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Cairn is another point and click adventure type puzzle mystery game. A people of extraordinary natural wisdom inhabited this place long ago, but have since left. Interact with what they have left behind (deliberately, perhaps…?), and try to discover a way home. Collect colored stones by solving puzzles, then find a way home! Point to the edge of the screen to pan. Click on objects to use them or interact with them. Good luck and have fun! [Subbed by Edgar]

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Cairn Walkthrough
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Ohh - have only ten minutes now, but I must have a look at it, thx Edgar!

Woohoo! Live! Going in.

No idea what to do with the most left grey stone puzzle.
Did all the other puzzles and have 3 coloured stones.

Got second stone from circle puzzle left. Not sure about the pentagram thing.

habe das kreispuzzel denke ich fertig alles striche zeigen nach oben,aber kein stein bekommen

hanz linke stein puzzle kreige ich auch nicht hin und rechts mit dem kugeln?

if this has kreispuzzel I think ready everything would glide point upwards, but nobody stein got

hanz cons stein I do not do a jigsaw puzzle kreige also there and on the right with him roll?

Maybe we have to light up the lines of the pentagram thing in the right order, something like drawing it with one stroke without doing the same line twice.

With the circle puzzle with all lines up, just click the middle a few times to open it.

Third stone from the wooden circles - I don't think the puzzle appears until you do the stone circles.

danke habe nun 3 steine,von dem kreisstein,holzkreise ,beim ppentagramm komme ich nicht klar,striche leuchten einge aber wie ??

click on the bees and copy their movements

Hi everyone, joining you all :)

everybody would glide shine with pentagramm, however, nobody stein or in such a way

Marita, klick die Bienen einzeln an und übertrage ihre Bewegungen auf das Pentagramm!

Thanks Genevieve,
Great find, have the 4th stone now.

Live and Brilliant!

danke habe ich versucht aber die fleigen alle durcheinander,sehe nicht durch

Any ideas about the mushrooms or the marbles?

Could anzone repair the stick?

bei den steinkugeln habe ich de dreh raus,aber ich kreige kein stein oder so,nichts pasiert

Nimm dir die Bienen einzeln vor: Dreieck nach unten und liegende Acht.

I think you have to place the marbles in such a way that all the other holes around them have a black dot.

Ok, for the marbles on the stone plate:

All the spots have to be covered either by marbles or by dark spots. On each marble is marked where it projects spots to.

If everything is covered, you get an orange stone.

Yep got the red stone from doing the marbles.
And now the mushrooms?

With yellow, green and red on the left side, blue and black on the right, you will get an equilibre on the balance.

Then you can combine the two seeds and make a flower grow. But I can't find the right place for it.

I made the flower grow to the left side of the big stone and now it rolled down.

Still can't take the stick (to the right of the mushrooms) and still no idea what to do with the mushrooms.

The note now says; the hole is plugged and now I should be able to figure out the stones (all the way to the right), but I can't do anything with those stones. Are they a hint for the mushrooms?

I am completely stuck at the same point!

Usually, you make the mushrooms go down when you click them. Only if the wind comes from the right, they move upward being clicked. But I don't know if it means something.

You can make more flowers, don't know why?

Tried to plant them under the stones on the right. No results.

HI ST, Genevieve and Maritha!!
Joining you but stuck. I dragged the seed to the left side in the hole with flower. It's gone now but my flower doesn't grow.

Tried to plant them in and around the mushrooms, but nothing.

Take a seed from the right flower and combine that with the seed from the left flower and then you have a seed that you can plant.

Thx ST. I have a very stubborn seed that refushes to mix. LOL

AHA! Did I finally get to play a live one AND get out first?

Planted the seed next to the stick and again nothing.

Countryboy, are you out?
How, what did you do with the mushrooms?

Turned my speakers on and I think the mushrooms have to go up (let the wind go left to do that), because now they make sounds.

Yep got pink things now, by making a melody.

ST I think the sound comes from the wooden sticks on the left. They vibrate on the sound.

I think it is the sticks that make the sound. The 2nd, 6th & 8th sticks vibrate

And now the stones are a slider puzzle.

No idea, what shape to make with the stones?

You have to make a circle, with a hole in the bottom.

ST, honestly, I'm nowhere near as brilliant with these games as you so, I used brute force and don't remember the order. But, I remember that the third from left mushroom was used first. Each one has to be hit once.

That's strange. I'm out now, but never repaired the stick!?

Lol Countryboy, I can't remember the order either, but I thought I did 1, 3, 2, 4.

Stones with a round and corner section are placed with the corners pointing in. stones that could create a circle if the fourth one was there are placed left middle, top middle and right middle.

Btw. Congrats on your first live one (and first out) Countryboy. And of course; welcome here.

Lol, I never fixed the sticks either. Playing again.

Thank You for the hint with the mushrooms.

And out!

Thanks ST. It was fun and thanks to all the hints that you and the others gave to help me out. I was putting the seed down in the hole that the wind was going down on far left.

ST I hope you write a WT.
I'm still trying to mix the seeds but I'm only dragging it around like Harry Potter's golden snitch :)
I clicked all over that flower (left side)

Very Nice!!

Not really in the mood to write a walkthrough (still recovering from two riddle games in a row, they made me completely numb), but first click the left flower so a seed grows. Then the right flower and take that seed (from the right flower) to the left flower and put it on that seed there. Keep clicking till the flying seed has a round seed and then you can plant it.

btw Welcome Countryboy. Brandnew blogger and first out. Congratulations!!!


Thx ST...I finally got the seeds mixed after you explained! I'll be out soon (I hope)

Thank you all for the help.

I'll try to write one. Hope I don't break any commenting rules in the process lol.

can u give a hint for the mushrooms?

This comment has been removed by the author.

acymy: take a look at ST post at: 8/1/11 4:01 AM

oh,i got it,thanks :)

Lol Catqueen, I wonder what you used to do on the playground back then when you was a kid. It's not a swing, but a seesaw :)

LOL @ ST....we didn't have a playground near our house hahaha. I'll change my post ;) Thanks!

Out too.
To make the wind change direction, place stones left or right on seesaw. -- ty ST ;) --
Then the mushrooms go up or down.

Ok, we need more stones.
The easier of the puzzles is to the left, the rock between the mushrooms and the stick.
The object is to fill the holes with either a marble or dot. The dots are indicated on each marble before you place them. There are three individual puzzles on this rock.

Solution: Puzzle one (P1) first stone second row far right. Second stone top left. P2 Stone 1 (S1) bottom row, place 2 from left. S2 second row from bottom, first spot from left. S3 Far right of second row from bottom. S4 right of third row from bottom. P2 S1 middle slot on third row up. S2 middle of top row. S3 left of second row up. Red Stone.

Next Puzzle is the round vines. Click them and yellow lines will appear. The object is to make all of the yellow lines connect. I'll go from top to bottom and left to right with number of clicks on each circle. Top 0,2,5 second 3,0.3,0 third 1,3,1 bottom 2,1. Green stone on bottom right circle.

Next puzzle is the stone on the far right. Click the blue flower first. I can't get the fire flies or bees w/e to do what I want till that happens. Now click on all of the flies and notice the patterns they are making. Try to follow one and click on the corresponding line the flie makes, on the stone. Then choose another fly doing different lines and follow it. (right line, diagonal line from that one to bottom of the left (almost) vertical line. Vertical line then top of vertical line meeting bottom of the first one you clicked. (You're making an x). Now three lines in the middle making an upside down triangle. The top of the triangle is the upper most line. Gold stone.

Next puzzle is the stone beside the round vines. I couldn't get the exact solution so, I brute forced it. The object is to make all the lines pointing up. Once this is done, click twice on the center and it will open up, producing the Black Stone. Each one controls a different one but always that same one. Good luck and if anyone wants to post a real solution to this puzzle, be my guest.

Now we have our five stones. The object is to "balance the scale". You can place any of them on the right of the stick and change the direction of the wind but we want the wind to cease so we can control the seeds you'll learn about in a minute. They won't work right if the wind is blowing. Notice that the lightest stone is on the left with the heaviest stone on the right. The black and blue stones on one side and the others on the other side is the solution.

Next puzzle. Click on blue flower next to puzzle and click the seed that appears. Click on the seed and it will start spinning. Once it is in the air, it will follow your pointer. Take it to the blue flower on the left. Your seed just got bigger. Take it to the stone on the left of the balance puzzle and plant it under the left side of the stone.

Next puzzle is the mushrooms. The object would be to make the tones similar in pitch to the wood reeds but I couldn't fix the one stick. So, another brute force. Solution is: 1324 from left.

Last puzzle is the stones on the right. The object is to make them look like a key hole. This turns into a doorway. The whole thing needs to be a circle on the outside with key hole in center. Place the four similar pieces in the corners with the points toward the middle and the three similar pieces with the rounds in the center. Middle space and bottom middle are left empty. Door is created and you're out.

If anyone knows how to find the live games quicker, I'd appreciate knowing too.

Using the hint about the bees, thanks Genevieve, I was able to muddle my way through. I liked this one. It should tell you that you need to keep the sound on, though. =)

Oh, and you need to get the spinning "seed" to pick up the broken piece of reed, and bring it to the other wood reeds. Then the reeds will play the tune you need for the mushrooms to make the pink spores.

My mushrooms aren't doing anything. Do I need to change the wind direction? Should they be making a noise? I can't hear anything over the wailing violin in the background.

I still cant seem to do the last one for the yellow stone with the flies, I clicked the out side, work oj the center nada

NVM finally got the gold stone thanks

Good job Sara. Judlike, have you moved the rock with the seed yet then taken one of the stones off of the scale?

Glad you liked it! I loved it!

The clue for the mushrooms is, of course, given after fixing the stick. You should have used the 'spinning' seed for that, and no brute-force would have been necessary.

Anyway, made a video walkthrough last night for this game, and it will be posted here soon.
Cheers all!

Done it now Countryboy, many thanks.

Great game , Im having the problem toward the end, with the sticks, Looking forward for the video, and

@Countryboy, great WT, well done

@edgar, great video walkthrough. Thx a lot, I needed help with the stick mending :)))

you're welcome @silverfish! :)

Ehm... I somehow missed sara's comments, explaining what i did again afterwards. Sorry. Way to go @Sara!

lovely game. Spinning circles/ line up the lines puzzle took me forever, but I FINALLY got it.

I never got the stick repaired either lol

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