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Sherlock Holmes Secret Walkthrough

Sherlock Holmes Secret

Abroy - Sherlock Holmes Secret is another point and click adventure type room escape game developed by Abroy. Use your puzzle solving skills and be like a real Sherlock Holmes to get out of this room. Good luck and have fun!

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2 puzzle pieces under wood in fireplace...

another under disgusting looking meal on table

OMG... first live game since ages =D hi zoz
going in...

hi Sabine! It's hard to find a live one where everyone isn't waaaayyy ahead.
more puzzle pieces: under hat on couch, on piano bench

got sandpaper from puzzle

under papers on table.
I need something to move the clock, polish the gun, and open the mantel clock!

I do not like the new number puzzles on these games!

First two rows of the sudoku like puzzle;


sd from number puzzle (how is it called)




"loupe" (magnifier) from word puzzle after using sandpaper on gun

used sd on clock on fireplace for another puzzle piece

Where is the gun?

on the desk @s-t

Combined handle and magnifier.
Where's the clue for the 4 digit code?

@small-tool, click on the top of the desk where the puzzles are...

well, of korth that was the answer ;)

where do you have the handle from and where do you use the magnifier then?

Use the magnifier on the papers for the long word clue.

I think handle came from one of the puzzles.
Maybe the elementary, dear... puzzle.

i think the handle was from the top left puzzle (elementary, my dear ......)

And out.
Easy one.
Thanks for the gun, girls.

there is a second puzzle piece under the wood

thanks zoz... but WHAT is elementary in this game?

Well back to be stuck in the riddle word again.
But will hang around a bit for questions.

I don't think the EG Union Contract allows us to move heavy furniture. Still, anything for the game.
Out now

@Sabine, did you ever read any Sherlock Holmes?

It's a famous Sherlock Holmes quote.

also, think of who deciphered the structure of DNA, along with Crick.

ehem... I really know who is sherlock holmes and I now, he is a detective... also I know dr. watson... but what a shame... I never read a sherlock holmes book... not my genre...

but you have the answer!

You just posted the answer Sabine.

Lol Zoz,
Since we keep on posting the same things I better get back to my riddle.

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL... ok... thanks a lot... now I heard a loud "CLICK"

see ya @small-tool!
must. eat. lunch. soon. (it's in my Union Contract). Are you out @Sabine?

thanks @ZOZ and small-tool... my brain was totally stuck...

you're very welcome @Sabine - you've gotten my brain unstuck many times!

Hey everybody.
Finaly figured out how to post here. Thanx for all the help I got from you before. I'll try to return it in the future.

by the way: Missin one puzzle piece.

hi @Mawa and welcome... do you found the second under the wood? there are two under two pieces...

thx sabine.

got it and out. missed taking the one from the clock.

missing one piece...

I was in the aztec temple....and missed this one live!!!!Hi everyone!

Does any one know how the numbers game works on the desk?

Anyone remember where the four digit clue was?

Anybody still here ?
I don´t get the numbers (on black and white ground)

Seawall behind the huge wall clock, you need a trolley to move it.

@Seawall - loo behind the big clock in other room

Hi nokra !

I am only missing one puzzle piece from the numbers i guess.

I'm with you Zazie... not sure what to do with the number puzzle

Alyx, I figured the soduko type puzzle from small-tool's post above. First two lines are


Any know how to open clock on the mantel?

I posted the first two rows and Sabine even posted the whole answer.
Anyway the method is you have to add numbers to make the number on the side or on top. And in the same row or column not the same numbers.

It's behind the clock, but you need a tool for that.

just joigning

With the screwdriver from one of the puzzles.

way behind!!! If anyone is still there...i don't get the world map clue....
Is there something written I can't see?

I guess I need the word clue from the gun, but I don't have the sandpaper!

The part of the world at the bottom right has a different colour. What continent is that?

S-T... I can't see very well in here...
are all the puzzles in same zoomed scene, because I see to miss a couple...the #'s one for sure!

Thx Seawall, s-t and Sabine.
I am out !!!

Thank you all... this was my first "live game" and I appreciate your help! Back to work now :)

TY @s-t...lol..and we were just having a long chat with @dropbear...and @clio!!!!
I did not see the difference...but got it from the clue!!!!

Sandpaper was in upper right drawer after solving the picture.

Yep Nokra,
All the drawers of the desk are puzzles.

nokra, if you're still here, I'm stuck with you. I've solved 3 puzzles, but stuck now. Have a long and short word, and the four digit left to solve.

Long word comes from world map, the continent with a different colour.

Short word is on gun after using sandpaper.

I must be blind today, I cannot even find the map!

Please tell me the name of the game with the numbers...I do not understand it...and I usually get the kenken type, and others like it!
then I can look it up to understand it! Thanks!!

Seawall it is a white paper on table in the other room, you need to build a magnifier to look at it.

The map came from using the magnifying glass on the scroll on desk! put the handle on first!

I am blind. I had the sandpaper all along, thought it was a puzzle piece........

nokra, i don´t know the name of the game, but the left numbers indicate the sum of the row to the right and the upper numbers indicate the sum of the below colums.

LOL @ Seawall

out too.

@Amit and maybe others who might be missing one piece of the puzzle at the end. Re-Check the fire place, it's tricky cause there is 2 pieces of the puzzle hidden under two different log of wood. So don't just go away with only piece =)

I am missing the top right piece...and I just don't care anymore!!! LOL Thanks for the help, guys!!!

Thanks, everyone for helping the blind person.... me... LOL

Nice and easy!!!

The number puzzle is a Kakuro, and way easier than the Calcudoku's we get from Gamershood!

LOL@Zoz and the "disgusting meal". I had to look a few times to discern what it even was!! LOL!

Hidden pieces of puzzle :

-under the "disguting meal" (ahaha zozo)
-under the hat on the red sofa
-2 pieces in fireplace under wood
-on the piano bench
-under paper (bit rolled) in the "study room"
-On the clock upon the fireplace (need screwdriver)
-last piece after solving 4 digit code puzzle

Desk puzzle answers:

-Elementary, my dear SPwaOItLonER
-sudoku type see Sabine post @9:15 AM
-Long Word : hint, Once you build the loupe, go in the study room and have a closer look on one of the paper on the table.
-Small word hint on the gun (use sand paper on it) SPkorOILEthR
-Digit code, hint in the last room with big clock. Need a lifting trolley.

Be careful all hints needs to be done/clicked before answering. Writting directly the answers wont' work.

BTW, How can a lifting trolley fit in a drawer ?? =)

       Anonymous  8/11/11, 10:53 AM  

I was so happy to see it was a Sherlock, as a fan I knew this would be easy.
OK then
He never said Elementary My Dear Watson, in the books.
Flat is way too clean, he was a slob.
Where is the syringe with the 7% solution?
Where is the violin?
I know its just a game, but I love Sherlock.

We have a true fan here !


I was tempted to say this is so DAMN easy, but I missed the second puzzle piece in the fireplace!

This is why I have to correct it to "medium easy" because you usually would not expect TWO puzzle pieces in the same location! Nifty!

BTW, Leroy must be feeling very proud after playing this game


Easy, but very nice! At last a solvable game I could play without help!

how do you put the pieces in the picture?

Same question as Mitsakos. Where do the puzzle pieces go?

ACK! Thanks for the number code. I got that the diagonal lines indicated the total across or down but I thought it was like a sodoku where the numbers couldn't repeat - I was at a stalemate!

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