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August 17, 2011

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Daylight Room Escape Walkthrough

Daylight Room Escape

Daylight Room Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Gamershood. In this game, you have to gather items and solve puzzles to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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Ah great, A new Gamershood, just in my riddle break.
Thanks Megi.

Not a difficult picture puzzle, but just in case, this is how it should look like;

well i solved red, green, yellow and orange key puzzles

no idea where blue key is, unless it's in the blue vase thing and i might need something to smash it!!

First row of the sudoku.


no one else playing?

Blue key is right under the round couch.

Hi @s-t and @madliz!!!

Well, I am Madliz, but I guess I'm invisible :)

thanks small tool!! missed that wee hotspot!!

I won't say Hi and bye Nokra, but I'm afraid I'm already out.
But will stay around a bit for help.

and out!!

Yea!!! Got a chisel from the spin puzzle!!!!

Just have the darndest time finding the keys.... only the green and red so far...locations would be very helpful...the puzzles usually aren't so hard for me! Thanks!

love your wee pic, nokra. is that your cat?

just missing the orange key.

under table and in round chair

What location do you need. I already posted the blue key.

yellow and orange respectively

oh, so we were supposed to use that black thing to cut the chair.

does that help you nokra, or have you already found them and so soldiering onwards?

What am I supposed to see in the picture?

you get an old fashioned razor blade from the green puzzle, so you use that to cut chair

What black thing? You mean the razor blade? Then yes.

Half the number hint is in the picture.

And actually the word hint is in the picture too.

Thanks, small-tool. I got the number hint without the picture and never made the connection.

I guessed to get the word. I had a hard time getting the word from the picture too.

Because someone always seems to want it, here is the ken-ken SPOILER:



ouT! I guess these are getting easier for me (which is a very good thing indeed) :)

Well, it was a tree without leafs.

And now I see the numbers could be done without the picture, they all got a different font.

I understood the word clue after I got it, but couldn't see it at first.

Thanks for sticking around, @madliz!!! I got a phone way behind !!!!

usually razor blades are very sharp!!1 But I can't seem to cut anything with it!

wasn't the tree answer an early Fleetwood Mac song? Before Buckingham and Nicks came along.

nokra - go left to the round chair and cut between the cushions

@nokra, look at the black chair...

Lol Zoz,
That's right, you hippie.

Finally got pink key by using the hammer on the thing above the key chest! really wanted to combine the chisel with it, where to use the chisel??

I'm a card-carrying Hippie @small-tool!

@nokra - look under the table by the door

@nokra, there's a square I think under the table? It's slightly different in color.

Hi everyone...can someone explain the number hint to me please? (Yellow key)

LOL @zoz - a Timothy Leary trip of the month card?

@michjean, let's just say I was saddened by the news of Owsley's death earlier this year.

Lol zoz,
And I bet you have a t-shirt that says so.

TY...Got it....and i know I dragged it there before!

@ginger, -84, x4, +187

Oops, that comment should have been above zoz her latest comment.
Now it sounds all wrong.

That was from Hudson and Landry's "Hippie and the Redneck" record - sorry, couldn't resist.

Lol zoz pothead, that was the purple key.

Yellow is on the chess board.
Do the math on every column.

Jeez, @small-tool, and here I was trying to envision an Owsley T-shirt.

Zoz, thanx, but I had that one already...I'm asking for the four number hint (yellow key) from the chessboard?

oops! thanks @small-tool, my colors must have been swirling again.

BTW @madliz....the cat is a sandcat kitten...found it on the web and fell in love with it...they are wild and live in the desert!!! never seen one in real

Btw. not really famous, but I think 'Tusk' was the best song Fleetwood Mac ever made.

yes @zoz - counterculture has lost many good people (& most were NOT due to their, ahem, extracurricular activities... that should tell the world something) Leary & Stanley R.I.P.

Hello chatterrrs....some help please with the yellow key answer? The hint for it seems to be on the chess board?

Ginger I posted that, a few comments above.

@ginger: look at the numbers in columns.

lol, @ginger, look at each column (top to bottom) and do the math, then plug in each of the four solutions in order.

@ginger* - columns going down (you get 4 #s) first is 6

And...out! Thanks for all the help, guys!!!!

Oops @small-tool! Didn't notice your post...thanx!

cul8r @nokra!

You're welcome Ginger* and sorry about hiding it between all the chats, but then again; it's some kind as extra escape challenge to find the help comments, isn't it?

thanks nokra, that is one cute kitty!!

Out now...and freed from the 'music'. pfff ;-)

See y'all...bye!

Well all... I'm a happy happy hippy takin' a little trippy

and...I wanted to say...DEAD tree...but the letters were not there! lol

Lol Nokra,
But that's not very hippie like, more grunge metal or something like that.

I think that is all part of the charm of this forum...@small-tool! the chat within the clues and tips!

I was not sure you would grab that one @s-t ....LOL...although...I was never a deadhead...

Lol Michjean, but the redneck doesn't really sound like a redneck, but more like the opposite.

OMG...that is a funny video.....
I had some glasses just like that but with pink, blue and yellow, changeable lenses...mood glasses!

Out by myself. However I am not from an English speaking country so that word puzzle was not so easy for me.

Ok, I can't get the word puzzle

@Giulia: the hint for the word puzzle is the picture of a tree with no leaves on it. it describes the tree and starts with the letter b.

a tree without leaves is like a guy without clothes (synonym)...

Or you can use English anagrams site :) You have only 6 letters to combine, one of the option will be the best - you'll see it immediately :)

       Anonymous  8/17/11, 2:21 PM  

What is the blue key puzzle supposed to be?

Where is the clue for the number, the yellow key?

       Anonymous  8/17/11, 2:25 PM  

@ Jennifer, The yellow key clue is from the chess board

How in the world do you figure it out?

nevermind. I had a blond moment, I got it!

The blue key puzzle are the colours of the books with an X.

The yellow key puzzle numbers are on the chessboard (do some math), there are lot of comments about that. Just look up a bit above.

       Anonymous  8/17/11, 2:26 PM  

you follow the math problems down the columns: 2+4, 1x8, 3+6, 3x3

       Anonymous  8/17/11, 2:27 PM  

wait, i meant the pink one, not the blue one

Pink is a sequence.

Thanks, michjean, you reminded me to look for Alice's Restaurant!

I never understand those number sequences; any help please!

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 12:12 AM  

plz post answer 4 the pink key.not good at math

Oh, got it. @lenisz, the numbers are 197, 113 (197-84), 452 (113x4), 639 (452+187), 555 (639-84), ?, ?. The sequence is -84, x4, +187. So, for the two missing numbers, apply the next in the sequence - you've already got -84, x4, +187, -84...

tree is BARE

Thank's Maddz!!!

I love these games right up to the pink key, I still dont get the math and cant finish the game. Why wont someone just post the answers so I can finish this for once?

The picture puzzles are far too small and bore me into turning off the game.

i don't understand the four digit code behind the yellow lock. thought it was 8899 but doesn't work. help. will be back after work and hope there is some help for me or the answer. thanks

it seems you did that math on chess board columns for first digit:
but it's
so code is 6899

thank you premiere, i looked at it again and what a big duh. lol

I know I'm posting 3 days after Angie's comment, so I'll give it a hoot anyway. I can't find the chisel to get the yellow key. I'm hoping for POP.

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