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Escape from the Purple Room Walkthrough

Escape from the Purple Room

[REPLAY] 10ColorDots - Purple Room Escape: Escape from the Purple Room is another Japanese point and click room escape game developed by 10 Color Dots. In this game, you are locked in a purple room and you try to escape the purple room by finding items and solving puzzles. Can you able to escape from purple room successfully? Good luck and have fun!

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Purple Room Escape Walkthrough

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Let's get started!

Opened can with coin and found key


Counted cookies for SD

Hi, waiting for you all... stuck with code in book and a key and screwdriver.

I was already started feeling lonely around here!

Don't just looking in the game and not nowing what to do.

Woohoo - live game! I'll try to catch up.

opened trap door with coin.
We are looking for 3 squares for lilac box between windows.

Move bin aside and you'll find a secret little door

Also use coin to open hatch under waste basket. Screwdriver to use behind squares painting, then lights off. 2 tiles now, but dont know how to open first cupboard (one with flower petals)

Found another square in cupboard by door... forgot about other items in there LOL

Stuck with water spray, maybe there is a cloth somewhere

@ clio, use clue from book

Clio.. how did you use screwdriver behind paintings??? Used screwdriver on cupboard yes... but...

Have handkerchief and 2nd key that I dont know what to do with

the clue in the purple book shows a spot to use the little cloth you get out of the drawer...but needs something to wet i think..still don't have flower petal clue either..

The book mark gives the clue for the l/h cabinet.

on the right of the painting with the squares is a little bit of grey. Click that and unscrew the hinge, open painting, switch on fluoro, turn out big light and see pattern for the 4 square buttons

Where did you find the cloth?

Got it!

used clue from book for left side cupboard at door.

lol...I cant find a book. Help for where that is pls.

still not able to put together 840 clue with the tile box..?

And out!!

Great little game!

Hanky gave number and 840 from painting.... how to combine?

The middle picture clue (for the formula) makes NO SENSE

I WAS enjoying this one.... ugh

Treeld, see the different numbers for every tile, then open the curtains and turn off the light

@Clio.. book is in right side cupboard next to door... open with screwdriver right side of cupboard

boook, ooooh book...where are youuuu?

Kari.... help!!

Thank you testsite !

i have 840 from turning off the lights and 762 from washing the wall..where is the 3rd number??

@Clio your welcome... help me with the box by the windows... don't understand the clue from book and only see 1 number on left picture ... what other numbers Kari?????

aww nvm i found it on the cloth lol

Clean the wall with the cloth and water spray for one number, and look at the cloth again for the second number, then look at the windows for the mathematical signs

Remember each number position for you'll need it to click the green buttons in the order of the answer

I have 3 numbers don't know how to use them on the buttons now

where do I wash the wall????

The clue in the book are coordinates on where to click on the wall...and the numbers don't make much sense to me either...lol

Keep going right from the highest leaf until your mouse changes

Thx Martin, nearly out.... LOL

Ok thnx... but still dont understand how to use it on the box????

I must be missing a cookie (or two) can't get that cupboard open

Nor do I..

ohh i finally got the numbers to work..tricky lol

Hi Jo-Ann, long time no see. There is a box of cookies in the middle shelf cupboard, also one more cookie on the floor behind the couch.

hint pls treeld...and by hint I actually mean answer..lol

ok anyone need a spoiler for the numbers?? don't want to post too early lol

I have the cookies on the couch, the cookies in the locked cupboard and the cookie on the floor left of the couch...

Why oh why didn't the dude make that clue in COLOUR for crying out loud?.... I was busy counting leaves and bloody squares!!! ARGHHHHHHH

&Jo-Ann, the cookies are in 3 places...in the cookie box, on the plate and on the floor to the left of the plate.

Can't put the zero... how does that work

hmmm, then why won't my cupboard open? I have all of those spots

ooops sorry clio..ok if you picture the numbers placed on the keypad in the order of the numbers you've found around you click the buttons of the answer...so you have...840
and from the math equation in the dark..the answer is 1407...understand?

8 squares, 5 circles and 4 flower shapes, Jo-Ann

Treeld couldnt explain it better!

Good luck guys! gotta go!

ok.... I SWEAR I tried those numbers many many times... finally popped open. ACCKKKK!!! lol

Thanks testsite...(after giving myself a jolly good slap), I realised I forgot to turn out the lights for the maths...eeps.

thnx treeld... it's too late here to think straight.. now you explained I say duhhhh to myself... thnx again and goodnight everyone.. nice game before going to sleep :)

I see 9 buttons I have that 1407 nothing works hehe

Sorry, I meant Thanks Treeld. thanks testsite too of course.

Clee..picture this as the nine buttons

now click the buttons that would be the 1 4 0 7

clee: using the numbers
press 1407 on those positions

OMG thanks didn't try that way woooooowwwww!

have to go now guys...thanks for the hints..

You are SUCH a good explainer treeld!! Thank you again.

hehehe clio your explanation was almost identical :)
have a good night..

thanks for the help, not sure how I messed up the cookies, but once I had that, it was much easier!

       Anonymous  8/30/11, 12:20 AM  

Hi im out with your help for the last code... pls how you get 762 the hint show only the leaf and pillow

so 4 leaf and a square pillow

OK, I'm feeling stupid.
I have 840 from lights out, and 762 from cleaning the wall. Where do 195 and 1407 come from?

       Anonymous  8/30/11, 12:36 AM  

Tnx Puzzle i got what i missed XD to clean the wall

Hey Puzzled,
195 is the number shown on the wet handkerchief which has the flower/snowflake picture on the bottom.

       Anonymous  8/30/11, 2:38 AM  

thx a lot, puzzled,
for the WT (lot of work, I know...)
box puzzle was really tricky...


Light switch
Door lock
Leaf lock
Screwed lock (lower right of CB)

Cookie plate
Cookie (left of couch on floor)

3 lockers: top is open (take yellow TEA BOX), middle is locked, 3rd is 3 # (Cookie clue)
checker picture (screwed to wall on right)
trash can (move to see floor panel)

3 pictures (vines, berries, flower)
2 curtains (open to get COIN)
Table with strange box on top, 2x2 lock on drawer
Lift rug to get CIRCLE KEY
Use coin on tea box to get SQUARE KEY
Use square key on middle cupboard to see more cookies
Open bottom safe using cookie clues to get SD.
Zoom on right side of picture and use SD to remove screws, then click to remove hinge
Back out and click picture to open.
Flip light on
Move basket and use coin on floor panel to get FLOWER TILE

Go to door and turn off lights
Turn light back on
Open table drawer using color squares clue to get CLOTH
Open right side of door cupboard using SD to find BOOK and PINK BOX
Open pink box using circle key to get BERRIES TILE
Open book (click bookmark) to get LEAF CLUE and BERRIES CLUE
Open left side of door cupboard using leaf clue to get SPRAY BOTTLE
Spray cloth with bottle.
Look at cloth and note it has a flower on it.
Open the cloth to see FLOWER NUMBER

Go to box on table.
Place tiles in left column to activate keys
Enter final code on keys to exit


Couch: 3 cherry, 4 checker, 2 plain + 1 plain on floor
Middle safe: 2 cherry, 4 checker, 1 plain
Add them up for 584

Peach - Green
Purple - Violet

From bookmark in purple book: LLRRL

Zoom on wall right of plant, above pillow.
Use cloth on wall to get 762

Vines number + berries number - flower number
(operators are from the windows)
840 + 762 – 195 = 1407

When you place the tiles in the box they go in
Look at the keyboard as
Vines 840
Berries 762
Flower 195

Enter 1407 (bottom left, middle top, right top, left middle)

@em3 -- thanks. I figured that out on replay this morning -- This is a bug. If you don't open the handkerchief after it's wet and before you clean the wall, you can't look at it.

@premiere -- for me, writing a walkthrough can help me understand the game and or spot things I missed. Didn't quite work this time!

Oh, the bug's been fixed now. (At least I think my entire inventory was marked used last night!)

Oh well, that leaves code had me really puzzled!

I actually needed the solution to figure out that I need to COMBINE the 4 leaves (yes there are only 4 of them) and the pillow!

That square was not recognizable as a "pillow" from the very first minute IMHO.

When will I learn to click ALL rugs, carpets and mats?
Thank you for that, PuzzledinCA, I needed it! ;)

Thanks @puzzled - got stuck at the end. Great WT!

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