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Abandoned 5 Walkthrough

Abandoned 5

Abandoned V is the next episode in the Abandoned series created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. Once again you thought it would be fun to explore the famous abandoned asylum. This time you figured you would go alone only to find out that this place is full of energy and you are anything but alone! Now you need to figure a way to escape! Good luck and enjoy playing!

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Abandoned 5 Walkthrough
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Awesome!! Goin' in!

thank you Selfdefiant - did you hear me moan??

Rooms A-Z!

green key in B

What a way to start the weekend!

wrong not B but F lol

it is awfully dark there !

No orbs?

SD in G

oh great a live abandoned

Torch in B, look under bed in F

I don't know for you, but for me this hiding items' bar is very uncomfortable.

Red key and crystal ball in Q

I don´t like the hiding bar either.

going in...Thanks, SD!!!
see you all on the

Yellow gem in C

Black key in V

not happy with inventory too - very complicated

Pink gem in M

Ha - there you all go!! wheeeeee!!

blue key openening 4-digits in H

i feel like i just ruined a bottle of liquor

Well, I don't mind the inventory that much - as long as I get to play a SD game!!!

bolt cutters in R

bolt cutters gets you red key in Q

Some help with the 4-digits, please!

What is 4 digit code ?

red jewel in U

I need blue key.

BING - look at a telephone

purple key in S

Thanks, SwissMiss!

tooo slow....maybe will work better later!

Thank you SM, blue key now !

lighter in X

oops Mistake Selfdefiant

when in X use down arrow gets you back to A

another mistake - purple key opens door for Silver key!

gold key in O

Why the silver key is purple?

Whoo Who, Just like old times,

Thanks for this afternoon delight Selfdefiant.

Does anybody know where the purple door is? been wandering around like silly:/

kath - it is the SILVER door for purple key

stumped with the safe

Ohh i was running around like mad to find purple door.

Orange gem in Y

Can't figure the safe out either

orange gem in Y, and green gem from lighting candles

Where is safe ?

so stuck on the safe

Ok, nevermind, found a post on that subject. next question- anybody knows where the red gem is?

Safe combination is the middle 3 pairs of numbers.

Thanks SwissMiss:)

Fixed the purple key. The inventory isn't like this very often. I think it will be the last time we see it.

Can´t find the safe.

Zazie, it is in S.

Thanks Antonia! Tried every combo, but the obvious!

zazie - in a hidden drawer in O

The stupid magic looking door doesn't accept the last two gems.

Pop found it in O

Safe is in O.

Zazie, I'm sorry. LNS is right in O.

Safe combo starts going to the left.

I tried the middle numbers starting left and right 32 12 26 and 26 12 32 and not opening for me

any help pls

Please, help with the exit door.

It won't let me place the blue or the red gem on the door. Bug? Or just me?

SwissMiss it is 32 12 26, but not remember the first direction.

Thx all, missing turquoise (?) gem.

I did about x times and now it worked

What does the telephone tell? I can't do anything with it....

Oh, And btw- I'm THRILLED finally to play live with all you guys:) Your previous post on the rest of SD games where always helpful and appriciated:) AND TY Selfdefiant for the games- they're always awsome!

Kias, same with me. I think we'll stay till Abandoned VI.:)

Should refresh more... Ha! Yeah, I think we're stuck until SD Fixes it. :)

I think i started with the left arrow.

same here red and blue gem dont go into door

thanks seawall kept going rt

Zoe look what mumber has BING

Zoe, look at the letters above each number and find the correspondent BING.

I suppose I could go do some work or something...

Naaaaah... It's Friday!!

Zoe - if you look at the telephone - what number has B (2) etc.

Hi everyone ! Does anybody know where is the red Gem? I really like to know

Zoe- phone is in I, it just translated into numbers the BING on the code box

Red gem is in U, bottom left.

I am checking the gems, they worked for me. SOrry!

Thanks, Antonia!!!
I had a phone call and everyone went way ahead!

Also stuck on red and blue gem by door.

Gems not working here either.

It's ok SD! Love your games. And the music is giving my office a real nice ambiance with my subwoofer. Getting strange looks as people walk by the door. LOL!

OK got it. Last minute thing messed it up. It will work now with a refresh, I am so sorry everyone!

Thanks also Zazie and SwissMiss and kathorlowicz! Such a helpful bunch!

I will count this game for completed though my last gems didn't fit. Thnaks for the help!

lol SD - you did this so everyone could get out together !

and out - thank you again

Refreshing doesn't help me. BTW, I have 2 hammers in my inventory.

All gems are in the door, now what ?

and a refresh and out!! Thanks again!

LOL Antonia (two hammers)

Zazi, click the doorknob.

Refreshed, now just getting white screen.

YW Zoe :)

LOL i must be blind, i don´t see a doorknob.

Ops, it suddenly worked!

I can't replicate the 2 hammers. I'm stumped on that one!

LOL! Did you put 'em in the correct order? Just asking...

Zazie, it is below the gems row, to the right.

I put them like this:

I can't put last two gems on the magic door (blue and red)

Out, had to restart from this screen. Great game, SD!

Hmmm... Yup, that's it. Should be a glowing doorknob now.

Ohhh stupid me, i had blue and red wrong.

SD, when I moved the arrows of the inventory list on the second or the third column there was another hammer.

hellya, refresh the web page.

Thank you all for the help, this was fun again !

@Selfdefiant, it was a really cool game again, don´t worry for the little bugs, this kept us together for a while lol.

I like these games. Thanks, SD!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Gem locations (spoiler)..........

Orange - Y, Pink - M, Yellow - C, Red - U, Green - N, and Blue - O.

KatesKat refresh the page.

Hello!Where is the purple gem?

Selfdefiant - with your games bugs are mostly amusing not a pain because you are always there and put it right immediately - so dont worry

hazi - pu gem in M

Seawall-Thank you!!!

Purple is in M; I called it Pink in my post.. :(

This comment has been removed by the author.

Kates - just refresh the page - bug IS fixed
and game is selfsaving - just press start and not New

have to go now - someone pls write a WT?

SwissMiss- Thank you very much!!!

thanks SD great game as always

KatesKat, it is fixed; restart and it will work.

No way to toggle sound?!

Found it,sorry!

I'm stuck on that 4-digit code... 32-12-26, Antonia said at 8h40: "but not remember the first direction". I'm looking at the phone and I still don't get it.

Help please!

Dear SwissMiss TY it worked and TY EG24 and Selfdefiant

@Valérie 32 12 26 is for the safe in room O.
The 4 digit code comes from the black phone in one of the first rooms.
Change the letters BING into numbers shown on phone.

POP Forget what I said. I just had to look for numbers related to BING on the phone... I was looking for somthing way more complicated!

4 digit code:


The safe code starts with going to the left.
The four digit code is from the hint "BING". Look at a telephone key pad for the solution.

And Thank you Seawall too...

Thanks Zazie! ;)

Hey @Antonia - you know what? I had two crystal balls rather than two hammers...funny!

Thanks selfdefian - I'm with SwissMiss - even tho there might be bugs - they're kind of funny bugs. Your games are fantastic - all of them!!!!

Where's Golden room??? Can't find it anymore!

Giulia - I thought that was room Z...

Thanks Zoe!

Bit behind the rest of you but a great game once again. Thank you SD!

I had two torches lol

Thank you Zazie ! :-)

I have restarted 3 times, but I still can't put the blue and red gems.

where is the key for the gold room?

how late am i?

cannot find yellow or orange gems, I have looked in room Y and C ... and clues, hints or outright directions?

Patty: If I remember correctly, the yellow gem was in a room far to the left where there were lamp shades visible. There's a loose tile on the wall you get with the screewdriver. The orange gem in Y you get by hidding somewhere to the middle part of the window with the hammer on the colored window...

Okay, so Orange Jewel was really easy once I used the hammer.... duh!

Thank you Zoe :-) key is in room O Far right open drawer

Hmmm can't say I like this new inventory bar :(

I really don't understand the safe in O.
For the rest, thank you again Selfdefiant for another game. By far my favourite!

Marie-Louise: Do you have the combination? It's either one way or the other. Try using the right arrow first, and then the left and then the right, or the other way around, left/right/left, I don't remember which way

For anyone struggling with the safe in O

Click the left arrow until 32 is under the pointer at the top. The click right arrow until 12 is at the top, the left arrow again until 26 is at the top. Click the safe

Anyone seen the arrow clue? Found the safe, but no clue.

ghost in room j?

Room U Rachel

no worries, just worked it out from the letters. me being stupid.

And out. Thanx everyone for your invaluable comments!


A - get MAP; note scary freezer box that is NOT A CLOSET


I - get HAMMER; note COLOR CLUE; note TELEPHONE number/letter associations


F - use FLASHLIGHT under bed, get GREEN KEY (for J)

J - eek WTF?!!


M - use FLASHLIGHT under cart, get PURPLE GEM

N - note CANDLES


Q - get handy CRYSTAL BALL for transporting; note RED KEY in cabinet

V - break CRYSTAL SCULL with HAMMER, get SILVER KEY (for H)


H - note WALL SAFE with BING code; use TELEPHONE associations from I (BING=2464) to open; get BLUE KEY (for R)


return to Q, use BOLT CUTTERS to get RED KEY (for T)

U - get RED GEM under loose box; note DIRECTION CLUE

S - open WALL SAFE with DIRECTION CLUE from U (URDL), get PURPLE KEY (for O)

X - get LIGHTER from drawer

return to N, use LIGHTER on CANDLES, get GREEN GEM

O - get GOLD KEY from drawer; open COMBO SAFE in another drawer, using CHALKBOARD CLUE from P (32,12,26), get BLUE GEM

Y - smash odd GLASS with HAMMER, get ORANGE GEM

return to B, insert GEMS using COLOR CLUE from I (YOPuGBR), open GORGEOUS DOOR, BADDA BING!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Great game, Self-Defiant! I always look forward to your creations. I wish I could go to some of these creepy locations.

I'll add my voice to those wanting the old inventory bar back. Saves a lot of clicking (and mis-clicking) :D

Yeah i want my inventory bar back lol

Seek and hide inventory bars is not my thing *sigh* but the game was great !!!!

5 stars !

Thanks! I won't go back to this inventory system again. I realize it is not so good. It seemed to be great when I first created it but it's not any more.

Selfdefiant, your games are always brilliant! Thank you so much for listening and reacting to players thoughts.

       Anonymous  8/12/11, 5:36 PM  

Late as always but this time I have an almost finished map to show you. Remember to expect spoilers and errors. My map is here.
Thanks for the challenging game SD, the lack of orbs made it faster but the hidden inventory slowed me down so I didn't see any net benefit! My thanks also go to SwissMiss and LaChatonFou for their help, and to all the posters for being amazing and witty.

Hey Selfdefiant, Old School Rocks, if anyone has played
every one of your Asylum games over and over,
your 'inventory system' is just a few extra clicks - it's not
like it's some kind of pixel hunt. Anyway it was nice to re-live
the past, btw played Sneaky's vacation after this and had a ball.

YO, ph1n3a5 if you could also do a map for Ainars games
that would stop so many escapers from getting dizzy
just saying...

Creepy - the code on the telephone was my old phone number when I was little. 0_o

Thank you, Selfdefiant! At last you answer our prayers!

Going in - the right beginning of early saturday morning.

I can't open the safe in Room S. I know what the code is - I just can't put it in. I click the arrows, nothing, I try dragging them, nothing, I try typing with my keyboard arrow keys, nothing. What am I supposed to do?

This comment has been removed by the author.

I never get one live, but anyway, these games are THE BEST. Thank you, Selfdefiant, you made my day :-)

I haven't been able to get any of Selfdefiant's games to play for about six weeks. Just downloaded Chrome and I'm good. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

Mac here.

Thanks @Selfdefiant! This inventory bar would be okay except we're so spoiled by the other

Well done SD, keep em coming please :o)

       Anonymous  8/13/11, 1:20 PM  

@Selfdefiant: if you hide the inventory, then please make map an extra button on the main view (once you have it), because I use it so often and I mis-click many times.

This is the first game by SelfDefiant that I have had to give up on!
The program is just FAR too big for my pathetic little system!
I hadn't even found a key after 45 minutes [See! I DID try!] and the game timer said 1 minute 31 seconds had passed!
Every new screen caused "Ugg" to freeze up completely, and it got slower and slower.

With a menu button in other massive SelfDefiant games for me, in the past, my usual trick was to restart the game from the menu screen, and everything would speed up again for a bit.
This time, no menu button, so only ten minute restarts for Ugg!

Yes, I know I could possibly play this in Chrome, but the frequent updates just stuffed Ugg up completely, and IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO TURN THAT OFF, so I had to do a system restore to get rid of chrome absolutely and successfully.
There's no point in a browser that helps me play games when it only allows me a working connection for a few minutes per hour!

If anyone's ever donating decent computers [perhaps I just mean *proper* computers, haha], please put me on the list of people who deserve - I mean - NEED one =D

No, my weekend isn't ruined. I'll get to play this one day! =D

Thank you for creating and posting it anyway, SelfDefiant =)

Has anyone solved a problem like this? WITHOUT buying a new computer, I mean! =P

Game has been updated with a menu button and the map button is outside also.

Dear Self Defiant, I don't know if anyone has ever asked this question before, but beside of loving your games!!!!
I use a mac and have had to give up on a few of your games :0( due to the section where you have arrows as code, and I am unable move the arrows!!?? I have used every key on my mac but to no luck could I get the arrows to move????
Is this due to my mac or a glitch only I have found with arrows????
So sad not to finish!!!!

I'm using MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard. I'm not having any of the arrow issues you are. I do have issues getting the games to launch using FireFox and Safari, but I believe that may be due to AdBlocking software I have.

Today I installed Google Chrome and the game worked for me.

For the arrows us the trackpad.

Anyone help? I've tried Firefox and Chrome, latest versions, my flash is fully updated, and still can't get the fecking arrows to work no matter what I try.

Help, please?

suuuper game again !!

fantastic game, selfdefiant. Thanks so much for making great ones all the time. :D

Super atmosphere but relatively easy codes this time. Out with no help.

Glad you aren't using that inventory system in all the games. It is clunky to navigate.

       Anonymous  8/14/11, 2:58 PM  

I hope I'm not insulting anyone's intelligence here but @Jusme and @DarkenedHeart, the arrows don't move. What you have to do is click them in the order of the clue. In this game the clue is in room U and is Up, Right, Down, Left. To solve the arrow puzzle box in room S click on the up arrow, then the right arrow, then the down arrow then the left arrow. This will open the puzzle box for you.
I have been stuck like this same as you. If you click on my name and then go to my post of Sneaky's Journey 9 you will see what I mean.

Thank you Phineas.

       Anonymous  8/14/11, 6:08 PM  

Phineas, who is Phineas? I am "Pea Aich One Enn Three Aye Five", and always will be.

P.S. My pleasure.

The Guardian Angel SelfDefiant to the rescue yet again ! =D
Thank you for the gift of the menu button!
It solved my slowness problem, and I've played happily [noted the beautiful door!], and enjoyed evey minute of it.
Pausing the game always helps me when the asylum/abandoned series games slow down, especially once I found the teleporting Crystal Ball in this game.
My timer said nearly 5 minutes, but it took me more like 35, haha.
Thank you, SelfDefiant, thank you, thank you!

As always love playing "wandering " around abandoned places as I said before I have researched abandoned asylums on line before these games came out and wow this is so good so much like the real thing .. so spooky !! That is what I love the most . IF only the walls could take ..what twisted tales they might have ..OHHHH Ya Thank you SD for all the fun

@ Selfdefiant: your abandoned & asylum series always seem to evoke a sense of melancholy & deep sadness. akin to service's poem "the march of the dead" thank you as always, much appreciated!

@selfdefiant i have to say i look forward each night to play, honestly i think you rock!

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