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Apartment Escape Walkthrough

Apartment Escape

[REPLAY] MindAnalyze - Apartment Room Escape is another point and click type room escape game developed by Ahmed El-Monofy for Mind Analyze. You will be in a locked apartment. You will find furinture and some other necessities of life. Escape this apartment room. Collect some helpful tools to help you escape from the apartment. Good luck and have fun!

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Apartment Room Escape Walkthrough
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Number on ball and something? from below pillow on couch.

Number on left side of chair and bottle from fridge.

Number behind plant next to fridge and number on top left of cupboard.

Hammer in drawer. Used hammer to get key from vase on table.

Three numbers, batteries, a bottle and a hammer so far.

Used key to open other drawer. Got note and screwdriver. Used note and numbers to open 4-digit door and have video-tape now.

Hi Em3.
Where did you get the batteries?

Used tape on tv to get the colour code.
Colour code gave me a little bottle or something like that.

S-t I think that's what was underneath the pillow in the first scene. Now I have something that's either an eraser or gum!

Stuck where you all are. Can't find a place to use the SD.

Ah I see. I have that. Didn't know it was batteries. And the eraser is probably what I called a little bottle (from the colour code).

Lol Em3. I'm not all, just me.
Where's everybody?
Stuck too.

Thought the eraser was a memory-stick. But see no computer to use it on.

Annnnnnnnnnnnd out.... much better this time

(tab key helps)

True, I'm so used to a big audience!
I'm pixel-hunting for a hotspot I haven't found yet.

Sd used under tabel where vase/key was. New key

OUT... Nice and easy... :)

Thanks Christina!

Ah thanks Christina.

And after that it was easy out.
Btw. we never used the bottle, did we?

...And pop! Good call on the gum/eraser/usb!

S-t I think that's the celebratory beer for getting out!

Lol Em3,
Well, I won't open it now, too early, but later I will.

It's always beer time somewhere - and I'm in Australia so I'll be opening mine now!

Lol, can't remember doing it, but played again and the bottle is used on the note to see the 5-digit code.

Bahaha! I was replaying for a walkthrough and did the same thing! I hope there was enough left in there for a drink!


- Zoom in on the ball, click it and see PENTAGON=4
- Zoom in on the couch, lift the pillow and take the BATTERIES.
- Zoom in on the right chair and zoom further in on the left arm (fron part) of the chair and see STAR=7.

- Zoom in on and open the right drawer and take the HAMMER.
- Zoom in on the cupboard, zoom further in on the top left and see CIRCLE=8.

- Zoom in on the table and use the hammer on the vase to get the YELLOW KEY.
- Zoom in on the fridge, open it and take the BOTTLE.
- Zoom in on the plant and zoom further in left behind it and see SQUARE=2

- Zoom in and open the left drawer with the yellow key and take the NOTE #1 and the SCREWDRIVER.
- Look at the note to see the order of the shapes.
- Zoom in on the 4-digit code door of the desk, click it and type in the code (2784) and then click the knob to open it. Take the VIDEO-TAPE.
- GO LEFT (2x).

- Zoom in on the tv, put the tape in and switch it on and see the COLOUR ORDER = GOBR.
- Zoom in on the safe on the wall and put that colour order in, open it and take the USB.

- Zoom in on the table and then zoom further in on the dark tile left under it. Use the screwdriver to open the panel in the floor and take the GREY KEY.

- Zoom in on the box under the tv and open it with the grey key and take the CUTTER and NOTE #2.

- Zoom in on the couch, zoom in on the square on the left back side of the couch and use the cutter to open it. Take the CODE BOX.
- Look at note #2, use the bottle on it and see the 5-DIGIT CODE is 53687.
- Look at the codebox, put the batteries in, then the usb and then put the code in and click enter and take the END KEY.

- Zoom in on the door, use the end key on the keyhole, go out and you're out.


Click on the soccer ball (football) until it turns around and take note of the number and the shape around the number.
Lift pillow on couch for batteries.
Zoom in on the chair on the right and change view to the left side of it for another number and shape.
Go left.

Open the drawer above the cupboard for a hammer.
Zoom in on the top of the bookcase and note the shape and number.
Go left.

Get the last shape and number from behind the plant (lower left - it's a bit of a pixel hunt).
Take a beer from the fridge.
Use the hammer to break the vase for the gold key.
Go right.

Open the left side drawer with the gold key for a paper clue and screwdriver.
Use the paper and the shapes and numbers to open the cupboard (solution below) and get the video tape (ah, childhood memories!).
Go left twice.

Put the tape in the tv for a colour clue.
Use the colour clue on the white cupboard for a usb (solution below).
Go right.

Use the screwdriver under the table for the silver key.
Go left.

Use the silver key on the box under the tv for paper and a stanley knife.
Spill beer on the paper for a five-digit code.
Go left.

Use the knife on the bulge in the couch for a code box. Put the batteries and the usb into the code box and enter the code from the paper for the purple key (solution below).
Go left.

Use the purple key on the door and you're out!

Snap S-t!


Shapes and numbers code: Follow the order of the numbers according to the order of the shapes on the clue paper: SP2O7I8L4ER.

Colour code: As per the tv: SPOgreenILER, SPOorangeILER, SPOblueILER and SPOredILER.

Code box code: As per the paper with the beer spilled on it: SP5O3I6L8E7R.

Lol, sorry. Should have announced I was writing.
But better 2 walkthroughs than none. And different wt's for different tastes.

ha nice wee game....:)

Good game, thanks.

My batteries disappeared in the plant, but they were in the code box at the end (had no idea they were batteries, was trying them on everything). I don't think I had to spill beer on the paper to see code. Found multiple levels of zooming in difficult, they always cause missed actions because you use an item at the wrong zoom level.

My batteries got stuck behind the video tape, and could click on the tape after using it, but could never retrieve the batteries. Didn't restart it, but other than that, it was a good game.

My batteries disapeared from inventory, but it never mattered.

Good, but not very good. The "Checkmate Room" one was excellent, would even give 6 stars if I could.

But this one lacked the About Item view. It only worked where it was urgently needed (paper clues etc.), the rest had to be guessed from the stamp-size pictures.

Imagine someone playing this on a netbook: he/she MUST have a way to magnify each item found.

At this size, the "batteries" could even have been two cans of energy drink...

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