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The Secret Of Grisly Manor Walkthrough

The Secret Of Grisly Manor

The Secret Of Grizzly Manor is a point and click adventure game by Gamesalad. Grandpa always was a little eccentric. A fantastic engineer, he was always buried in his work, always coming up with new ideas and inventions that as a child held you wide-eyed in awe. But suddenly he disappears. And yet you've received a letter from him. Just what is happening in the manor? Good luck and have fun!

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Looks scary, going in.

Interesting, luckily I have google chrome.

Cor! Games à gogo... still not finished the other two or three ones (& the WTs),lol
well, this one must wait (till it's night here...)
have fun tommy!

Is it just my old PC or is this painfully slow?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi everyone...going in with or without you!.... Eeerrhhmm...doesn't the man in the paper look a bit like Sir ian McKellen?? LOL

Hi Zuzanan,
I opened a new tab and it had it there under apps. Clicked on it and it opened (well after a whole long wait)

Oh, and for some weird reason, the smaller you make your zoom view, the bigger the game shows as

works for me, I have the key skeletor and entered the house

Thanks Cyndi it's working now... Also had to reopen the page at least 4 times... :P So let's start.. :)

many things to do

it looks realy good.... BTW glad to be in a live one and posting... I ve been playing with you guys for years and never posted... :)

Me too :)
Always was a bit too shy.

This thing is dragging my computer down hard, and mine is pretty newish.

So far have lit a fire in the study - no clue what that did though
Have a torn paper and matches

found key (front door), matches, log (used), butterfly (used), magnet, goldfish in bowl, chess piece (used), key (attic)..still discovering

Very beautiful game, but now I'm stuck with matches (used), fuse, hammer, fish bowl with fish in it and a piece of torn paper....

found tuning fork under hallway carpet, used magnet

There would be a twisty puzzle!

Use hammer upstairs in grandpa's bedroom on the pig, then use that coin downstairs on bubblegum machine.

Found coin for the chewing gum machine and got heart jewel for upstairs.

Where is the hammer, please?

where the hammer?

Have ornate rod from stair compartment and a rusty key ( maybe for the shed??) Still need hints for globe and clock..

@ Donna and Sisli Hammer is in the shed ( I believe) use tuning fork to get in.

I think it's in the garden shed. You'll need tuning fork to enter.

Hammer is in the shed outside where you got the wood

before I find what I said before
use the fork out, where the door of the ear

gyqz...thank you

Used rusty key in shed to get other piece of paper and ornate rod on tree stump. On my way down now!

I put the falcon and put as the hint of the car's wheels, paint up, I have a fuse

And I'm out. Nice game. If you need any help, let me know.

remember the set of ruin signs that were shown in the attic? Use them underground. It will show you what time to set the clock!

@lovelygiraffe....grmmbll.. you beat me to it.. LOL

Well, I did have some head start I think :) But congratulations :)

Hi everyone, this looks good but I don't have time to play at the moment.

I will see all your comments tomorrow :)

You too congratulations!! :-) I'll be sticking around, in case any of our fellow point'nclickers need help!

How did you get into the stair?

wat do i do with the fishbowl that now has water from the tub in it?

@Ashley If I remember correctly, the key was in the kitchen drawer.

Did you open the globe yet? You'll need something from there to throw into fire and the put the fire out wit water from the tub.

Nice game but I think my PC sprung a leak as it kept getting stuck so I had to keep refreshing the game. Thankfully the game saves itself.

oh, no. where do i find the correct colors for the globe?

how do you plug the drain?

@gyqz, I think I used that key to get into the cabinet in the shed. Unless it's a bug. Any other ideas?

Like the globe says - study. Plus, you'll need those colourful letters from the refridgerator.

@Unknown: you have to close the secret door upstairs and have a look at it from the other side.

hi everyone, where can i find the fuse?

which room upstairs is as study tho?

oh, ok thanks rudi

nvm, got the plug from the wall clock

I think that you get the fuse from the falcon puzzle. But I'm not sure. Gotta go now, so good luck everyone!


I like this game

@Ashley...I wanted to restart the game for you, but now I'm missing my inventory...trying to restart doesn't help! I'm going to think hard where to get that stair key!

I can see only a blue screen, and no game !

Hello everybody.
Tried comnation of "study" and the colors from the fridge on the globe, but it doesnt work out. anybody has further hints on that?

stair key was in the office after fixing the fuse

And out! The last door is hard, you have to precisely align the arrows, otherwise even when all circles are lit it won't open.

very nice game, but I think I am giving up at the last puzzle on the cellar door... I am really bad at these... :( or can anyone help?

@Mawa, it's not the word "study" you use. Try the study upstairs and look closely at the only door that you can close.

Thank you @gyqz and Cyndi! I appreciate the help!

@ Mawa... the hint is in the study... have you gotten there yet? you need to go there through the bathroom and find the fuse... the hint is in the picture, or sth about it... :) hope it helps

thx Rudy!

Late in this, but, I so thought the ice pick was an screwdriver...lol

Cyndi was a step in front of me with that one!!
@Zuzana : it is just a bit of odd turning untill all of them glow....sorry!
@Ashley : you are very welcome!

I did it at last... OUT! :) anyone need help?

What do to with fish bowl ice pick and combination I cant seem to figure out what to do

@ Dee use the icepick on the ice in the freezer in the kitchen first... Take the tool and use it in the bathroom... I think I ll replay it to make sure what is where

what do i do with the sealed wooden box?

oh my gosh thank you didn't even relize i could open the freezer

I cannot find the study upstairs, i need to find the hint for globe.
Which door i have to close exactly ?

zazie, go through the wallin the bathroom and then close the left door, using the handle.exit the room and go the study room from the other entrance

Its the office upstairs
When you go back, pull the lever back down and the door to the underground passage closes again

can someone tell me something about the sealed box?

Eva83... put it in the fire

Do you mean the left door in the view with the scale ? There is no handle and when i click i am outside again.

thanks zuzana!

Oh I didn' even realise that there is a hint on the closed door... I just understood it from the writing when I clicked the dog pic.. :)

Thx RSA Momma Cyndi, the lever did it !! I did not think to pull it again.

Zazie I think they are talking about the door in the secret passeway between the bathroom and the kitchen... are u there yet?

And now i don´t understand the hint for the globe :(
Daisy ? Love ? How ?

not the kitchen... the study... am I hungry or what?? :)))

Yes i saw the love poster....

Title says Grisly, intro text says Grizzly. Am I dealing with something horrible, or am I dealing with bears?

Zazie - LOVE :)

There are colour letters on the fridge door... LOVE = colours... set the globe

out!!the arrows were tricky!

@ zuzana142, thank you so much !now i have the box....

I still don't know what to do with the goldfish

@Dee, fill the tub and then throw the fish in the tub and refill the bowl

hat jemand den color code raus?,also wenn es 5 hebel wären ok,aber sind nur 4 hebel und wort stuby hat 5 buchstaben. und die Uhr Habe alle mögl zeiten ausprobiert,nichts paßt.

does somebody have colour code out?, so if these 5 hebel were OK, but only 4 are hebel and wort stuby has tried out 5 buchstaben. and the clock Having everybody mögl zeiten, nothing fits.

do we need something to clog the drain in order to put the fish in

@marita, for the globe you must use the hint on the study room, behind the door.the word is LOVE. for the clock the hint is downstairs, after you use the symbols in the trunk

@Dee, you get it from the clock after you put the correct time.

Finally i am out too, what a great game !!!
Thx everybody for the helpful hints, especially for the globe.

danke eva,aber ich habe grün,orange,rot und lila bei den hebeln eingestellt,aber nichts passiert

uhr hinweis? wo genau? finde keinen und welcher stamm?
uhr point? where exactly? does find nobody and which come?

marita, these are the correct colours. but maybe you must first see the love hint in order to open the globe

I cannot for the life of me find this magnet, where is it?????

for the hint for time, you must go outside from the kitchen, in the yard, put in the tree what you got from the staircase and then go down and put the symbols

hmm finde nirgens ein hinweis auf love? wo ist dsa zimmer wo das stehen sol?

hmm finds nirgens one point on love? where is dsa zimmer where this stand sol?

High 5 Zuzana :)
Not bad for a couple of newbies

marita, there is another view between the bathroom and the bedroom, its the end of the hallway.but you must also use the hammer in the bathroom's wall to find another entrance

can`t figure out lever code! is there a second piece of paper?

mopselfe, i think it is in the cupboard, outside in the cabin

ahja,danke,aber ich kriege trotz hammer kein loch in wand im bad

Anyone? Magnet? Anyone? Help!

I'm missing first half of paper with numbers on, been round and round but can't find it. help please :)

Yes, well done cyndi... :)

I am even trying to write a walkthrough... :))) I might not sleep tonite... :)

where is second piece of paper?

found piece of paper on painting by stairs

ty eva83- but i got that one.i`m missing the first half.

krustycat, its on the picture, in the stairs view

bekomme wand nicht kaputt

sorry, i cant remember where the magnet was

passed that pic so many times and didn't think to click on it doh! Thanks guys :)

great game!

I thought that was a great game but would never have been able to complete it without all the comments here, so thank you everyone, I'll look back and see if I can help anyone else.

ich geb auf,mir fehlt der eingang zum zimmer oben,die uhrzeit und diverse teile.krige keine wand kaputt,ist wohl bei mir ein bug,weil hammer habe ich ja und nichts geht damit

Good luck Zuzana. I'll check in tomorrow to read it

I think the magnet was upstairs in the attic where you do the twisty puzzle and put the butterfly

wo genau soll die wand im bad zerschlagen werden? finde keine stelle,nirgens ,auch nicht im flur.

I'd love to know how LOVE translates into the colours?
Stuck at the arrows, AAArgHHH!

sandy,am kühlschrank farbige buchstaben,allerdings geht globus wohl erst auf wenn mann wort love gelesen hat oben.komme nicht ins zimmer rein,leider

POP! I found it played better if you turn the music off in the menu (slider far too the left). Pretty memory-hungry game though.

schade ,das die hilfesteller wohl schon weg sind.naja dann höre ich halt auf.ist eh verbugt,sonst würde die wand ja kaputt gehen.

Sorry, Marita, my German not so good (although I got the colors from a comment of yours!!!!!!!!)

a pity, hilfesteller probably already away sind.naja then hears I hold auf.ist anyhow verbugt, but it would break wound.

@marita sorry, to open the wall you need to unscrew the bolt.the hammer is for the pig thing

habe danke videohilfe ds zimmer offen,mann muß kein hammer haben,sondern die zange.habe nun unten im loch die 4 zeichen eingestellt,aber nun ??? tür im haus geht nicht auf und habe noch ein würfel

does have thank you videohilfe ds zimmer openly, mann must have nobody hammer, but zange.habe now below in punch 4 zeichen opposed, but now??? tür in live does not rise and has still würfel

Argh, I'm majorly stuck. I've lit the fire, found the chess piece and got the silver key, found the gold fish bowl, the butterfly and the first half of a code and now I can't find anything else. What's the next step?

wie kann ich fisch in wann geben,habe kein stöpsel gefunden

Thanks Premiere, argh, I accidentally backed off the screen and have to start again.

Go upstairs and open the attic

I would Momma Cyndi but i'm pretty sure I need the thing out of the freezer to turn the bolt in the bathroom but I can't get to it. Is there another way into the attic?

No Phoenix,
The attic is the room at the top of the stairs that you couldn't open as it was locked. You have to get the heart to get the icepick to get the wrench :)

Feeling a bit silly now for forgetting to try my key on that door :P I was sure I'd tried that already. I'm such a dope! Thanks Momma Cyndi!

Pleasure - I forgot about the stump outside so its obviously a dopey day :)


Click the strange set stone on the right.
Get the key. Click the item bag to use it.

Entry hall:
Zoom the picture, take the rip of paper.
Notice the keyhole in one of the steps. You can zoom it.
The cellar door is locked.
Click the further right corner of the rug. There is sth under the grate.
Go left.

Dining room:
Get the matches from the table.
Notice the gum machine. You need a coin.
Notice the clock, you'll set it later.
Go right twice.

The living room:
Notice the chess board. A piece missing.
A fire place - needs fire.
A globe - a color code needed. Study is written there.
Falcon statues - turnable. One is missing.
We'll come back.
Go right.

Drawer needs a knob.
Sth frozen in the freezer.
Notice the colour letters on the fridge.
Go right.

Notice the old stump with a hole in it.
Zoom the shed.
Take a log.
Notice a strange doorbell/security lock kind of thing.

Go back to living room and set the fire with the log and matches.
Let's have a look upstairs.

Grandpas bedroom:
Piggy bank - needs to be broken.
Take a close look at the drawing of the car by the bed. It's usefull.
Zoom the butterflies and take the one with gems in it. /top right/
Go to next room.

Kids room:
Take the goldfish tank and the missing chess piece from under the bed.
We are done here.
Back to the corridor.
Click the area as behind the corner.

There is a door you cant open. Two statues with hearths under them. One is missing the gem.
Go back. Open the next door.

Notice the strange wall, a big bolt and the bathtub.
Back. Last door to the attic is locked.

Go back to the living room and put the piece on the chess board.
Take the key.

Go to the attic door. Use the key. Go in. Click the trunk. Solve the turning puzzle and insert the butterfly. Open the trunk and note the symbols. Take the magnet.

Use it to get the tuning fork from under the grate.
Go to the shed and use it on the ear thing locker.
Go in. There is a hammer and the missing falcon statue and a locked cabinet.

Place the falcon above the fireplace.
Now remember the drawing of the car in the grandpas bedroom? Use it as the clue.
Take the fuse.
Use the hammer on the piggy bank and take the coin.
Use it in the dining room for the hearth. U need to insert AND turn the coin.
Go upstairs to the closed door. Insert the hearth.
Take the knob and the ice pick.
Go to the kitchen.
Use the icepick on the ice in the freezer. Take the wrench.
Use knob and take the key. Its for the cabinet in the shed.
Take the second part of the code.

Go to the bathroom and use the wrench on the big bolt. Click it once more.
Secret passage.
Enter and use the fuse. Pull the handle.
Enter the study. Take the key.
Notice the scales.
Now u can open the door.
So go back to the secret passage and pull the handle again. Than go to the study again you can now. There is a hint on the closed door.
Use the key on the stairs secret cabinet, Take the rod.
Go to the living room and enter the correct color code on the globe. Solution later.
Take the wooden box. Throw it into the fire.
Go in the garden. Use the rod with the stump. Zoom and go in.
Remember the symbols from the trunk? Enter them in the correct order.
U'll see two beams of blue light now.
Go and set the time on the cuckoo clock. Take the stopper.
Use it in the bath. Let the water in and the fish as well. Refill the tank.
Use it on the fire. Take the weight.
Use it in the study on the scales.
Set the numbers on the safe according to the code you have in the inventory.
Take another key. This one is for the cellar.
You just need to solve another puzzle. Set the circles to join the arrows.
And you are out. Grandad is waiting for you. :)
Globe solution is LOVE look at the letters on the fridge and you'll get the code. /GORP/

Hope its OK and helpful. Its my first one... :)

What a great game! Thank you!

Thanks for your support Cyndi. Hope to meet you in some other good game soon... ;)

That was one of the best games I've played for a long time. Thank you so much to the creators. Loved every bit of it.

Tjo! Zuzana, that is a mighty impressive walkthrough and in record time :)

See you soon

Hi - I keep clicking on the 4 symbols on the stone circle, but I am seeing 4 beams of light, not two. Help! What am I doing wrong? Would love to know the clock setting...

POP! Was clicking on a symbol that was slightly wrong!

Is there a trick to starting the game? I've tried it in FF and Chrome but it won't load, or start.

Fantastic game, I wish there were more like them that were free to play on the net. Most of the adventure games like this, cost money.

It would have been fantastic if I could have loaded something else than the background of the page. This game doesn't work with Opera and I don't like that game makers tell me which browser I have to use.

Among the huge number of online games, there are from time to time real highlights - this game is one of it!
It was a great enjoyment for me playing it: very exciting with fitting music, creative ideas* & solvable puzzles (although the last one was quite a challenge...)

*f.e. ear-lock :-D

& LMAO about the plug for bathtub in clock!

Huge thankfulness for the gamemaker(s)!

This comment has been removed by the author.

& thx very much for the helpful WT,
& welcome in the WTWC (walkthrough-writing club)!
(I only missed the passage right of bathroom...)

Really loved this game, then I get to then end at the safe code. my clue is 42-34-15 and 42 & 34 are MISSING from slider??? Seriously tried, very slowly and can only set 15! Disappointed, can't finish.

Seems all even numbers are missing!

Well this is sad it will only load for me to the start frame then the screen goes black .. and then nothing !!

well very sad that I just cant get this to play and it looks to be a sweet game .

This was a perfect game for me. I love the navigation, because always know where you are and which way to go to.

The atmo and grafics I liked as well as the story of finding the clue to timetravel while inventing the perfect door for a cat, the extraordinary cuckoo and well... the lever in the secret compartment which strongly reminds me of the lever of my espresso machine :D

On the whole it was not easy to solve, but it´s fun to get surprises. And the game is very logical build, no pixel hunting, no item to much.

Game was running very good on Safari and an 2 year old Mac Pro. Only one bug: After resetting the game, I had no inventory in the first screen. Was solved by reload.

Thanks to the authors, loved it!

excellent game! I loved the smooth graphics. It did crash when I tried to put the fuse in, but restarting had it work correctly.

The end puzzle wasn't hard for me to solve -- set the right 2 correctly and then set the left. The left rotates the 2 right ones the same amount so then you can just turn the right one (I think it was). It will turn the 2 right but leave left alone. Since the right ones are already correct, they will line up.

I could use some HELP !!! I've done EVERYTHING but I can not find the cellar .... where the heck is it !!!!

Question. When I try to set the clock to 5:40, it doesn't work! Any hints, anybody? HELP!

Never mind, i got it!

my clock wont set right what am i doing wrong

I'm having same trouble as Kimbo. Got to the combination lock and 42 and 34 are missing. What do I do now?

I found the answer on another site - I held down the control button and used the wheel on my mouse to zoom in and out on the combination lock. It made it possible for me to get the missing 42 and 34. I had to reduce it back to normal to get out of the study.

what time to we set the clock as?

Oh! I am stuck at the room under the stairs! cant seem to align the 3 puzzles!

i found the old man... crap! is that it!?

@ms.unicorn97 : you need to get yourself to the tree stump outside to find the time.

how do i get the falcon puzzle???

i doused the fire but where is the weight?

found it! and found grandpa! wish i could've done it without the walkthrough but it was fun!

u can solve the falcon puzzle by looking at the drawing of a car on the wall in grandpa's bedroom on first floor... look at the white mark and set the falcons accordingly..... all the best

Can't set the clock?

i can't get the letters on the fridge to move. I keep clicking them and nothing happens.

This comment has been removed by the author.

how to i finish the last puzzle the one with the 3 arrows?

im trying to put love = gorp on the globe but it doesnt work
also ive got the stopper/plug but it wont go int he bath tub??? what am i doing wrong?

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