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Sneaky's Travels 4 Walkthrough

Sneaky's Travels 4

Sneaky's Travels 4 is a new point and click adventure created by SelfDefiant for Melting-Mindz. Sneaky is continuing his mission to track down special coins that were stolen from the museum. There are 4 more coins hidden in different locations around the world. The third coin is hidden here in the islands of Hawaii. Use your Sneaky skills to find the coin by solving puzzles and collecting items to help! Collect gold coins while you’re at it for a high score! Good luck and have fun playing!

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Thanks SelfDefiant.

Marble in room B.

Marble and goggles in room C

Hi small-tool, joining you :)
Thanks Selfdefiant!

Shovel in room D, use in room A to get a marble.

Hi Jo.C

There was a marble in room D too.

And 5th marble in room E.

Thank-you Self-Defiant, was despairing of a new game.

Hi Jo and Small

Used marbles in Room D to get a silver key.

marble in B, under stone step

Hi Clio,

Knife in drawer in Room F.

Hi Clio! Just looking for the last marble

Wahoo new SelfDefiant!

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 6:24 AM  

Thank you very much, SelfDefiant!

Greetings L&G! Joining you...

Purple gem in Room G, use knife on apple.

ohh never mind, didn't see the right turn by the door. Duh!

Red gem in Room Q.

sd in J

SD in J

Screwdriver in Room J.

also sneaky in J and gem safe

sneaky coin in J

Sneaky Coin in room J too and the safe for the gems (use screwdriver).

Gold Key in grate in room L

beat me too it Clio lol

Grid puzzle in L

red marble in Q

Gold key in Room L (use screwdriver).

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 6:32 AM  

Hm, I have everything except the colour order for gems. Has anyone found it so far?

Stumped now : ( any ideas?

so we need a lighter..

Blue gem in Room L (use the hint from room Q).

Ahh...cant stand travelling at this speed. Im getting back into pedal car..(actually, im frightened by the clues on the A Y and T) and will wait for s-t to solve...pedalling on now...

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 6:34 AM  

White key is in I above the painting.

What does that bit of paper mean from the piano?

Green gem in Room J (use the letters/symbols hint you saw all around).

ohh never mind POP

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 6:35 AM  

For number safe in J you'll need to look on an american keyboard. #@^( can be numbers...

Yellow Gem in Room M (use the hint from room F).

yeah sneaky - sneaking behind all of youo lol

wahoo matches in o

Matches in Room O.

blue key in n behind ornament

Orange gem in Room H (use matches).

Where's the blue key?

Lol, thanks MsStitcher

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 6:40 AM  

Ha, apparently there is no colour order, you just put all gems in slots and you're out. Strange.
Anyway - good game, as always.

when you go right from M you go to O..but when you go left from O you go to N...

Wow managed to help small-tool, proud moment of the day : )

my @ sign is not a number?

Pink gem in room P.

And now, where's the gem order?

http://vt100.net/docs/vt220-rm/ma-0967-83 american keyboard

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 6:42 AM  

Jo.C - check qwety or american keyboard.

Thanks lovelygiraffe


^ = 6
# = 3
( = 9
@ = 2



where is the hint for the colored grid?

And out too.
Funny, no colour order for the safe.

Looking an American keyboard up on google now...

I only have ^ and ( as numbers....

swiss - miss - the image on the paper on piano in room Q

In room Q.

ty - lol forgot about that clue !

no colour code for safe but went in as pink, yellow, blue, red, purple orange green for me x

Lol MsStitcher,
You helped me indeed and the great thing was, just before I asked.

ohhh thanks small-tool!

American keyboards are totally different LOL

on my keyboard

6- ^
3- £
9- (

lol that would have had me really confused

and out with sneaky and the 50 coins

thank you Selfdefiant - nice music btw

Yep they are Jo.C

But the odd thing is, I thought SelfDefiant was an American guy.

thanks Ms Stitcher for 6329

I had to google american keyboards and the first time there was one not working and the second pic I looked at was working - so perhaps americans have different keyboards?

he is small-tool

hmmmm 49 coins, why is that always the way lol

I wonder when that mini-room escape game gets off second place - it does not desrve to be there!

I am not leaving until I find that coin!


Thanks all.
Im out too..but for my curiosity's sake..where was the clue for the gem order...or did it not matter ( i cheated off MsStitcher.thanks btw)

Hi Clio

no gem order - I just popped them in

ahh thank you swiss, I was looking around everywhere for an order of gems. Got annoyed and cheated from MsStitcher..

Where's blue key please??

ok could not find that coin and gave up, Out with 49 and sneaky coin! :)

Blue key in room N behind the thing on the right wall.

Sorry,found it!

Giulia - blue key in N

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 7:11 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

On my keyboard :
@ -> 0
^ -> 9
# -> 3
( -> 5

Usually, I love SD's games, but I hate these keyboards problems, game makers should be aware that there are several types of keyboards in the world and that American standards are just valid in the US.
And I have no idea for the order of the numbers.

Well, the order is the order of the letters.

yay!! i'm joining in!!! hope it's easy!!

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 7:27 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

thanx selfdefiant once again for the wonderful game

easy and fun... i was stuck searching for the gem order but there's none so i'm out with no help this time. thanks sd!

I really didn't realize that keyboards were different. I feel bad and won't do that again. Oh so sorry!

out with no help whatsoever!!! complete with 50 coins and the sneaky!

Loving it so far, but the notes aren't working on the map. For when you have time SD :)

well i already knew that us keyboards have @ above 2, but the hash i didnt know but just went through the numbers in order

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 7:43 AM  

for me no problem, Selfdefiant,
we can google, can't we...

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 7:48 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/18/11, 7:52 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
       Anonymous  8/18/11, 7:53 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

I did fix the notes not working, thanks for letting me know!

no pb sd. my keyboard is german so i aspected yours to be in english... i#ve googled... and yes, there was a pb with the map... writting with letters did not work 4 me either. i'm wishing u all a wonderful day!

Thank you Selfdefiant!!!
The music is very good too.

what is color grid for

@ guppy: piano hint

Couldn't type on map.

I can't find the white key, any help?

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 8:25 AM  
This comment has been removed by the author.

the code box in room J opens according to symbols on the keyboard of the computer. A Λ is tricky, but if you take it one by one, it's finally number 6.
And I have to say again: I love the music

wrong! It is on the keybord on numbers! Have'n t ever noticed...

how do you solve clue in m

In room F was a hint for that one.

SD thanks, i needed that. not too heavy, not too light. Perfect.

Hi! Just found out there's another one! YAY! See ya later!

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 9:37 AM  

Very nice game again, @Selfdefiant - 5 stars as always! This time without any help (except for the gems "order")

Great one again selfdefiant! Thanks!

I dont understand the color grid AT ALL!! I did a green "L" on the left side and a red "7" on the right side of the grid thought that was the deal .. and NOPE!! with out that I am stuck just twittling my thumbs .. sigh

OK feeling very lame !! I didnt see it the way it was written can one become dyslexic at the age of 53?? wow what a trip .. Loved the game a bit easy except for my brain freeze but I always wait bitting my nail's for your next adventure Mr. Selfdefiant thank you for keeping us entertained and absorbed in the midst of a cold cruel world . :p

I think it was the other way around. A red 7 'left' and a green L 'right'.

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 10:46 AM  

I cannot wrap my brain around the paper clue with the red 7 and the green L for the 4 color grid puzzle in room L. I tried clicking the squares along the outside so that made a red 7 and green L pattern but that did not work. I am missing something? another clue?

Have to do it from memory.
But I think it was like this;


Oops it's differetn when posted.
Maybe something like this;


       Anonymous  8/18/11, 10:52 AM  

Thanks to the dyslexic lady! We should start a club. For all you other dyslexics out there: The vertical parts go in the two middle columns of the grid. The the top left is red and the bottom right is green.

Great game as always! Thank you Self Defiant!!

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 10:53 AM  

And U2 small-tool!!!!!

Argh!!! I've done the whole game without help, except I can't find the clue for how to place the gems!!! I really don't want help, but I'm tired of searching....so....please help! LOL

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 11:18 AM  

this time, there is no particular order, just place the gems like you want

Whaaaa?? That borders being mean, SD! LOL ;-) Very sneaky, indeed!

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 11:35 AM  


6 coins in B
4 coins in I-J
3 coins in A-C-D-E-F-G-K-L
2 coins in H-M-N-O-P-Q
- sneaky coin in J (on window right of plant)

A - in ground (use showel from D)
B - under round white footplate
C - next to bowl on pedestal to the left
D - left of plant pot left of entrance
E - in pool (use goggles from C)
- box in D on table for silver key & keyboard hint (A^)

G - purple (cut green apple with knife from F)
H - orange (use matches from O on lamp on table)
J - green (open 4-digit-box on table with keyboard hints from D-F-L-Q)
L - blue (open cupboard-safe with hint from Q / piano)
M - yellow (in edge-box on bedside table / use hint from F)
P - pink (in dust bin)
Q - red (on statue above fireplace)

- silver in D (black marble box)
- white in I (in ceiling above painting)
- blue in N (behind right circle statue)
- gold in L (use screwdriver on vent grate behind plant bottom right)

D- silver entrance (key in D)
I- gold to the left (key in L)
L - white to the right (key in I)
Q - blue to the left (key in N)


- goggles on table for black marble in E

- showel for black marble in A
- keyboard hint in marble box (A^) for 4-digit box in J for green gem

- knife in drawer right of fruit bowl
- keyboard hint in same drawer (G#) for 4-digit box in J for green gem
- edge hint on table border for edge-box in M for yellow gem

- cut green apple on table with knife from F for purple gem

- light lamp on table with matches from O

- screwdriver on table shelf (under table)
- open 4-digit box on table with keyboard hints from D-F-L-Q for green gem)
- remove painting on wall with screwdriver for gem safe

- keyboard hint (T@) behind vent grate behind plant bottom right for 4-digit box in J for green gem
- open cupboard-safe with hint from paper on piano in Q for blue gem

- open edge-box on bedside table with hint from F for yellow gem

- matches for lamp in H

- keyboard hint (Y() on paper in piano for 4-digit box in J for green gem
- coloured pattern hint on paper in piano for cupboard-safe in L for blue gem



- 4-digit code: keyboard hints from
D - A^
F - G#
L - T@
Q - Y(
american keyboard-buttons:
(google it, if you are from another country...)
^ - 6
# - 3
@ - 2
( - 9
alphabetical order: A-G-T-Y --> 6-3-2-9

- cupboard-safe: put in colour pattern hint from Q (paper in piano with red/green forms)

- edge-box: edge hint from F (forms on table border)

L ┌ ┘ ┐ L ┐

- no hint, because no particular order (place them just as you like...)


I was wondering if anyone would be upset that there wasn't a specific order.

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 12:05 PM  

Well, Selfdefiant,
I don't think so.
It was only a bit surprising not to have a particular order, as from all your last games we are accustomed to have one...
A really sneaky idea to break a confirmed habit!

a silly question. Ive finished the whole gaöe very very quickly indeed... except for one thing... WHERE DO WE PLACE THESE GEMS........ Can anyone hear me:(

never mind. I could bet I have clicked on every single painting on the walls.....

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 12:10 PM  

Deniz Fevziye Gündoğdu,
gem safe in J
(remove painting on wall with screwdriver from under table in J)
there's no particular order, just place them as you like

Thank you premiere....

Thanks for another great game. Fascinating how everyone's keyboards are different (mine's in French so my code would have been 9305).

excellent as always. I had to search for that white key.

Out with no help, 50 coins, and a sneaky coin. But I think I'll sneak back in and stay awhile ;D

American keyboard numbers shouldn't be a problem to look up since we have had to do that lots of times for Japanese games.

       Anonymous  8/18/11, 6:08 PM  

Well, late and later... but that's because I've done a little extra work on this mapthrough gallery. You'll see what I mean if you click here!. I of course fell into the trap so without a gem order clue I decided to use a kind of spectrum order and I was so proud of myself when that worked. Now you're laughing at me.
Thanks go to SD.

Correction to premier's and kitkatfox's comments:
We can't always google, haha.
I have to rely on other people looking up stuff because if I open another tab [which takes minutes to load anyway] I often lose my mobile broadband connection =P
This time I guessed the # and the @ though, because I didn't want to blunder any surpises in the comments.

Nice game again, and soooo Sneaky, removing the gem order concept - thing is, I often stuff them in the safe to get them out of my inventory anyway, till I find the order, and always click the handle in case I miraculously hit on the right sequence.
I thought I'd actually done that this time, haha.



B - 6COINS; get MAP; get MARBLE#1 under stone disc



E - 3COINS; use GOGGLES in pool, get MARBLE#4

return to A, use SHOVEL on LOOSE DIRT, get MARBLE#5
return to D, use MARBLES to open MARBLE BOX, get SILVER KEY (for F); note A^ CLUE

F - 3 COINS; note ANGLES CLUE on counter; get KNIFE from drawer, note G# CLUE





L - 3COINS; note COLOR GRID SAFE; use SCREWDRIVER to open VENT, get GOLD KEY (for H), note T@ CLUE

M - 2COINS; open ANGLES BOX with ANGLES CLUE from F (angle points to SW,NW,SE,NE,SW,NE) , get YELLOW GEM



H - 2COINS; use MATCHES to light LAMP, get ORANGE GEM

Q - 2COINS; get RED GEM; note COLOR GRID CLUE on PAPER on piano, note Y( CLUE


return to L, use COLOR GRID CLUE from Q on COLOR GRID SAFE, get BLUE GEM and ENJOY!!!!!
return to J, put LETTER/SYMBOL CLUES from D,F,L,Q in alpha order and use SYMBOL-NUMBER matches from US QWERTY keyboard (6329) on NUMBER BOX, get GREEN GEM; put GEMS in GEM SAFE (any order), get SPECIAL COIN!

what was with the white silk curtains? did they play any role?

       Anonymous  8/19/11, 1:58 PM  

Selfdefiant puts regularly some comments about furniture or similar, for it's no hint, just for fun.

Actually I worked on that curtain sentence for quite a while, thinking that the clue for the gem order must surely be hidden there... overthinking as usual :D

thanks for another fun game @Selfdefiant!

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