on demon statue, note sheet in man looking statue, angel statue into the light, book on table with dolls and king figure on chair... but nothing happens, maybe the combination is wrong...

Zeig heil Heftig (Just kidding) what I meant was I placed flower on left statue and then the angel figurine (both disappeared from inventory) but couldnt place anything else.. And then was able to take them back.
Makes me think there is an order to the placing of items.

This comment has been removed by the author.

ok... i think you have to place the flower at last...

Sorry bit personally distracted by Tv as Cadel Evans won the Le Tour de france and the news is on!

gosh... i got it, combination was right, the key appears, behind the dialog box at the door...

sehr Gut Herr Kommandant? So did you escape?

what's it? Tell us please !

So am I wrong if I say we need to put king on throne first?

yes i'm out:

Music Sheet: Hollow
Book:Table with dolls
Chess King: Chair near harp
Flower: Beast Statue

Go to the door, and look at the floor to the left, there should be a key, bad to see because the dialog box is over it, get the key and watch the outro...

Vielen danke Herr Kommander! :)

I'm too stupid for this game. (LOL)

LOL Me Aussie and a throne is a toilet so far as I know!!

Danke Herr kommandant!

Why can't I place the music sheet anywhere?
I can't select it...is there any condition when the sheet will be able to use?

Herr kommandant you gut escapist so put a basic blog up there?? Only if you want...

Das frei frau, I think I found that I had to have most of the items still in inventory. Or it wouldnt highlight for me... My comment about order of placement!

Leroy, didn't get it, what do you want me to do?

Thanks Leroy, that did the trick!
You will block them all by placing the flower on the beast's head too early. So this must be your very last step.

Sorry Das kommandant but what happened with me was I put flower then figurine in the left statue and then couldnt use music sheet?
But could take back the both of those items..
ps what do you want me to do?

Damn not left but meant right! Stupid drunken Aussie!! Go C Evans LOL

Danke So I was right???

look at my comment at 1:37

g'day leroy

hello Leroy and hello Dropbear too...enjoy reading your comments xD :P

Grr, bug!
I can't select the king or the music sheet anymore.

Not a bug.
Please read what I wrote. Leave the flower alone and do NOT put it onto the stone beast sculpture too early.
If you put the angel figurine and nothing else, the sheet will be movable.
You must follow the order described above.

It's no bug (though I thought that too at first), it's plainly intentional.

I've done them in the right order and can't take any of the objects back, but nothing is happening!!

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