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MugCup Escape

[REPLAY] Petithima - MugCup Escape is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by Petithima. In this game, you are trapped in a room and your goal is to escape from there by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Update: Let's replay this game, while waiting for new games!
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new petithima! great!

The AC doesn't work, even with the batteries.

I mean : the remote for the AC doesn't work.

I thought the cup handles would be for the arrow box?? Am I doing it wrong...12 8 4 10

I'm trying to reload the batteries...

where did you find the batteries Pascale?

huh?...now the arrow box worked. I think i had to do a full circle first.

The batteries were in one of the boxes, I don't remember which one, sorry.
I have got a paper from the AC, but I don't understand this hint.

Clio Rose, I don't think so : but you have to click on the box to open it, after you have set the code.

I have a hint on a paper that I don't understand (click on the paper to see the other side, too), and a weird wooden cube.

paper hint is for 3digit-code...count from down to up,
stuck with red color and cube

Was there a magic trick to making the a/c remote work? Put batteries in and out a few times now, but still havent been able to turn the a/c on

hi all, try to catch up :)

@clio_rose you have to charge the batteries first...

oh....lol...thanks Ann. That would explain it.

Thank you Ann.
Clio Rose, the batteries work only if the batteries are reloaded.

Did anybody use the cube or the red colorthing?

Trying to catch up -- how do you recharge batteries (see socket, but no charger).

(Batteries from candy clue on colored buttons left of door)

...or solved the 4-digit-code?...

im still looking for a re-charger too. Was I supposed to be able to open the triangle, square, pentagon box yet?...If so, I cant

@ puzzledinca as i remember well, it was in the 3-4-5-shape-box

POP, found charger in top drawer.
Use number code on shaped buttons for CD, then dot traces letters on PC.

How do we charge the batteries? I have no charger.

got paper clue from vent, which i dont understand,

have strange cube - not used

@clio did you found the pentagon- thing? so, there is the number-code at the cupboard for the shapes (sorry for my bad english, shame on me)

Oh, thx PuzzledinCA!
Now waiting for the batteries to charge...

may be we have to color up the backside of the paperclue for the 4-digit code ???

Have to come back to this..
Thanks for the help so far everyone.

hm, stuck with red "make-up" and wooden cube,

need 4 # code.. any1?

@ann - thanks for the 3 number code -- to get ROUGE?

Why can't we zoom on calendar?

You can turn the paper around to see some squares.

did anyone find a screwdriver? Completely stuck...grrr

& paper still had 4 blank squares on it

Just saw panel to left of clock/plant(I thought maybe SD was for wooden cube).

@ puzzledinCa did you have a screwdriver?

4# is sure something with color clue on des (white green...) and the remaining paper clue from vent.
but have no idea,
bet SD is in last drawer

May be there is a bug - in my inventory, there is a red shaped thing, that seems to be used allready, but i am sure i never used it... someone? It is in the place before the red makeupstuff

So, we need
1. 3-digit code
2. 4-digit code (probably from the back of the paper)
3. SD for the opening near the plant

We have
1.Unused color paper hint
2.Code paper (in inventory)
3.Wooden box
4.Possible hint from the colors of "choco"

Did I forget anything?

No SD for me :(, just reading comments.
@Sue -- the colors were the options on the color-button safe. I agree, that's probably where the SD is. Can't find anyplace to use rouge OR wooden cube!

What "rouge" are you talking about?

good morning
is this still live ??

Hi everyone. When I opened the drawer with the 3-digit code, something appeared in my inventory, the puzzling thing is that it was already inactive when it appeared, like I had used it before. Could it be a bug? Otherwise I'm completely stuck where you guys are.

@ ann same here withe this strange item

@ Gina... 3 number code ist from paper with cloms... count from bottom to top where the "markers are"


@Gina Black the 3-Digit code we have (From the paper-
its 594)

cloms should be columns

Hi! I think there´s something wrong, I´ve touched every pixel with the two last items

@Gina Black - for 3-digit code, see Ann's comment above. Uses 1 side of paper. Choco colors used on safe left of door.
@ann -- that red/used thing popped into inventory about the same time I took the rouge.

So i think, there really is a bug...with this inactive red thing -

out! cool game

smb need help?

@SwissMiss, live and stuck! You have time to catch up.

@ PUZZLE I dont think so, the colors for color safe were from the candy on table,

thats why i thought we have to use the paper from desk... maybe i am overthinking.
completely stuck

Mope - the give us a hint for the 4 digit drawer :)

Keep trying to use the "rouge" as an inkpad with the wood block. lol!

Mope - save us:)))

Oh, I were counting from top to bottom :p
Thx guys!

@ sue

use sd on cube to have 4 stamps. stamps to have 4 digits. rouge is paint for stamp)

I think I'd better replay and see if the bug comes up again. Seems there must be a way out.

lol @ MOPE we all dont have a SD

where is it ?? :))

Mope??? Out? HOW? ...so there was no bug?

@Моренкова -- where did you find a SD?

Morenkowa, don´t wanna help ?

Maybe you didn´t get out ?

Hey, Mope, are you busy with writing a walkthrough, or do you really wanna leave us without your SD?

aaah!! sd is in that box under 3-colour code

to have it just look at paper from AC - it looks like week isn`t it?)

@ann im sorry, my english is not so good to write full wt

Thanks anyway, I guess it´s just me being too stupid

????? there is no SD in that box !!!! BUG? What do you mean with the week paper?

Red colum is Sunday then Monday so take the letters which are marked

So you get O from Monday = Orange

W from wednesday = white an R from Saturday

It happened again after refreshing. Here's hoping one of the developers reads this and fixes the bug.

The paper from AC looks like the calendar page

@Mope, thanks anyway, but i dont get it. Do we have to put in a new color code in that box?

How do you get the AC to work - I have put the batteries in the charger and waited a while - but remote is still not working

opened Cube and and hatch, but stuck again, lol dont get the clue from N-M

where to apply this clue?

Got SD.
The colors are SPOIowrLER

@ ann got it?

paper from AC looks like calendar, there are two hints in room - calendar at wall, and colours names at table - thats how you get second colour code

The red squares are Sunday...the ticks are letters that represent colours...use to get SD. There is no bug.

pop - one has to do a cricle of the room!

@ Swiss... I turned around the whole game and the came back. then they worked

And out!

JIPPIEYEAHH!!! Got it, Thanks,Sue, Mope, Sabi

help Gina, how to use clue in hatch??

POP... use stamps on rouge then on paper

out... got key...opened color safe again (with hint from key)

Thanks for the 2nd color code. Getting that last 4-digit number was tedious, though! Highlight inkpad, then stamp, then paper, then stamp (repeat 4x!)

And out! But what was the N-M clue for? Anyway wonderful game, even with that SD-crisis :))

Don't think I used the N-M clue? Is there a second ending?

and out too - thank you - I liked this one

its a bit cheeky to have to use the same box 3 times with different clues!

needed help with the 3 digit code

@SwissMiss -- are you out yet?

Oh, just saw your new icon -- did you take that photo yourself?

puzzle - yes I did - last africa trip lol

Turns out we didn't need the inactive thing to get out. Also didn't use the N - M clue in the hatch. Does anyone know what that was for?

Have 2 batteries, do I need 4. Wont go into charger. Help.

There is a bug, the author just overlooked that the 594 code happens to be the same as the numbers counted from the bottom of the weekdays clue on paper.
Correct way to get 594, is use the weekdays clue correctly first to get SD, then go use the SD on panel on wall, before opening drawer...

Nice game by author otherwise.

plug charger in first - then add batteries - only 2 - walk around the room until batteries charged

If you turn the key over, you get another colour clue. Go to box and get a thank-you card.

I'm stuck stuck stuck...
I have a red make-up thingy, another red thingy that can't be viewed, a wooden box, a paper with hints and that's all. I don't find the screwdriver.

       Anonymous  8/19/11, 2:38 AM  

A simple wt with help from many players:

Turn right twice and look at candy for color clue

Turn right twice and put color code in box to get two batteries

Look at mugs on cb. Use this hint on the arrow box in calendar view. Get shape.

Also look ook at clue on cb: 43534553.

Put shape in box in ac view.

Use cb number clue to open this box. Get cd.

Click animal in cb to get remote.

Put cd in pc and follow the dot for letter combination.

Put this code in upper drawer for charger and wooden cube.

Put charger in socket then place the two batteries.

Go around the room one time and take charged batteries. Put them in remote.

Use remote on AC.

Look at paper from AC. Count from bottom to top for 3 digit code. Open drawer to get red ink.

There is a another clue on AC paper: Days of the week. First column is red, that’s Sunday. Second is Monday. The second letter is marked: O. Tuesday is blank. Wednesday has the first letter marked: W. Last letter is from Saturday: R. Look at paper with colors on cb: OWR

Use this code on the box in pc view. (We’ve use this box also for the candy code.) Get sd.

Open panel in calendar view to see NM clue. (I have no idea what this means)

Also open the wooden cube with sd to get 4 stamps.

Turn paper from AC to see 4 empty grids.

Look at red ink. Use stamp on ink then use it on the first grid of the paper. Repeat this to get 4 numbers for lower drawer.

Take the key and open door. OUT!

Thanks Swiss Miss.

Pascale. The screw-driver from colour box. On the front side of the paper, starting at the left (red boxes), it equals sunday. Then moving across, the tick is in the letter of each. So its an 'O' from Monday and O = orange. W from Wednesday which = White, and R from Saturday which = Red

hahha...Catqueen wrote a w/t in the time it took me to write one comment.

Well done CQ. Excellent w/t

My guess for N-M (from the red mobile)

7415963 - 7415369 = 594 ;)

       Anonymous  8/19/11, 2:51 AM  

@Clio_Rose: LOL but it took me a bit longer.

Everytime I wanted to place a comment that I found something, you girls were way ahead. So I decided to write a wt in the meantime.

I loved this game. Especially because some clues and items could be used more than one time. Really stumbled the 'die hard' players on EG24. :)

Hello!I can't find the box???OWR-I can't write.Where is the box??

Ohhh-Get SD!!!

Thank you Catqueen & Clio Rose !

The part with the days of the week corresponding to colours was very difficult, IMHO !

Where is the game? I see the petithima page, but don't see any link or button to enter in the game.

       Anonymous  8/19/11, 5:18 AM  

@Sarita: just wait for the game to load :)

Thank you Catqueen, now I see the problem is with Chrome, in IE the game works.

WOW - Replayed and have the "STRANGE RED ITEM"

- after getting paper from vent, I opened color safe at first with the weekday clue ... OWR, got SD

- then opened hatch beside desk and got a red cell phone... and the N-M clue

- If you "draw" on the phone an N with the numbers you click for N 7415963

- for M you click 7415369

- so N-M = 7415963-7415369 = 594

- the open drawer with 594 and get Rouge (cell phone get deactivated in items list, as we seen it before)

- so the really hard thing is to get the connection from paper clue to get weekdays and and color order for safe

could use a better walkthrough the shapes is confusing me

SOLUTIONS (for Naterade)

COLOR BOX (1st time)
candies are pink-blue-green

Look at the sides of the shapes.
Triangle =3, square=4, pentagon=5
So 43534553 is square-triangle-pentagon-triangle-square-pentagon-pentagon-triangle

dot on PC traces the letters ZML

COLOR BOX (2nd time)
On front of paper, imagine the days of the week written vertically in the squares
Check marks are 2nd letter of Monday, 1st letter of Wednesday, 5th letter of Saturday (OWR)
Look at the color list and enter

See @sue's explanation at 9:08

Enter the numbers you get from stamping the back side of the paper

COLOR BOX (3rd time)
Turn key over and see 3 letters (GPR)
Enter Green-Purple-Red to get a "Thank you for playing" message.

       Anonymous  8/19/11, 2:00 PM  

@ PuzzledinCA: thank you so much for your help with the solutions.

To all: Sorry my WT wasn't clear enough. I'll try to do a better job next time ;)

Woteva ya reckon, Puzzled :roll eyes:

thanks @Puzzled - this was a tough one

       Anonymous  5/30/18, 10:57 PM  

caught this one from a suggestion
enjoyed this premium quality game very much, also this beautiful tune ♥

these were the glory days of escape games...!

thx for all your creations, Petit ☺
& thx Anon & Puzzled for the WTs

btw, you need to see N-M hint first, before you can open middle drawer

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