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Notebook Escape Walkthrough

Notebook Escape

Notebook Escape is a new game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz.com. You were doodling in your notebook and fell asleep. Somehow you ended up inside your notebook and need to escape. Collect items and solve puzzles to escape your notebook! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Notebook Escape Walkthrough

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first , lets go

Going in!

go SD and Robot Arm (used)

Yeah, a live one... finally :-)

I'm stuck in bathroom with 3-digit-code

wow....live and i was first and didn't even know it

Blue gem from bubblegum machine.

Got white, blue and red diamond...
but 3 digit code in bathroom is on 999 and I can't change it anymore

i think adding clock amounts gives 3 digit for bathroom...but can't reset code box

how cool is the robo-arm??...and bubble-wrap ??

I'm happy.

I´m stuck with a black key.
Food octopus(used)
key gold (used)
quarter (used)

Black key from nightstand right of bed; use towels for a hint.

Checking the bathroom code box.

knob in the kitchen (used)
there are 2 clocks in the kitchen, one is rectangle of "cocina"

Stuck on three digit code too. Tried clocks times, plus both added together, and none of them worked. Now they are stuck on 999. :(

where is codebox in bathroom?

Hmmm....I removed the tile from the tub in bathroom and found a box needing 3 digit code. I clicked until all the numbers were on 9, but they won't roll over...they're stuck on all 9s and the panel won't open. Is this a glitch??

so what up with the code box?

Fixed might have to refresh with F5, really sorry about that!

Selfdefiant to the rescue!

@ evans it's behind a lose tile on the right side of the tub

where used the SD?
I have two diamons: blue anda white.

must be a reset button somewhere

LOL....I didn't read these posts before I commented. Looks like we're all having problems with the 3 digit box.

Thank you Selfdefiant! It's working now :-)

so what's the trick?

683 don´t works for the box with 3 digits code! Why?

Great! Hope you all enjoy my doodlings!

Went ahead and restarted; shouldn't take long to catch up; thanks for fixing it, Sd.

Opened blue 4 digit box with code from recorders.

Hi everyone!
Thanks Selfdefiant, I needed this :)

Game is saved; codebox works, but the clock clue doesn't.. LOL

Um...Is there a secret to refreshing with F5? I've pressed it several times and the numbers still won't scroll. I even closed the game and reopened (using Start, not New Game) but the numbers still don't scroll. Maybe I should just start a new game.

Aha, subtract, don't add! :)

638 not working!

clickin by alls blue books give a boxthat need 4 digits code

oooops...683 not working!

subtraction worked!

Where to use sd? Need clue for ruler box...

finally I know the 3-digits code. It´s time on clock in the kitchen minus the time on a stove, so it´s SPOILER221SPOILER

@ferchu 4 digits are on the recorders.

and out, thanks SD

no way I made it to a live game I impress my self LOL

Ok i have to reload :(

And another SD, thx!

restarted now I cant open robot box for gem. Need help please.

OK...I started a New Game and the numbers still won't scroll past 9. :-(

Use the SD on a bathtub tile.

yeah...stuck on robot box with sliding switches

Have 4 gems. And now...

The robot box has to have something to do with the pictures above, but not figuring it out.

ok still loading and on dial up maybe ya'll will done and gone before i load

caught up with you - one diamond (yellow?) to go

pictures above are for order of gems i think

need yellow gem...still have sd...anyone find the yellow one?

finally out :-) good game ;-)

       Anonymous  8/9/11, 8:02 AM  

I need the clue for the sliders too!

anyone find clue for sliders under dots pictures?

and got the yellow diamand - but admit shamefully to have bruteforced it :(

Thanks for the gem color order kathleen; I'm out - got the robot box by clicking the first setting, I had already played with it, so not sure what the order was supposed to be.

thanks zazie !

Me too, where is a hint for sliders ?

and out
I am not quite sure but I think it is the hight of those pictures which give the solution to the sliders

the first one is on top - and the most left picture is also high!

Got it, it is the height of the wall pics, i am out.

Yep, pics on wall are slider solution.

Thank you Selfdefiant - like the notepaper-aspect!

Great game, thx Selfdefiant !!!

Yep..that is it SwissMiss...thank you!

sliders: middle, right, left, middle, right.

       Anonymous  8/9/11, 8:07 AM  

Lunch and a new SD game. Life is good. Here I come!

Thanks, Selfdefiant; the notebook scheme was brilliant!

And, another SD game is posted!

and out!

Great game! Thank you Selfdefiant! Love your games!

And out. That was a lot of work! LOL. Thanks SD

Finally Im in !! do I still have some players in here with me ??

Where is the hint for the lever-box?

I tried the height of the pictures, but didn't work.

Hi, Diana, I'm almost done, but looking for the 4-digit code box. Can't find it ANYWHERE!
@Katharina, evans gave sliders solution above.

POP - missed one click for one lever!

Now just missing red gem!

POP -- playing with the blue books by the stereo, and it dropped from the ceiling!

Thank you very much!
And sorry by my bad english !

@Katharina, that was my last one as well.

@ Puzzled- click all the blue books on the book shelf and it will fall down

oh well getting on in the quiet of my mind this is another wonderful game love the doodles thank you SD for allowing us to "escape" into your world Blessings


Thx SD for the fun playing your games!

Thanks selfdefiant!!!!! Great as always!

Thank you! Everyone!

sweet game thanks SD

Mr. Selfdefiant, just curious I have researched asylums in the past those still in use ( in Europe ) and those abandoned and eventually torn down such as Hellingsly in your abandoned games so much is so true to what most of the pictures I have seen are real ..did you visit theses places? So many have and documented them ..I just loved your games when I found them made me feel as tho I was going through them not via just the pictures and documents I have seen and read but for real sorta at first creeped me out maybe because I had read so much about them .. Just wondering that's all Blessings

       Anonymous  8/9/11, 9:30 AM  

Thanks SD. Sometimes a fast fun game like this is just the thing.

Could use a clue for the 4 digit code box....

subtract clocks in kitchen

@ dimwit, look at numbers on three video machines. they r in order

what is the order for the gems?

Getting spoiled on SD! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!

*Sigh* Guess someone has to write a WT.

Lol, this must have been the shortest Selfdefiant I ever played; In and out in 5 minutes.

Look inside box and move bubble wrap for a robot arm.
Go right twice and attach robot arm.
Use picture height as clue for the puzzle in the gray box. Take yellow diamond. Remember the color pattern on the pictures.
Go up into kitchen take SD from lower cabinets and door knob from upper cabinets. Note the time on the wall clock and the time on the stove clock.
Go down then right. Click gray box on bottom and get code. Black box get code. White box click gray area and get code. Now click the blue books on the shelves and use four digit code in box that falls on the left book/DVD case. Get red diamond.
Go right twice. Use door knob on door. Octopus food on top of dresser. Open drawer on desk and click gray button to move tv and reveal safe.
Go right twice. Use SD on bottom tile second from left. Enter three digit code from clocks. Take Green diamond. Notice color pattern on towels.
Go left. Click night stand. Use towel code to open box. Take black key.
Go left and down. Use octopus food on octopus and take gold key. Use gold key on right door. Take quarter.
Go left. Use black key on stand beside door. Take white diamond.
Go right and through door then right again. Use quarter on bubble gum machine and take blue diamond.
Go left. Insert diamonds in the order from the slider puzzle pictures. Take Silver key.
Go down then left and use silver key on door and you're out.

puzzle solutions
Gray box solution: top to bottom middle, right, left, middle, right
Black box solution from top of shelf: 3638
Tile box solution: 221 (two clocks subtracted)
Night stand solution: left, right, left middle
Diamond box solution: white, blue, red, green, yellow

Sorry that took so long... got busy here.

Great Walkthrough Countryboy.
Just one little thing; wasn't it the second from the 'right' tile in the bathroom. Not sure though (doing it from memory), so if it was left. I never said it :)

Why subtract?

Without any hint - out in 7 minutes 46 seconds. I am so happy!

       Anonymous  8/9/11, 3:41 PM  

no hint, but 8:33 - good night, its 0:44 a.m. here

Yes, it's 0:50 here - and now I am on Flopad: Underground mission :) And let me say that Selfdefiant is probably the only man in the world who can make a woman happy with a screwdriver...

@ Tiquer:
Why not? ;P

Great Game SD - loved the drawings!!

       Anonymous  8/10/11, 9:14 AM  

great game

I have to comment because this has been the best SelfDefiant game yet! I absolutely LOVE these games!

great game

This comment has been removed by the author.

221 is the bathroom code

in the bathroom its 221 just found it :] yeah

in the bathroom its 221 just found it :] yeah

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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