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Lost Trio

Lost Trio is another point and click room escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Flonga. Dinx, Cole and Gina got caught while exploring the old castle and thrown into the dungeon by the mad wizard. They can't sit and wait for their destiny; an escape plan is a must! You must figure out that each has an important role in this plan! Good luck and have fun!

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Oh, there's a twist - 3 different characters!! Should be interesting...

I like that they move really fast!

Got a blue gem!

I'm stuck with Cole. Dink and Gina can't seem to get beyond the first room...hope someone comes to help soon!

Two new games, gotta try the Self Defiant game! He's spoiling us!

Cole can go between two rooms, but that's it?

Hi, i need to get the girl out of the room, but how ? I have the boys together in the rightmost room in 2nd row from below and i need two to be put on the plates to keep both lights green. And the 3rd to pull the lever.
Stuck !

I can't do anything, how did you get the boys together, Zazie?

POP, didn't see the arrow.

First flip the lever that has only one green button, then you can go get the girl and all 3 of them open the lever that has two buttons that need to turn green...

I have the map open so you can see them. Then switch between the caracters and it is easy to bring them into the same room.

Zoe, how did you make the button green, it says i have to do something first, but what ?

Now it worked, no idea why ...

They have to stand on the pressure switches to change the color of the buttons. Have the door open now.

I think you go all the way left where the knight is and move a jug.

Opened red box and got wrench.

Where's the map?

Used wrench to get a cog and then a key

I have the wrench too, but have to get across the water. Look at what time the clock is for code..

Map in upper left corner

You already have the map, on upper left hand side of your screen. I looked for it for a while, too.

In straw is another key

In the room after using the black key.

I don't know if this is a bug, but all three can get wrenches from the red box....

Oh....duh. I'm so used to having to find my own map in SD games!!

Ladder used for bridge.

Now i am stuck with a crowbar and i put the blue gem into a slot on the very left.

Ok running back to loose brick.

Crowbar won't work on the stuck drawer.. Guess have to go back with Zazie to find maybe a SD behind that brick.

Found SD and opened drawer for a gold key.

Yep, there's the SD.

Blue key from changing book colors in the book shelf.

And a power glove from using the blue key. Have to get the other two to join now for the new set of pressure plates.

Struggeling with this scale grr...

Me too Zazie, have to find something to put on it. Searching around again....

Probably behind the slider puzzle, but I don't see a hint anywhere.

Hi guys - didn't realize this was live. i'm out if anyone needs help.

Ah, go back to one of the rooms, you can now pick up the heavy rock with the power glove.

Slider is open, gave a yellow gem (which doesn´t go on the scale)

how did you get the wrench? All I got was a blue gem from the red box.

Got the red gem by using the rock.

jbg - using the time from the clock on the red box, should give you a wrench

nevermind. There is another red box.

Zazie, could you tell me where the slider clue is?

By the way, thx SD for another great game! I tried playing the other one, but flash kept crashing when I used the white key... even after I changed the setting

anyone know where the green gem is?

Seawall - look at the picture with the dragon

jbg, sorry, I don't remember where I got the wrench, but I think it was close to the cog you have to remove.

Power glove doesn´t work either.

Clue on dragon poster @Seawall

Miles, I looked, but I'm just not getting it.....

Zazie - use the power glove to get the rock, then put that on the scale

I think it was white blue green white - two colors on each side of the draon

Is it still live ?
I'm stuck at the beginning, cole can move (got a blue gem) but i can't do anything with the others...
Where's is the arrow you didn't notice seawall? can't find it.

Got it. use glove on heavy stone

Very nice game, @Selfdefiant!

Blue, white, green, white. Thanks, Miles, I was trying to make it way more difficult than it was.

Thx miles, i have red gem now.

Navigation sucks a little bit, but still 5 stars.

Celine, after you get Cole out, you should be able to see some arrows at the sides of the screens to move him to the next scene.

Missing a gem now, have blue, red and yellow.

Now i need green gem.
BTW the code how to put the gems is in the pink book.

has anyone figure out how to get the torches lit in the same room as the heavy rock?

I can't remember where I got the green gem.. I think it was one of the first one I found

I mean the first one I found. -J use the stci on the candles that you lowered

lol... I mean stick... I need to learn how to type

Green gem: get a stick near the rocks, go back to the lowered candelabra and light the stick. Then light the torches in the room just past the water

dang i saw the stick but it didn't let me pick up the stick.... i should be done already grr

I got Cole to pick up the stick (and most everything else)

green gem from lighting torches with stick.

Thanks, Zazie for the pink book tip, and thanks Miles, for the stick tip. Forgot one of the three was still carrying the stick.

now I'm on the street, but can't do anything.

jbg - make sure all 3 are outside

cool i finished. it was ok playing

Excellent - Only thing I can think of saying is it's too short!!! LOVE these and all other SD/Flonga/Juegos games!

Me too, Zoe! Sad i couldn't finish the other one

Ya, I just realized that. dumb moment on my part.

Thanks seawall, i saw the arrow on the right (said i had the blue gem yet), i though you found another one...
So still stuck!
Randomuser you are right navigation stucks... Or is it something else?

This comment has been removed by the author.

well well well...
Finally found the arrow to the left!

OMG i cannot find the place for the gems again, running in circles for 10 minutes now.

Excellent game, SD, brilliant using the three characters!

Zazie, it was under the top level.. somewhere in the corridor.

@zazie. It is all the way to the left across the water.

Found it, but i could swear that i went the right way, but i always got the view with the red box again when i went left.

hi all, i just started this and now so stuck... got blue gem and found arrows but simply cant find a way to move the lever with the single light to free gina - what do i have to do first??? please someone have mercy...

My blue gem has disappeared! Glitch, perhaps?

i think only one of them can have the stone, if you switch between people it disappears...

@uzi2011 you have to have one of the boys stand on one of the floor switches for the lever to work.

POP, n/m...one of the other characters has it!

oh wow. thanks SO much

Awesome game!

Bug encounter:
I could take wrench once again, using it again on (already taken) cog & now blue gem has disappeared, so I have to start over...

Thx anyway, Selfdefiant, a game of yours is certainly worth playing it at least two times

I'm still stuck on finding the girl, could someone help me???

@anna: Did you pull the lever with one light by it? After that you just switch to control the girl and walk out the gate.

oops, only one guy has the gem, so not lost (yet), lol

have difficulties with the navigation arrows...

Oooh are we still live? Only got this link in FB now.

I think I've found a bug as well... I've got Cole and Gina in the hallway outside her cell, but every time I try to exit right or left I end up back in her cell. So I go back to the hallway, exit right, back in her cell again, etc... Also, sometimes I can't get the green arrows to show up...

tried to send Cole to rescue them but now he's stuck too!

restarted and got past that part :)

oooh that was so AWESOME!! I LOVED this one!!! Very clever!

sometimes they get stuck behind something. try letting them walk a little bit down, and then try go right or left.

Nope, it happened to me again. This time all three are stuck in the room with the candle chandelier that you lower for a key. I'm clicking on the left green arrow and they end up back in the dungeon room with the 2 switches on the floor. No matter which arrow I click I end up in the same room. It's a shame, I'd gotten pretty far on that "level" ... not going to restart again (at least not right now).

I must say, the arrows weren't very co-operative. I had to make the characters walk backwards so I could see the arrow again to make them walk to the next screen. I hope you do the game, Judy! Other than the tiresome arrows, this game was really fabulous!

Thanks Rachel, maybe I'll try again later ;)

Okay, I made it to the room where you put the rock on the scale, however, somehow they're now level and the gem is still on one of the platforms. Is this a bug? Putting either character on one of the pressure plates doesn't do a thing.

I've been stuck like you Judy, there is obviously a bug on the moment you get the girl out of her jail. I cannot go anywhere else, all the arrows get me back in her cell.

SD, can you fix this? :)

Must be a bug with the scale. I started over from the beginning, was able to retrieve the gem, and got everyone out.

Bug alert?

I got the crowbar (obviously) with the wrong guy (Dinx) and tried 10 times to go left, i. e. back to the point where I need to use the crowbar.
Always ended up in the brightly-lit room, i. e. arrow left was identical to arrow up.
No way to go back to starting point? (or, well, almost)

the lever wouldn't budge at all

POP, I can see now there are many other similar reports.

@jbg. it wouldn't move at all

OK, here's a "bugfix" ;)

At least for me it worked! (Honestly I did NOT restart, mind you!)

Got both Dinx and Cole back on the pressure pads (even though it's unnecessary), and lo' and behold ... Gina was able to get back to the knight again! (just for test)
Went backto previous screen with Gina, switched to Dinx, let him step off the pressure pad and now Dinx could remove the loose brick the way it should be!

okay I know that in order to free the girl you're supposed to make a lever with one light turn green. my question is how does one make that happen????

Out, just ask when assistance needed

Anna, have Cole step on the pressure pad on the right. Then the light will turn green and Dinx will be able to flip the lever to open the door for Gina.


- top left you can have a MAP open to see the placement of your three characters
(frames on portraits: R/Dinx - G/Cole - Y/Gina)

- switch to COLE (middle guy with blue hair)
- bend rusty bar in doorway
- go thru

- go left
- take SILVER KEY between jars
- go 2x right
- open doorway with key
- switch to DINX (left guy with blond hair)

- go thru doorway Cole opened
- go right
- colour hint on knight shield
- go left
- open chest for BLUE GEM
- go 2x right
- stay on RIGHT silver platform
- switch to COLE

- go right
- pull lever (light is now green) to open doorway
- switch to GINA (right girl with long red hair)

- go thru doorway Cole opened
- go right
- stay on left silver platform
- switch to Cole

- go right
- pull lever (both light now green) to open door
- go thru
- go left
- look on clock, it says 9:57
- go left
- open red box for WRENCH
- go left
- use wrench on COG to take it
- go back 3x
- put cog next to the other
- pull lever to lower the chandelier
- take BLACK KEY
- go left & open door left of clock
- go thru
- take LADDER & WHITE KEY under little right haystack
- go back & 2x left
- put ladder over water channel
- cross the water
- open door left of water with white key
- go thru
- take STICK left under the rocks
- go all the way back to lowered chandelier
- lit the stick on a candle
- go back to room with rocks
- light the torches for GREEN GEM
- go back & left
- take CROWBAR
- note places for gems on wall right of bust on chest of drawers
- go all the way back to the doorways
- go thru the middle doorway left of chest
- use crowbar on brick in the wall right of doorway
- go all the way back to the chest of drawers with bust
- open lower drawer with screwdrive for GOLD KEY
- go 2x back & open door left of red box with gold key
- go thru to room with lion emblem
- go 2x right
- click on all books with «?»-cursor for gem-placement-hint & BLUE KEY
- go back left
- open door left of plant with blue key
- go thru
- go all the way back to room with rocks (left of water)
- take big STONE with power glove
- go back to room with lion emblem
- go left & thru open door to scale room
- switch to the other buddies & guide them both (one after the other) to scale room
- as Cole has the stone, let step Gina & Dinx on the silver platforms (one on each) to lower left scale
- switch to Cole
- put stone on left scale
- switch to the other buddies & let step Gina & Dinx off of the silver platforms (one after the other)
- choose one character to take the RED GEM (I took Cole again)
- go back & left to blue chest
- open chest with hint from lion emblem for YELLO GEM
- let the buddies meet all at the gem placement right of bust on chest of drawers (after crossing water)
- let the team (everyone who has a gem in inventory) place the gems (one after the other)
- choose one character to pull lever right of gems (I took Gina - ladies first!) to open gateway
- the trio goes one after the other outside thru gateway
- Congratulations! You escaped!

Well, THAT was team-work:
Dinx & Gina=team
(you may switch to one or another buddy to apportion the job...)


chest#1: G-R-Y-B (hint from knight shield)
red box: 957 (hint from clock)
blue chest#2: B-W-G-W (hint from lion emblem)

Thanks for your guys' hard work!
(Selfdefiant for the game and premiere for the WT!)

@SD That was very good.
Wait, you want that I say "excellent" next time?
OK, so try to push your already-great game engine to level 2 :)

Let characters INTERACT with each other, by GIVING items from one to another.
It would be nice if Dinx once said "Sorry, I can't sew" and hand his stuff over to Gina who can do that (and who on her part was in need of Dinx to get the item for her in the first place :))

Or Gina trying to scare the spider off, saying "Never will I step closer!!" so Dinx or Cole have to do that :)

Yikes! That took me ages!
Very nice game, thank you SelfDefiant. It reminded me of the Twins escape, only slicker.
I just wish "Ugg" was a slick pc! ;) *she says, toasting marshmallows over the poor old pc*
I was going to bake a potato on it, but the butter plays merry hell with the motherboard.

I left the lads on the pressure pads so that the girl ran around, having all the fun and solving puzzles.
I didn't need them at all until I found the second lot of pressure pads, so I filled their inventories with spanners to make them heavier [and for a laugh].
Gina and her power glove, haha!
Another glitch I discovered [I presume because my cursor was so incredibly sluggish] that the girl often ran right into my inventory, but ran out again when I clicked her away. =)
I had the biggest trouble getting them all to leave the castle, and almost left the lads in the red gem room and closed the game, but, even though I could feel HAIR GROWING while I played, it was a lot of fun because I didn't need any help.
Thank you again, for another nice game!

@ arbeitslooser:
In my experience, more men are afraid of spiders than women ;P
I'm certainly not!

OK, I just tried again and the bug is still there. When opening the gate of the girl, I get her out of her cell. But now, none can get out of the view with the colorful knight. All the arrows (to left and right) bring back to the girl's cell. And I'm stuck. :(

I'll restart one last time.

Finally, it worked. :)

I'm playing for a while and after I found out about the arrow I went fine, but after I got the crowbar I couldn't see the lose brick anymore. Bug? Places all three caracters at the beginning but no loose brick. Navigation could be better, arrow isn't always working fine and sometimes when I send them to the left they went down. So if anyone is still here, were's the brick?

I started over and now it doesn't work at all, arrows send you back in stead of right. Sorry SD, I am a big fan of your games but this one isn't working fine. I'll give up and will try later after you fixed it (?)

It's a bit tricky on the pressure switch thinging, but overall it's a cool game! :)

super Flonga games that I like best!
a very pretty tricky game, thanks SD!

also great WALKTHROUGH , a bit of help I needed ;-)
thanks Premiere!

Bug city! Couldn't finish the game because of the bugs where all three would go to some other location and would not move forward.

Sorry, Flonga. Usually your games are great, but this one is unplayable. The first one star rating I've ever given to a Flonga game.

I didn't find any bugs but navigation was difficult and my guys kept getting stuck on furniture. Playing 3 chars was a problem for me. Thanks for the game SD, this one just wasn't my speed. Keep up the great work!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Got past bugs/glitches by: (1) For going after SD, I put the other 2 character back on the platforms, and finally Cole was able to go down the correct hallways. (2) For bug in red-gem room with platforms and scales--I refreshed page, clicked "Play" to save game progress, and somehow the scale had come down, so Cole was able to place the stone on it. Note: If you have an object and are on top of another character, and it disappears, look in the other character's inventory. Apparently they can "give" objects to each other. If you want the 1st character to get it back, have character #2 "give" it back (stand in same spot as other character).

I really liked the concept.. just am not sure if it didnt bring back the high anxiety of herding kid's from back in the day .. they are never where you want or need them to be .. LOL someone always chasing butterfly's somewhere when you need them most .. :) team work tho was very fun liked the fact that we had a team and made it work .. great fun .. just very tired now ...as I said before from herding the kids :) Thanks Mr Selfdefiant for another well thought plan .. hugs

The characters can give items to each other. Unless the three need to cooperate on something, it didn't seem to matter who did what, as long as the person had the right tools in their inventory.

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