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Somewhere in the Wild West Walkthrough

Somewhere in the Wild West

Abroy - Somewhere in the Wild West is another point and click adventure type room escape game developed by Abroy. You are somewhere in the Wild West and you have to escape quickly before some dangerous cowboys arrive. Good luck and have fun!

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Yeah i'm in!

Ohh noo I dunno how to play kankuro only sudoku :S

Guess I did it but not working.

Hi @Nini

I'll help if this ad ever ends

Hi annaby!

Working on math signs as well.
Got 6 stars


whats the rasp knife used on ?

7 stars now.
Still can't get kankuro nor math signs puzzle

Uh I was close! Thx annaby!

nvm got it

Missin 1 star!

Got math puzzle!


SPOILER math puzzle

* /
/ -

have nine stars but cant do the maths one thanks annaby for that one...

thanks @Nini - was just going to ask for a hint

oh so close still dont know how??

and out!

@ting ting - the math puzzle? change the symbols according to Nini's spoiler: Multiply, divide; divide, subtract

still here will keep the fire going...

Hi Annaby...Ting Ting and Nini :)

Colt Army Revolver aka the Peacemaker...

@Annaby...thank you for help...I knew the numbers had to add up but I wasn't paying attention .. lol

(sry I was having dinner)
Back if u need any help :)

I think ting ting is still there

thanks annaby that did the trick im out now thanks again....

and you too nina xD.......

Oh u guys are all out already!
So guess I can leave :)
See u ppl.

I think that was the fastest Abroy...lol! Thank you Nini and Annaby for the nudge on the math...brain not at full function today :P

okay - see you all soon

Where to use pincers?

POP - milk can (next to gun/barrel)

Where to use the knife?

got it, back of chair


You start off facing a fireplace

-Click barrel then blue kettle to get star #1 zoom out
-click on table
-Click book to move then click lamp to move
-collect star #2 zoom out
-go right
-click hat to zoom then click again to move hat
-collect star #3 zoom out
-click white kettle to zoom in click again to move and collect star #4
-click dresser and top left handle to solve math puzzle (all solutions below)
-get pincers and close box to zoom out
-go right then click o n pots above bed to zoom
-click right pot to move and collect Star #5 then zoom out
-click White milk jug and use pincers on the side to collect star #6 and zoom out
-note colt .45 revolver on barrel it's a clue
-Go left and click on dresser to zoom in
-click top right handle to solve Kakuro puzzle and collect hammer then close box
-click on second handle on left and solve Revolver clue to get knife close box and zoom out
-go left and click on fireplace to zoom
-use hammer to remove nails and retrieve star #7 zoom out
-go left and click on chair to view dark spot on back
-use knife to reveal 4-digit number code and zoom out
-click on map for color code
zoom out and go left twice to get back to dresser view.
-click dresser and then second handle on right to solve picture puzzle and collect star #8 close box
-click on 3rd handle on left to input 4-digit code to get star #9 close box
-click 3rd handle on right to input color code to get star #10 close box
-click bottom left handle and place stars to get key zoom out and click on door
-use key and you're out

Zoom on the table
Click the lantern to move it and find the FIRST SHERIFF'S STAR
Click on the barrel
Click the blue coffee pot to move it and get the SECOND SHERIFF'S STAR
Go right
Zoom on the hat and click to move it
Zoom on the tea pot on top of the dresser
Click to move it and get the FOURTH SHERIFF'S STAR
Turn right
Zoom on the pots hanging over the bed
Move the right one for the FIFTH SHERIFF'S STAR
Go left
Zoom on the front of the chest of drawers
There are 7 locks with puzzles behind them
Solve the top left drawer for the PINCERS
Solve the second lock from the top on the left for the RASP
Solve the third drawer from the top on the left for the SIXTH SHERIFF'S STAR
Solve the top right lock for the HAMMER
Solve the second lock from the top on the right for the SEVENTH SHERIFF'S STAR
Solve the third lock from the top on the right for the EIGHTH SHERIFF'S STAR
Go left
Zoom on the bottom of the fireplace
Use the hammer to get the NINTH SHERIFF'S STAR
Turn 2 times to the bed scene
Zoom on the silver milk can
Use the pincers on the middle for the TENTH SHERIFF'S STAR
Go left
Zoom on the drawers again
Click the bottom left drawer
Place the 9 stars for the KEY
Zoom on the door handle
Use the key and escape!


Top left drawer lock
You need to figure out which math symbols to use to make the 2 halves of the math equations equal.
The math will be equal if both sides equal HINT5HINT


Second drawer from the top on the left
If you don't know your guns, just Google the hint to learn it is also called a SPOILERPEACEMAKERSPOILER

Third drawer from the top on the left
The numbers are on the back of the chair in the view with the ax in the wood. Zoom on the back of the chair and use the rasp to see SPOILER4398SPOILER

Top right lock
This is a math puzzle. You have to enter the numbers 1-9 in a column or row so they add to be the number given at the head of that particular column or row. The numbers can't repeat in a column or row, so three numbers equaling 24 can't be 8,8,8 and the column with 2 numbers adding to 4 can't be 2 and 2.

The bottom left column is the number 3. You need two numbers that will add to three – so they are 2 and 1. You know that the 2 has to be the bottom number since you can only use numbers 1-9 and the row has to be 11. So the bottom row is 9 and 2 and the bottom right column is 1 and 2.


Second lock from the top on the right
Click each picture square to rotate it and make a complete picture

Third lock from the top on the right
The colors are shown on the map in the view of the ax in the piece of wood. Zoom in and see the corners are

lol @Angelqueen6217 we posted walkthroughs at the same time :D

the more, the merrier!


math solution:

X :
: -

Kakuro Solution:


Colt Single Action Army


Picture Solution (clicks)


Number Puzzle Solution


Color Code Solution:


lol and solutions :D

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